Choice 13 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

Item #: 176MXBSS13

Use this Choice 13 qt. standard weight mixing bowl to add a great, useful addition to your kitchen. Use this mixing bowl for basic food prep in your restaurant, to mix up delicious batter in your bakery, or to create signature toppings and sauces for your entrees. The standard weight stainless steel also feels light to make for easy handling when dealing with already heavy ingredients. Make sure you have all the mixing bowls you need on hand at a price you can afford with this mixing bowl option from Choice!

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Choice 13 Qt. Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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bowl mixing great large Bowls size easy perfect stainless quality
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    This mixing Bowl 13Qt. Stainless steel is perfect, light but strong, the size is big enough but can handled, I can make whole batch of potatoes salad or cookies
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    Very high quality mixing bowl. Stainless steel finish looks beautiful. Perfect for mixing salads, sauces, etc. they come in various sizes which makes them easy to store.
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    Not sure what to say about this too much besides it's solid. What you see is what you get. A good sturdy bowl. Have hand washed this dozens of times and retains it's shine and cleanliness. Strong and durable.
    What is not to love about this mixing bowl. This thing is not only a great size at 13 qt but its quality! Love it
    This is a great Bowl! Looks good, it has a nice shine from the stainless steel. The quality is strong and durable. Works great for those larger batches of things.
    These are really nice mixing bowls. Nice and shiny and clean up easy after use. The price was good and quality is over the top.
    If you are looking for a very large, HEAVY mixing bowl. . .look no further! This bowl was exactly what I had been searching for. It is definitely very high quality and will last a lifetime. This bowl should not dent. It has the heaviness and sturdiness of a very well made pot. You will not be disappointed.
    I love these bowls. Sturdy quality, durable and large. I have purchased many of these for my business. Perfect for bakery and catering, chefs and home use. 13 quart capacity for larger food prep tasks. Some of my friends have found these useful as large watering bowls for their animals.
    At first I bought 2 of these great quality Stainless Steel mixing bowls, but have since added 6 more to my collection, they "nest/store" beautifully. They are super easy to clean!
    this stainless mixing bowl is perfect for me cause i use it while im cooking for keep all my preps and love it cause is not too big and not to small and easy to rinse
    Great, sturdy bowl. Doesn't flex and pop, nice rim for grasping. This can fit a hell of a lot of food, see my picture with two 1-quart mason jars for scale.
    We use these bowls all the time. So versatile. I use them almost 3xs a week. I have 2 different sizes and may be coming back for more. They are just the right size for large batches of anything. They are also amazing for shedding pulled pork!!
    An economical bowl. It is light despite its large size it is durable and stackable making it easy to store it is an excellent bowl for many uses
    These bowls are great for larger jobs and are very easily cleaned after use. They stack conveniently into each other and on the shelves at our kitchen.
    Great size bowl. Perfect for big salads or to use when mixing large batches of food. Strong and durable. Edges large enough to allow you to grip bowl from side.
    Great value on this mixing bowl. There are no dents or major issues after a few months of moderate use and the size is perfect for making bulk batches of sauces or washing vegetables.
    Not only is this great for mixing and prep work, but we also use it on the buffet line. It is a great multi-use item that no kitchen should be without.
    For the price it is very nice. Same as colander product. Very durable n reliable for weight wise. Good for making big batches of cookies n more.
    Can't say enough great hings about this bowl. It was used during a cooking camp for kids and it took a beating! At the end of the week it still looks brand new. Great quality. It was easy to hand wash.
    We use this LARGE mixing bowl to create new salad dressings. Its a more flat bowl than tall, compared to others. Will purchase again in the future.
    Excellent pans for mixing and kneading, I use these pans to make my crust for numerous pastries and the size of this pan help me make sufficient crust and works well to let dough rise
    We got a set of these mixing bowls in varying sizes. They all arrived in great condition, appear to be well made, and we can't wait to put them to use.
    Great stainless steel bowl for mixing and serving. Keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold. We use this bowl for our house chips on Friday and Saturday nights when theres large crowds. Would recommend.
    These bowls are a good size when you need to make two, three or four full sheets of cake. It's wideness makes it easy to fold the cake batter as to not deflate it too much. Great price too.
