Choice 20 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Item #: 176MXBSS20

Use this Choice 20 qt. standard weight mixing bowl to add a great, useful addition to your kitchen. Use this mixing bowl for basic food prep in your restaurant, to mix up delicious batter in your bakery, or to create signature toppings and sauces for your entrees. The standard weight stainless steel also feels light to make for easy handling when dealing with already heavy ingredients. Make sure you have all the mixing bowls you need on hand at a price you can afford with this mixing bowl option from Choice!

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Choice 20 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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bowl mixing great large bowls big Size heavy mix salads
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    I received the item dented and had to receive a new one which was in good shape. I love it get product for a my pre cooking and baking.  
    Looks beautiful, glossy and durable. Could take a couple hits to the ground without any dents. Def recommend. Recommend for any big tasks and a big whisk.
    I often need larger bowls to mix things for catering events and finding these bowls was a godsend. the bowl is really sturdy and holds up well, but its not so heavy that it's cumbersome or difficult to move around. i really love it.
    I'm an esthetician opening up my own studio. I was looking for a very large foot soak bowl for my clients. I saw these and it was perfect!!! I know it may sound strange but it's the same type of bowls we used in beauty school for the foot soak. Its the perfect size! Funny my husband said he want one for cooking when he is seasoning meat... sooo I will be putting in another order for our cooking needs!
    This is a huge bowl - very wide, so make sure to measure your storage areas to ensure it will fit. Very sturdy and practical bowl ,but I wish the shape was slightly more practical. It would be great for tossing very large salads.
    It’s giant!!! I love using this bowl when I’m freezer cooking or for parties. The one down side to this bowl is it’s a little thin but still gets the job done!
    this bowl work perfect compare to another one cause the dimensions allow to do in my case a bunch of vegetables salad in once, saving me precious time.
    It’s big! We mix our cake batter, make salads, and our big projects . It holds lots of volume and we will get another one soon
    Oddly enough, when these Vollrath 'heavy' bowls arrived, I was rather disappointed in there appearance. Having used them now several times, I must say they are quiet heavy duty and function exactly the way I want. My purpose in buying them was to have something low and wide to toss salad. They are serving this purpose well. If you are interested, they seem to be heavy enough to prevent denting, but still rather light weight.
    This bowl is no joke - it's HUGE! It's easy to clean and definitely good to use for our large projects. It's sturdy but not too heavy.
    A quality mixing bowl that is built to last. Holds up even under heavy use in a commercial kitchen. Nice finish on inside and outside of bowl.
    A big bowl for this price! . Hard to believe. The base is strong. Not a mandated item on a everyday basis. But, good for a party for sure.Great to have
    These giant mixing bowls have been a godsend for our pasta salad prep. Three pounds of pasta fit easily and you can still stir and toss. Definitely a must if you make large quantities of things that need stirring.
    Excellent quality stainless steel bowls. Very light and durable, no pitting after approx. 5 months of use. We will definitely be purchasing more of these bowls!
    We use this big guy to measure large amounts of flour as well as to sugar large quantities of baked goods. It works great to cover the dough also as it rises.
    Initially skeptical of size, has become GODSEND for weekly meal prep. So far has stood up to 9 cups legumes (~22lbs wet weight) with room to spare. It is a PITA to clean in small residential sinks. I store mine on top of the range-side cabinets. It is laughably big but once you actually need it it is SO helpful.
    This is a mixing bowl that allows you to gently toss the product in it without damaging it. Most cooks like to approach the product from the top but this bowl allows you to respectfully toss the product from the bottom.
    Nice large bowl for mixing batters, dredging fried foods, tossing chicken wings in sauce, or anything in between, you'd think that a bowl is just a bowl, but this one is really something special.
    The 20 qt Size is great this Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl is very high quality and a bit on the heavy side but not too bad 5 Stars out of 5!
    Standard steel mixing bowl. Holds up very well to repeated use in commercial setting and repeated cleaning and abuse. Have purchased different sizes of each and all hold up equally as well.
