Eco-gecko Heavy Weight Disposable Wooden Spoon - 1000/Case

Item #: 175GWP301

Offer an eye catching, economical alternative to traditional disposable cutlery at your take out restaurant, hotel, cafe, coffee shop, winery, office break room, or catered events with this environmentally friendly, renewable wooden spoon!

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Eco-gecko Heavy Weight Disposable Wooden Spoon - 1000/Case

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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    I am very happy with the wooden spoons that I ordered. If you are looking for attractive cutlery that is also biodegradable, these are an excellent choice.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    6.25" wood spoon 100 pack! They are unique spoons made entirely of wood and are very interesting to have. Someone will definitely talk about how they used a wooden spoon at your dinner!
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    This is a perfect brand of disposable heavyweight spoons to use at catering jobs very happy with them they work really good really can't go wrong with purchasing them I'm going to get more for the next catering job I have
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I bought these to use at an outdoor party and was very pleased with their quality when they arrived. The edges are smooth and the size is perfect.
    The actual spoon part is kind of flat which makes it a bit tough to use for soups but for other items they are perfect. Love the rustic look.
    We ordered these for our juice bar. They are perfect for smoothie bowls and that is what we are using them for. We love that they are compostable because that is our main objective with our juice bar.. to reduce waste. They are visually appealing as well.
    The eco spoon also has had great feed with us using this type of spoon , it gives you a nice spoonful of soup , the wood is very smooth
    Great Products. Very Ergonomic and sustainable. We prefer them over plastic ones and very happy with our decision. We will continue to order moving forward
    Honestly, we were a little unsure about this almost “flat” spoon, but surprisingly customers actually appreciated the wooden alternative to plastic, and did not seem to mind using it for our party rolls.
    I love these eco friendly spoons, and so do my customers. Every time someone new comes in they ask where they can find them. They're sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.
    Love these wooden spoons. They are eco friendly and super cute! Our customers love them and really like the fact that are compostable. Just watch out for slivers on occasion.
    We liked the idea of the wooden spoons for our ice cream customers. However there were some that came in split and some that were a bit rougher, which caused splinters. Not happy with that. Have to go thru all of them before putting them out for the customers. Would not re order them.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I love these! Great deal for the price! I use these to make hot cocoa spoons in the winter and they always sell very well!
    Eco-gecko Disposable Heavy Weight Wooden Spoon - 100/Pack is great for eco conscious businesses and their eco concious clients. We love the name as well.
    Held up great for my wedding. Did not break and worked as it should no issues on these at all. These looked great with the matching plates.
    We used these disposable wooden spoons for a work event and now I am purchasing them for our wedding! We are doing a Viking themed wedding so the carved wood look is perfect!
    Love that these are compostable and that you can get matching knives and forks. These spoons have a shallow spoon portion that will work for more solid food but is not great for actual liquids like soup.
    I love these wood spoons! They are easily composted in your backyard and are very affordable. They are durable and don't break when using them.
    These spoons are great! We used them along with the eco plates and bowls for a Mexican food Buffet. These would also be perfect for baby showers and more!
    Chose this product over brand name spoons only because it seemed a little more sturdy for use with hand dipped ice cream. Our guests and our staff are pleased we have an alternative to plasticware.
    I love the fact that these are recyclable! I've been trying to find ways to be more green especially owning a food truck. I also have to forks and won't go back to plastic. So worth the money!
    These spoons have been a customer favorite it seems. They are great for to-go orders and are eco-friendly since they are wooden! I love these spoons.
    These disposable heavy weight wood spoons are very study and attractive. We love using them for rustic and earthy themed events. They are a simple natural looking spoon. Simple is good!
    These are great little spoons. I absolutely love them. We purchased them and was not expecting them to be this good. They will last us a while too!
    Great substantial product. I got these really quickly, And they are great quality. Couldn’t have asked for anything better! Sturdy smooth and gorgeous! In love!
    I use these spoons in my tasting boxes. They are so convenient to use and are a great way to he unique yet economical. A great buy
    I used these to make hot chocolate on a spoon. These spoons are lightweight but durable and perfect for hot chocolate. You can even stamp or emboss the handle for extra cuteness!
    A very strong and wonderfully made biodegradable wooded spoon that is great for serving with ice cream our soup. A nice design and great for the environment.
    These Eco-gecko disposable heavy weight spoons are great . They are eco friendly and well made . We will definitely be purchasing more of these in the near future.
    The classic wooden spoon - pair with the Eco-gecko disposable fork and knife as well as a palm leaf plate or two and you have the perfect environmentally friendly place setting. Sturdy. Fantastically priced!
