Choice 3 Gallon Black Beverage Dispenser

Item #: 176BD3BK

Perfect for casual catered events, backbar service, or outdoor eateries, this Choice black 3 gallon beverage dispenser combines superior service with eye-catching style. Its sleek black, polypropylene base helps to conserve countertop space with a practical rectangular design, while a translucent polypropylene container provides optimum marketability. To help clearly identify beverages and increase sales, this beverage dispenser comes complete with vibrant lemonade and iced tea decals. This 3 gallon black beverage dispenser can handle temperatures up to 245 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Choice 3 Gallon Black Beverage Dispenser

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great easy beverage dispenser dispensers clean water gallons holds catering
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    I bought this container to serve iced tea at my bakery. It holds enough to make it through the day and if there is any left over I love that I can remove it from the base and store it in our fridge without taking up too much space

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    Great for iced tea!

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    These are incredibly strong. I purchased these to use in our catering business they are perfect for our informal events. And its amazing how much liquid 3 gallons is, when this is filled.

    from The J Spot Posted on

    This last longer than the acrylic type of water/beverage dispensers. I have had these for over a year and have had no issues with leaking or discoloration.

    from Icon Management Posted on

    Perfect size for our restaurant. The spout pours out at the right spend not too fast and not too slow. I really love the color.

    from TACO LOCO Posted on

    Drink dispenser

    Purchasing a pair of these 3 gallon beverage dispensers by Choice was maybe the best catering investment that I made all year. You’d be surprised at the amount of beverage coverage you can get out of six total gallons. To put it into perspective you can easily have enough to drink for upwards of 50 people with just one of these. The sleek black design makes this look much more presentable than just showing up to a catering job with gallon jugs of water or lemonade.

    from Posted on

    This beverage dispenser is exactly what we have been looking for. It holds 3 gallons and we have not had any problems with it at all. Fast shipping too!

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    These are a very nice product. They are easy to clean and so far I have had no issue with them leaking and we use them as a water station on a daily basis. They are not super stiff so they are best filled where you plan to use them.

    from Jennifer T. Posted on

    The Choice 3 Gallon Black Beverage Dispenser is durable and easy to clean. It holds 3 gallons and whatever isn't used, it can be stored for a later time. This is great for catering events and small restaurants.

    Posted on

    This Choice 3 gallon beverage dispensers are so easy to transport and professional looking. I like the fact it is clear that you can identify what drink you have and serving. I just love them!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    Very light and durable!

    We added this to our Sunday AM coffee table. What I like best about it is that it is see-through, so you can tell when the water is running low. It is easy to use and doesn't drip, but it does have a drip "catcher" if need be.

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    great product , great price, what more could you ask for. . Better quality then what you would buy at the store. . i bought for all my locations

    from Bedford Diner Posted on

    This dispenser has been excellent for a variety of beverages. I've served iced coffee, tea, lemonade and water. It's easy to clean and light weight so it's great for traveling to different catering events! Just put the liquid in after it's been moved!

    Posted on

    Most affordable beverage dispenser I could find, and great quality item for the cost! Easy to clean, sturdy, handy slide out drip tray. Highly recommend.

    from Sana Food Mart Posted on

    I purchased three of these 3 gallon drink dispensers for our 4th of July party. I ordered three different colors for various drinks. The dispensers worked great they were light and easy to assemble. Clean up was a breeze dish soap and hot water cleaned up easy. Would recommend for any out door or indoor use.

    from N/a Posted on

    So far I am happy with this selection. I have not officially use them at an event yet however I did test them out to be sure they did not leak and so far so good with the testing. I am looking forward to using them at my next big event and hopefully they will work out and be a huge hit.

    Posted on

    Perfect fit!!

    Everyone was so impressed with these servers, customers were saying they wanted them for their own personal use. The ice cylinder in the middle kept floating around, but it kept the beverages cold!

    from Goodetymz Posted on

    This is a small town with a lot of mini events - This product is great for all the festivals and meeting events we have - I have two of these and they Cleanup and breakdown with ease - I love them and plan on buying two more in the clear model - holds a lot of product and ice - love them, these are my babies!!!