    The 13 quart mixing bowl works great for mixing and storing food. Even though it is standard weight, it shouldn’t bang up that much if you are careful with it.
    This bowl is high capacity and easy to work with. The bowl is sturdy and wide, with plenty of room to mix and whisk. Despite it being relatively shallow, I would defiantly recommend.
    A decent mixing bowl if you're doing some kitchen experimentation and need to give something a good mix. Not too small or too large. Just right.
    Ita Easy to clean although it won't fit in to an average sink. It has wide rim with a slight edge for holding or picking up.
    As the photo look, so does this bowl go. It's sturdy and wide, with plenty of room to mix and whisk. Despite it being relatively shallow, it's easy for everything to remain in the bowl due to its sheer volume.
    I like this bowl, it kind of my go to size bowl just because most things i make fit in nicely. its more of an wide oval bowl rather than a deep narrow bowl which also allows me to mix anything im making easily.
    This stainless steel mixing bowl is so great! It's a great size and is sturdy and easy to clean. It's such a great price you can buy a few to have in case you need them!
    This mixing bowl is made of all stainless steel so it is easy to wash and does not rust. Good for mixing salads and comes in a variety of sizes
    I love this bowl. I use it in my business. It gets used everyday. I have had it for a while. Still looks like new.
    Large mixing bowl that is perfect for big jobs. Not too heavy so it is easy to use for pastry and savory applications. An everyday tool at a good price.
    This bowl is great! It's very light and very helpful especially when you make cake mixes, and pancake batters all the time, or any desserts. It's perfect
    One of the best items we get from this site is the SS Bowls! You can NOT beat the pricing for the bowls and the quality of them. Any other local store is usually double in price. These are great and we stock up when we order!
    Great quality and design, perfect size. Excellent for mixing small or large quantities on prep or service hours, we use them a lot in our restaurants.
    We use these very large bowls for holding chips during the lunch hour when we need to grab them easily to add to our meals. They are very large!
    Excellent stainless steel mixing bowl! It is light but sturdy. I use it to hold large batches of buttercream and it's perfect. Would also work great for salads.
    Large sturdy stainless steel bowl with flat bottom great for cake and cookie batters or tossing salads. Cleans up easily and maintains its shine. Would buy again.
    This is a BIG bowl, perfect for large jobs or just tossing a salad for a crowd. It is heavy enough for vigorous use, but light enough to be easy to use. It's a great bowl.
    What's not to love about these bowls. You can get them in all different sizes. They stack perfectly for storage and they are made well. Tons of uses from mixing to letting dough rise
    Good size bowl, a little on the light side, be aware of that in purchasing. It's not super heavy grade, but it's nice stainless and fits the needs of mixing up dry or wet.
    I am so happy with this purchase! Every kitchen needs a big mixing bowl and the 13 quart stainless steel mixing bowl from Webstaurant is a great option! The only drawback is this bowl is shallow...a little over 4 inches tall but the large size certainly makes up for lack of depth! I recommend this bowl for any kitchen!
    This is a great bowl for mixing a small amounts of sauces or cooked French fries waiting to be plated. Sturdy, stack well and clean easily.
    This bowl is one of the "medium" sized options in this line of bowls, but it is still quite large and I can fit a good 10 lbs of dry ingredients in it. The steel is relatively thin and lightweight, but does not necessarily feel cheap. Keep in mind that the bowls in this series are much wider than they are deep.
    These bowls are a necessity in every kitchen, home or business. I have them in every size. Amazing quality for the price. They are heavy for standard weight, They should last a very long time.
    Mixing bowls are a bit thin, but they work just fine for what we need. The bowl shape lends itself well to mixing and cleaning.
    We bought these for mixing and drying our bath salts. We ended up using them for mixing our five lb bags of baking mixes. Perfect size for us!
    This is a great larger size bowl. The standard weight is totally strong enough unless you are in a kitchen where there is lots of wear and tear
    These bowls are great! Perfect for washing vegestables with. The price you cant beat! I bought a few other sizes and will be purchasing the entire set!
    They are tough and I will order again. Well crafted and hope additional styles will be available. I really appreciate the weight and how easy they are to clean.