    Great alternative to reusable spoons. Used at a family party, along with other disposable wooden items, I was worried if the spoon would splinter or break. Much to my surprise they stood up to the task and looked great doing it. We used them for both a soup and dessert course and had NO COMPLAINTS! No brainer solution over plastic, cheap looking cutlery.
    Great quality wooden spoons. Look great tied to desserts or served with coffee. The handle is perfect for stamping or decorating to fit your theme.
    This Spoon is perfect for any event, we used them for a Baby Shower with a mason jar, we served fruit and yogurt in a mason jar and tied a thread around it, with the spoon in it.. Looked really nice.
    Worth every penny! These spoons are made of smooth durable wood, which make them great to use with food. They are just the right size to stick into my chocolate truffles.
    I like the organic look of the spoon. It functions well like a regular disposable spoon. It holds up well to use. It matches well with the fork and knife.
    Love these cute wooden spoons! They are great and customers love the look and the fact that they're environmentally friendly. I use them to serve dips and relishes on grazing boards.
    What better way to give the earth a helping hand than to use wood? These spoons are hearty enough for aggressive eaters, and you can throw them away with a clear conscience. At least we can.
    Perfect size, love these! Had friends over and made individual peach cobblers in mason jars and tied these spoons on with raffia ribbon. Great presentation!
    these are nice spoons, but the handle length is out of proportion with the size of the spoon so not user friendly. A little re-design work and these would be great.
    These spoons really are amazing. They are so much nicer than having plastic flatware around. They look way better and perform better, too. These are great.
    I love this entire line of flatware. Everyone loves these spoons and the forks as well. They look so nice with a place setting and are the stars of the show.
    I love this wooden silverware! it is sturdier than you would think and you can't go wrong with anything that is eco-friendly! I love to stamp designs on them for events.
    These spoons are great. They are nice and sturdy and I love the look of the wooden utensils- it adds a nice touch to a more casual or rustic venue.
    I bought these spoons for my rehearsal dinner at the botanical gardens. They looked great with the floral decor, but I wish the spoons were a little deeper. They would be good for a creamy texture like mashed potatoes, but they didn't do much good with the sauces we served. Nonetheless, my groom and I had many socially conscious elements in our celebration, and we were glad to find these wooden utensils at a great price.
    I was a little nervous that this spoon would feel weird in my mouth, but it doesn't at all! No splinters either. The depth of the spoon is very shallow, but I don't suspect that anyone would have a problem unless they are eating soup with this.
    I love serving my fruit and yogurt parfaits with wooden flatware. It's eco friendly plus it looks awesome and stylish. I've gotten such rave reviews since I've switched to wooden from plastic.
    good solid spoons--we were surprised at how durable they seem to be. These would be great with icecream or on picnics or outdoor events--if people didn't dispose of their utensils it would be okay since these are bio degradable!
    Used with the Heavy Weigh Wooden Forks for a Kids Buffet. Paired with the White Paper Food Trays for a disposable serving for kids that will hold up to their food.
    These are fine, I used these but also offer a plastic soup spoon for the fussy customers. They are a little flatter than a regular spoon, so may be a bit harder for soup, but still useable. these are very smooth and I find it highly unlikely that you would get a splinter
    Amazing eco-friendly product, sturdy to pick up heavy foods, great for soups, rice or any other foods! Perfect for the rustic themed party or for daily use
    I purchased these for our family picnics. When we take road trips, I like to have disposable packaging that I don’t have to worry about cleaning afterwards. So, with all of the green products Webstaurant sells, these utensils offer a way for me to transport all my dishes without the guilt of disposing of them they’re recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. I also got the forks and knives to complete the set.
    These are simply adorable i will be using them to dip into chocolate, and then to use them as a spoon or stirrer for coffee or tea
    These are nice for disposable but i just can't get past the fact that I feel like I'm going to get a splinter on my tongue. I would only use these for an "outdoor picnic" type event. The "faux" chrome ones are much nicer.
    I really like using these wooden spoons in my product. They add a nice touch and are also biodegradable which is important to me and my customers. They are smooth and I never had to worry about splintering. I searched all over the internet and they were some of the best priced as well.
    ***** Five stars! Of course they're great, they're wood, renewably sourced, naturally compostable, functional, add value to our business services and products, and they're cute! Eco-gecko wooden spoons are the best! We get so many positive comments about them; we won't use anything else! We've used them at everything from weddings to community festivals and they are always a notable hit alongside great food! Thank you for stocking them.
    Terrific sustainable wooden spoon. We use these for our takeout lucnches of soups, salads and sandwiches. Very attractive and substantial. Also great for our Farmers Market demonstrations.