    Good value, only that if you are planning to fill then transport don't! The lid doesn't have a seal to keep it in place. Learned the hard way, in transport.

    from BL Posted on

    I use this container for water and sometimes tea. My customer love using it and I am pleased to serve them. Holds about 3 gallons and last through the whole day. Awesome product and can't beat the price.

    from Caffe Bene Posted on

    This is going to work perfectly in our café, it's the best size for the countertop! Very pleased with the size and quality of the product.

    from Indian Health Service Posted on

    These were perfect for my catering event. Very convenient for self service. They hold alot more than I expected. I was able to travel with them without any issues of spillage.

    from Candie's Kitchen & Bakery Posted on

    Tea and lemonade

    Great dispenser and easy to clean. Great price and the dispenser comes with labels for tea or lemonade. Dispenser come with a sturdy base and snug fitting dispenser spout. Great addition to any catering business to enhance your beverages station.

    from Sharon Weems Posted on

    this thing is very sturdy and holds A LOT, and it holds MORE than 3 gallons, it shows on the side, I mean if you're putting Ice in, then yeah about 3 gallons but you can easily store 3.5-3.75 gal in here, very nice!

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    We use these constantly. They are durable and travel easily from event to event. They clean easily and we do not have any issues with leaks. Highly recommend!

    from 5-0 BBQ LLC Posted on

    I am happy to report that this item is fantabulous!! I am very pleased with it. It did not leak. The price is excellent. I recommend it favorably!!!

    from SHARON Posted on

    Perfect size for catering events. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Also easy to transport and comes with drip tray. Very much pleased with this purchase.

    Posted on

    I bought 2 urns to use at my wedding although they came with manuals wasn't needed the urns were so easy to set up and use for myself and guests definitely recommend.

    Posted on

    I purchased 3 of these beverage dispensers. I replaced the metal tea urns. A nice slim line design and they do not take up much space, and easy to clean.

    from Shuckers Posted on

    Works great, cleans easily, does not leak. We use to serve water in Teacher's lounge and so far it is working well. Teachers are happy.

    from YUHSD Posted on

    Excellent! We bought these to replace dispensers that held less liquid but took up more space! They are slim, efficient & hold the perfect amount of iced drinks for our cafe!

    Posted on

    These dispensers are wonderful. I really wanted glass but was afraid of breakage. I love how the spigot stops flowing when released! The 3 gallon size is perfect for large crowds. I used 3 to serve 150 people and only had to refill two dispensers one time.

    from SOD Posted on

    These look great and feel sturdy, but the spigots leak. It's very difficult to get it not to leak around the edges with the washers it comes with and when I finally do it leaks out of the front of the spigot itself. The drip tray then comes in handy, but overall a little disappointed.

    from Grayson's Crepes Posted on

    These are absolutely Great. we have already order a total of 5 so far and plan to order more! We have gotten so many complements from clients on how classy they look. The best feature is the spout doesn't lock down when pouring so we don't end up with messy spills from customer use.

    from Paradise Catering Posted on

    Used on a daily basis on our restaurant. Has held up pretty well. The lid cracked from a fall, but it still usable. The plastic did stain from the use of tea.

    from B Fabulous BBQ Posted on

    These are really nice and sturdy except the handle doesn't lock in the down position so you have to keep your hand on the spigot to keep it going.

    from backwater Posted on

    Bery useful beverage dispenser. It holds upbro 3 gallons. I used it at my wedding for the kids drinks. The item comes in different colors too

    Posted on

    Works great! So many people asked where we got these at our event last weekend. Slim design and holds a lot. We used it for water and lemonade.

    Posted on

    These are great for a wedding. They are very large so they do not need constantly refilled. It was very convenient and the price is amazing for how large they are!