    Good larger/medium large bowl. Like its not too heavy as we store them up on a shelf and its light to pick up. We have bought this line before and they have performed very well.
    I often make several cake batters at one time. Baking three to four 3 layer cakes at once. This 13 quart stainless steel mixing bowl can handle that.
    This is a giant bowl and will be more than plenty for any home kitchen, but it's a lifesaver in a commercial space. Use it for large baking projects!
    Love this bowl! Large enough to make a double batch of pancakes with room to spare! Has really worn well and washes nicely! Highly recommend!
    Great bowl for mixing! It is big enough that you don't have to worry about your products coming out while mixing. Very easy to clean!
    Perfect size when mixing large quantities. I have two other sizes in this product and will be ordering more soon. Easy to clean and the quality and price is unbeatable.
    Webstaurant's Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl's are a professional quality product at an affordable price. Being in he profession for more than 30 years, I can highly recommend this product.
    Very good size to make large batches of salad or even cake batter. The bowl is wide enough that it keeps still while you stir
    This bowl is a perfect size for anyone making a large batch. I was able to easily fit a 4 lb batch of sponge cake batter into the bowl. The bowl allows for easy mixing as the sides are more wide then tall.
    This stainless steel bowl is lightweight, more than I expected, but seems to be of good quality. Very easy cleanup. Great selection of sizes to meet you needs.
    Gotta love these bowls, we got them in many sizes, these work great for our mixing needs, specially wings and salads. We like that these bowls won't tarnish or indent when accidentaly dropped.
    This mixing bowl works great for us to make large quantities of food due to its size and the stainless steel is of good quality and an all-around great item to purchase
    These mixing bowls are great in the kitchen. They have yet to be stained, they clean easy, and haven't been scratched. Our staff uses these frequently and we couldn't have received better resoltsfrom them.
    The big daddy 13 qt. is a must for big salads and anything else. I love this large bowl and use it almost every day. Big is better!
    This is a good mixing bowl for any commercial use. We use it to mix brownie mix and other things in it daily at our food establishment. A great addition to any eatery.
    Very nice stainless steel mixing bowl.. This is sure to last us a life time . No staining , rusting or high heat problems. Perfect for all our mixing needs
    This is a good lightweight mixing bowl. I use it to prepare salads in mainly and has held up great for that purpose. You can't go wrong with the price.
    i use it to mix my cake flour, it is big enough. the price is reasonable. and it is easy to clean. it still looks new even though I used couples times.
    We bought the 13 qt stainless containers for cleaning and keeping veggies, sauces and other foods. They hold the shape and great quality. The price was great. Highly recommend it.
    This bowl is light, stack-able, and easy to clean. It makes food prep so much easier when you have a set of large bowls that you can easily use. I highly recommend it for both restaurant and home use.
    I love these bowls! Not too heavy, not cheap-feeling, and an excellent range of sizes. They wash beautifully and are a pleasure to use. I have a big stack of them nested in one of my kitchen drawers.
    This is a very nice shaped and designed bowl that has a softer brushed stainless finish to the interior that i really like, this is nice and wide at the top sits well on the counter and is also surprisingly not heavy to lift but doesn't feel like a cheaply made stainless bowl very happy with the weight of this, as at this size you need to think about how heavy it is for carrying etc.. love it, glad i got it.. no complaints this is sturdy and can take a lot of abuse..
    I absolutely love these stainless steel bowls. They are very sturdy and super easy to clean. They are priced just right for my budget. I plan to get more
    I am so happy to have this 13qt oel in my micing bowl collections,zi highly recommend this stainless steel bowl,I bought smallbsixrs initially tobtry the quality out,I was amazed,zi bought more in big sizes.I love it,hsve been using it for years and it still hold it shape and quality
    These are pretty cheap bowls, and have a cheap price to match. Good for home use or kitchens that watch out for their wares, most will bang these up pretty quickly.
    Stainless steel bowls are my favorite, lighter and sturdier than glass, and cleaning is so much easier than plastic. I have mixed feelings about the shape. When I look for a bigger bowl I just want something the same shape as my smaller bowl, just able to hold more. This bowl certainly holds more, but it's diameter is stretched much wider than I'd like, making it on the shallow side so you have to be careful of spilling. Though in contrast I like the wider diameter for certain types of items I make. As I said, mixed feelings. All it all it's still a good product.