    Love these eco-friendly utensils. They make any occasion look nice. Most of all they are very functional. They are sturdy & can hold a lot in the spoon itself. The price is fair.
    These spoons work great for our mini bundt cakes. They add a cute little touch and so easy for our customers who decide they can't wait to eat the bundts before leaving the farmer's market.
    Excellent quality at a really great price. Works well at picnics, wedding and birthdays. This is a very popular item in my store. Well worth the price.
    The eco-gecko spoon has a classic look to it, my customers enjoy the unique look as well as knowing that it's biodegradable... Which is a plus in the food industry, and gives me an edge over my fellow competitors.
    This is a great product! Our customers love them as they are eco friendly and not made of plastic. We use them for our ice cream service.
    These are great spoons. Like REALLY great spoons. Good depth to use them for ice cream. Good finish- not like some of the rough wooden spoons out there that are like putting sandpaper in your mouth. These are a high quality choice and worked perfectly to add a bit of elegance to our disposable utensils
    So cute! I got these for my daughters first birthdays and decorated them with washi tape and ribbon. I paired them with the matching forks and it looked adorable!
    These spoons aren't super deep. We got them to use for soup, but we ended up having to purchase plastic spoons for that. Good for curries with rice, but not for liquid soups. Still, a pretty good quality spoon overall.
    The Eco-gecko Disposable Heavy Weight Wooden Spoons @ 100/Pack, #999GWP301, work well for us to sample products during preparation. The hundred/pack is convenient and at a good price.
    These are super cute! I use them on my cupcake in a jar containers and they make my presentation pop because of how cute they are and they are super affordable!
    I bought these spoons so that we could minimize what we put in our garbage. We can use these and then put them in our city's industrial compost collection. They feel great, but do not work really well for soup, but for other salads they work great. I think they look elegant too.
    We used these with our outdoor country wedding - paired with the palm leaf plates.... Needless to say, We will definitely be using again.. We used a wood burner to burn our last initial in the handle.... was a fun DIY for our wedding and make them more unique then they already are!
    These are wonderfully unique! I love that these are disposable but not cheap looking or made of plastic. Looks and feels like a Popsicle stick. Will work perfectly with the palm leaf plates at an outdoor wedding.
    We used these for our dessert table at a recent function. They are extremely sturdy and practical for large parties. Much better quality that a plastic spoon!
    I like these spoons. They look and feel nice and work very well for eating soft food. If something is very soupy with a lot of liquid, they would fall short though.
    We used these at our wedding and were happy with their performance. They looked great, and we appreciated that we could compost them. They were good at scooping. I would definitely purchase again for future events.
    ECO-gecko Disposable Heavy Weight Wooden Spoons are wonderful. They make a statement before the food is served. The spoons have been used in several formats over the last few months, but the biggest impression that we are trying to make is that we are being eco friendly by using a product that is compostable.
    These spoons are very cute and sturdy. I bought them for my wedding guests. They look nice together with the palm leaf plates and linen like napkins!
    I did not like eating off of wooden utensils. These were affordable and well made but it is just a personal preference that I didn't know I had until I tried them.
    We appreciate your review, Kelly! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Spoons work as expected. They were smooth to the touch. The bowl of the spoon is shallow so maybe not a great soup spoon but, for salads, cake, and ice cream they worked well. I would purchase again.
    These spoons are so nice. I use them with grandkids and they can decorate them with stickers or stamp with designs. Love the fact that they are wood so easily degrade.
    The eco spoons are a nice way to be conscious of the earth and add a little whimsy to the table setting. Sturdy, cute, affordable and the perfect size.
    I know plastic is everyone's go to, but try these out. They hold up well and look great. Let your business stand out with these.
    I got these for my wedding reception. I wanted a cheaper option for utensils because it didn't make sense to me to rent a bunch of silverware and pay hundreds of dollars for one night. I also like that I don't have to wash them afterwards! Please be advised that these do have a slight wood taste and they are susceptible to splintering, but if you are careful you'll be fine. The only other bad thing I can think of is that you can't clink glasses with these, but for me personally, that's something I didn't mind not having.
    Well made and beautiful. No splintering, these are durable and can put up with wet foods just fine. Great for natural themed parties or a great ecologically friendly way to pack disposable flatware in lunches or picnics. They do have an initial taste of wood, if you have ever had those little spoons with the ice creams cups you'll know what I mean. But it is a natural product, virgin wood is used, and in no way does it detract from the item. I highly recommend these!.
    These are really cute if you're going for a natural look. Although I probably wouldn't use these for a meal, I think they would be great ice cream, desserts, appetizers, or outdoor picnics.