    Posted on

    These are great, work well and don't leak. We use them a lot and they are a great deal for the price! Very Good quality product....

    from Bulldog Cafe Posted on

    These are awesome and do not leak at all. I used them for lemonade and iced tea and they were perfect. I will be purchasing a couple more very soon.

    from Mantua Corners Bar & Grille Posted on

    Nice choice 3 gallon beverage dispenser, we use it for tea. Strong and sturdy and easy to take apart and clean. Oh and the price is great.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    I just got this dispenser, I was surprised because Not only It looked great but the overall size of it. The drip tray is easy to remove so it's easy to clean.

    from Delicious delights Posted on

    The 3 gallon drink dispenser works great for my concession stand I put tea and lemonade in them they are great and they have fast shipping I will never buy from anybody else

    from Kendra locke concessions Posted on

    black drink dispenser

    This beverage dispenser is perfect for our good ole fashioned lemonade that we have at church for fellowship dinners. Perfect size, do not take a lot of space, and plenty of lemonade for all of guest, who comes back for seconds, keeps cold and refreshing! We love it.

    from Ebenezer Baptist Church Posted on

    These look reasonably nice for relatively little money.They stay clean and don't leak. and they are slim enough to fit on a crowded counter nicely.

    from Durham Co-op Market Posted on

    We ordered 4 of these for parties about 1 1/2 yrs ago. They worked wonderfully! There wasn't any mess. They didn't leak. They are sturdy. They hold a lot of beverage and don;t take up a lot of space. Makes serving drinks at a party very easy and convenient. Would order again if we needed more. The price is great also!!

    Posted on

    Wonderful beverage dispenser that wont break or crack, priced reasonable, also looks great for informal catering. This will hold enough beverage for at least 30-40 guest.

    from TheSouthern Palate Posted on

    Nice beverage dispenser. They stored easily in small spaces and has been very convenient in our small store. We store in the fridge before we use.

    Posted on

    Would order again. It's a moderately thick plastic, but somewhat light so you can't transport it after the liquid is inside without being extra careful. Works as expected.

    Posted on

    The Choice 3 Gallon Black Beverage Dispenser works great for our restaurant. We use them as water dispensers in the dining room and they work perfectly. They are easy to use and the trip tray allows customers to use them without making too much mess.

    Posted on

    These work great. I use them for teas, lemonade, and iced coffee. I have four of them. none of them have leaked. they can be a little unsturdy though

    Posted on

    Pleasantly surprised at this 3 gallon beverage dispenser. Not only did I not realize how sleek it looked but the overall size of it. This is perfect for kool aid beverages or teas. At an unbeatable price. The drip tray is easy to remove to clean. Very happy with this product.

    Posted on

    Love this thing. The drip tray is detachable and easy to clean, the top fits/removes easily, and it sits very securely on it's base (something I was worried about). All in all, I'd purchase again. The ONLY possible downside is that the plastic is a little bit opaque/not super clear.

    Posted on

    Absolutely, love these beverage dispensers. They work wonderfully and the price for the dispensers are great. I highly recommend the 3 gallon beverage dispensers for any type of party/dinner event.

    from Kinport Assembly of God Posted on

    Great lemonade dispenser, with good looking, plastic stay White and is duragble, we like it a lot at work, and it is verry easy to clean

    from crepe Posted on

    These are LIFESAVERS!!! I pre mix our large quantities of custom beverages in these fro bridal shows, baby showers and more! I just need to now if I can order replacement lids, O-rings and stands

    from Shots by Miko: Custom Cocktails & Shots Posted on

    Perfect for my wedding reception. We ended up only needing 3 of them, but we ordered 6, for a party of 105 guests. 3 gallons looks a lot bigger than you'd think. They didn't leak and they worked well! Gave some away and kept one for ourselves so we can use it for other smaller parties!