    This is a nicely sized bowl and very sturdy. It is good for mixing large batches of stuff and that's what I use it for.
    Only reason this is not 5 stars is because it arrived badly dented. Webstaurant took care of it quickly, but I'm still not comfortable with giving this particular bowl a perfect grade. Very good? Probably under most circumstances.
    This bowl is the perfect size for home use. The stainless steel is absolutely stunning, and it washes very well and easily. I love the flat bottom because it gives it a larger surface area to work with!
    Awesome bowl for making my bigger batches, very sturdy and I can tell it will last a really long time. These bowls are essential in any kitchen or work space.
    These are nice and wide and round. We like them a lot for making salads and large sauces and big batch toppings. Will definitely buy again.
    These are the absolute best bowls money can buy. I use them everyday for my business and they are durable and can withstand beaters of a mixer.
    Bought this for my parents who grow various fruits and vegetables, and at harvest time, need larger bowls than available at regular stores. For the price, these were of a very impressive quality! I expected the edges to be sharp and unpolished, and the feel of the bowls to be flimsy, but they were pretty good, although not as heavy as the super expensive ones.
    The bowl was larger than I expected. The "overall dimensions" for the diameter were listed as 15 1/4" but it's over 16" from rim to rim. I measured it at several different points. It fits well enough in the "Vollrath 52621 20" x 17" x 5" Polyethylene Plastic Bus Tub, Bus Box" for my needs even though rim of the bowl sits on the rim of the tub. It's It's sturdy enough and a good shape for cooling food quickly. I put ice and water in the tub, then the bowl on the ice.
    Thank you for your review, Barry! We are glad you brought the bowl's dimensions to our attention. We have revised the dimensions for the sake of future customers.
    I love this bowl. I purchased it because I often make large batches of bread mixes to freeze or fresh mixes to can. It is large, easy to clean, not too deep or too shallow. I highly recommend.
    I only gave this 3 stars, not because of the quality, but because of the shape. I wish that they were deeper and the top wasn't so round. It's my own preference. Again, 3 stars due to my own tastes, not due to quality.
    With a choice of several sizes, these lightweight stainless steel bowls are a fantastic choice to use in the kitchen at Camp Loy White. They will be the perfect help for the cook as she prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They could hold fruits or salads on the serving line.
    I love these bowls! Especially for the price, they are awesome. They wash up easy and are useful for about a zillion different tasks in our small kitchen.
    Size and depth makes it easy to knead dough for baking bread, biscuits, etc. I also use it to store hot, cooked food rather than using aluminum pans (disposable).
    These are the workhorse of the industry. Easily among the most useful tools in the kitchen and having at least 6 to 8 of these in different sizes is a necessity even in the home kitchen. The type sold here at WRS are of excellent quality, inexpensive, stack-able and super durable.
    I bought this bowl to soak all my cookie tools during decorating so cleanup would be easier. It's perfect for that. It's huge, and fairly light, but fits in my sink and holds all of my squeeze bottles and mixing bowls. Great for a garbage bowl, too!
    A standard must have item and size. Nice weight and good durability. These will last a very long time and are very easy to clean as well.
    What can you say about a steel bowl? It works and acts like a steel bowl so it is great! Sturdy and very bowl like.
    This is a useful and adequately sturdy bowl. However, for home use, be warned that it produces an earth-shattering ~GONG~ when lifted. The first few times this happened, I hit the deck out of shock. Maybe it's not an issue for mellow people, but if you are over-caffeinated, buy the heavy-duty weight bowl, not this standard weight.
    The bowl is a bit bigger then i expected but that being said it is extremely sturdy and the finish is nice. It is easy to clean and is great for mixing large salads or storing a lot of veggies.
    I can recommend these bowls for most of your mixing duties in the kitchen. They don't stain or absorb odors, and they clean well. They're just a bit shallow, though.
    These bowls are awesome - easy to clean, easy to handle, and at home I've been known to even put them in the oven (not sure that's recommended, but they hold up great with no signs of wear!)

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