    Many uses for these mixing bowls they are built very well they’re strong and made to last and I would recommend these for all types of restaurants .
    These standard weight mixing bowls are great! They do their job no frills and thrills. They do feel a little thin, but as long as you're not abusing it, they will last a really long time.
    Giant and fantastically sturdy bowl for mixing up large batches of things. Too heavy for tossing, but great for stirring and mixing salads, batters, etc!
    We use the 20 quart mixing bowl to toss salad greens before service. You will find many uses for this sized bowl in your kitchen. Highly recommend.
    This bowl is huge. I use this to make pizza or large batches of cake mix it's easy for everything to remain in the bowl due to its sheer volume. Would recommend.
    Man it's kind of big maybe even overkill. I was shocked when I went to mix up one of the 6lbs soft serve ice cream bags and let me tell you it was just what the Dr order.
    A great mixing bowl that can accommodate quite a bit of food. We use it for soaking rice and quinoa, and it's the largest mixing bowl that we use at our shop.
    Great value mixing bowl. A little lightweight but for simple mixing it works great. The large size makes mixing batches a breeze. The polished mirror finish looks good too!
    Amazing material, perfect sizing as well! I love it. Very light weight and work for about anything big or small. This is a must have in the kitchen!
    Bought these to mix a ton of cheesecake ingredients and a TON of cheesecake ingredients is what we can mix in them. These bowls are HUGE and have held up great!
    Nice large bowl . It's high quality. The harder part of cleaning it is probably the holding rim as some food dries on there. Other than that easy to use and clean off.
    I typically use this bowl for mixing different kinds of salads in; pasta salad, green salad, and potato salad. its more of an wide oval bowl rather than a deep narrow bowl which provides for really easy mixing.
    I love this mixing bowl! Its so large, I made a full pan of cornbread dressing and this bowl was perfect to mix that volume of dressing. I was shocked I was able to mix that much without splitting the recipe. Just perfect and not to mention durable.
    Great product. I use it to mix large quantities of dough by hand before kneading it. It’s a great size for batch baking and very light as well.
    This bowl is HUGE. Great for in the bakery but you about need 2 people to handle it! It’s strong, doesn’t dent easily, and arrived quickly!
    This item is a must have for anyone dealing in high volumes. Large size makes prep easy and efficient with the ease of using one bowl but producing large amounts of product.
    Nice multi purpose bowl, use it for mixing and also use it for serving salads when catering. It also fits into the other bowls well when stacking and organizing the keep space available on the shelve.
    BEST BOWL EVER! If you like to make large amounts of salads, mixes, or the like without making a mess, this is the bowl for you. It is, however, too large to fit in a standard cupboard, so keep in mind, you are going to need a place to store it. Works great for popcorn for outdoor movie night--no need to worry about the bowl breaking! Did I mention that it is HUGE!?!?!?!
    This bowl is a must have for business and home. Great for making salads and mixing sauces. I use it every day at home and work
    These bowls are a necessity in every kitchen, home or business. I have them in every size. Amazing quality for the price. They are heavy for standard weight, They should last a very long time.
    This is an awesome bowl to be able to use in any commercial or residential kitchen. It resists scrapes, dings, and dents, and cleans easily.
    Very high quality bowl. We use is for marinating our meats and cooking up our sauces and it really does the trick! A kitchen essential!
    Perfect size for tossing pasta or other items that need to be combined together. The bowl is high quality and lightweight. I will order more if needed.
    This is a massive bowl, and in fact will be too big for some jobs. But it's good to have it around for those times when a lot of capacity is needed. I bought this size and the next couple sizes down to have a range of options. The steel is relatively thin and lightweight, but does not necessarily feel cheap. Keep in mind that the bowls in this series are much wider than they are deep.
    Lightweight stainless steel, this bowl is well sized and easy to carry thanks to the extended lip. The 20 qt size is ideal for a mid-sized catering operation. We plan to order more of these soon.