    Posted on

    This was an absolutely a hit at my birthday gathering, everyone was so amazed too see & use one of these outside of a catering event or restaurant. I now annually make my famous "Punch" for friends with this dispenser.. Ohh did I mention MEGA MUST BUY!!! GREAT PRICE!!!!

    from Couture Decorating & Event Planning Posted on

    Been very happy with this product, it holds just the right amount of the beverage that we use it for. Easily cleanable and dependable. Thanks

    from NCC Posted on

    Ordered this for use on my counter in my shop and used it again for my daughter's birthday party as a back up drink dispenser. It is a perfect height for even little ones to use with ease and very little mess. Highly recommend for restaurant and home use!

    from Galactic Confections Posted on

    This dispenser worked well for our recent staff parties. The product is even bigger than anticipated, very sturdy and plenty of room for larger cups below the spout. Great purchase!

    Posted on

    I ordered 3 of these to use at my DIY wedding, they are a nice size and are very durable and are true to size.

    Posted on

    Worked out great. came with even extras like labeling card and cleaning brush. Arrived in like 2 days even though I paid for reg. shipping.

    Posted on

    I use 5 of these dispensers every day for 8 hours a day. They work great and are easy to clean. I would recommend this product to anyone who is not searching for a insulated beverage dispenser. It has lasted my business over 3 years now with regular cleaning.

    from Crush Nutrition Posted on

    We've been using these beverage dispensers for catering. The price is awesome and the product is even better. Using these over gallon jugs is the way to go. No leaks, easy to clean, easy to put together, and holds a lot of beverage.

    from Go Burrito Posted on

    Truly do not understand the many positive reviews. These looked and felt cheap, assembly was a nightmare as parts did not fit well, and only one of four actually assembled and worked properly without any leaking. In addition, you cannot put ice in them as it creates a condensate nightmare. Between that and leaking, we had a table covered in water and iced tea. We purchased for a very large catered event and my fault for not trying them out in advance. I took one out of the box and it seemed 'good enough' since it was a casual service, but we were sorely disappointed.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that your beverage dispensers leaked. A Customer Solutions Representative has been, and will remain in contact until the issue has been resolved.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Received this item yesterday and I tried to assembly it. It was super easy to assemble and it tried it with water, no leak! Love this item!

    Posted on

    This item is great - it's inexpensive, easy to stack when not in use, and holds a ton of iced tea. For less than the price of a one gallon glass iced tea jug, I can get this - the only one caveat is, it doens't allow you to lock the valve open if you pull it all the way down. That's kind of a nice feature for cleaning/filling pitchers, but it does keep customers from accidentally making a mess

    Posted on

    this product is awesome. I bought one to serve iced coffee in my cafe and my customers love it. It is very durable and has the perfect amount of space to hold iced coffee.

    Posted on

    I wish I had ordred more... They will work great with my upcoming wedding and other events that I have planned this year. The containers hold enough drink to serve any gathering, without having to fill it each and every hour.

    from BATTLE ASSOCIATES Posted on

    These are good dispensers. They save space allowing you room for additional beverages. Sturdy. Still have not been broken by empoyess in 2+ years. Also have not needed to replace faucet spigots in 2+ years. Would order again if needed. Give them a shot you won't regret it.

    from Steakpedos Posted on

    Another great product from Choice. The 3 gallon beverage dispenser worked great for the wedding. Nice and clean looking and a at a very inexpensive price.

    Posted on

    Works very well for its purpose and is a great price! I use it to sell homemade beverages at the markets with great success! The clear tank really pulls people in when they can see what your selling!

    from Frommer's Natural Foods Posted on

    Very good buy I will be ordering more products in the near future wouldn't want to order from anyone else thank you very much. Mrs.Davis

    Posted on

    Amazing product, stylish and verrry reasonalbly priced! Was at the local store in town and wanted literally tripple the price, I would like to shop locally but that's crazy

    Posted on

    I bought 8 of these dispensers and they work great for serving iced tea. Yes they aren't insulated but if you have a tub of ice handy, these work just fine. Some leaked at the spout, but a bit of tightening did the trick. I really liked that they didn't smell like plastic. The drip tray is a nice extra.