    This bowl can’t be beat for the price. It isn’t too heavy and with a 20 qt capacity, you can use it for your biggest jobs.
    This is an awesome deal. Very high quality bowls. Great price you can beat anywhere else. I love the thickness of the bowls. They work great.
    Nice sturdy bowl. In case you didn't realize, this bowl is about the width of a normal bath tub. It's spectacular! I can easily make multiple pie fillings in this bowl, and still have plenty of room in the bowl.
    This bowl is Huge! It would be great for mixing and battering chicken wings for a catering event. I would highly recommend this product to anybody and everybody!
    This website has seriously the best prices. these bowls at my local restaurant supply store down the street costs almost 3 times the amount I paid on here
    Bought a few of these bowls in different sizes. They all seat nicely together to help save space when storing. This 20qt will be used for salads at our upcoming wedding and should be a perfect size along with the others. Even though they are standard weight they are nice and sturdy and I dont see any issue with them in the future.
    We have a meal prep business and do large quantities of food, this works perfectly for mixing foods together. Very high quality and lightweight, will be purchasing various sizes of this brand.
    This mixing bowl is huge, tough and the top notch. They are almost impossible to break and I will order again. I love the stylish design and they look beautiful on any table or buffet. Well crafted .
    We purchased the 20qt and 30qt bowls. These are a must have when prepping food for large numbers of people. They are strong and get the job done!
    These bowls are outstanding quality and very professional looking. Will be using them this Summer for the Buffet tables for my son's wedding. They are very sturdy.
    Extremely difficult to find this size bowl in any store thank you webstaurantstore for carrying this large sized mixing bowl. I am very impressed with the quality
    This is a great quality product! It is also the perfect size for what i needed! The shipping was safe, secure and fast! This will definitely last me a long time! I am very happy with this purchase!
    This stainless steel bowl is good quality with very easy cleanup. Be sure to check size as this bowl is big - won't fit in most home refrigerators.
    This is a great mixing bowl, and turned out to be much larger than I was expecting. It is durable and washes up easily. I use it to mix up large quantities of batter or salad.
    I didnt realize how big this was till i got it. I use it for mixing my oversized salads with plenty of room to spare.
    This thing is amazing I have been having issues with not always haveing a bowl that's big enough now i have this it's big enough to fit huge batches thanks WEBstaurantStore
    Great mixing bowl at a good price. It is very durable and can be used to mix anything. Easy to clean and still looks new after months of heavy daily use.
    The 20 Qt. stainless steel mixing bowls look good and are easy to clean. Smudges, grease, and other miscellaneous stains are easy to see. So far, every time they're cleaned they look as good as new.
    The price is right for how great this bowl is the quality is amazing. You can mix any ingredients that you need and great to mix cold salads.
    I cook once a month for about 50 people and this is perfect so I don't have to use more than one bowl to mix things up. The price was phenomenal compared to local options.
    Very light, does exactly what it needs to, and we have dropped it a few times. However, it's held up great and hasn't even been dented yet! Love it.
    This bowls are going to be perfect for mixing bulk batches of bar soap and body butters! Great size, study. Not too heavy. The size will make for easy blending and clean up.
    This jumbo mixing bowl is great for mixing large recipes or for letting several batches of dough rise together. We have many different sizes but this is one of our favorites.
    well made, durable, sturdy, and great size for mixing large batches of baked goods. Also works well when mixing up large amounts of fruit salad or regular garden salads. clean appearance.
    This is a good mid-weight bowl that works for just about everything, including mixing dry ingredients and tossing salad greens. I will be getting more of these.
    This is a great mixing bowl. We use it to mix jello, pasta salads, cornbread mix, and more. We have purchased more after receiving the first
    Very high quality mixing bowl. Stainless steel finish looks beautiful. Perfect for mixing salads, sauces, etc. they come in various sizes which makes them easy to store.
    Great bowl to have in the kitchen. Perfect for a multitude of uses; mixing salsas, salads, tossing veggies, etc. Durable and strong with a nice finish.