    Posted on

    I can't believe the quality for the price. What a bargain! They look fantastic on our buffet line and the customers love the Iced Tea and Lemonade labels.

    Posted on

    We use these 3 gallon beverage dispensers at every family reunion and party we have. It's great to have drinks out so even the kids can get their own.

    Posted on

    This is a great value for a basic and useful item. We use 3 for events. Water, unsweetened tea, and sweetened tea. The ice cooler is a nice idea, and I have used it before just for looks. But it ends up being more trouble than it's worth in most cases. If I were buying again, I would get the basic one without the ice core if it's cheaper. But if it's the same price, go ahead and get it because you can use it without the core easily, and if you have occasion to use it, you have it.

    Posted on

    simple tea urn , I would have preferred if it had a center core for ice . it is a simple 3 gallon tank with stand and lid. easy to assemble, it has two labels tea and lemonade

    Posted on

    Item is exactly how described. These things are great. They perform well and last a long time. I have purchased quite a few of these over the years and will continue to do so.

    Posted on

    This dispensor is a great affordable product that is very easy to clean up, store and display. I would highly recommended this to anyone looking for a basic unit.

    Posted on

    Liked this beverage dispenser so much, we ordered two. Constructed from a heavy duty plastic and does not seem flimsy at all. The spout has a steady flow and really does not drip much, if at all, when stopped. Easy to clean and store as well. Highly recommended product.

    Posted on

    These are great! The PTO purchased this item for use at school functions and they are perfect. Very sturdy, they look great and are easy to clean. Much better than some of the cheaper ones where the valve broke.

    Posted on

    These 3 gallon beverage despencers are great for ice tea. They are well made. I purchased two to start with and later I purchased more.

    Posted on

    I purchased 3 of these for catering and they really do the job. Saves space and the black macthes my decor. Really happy with them.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    I used these all summer in a small market, definitely durable. Worth the price and they do not disappoint. I would not think twice about this product!

    Posted on

    This product was terrible at keeping drinks cold. It also always had condensation running down it constantly which then made our entire counter wet. We just bought these like a month or so ago and we have already threw them in the trash.

    from RMCF Posted on

    Thanks for your review! This item is great for holding beverages because it allows the customer to see what is being served and it comes at a great price. This item will not keep drinks cold for extended periods of time because it is not insulated. If you are looking for an insulated beverage dispenser, a similar sized, best seller, is the Black Carlisle XT250003 2 1/2 Gallon Insulated Beverage Dispenser Camtainer Alternative.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This seemed to work quite well for me. I used it at a festivalle.

    from Blueberry Patch Pastries Posted on

    I love this container, I just ordered my second one for my coffee shop. I use one for iced coffee and one will be for fresh lemonade. I did have a leak at the spout but I took it apart and put it back together and it's been fine since. I put the container in my cooler at night. It's easy to move back and forth.

    Posted on

    Thanks webstaurant for such an amazing beverage dispenser. I serve my chilled punch in it for my daughter's graduation party. It made my party an elegant,and helpful. My guests still talk about it.Thanks for making her day a successful one.

    Posted on

    The Choice 3 Gallon Black Beverage Dispenser.Is a great choice foe your beverage dispenser.It helps conserve countertop space.We use ours for lemonaid it realy is a good thirst quincher.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    One of the best values we have purchased a quality made product that dispenses the tea and lemonade easily into the customers cups. Saves us time.

    from Mail Cente Posted on

    This beverage dispenser is amazing for multiple purposes, weve used it for iced tea and sangria for parties. the price is amazing as well so all in all a great deal

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    Works perfectly. It is the perfect size and with one bag of ice keeps tea cold all day long. Very happy with this product, exactly what we needed.

    from momma honey and the princess Posted on

    I ordered 3 of these when we first opened. They hold a lot of liquid, we use it in our refridgerated case without the base. 2 of the units leaked near the spout until my husband fixed them.

    Posted on

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