    The perfect bowl for mixing large quantities of solutions, sauces, or other liquids. It can also be used to transport your collected ingredients from the pantry. In order to cool pasta quickly, place a full bowl of ice into the bowl and place the paste on top of the ice. This bowl worked really well prepping the ice cream mix.
    The most multi-use bowl on the market. Amazing size, good weight (but not too heavy). We love making our pie crust in these (we make lots of it by hand).
    We LOVE this bowl for mixing large quantities of food together. It is a great size and has been a solid piece in our kitchen.
    These bowls are huge, and because the metal is so thin, they tend to break pretty quickly. Buckles under weight, and dents very easily, very heavily. Buy a heavy duty one.
    Really a great size and sturdy for large mixtures. These bowls have come in handy for both prep and pre-packaging our products. I think the 20 qt is much more manageable than the 30 qt.
    20qt stainless pan ,when I read the reviews,Ivwas kind of concern about the reviews that the bowlvis mot deep enough,when I got the product I was so impress with the depth and size .Is a good size,deep enough.
    I love this thing. I call it the superbowl. Perfect for making large batches of dough. It's definitely big - a child could probably use it as a coracle for some light river fishing - but I was pleased to find that it does just about fit in my dishwasher.
    I needed a very big bowl for making large batches of certain recipes and this one fits the job perfectly. They are wide so it's easy to whisk things in.
    Needed a large mixing bowl for breakfast casseroles and chopped salads. This one was perfect for our camp and held the large amount of ingredients that I needed to mix! Perfect choice!
    This bowl is the perfect 20 quart bowl! It is very wide making it easy for large amounts of ingredients to be place in it. It is also very easy to wash and easy to manage!
    Great bowl, but keep in mind it is large, probably not for the normal home unless you do a lot of entertaining. I use them to mix large amounts of meat for sausage. Easy clean up, easy to store.
    This bowl is very big, I use this for all kinds of prep from mixing dough to tossing salads. These are very durable and I have noticed only a couple minor dents after continued rugged use,
    I was concerned that for the low price that it would bend very easily, but it seems to be sturdy enough. If you are rough on it, it would dent though.
    I love this bowl for seasoning meat. It works great for mixing burgers also. The size is huge. The dimensions are perfect as for width and height.
    Wonderful! I bought this for canning and mixing large batches of mixes. The shallow depth makes it easy to mix. It's light-weight, which makes it easy to maneuver.
    The size of this bowl is wonderful for large salads or for holding apples, oranges, or bananas on the serving line. It is very lightweight which helps the dishwasher!
    I love the size and shape of these bowls. They work great for mixing ingredients, kneading bread (inside the low profile bowl), and measuring ingredients. I use multiple bowls regularly and they stack very nicely and take up very little space. They are light but seem very durable so far.
    These bowls are so great. Nice light yet very strong stainless. They are a joy to work with and easy to wash. Am buying more!
    I love these bowls. I purchased several in each size, and especially for the price they are wonderful. Versatile and easy to wash and use.
    We make all of our pastry from scratch. We use these bowls for everything from scaling to mixing, we couldn't live without them. They hold up well to daily use.
    Awesome mixing bowl for the price. This size is great for so many items absolutely love the versatility of the size and great construction as well.
    This bowl does good for mixing alot of ingreds. in you have room to mix your ingreds. good it is a great bowl to have for the kitchen
    These are great to have in the kitchen. Perfect for large prep jobs such as mixing pancake batters or dressing salads for a big banquet.
    I ordered two of these bowls about a year ago and both are still in perfect condition. They are a great size for any bakery needs.
    These are very good, easily cleanable bowls that don't absorb smells or food stains. I think they are a bit shallow, but really that isn't any problem. I recommend these bowls.
    Perfect size stainless bowl for use when making large batches of dough. Easy to clean and easy to handle. Makes it a bonus to have in any kitchen.
    great product, i am back to get another one. Compare to all the plastic i used to buy at walmart, i can get one of this and use forever. recommend

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