    I got these utensils for my backyard wedding barbecue and they couldn't have been more perfect! They wouldn't have worked well for a soup as the bowl is shallow but for anything else it works great! All the utensils in this set are just as durable as plastic but with much more style and far more eco-friendly. I will definitely order more!
    These spoons are awesome! I got these, the same type forks & knives, plus the 10" Palm Leaf plates & bowls for 2 reasons. 1) I hate doing dishes at my house but I don't want the low end feel of plastic cutlery & paper plates. 2) For my business so me and my employees could eat here and not worry about managing them on dishes. PLUS the same effect as above, its still retains that cool feel over low end reusable products. These spoons can handle most general eating tasks, I haven't needed to use a metal spoon yet.
    We used these for an event. They were much more attractive and eco-friendly than plastic. They were surprisingly sturdy and we would definitely use them again.
    Don't let this wooden spoon fool you! It works just as wonderfully as any other disposable spoon! But this spoon has one perk that others don't- it is Eco-friendly!
    Pretty strong and sturdy, good appearance and smooth. We will be using them with our smoothie bowls, I think they're going to be a great touch. I will experiment with stamping our logo on the end of the stick.
    These spoons were really neat. They weren't quite what I was used to, I wish the wood was smoother. However, I love how they are environmentally friendlier and look great. It also helps that they are disposable, sturdy, and lightweight.
    Hi quality disposable heavy weight wooden spoons. These would be great for around the campfire just toss them on the fire when done for easy clean up.
    Pretty nice and heavy duty spoons, feels like popsicle stick. Love they are wood and are biodegradable. Good product that I can definitely recommend. Good buy.
    Used these for an eco-friendly casual wedding. Heavy and sturdy enough for a good guest experience, and smooth--no splinters! Worked well for cake and other desserts as well as coffee.
    I use these in my classes for mixing my homemade products. They are a great size and very durable. The fact that they are disposable makes them easy to use and throw away after a classes of making lip balms when I use wax and oils.
    Perfect for parties and great eco friendly I even hand stamp them for events and they look great I will buy these again as the price was great as well
    Love that these spoons are so sturdy and cute. Ordered them for my wedding and I'm so excited to see my guest's reactions. They have a cute matching set of the forks and knives.
    Great spoons! Super sturdy and much more sustainable than plastic. Great size, and very smooth. We typically do not use disposables, but when asked to cater an event for 50 found these to be a good balance between eco and labor-saving. Recommended!
    We used these for my son's second birthday party and they were a huge hit. We have some left over which is no problem for us because we always use wooden utensils while camping. Just toss them in the first after you're done and no clean up!!
    Good product. I personally like that they will break down eventually. Customers not so much. A fair number had mentioned the "wood taste" and so would ask if we had a plastic spoon instead for them to use. I will not order them because of the overwhelmingly, non positive, feedback received when I tried these as our spoons for ice cream. Again, durable enough for ice cream, I liked that they weren't going to last forever in the ground, but customers were not fans. Regardless of my "Green" intentions, and info on what plastic doesn't do in compost.
    The Eco-gecko Disposable Heavy Weight Wooden Spoon is just what it says it's heavy weighted and of good quality. I was able to take my spoons to the next level by personalizing them. They are a hit on dessert tables all of the time!
    Very happy with the quality of these wooden spoons. There were no splinters or chips, and the spoons were smooth and sturdy. Shipping is always fast, and the product quality is A plus!
    Perfect for desserts and general light use - a great and more attractive alternative to plastic disposables. Can be stamped for a cute decorative element to packaging treats.
    We buy these for our birthday party program. Overall, they are great. There are a couple in each box that are split, and I throw them away before we set the table for children. We have used them for several years with no other issues. Attendees like these utensils.
    We use these wooden spoons for the ice cream sundaes we sell at festivals. They are a HUGE hit! Everyone comments on how cute the are.
    I bought these to use at my wedding and am so excited to use them. We're doing our best to stay eco friendly and this was the best option for us-not just for the price-but also quality!
    These spoons do the job. They are a little flimsyier than others that I had sampled, but cheaper a case, can't complain about that. Use them with the ice cream that I serve.
    Very nice spoon and durable. It could be a little deeper and not as shallow. Doesn't have a bad wooden smell to it, and works perfectly with the other Eco-Gecko silverware I purchased.
    These spoons are too cute. In addition to looking good, they function well and are sturdy. My party guests loved them. The combination of the wooden spoon, fork, and knife really sets a nice earthy tone to any event. The wood material lends itself well to be decorated with washi tape, paint, ink, and other embellishments. The best part about them is that they are eco-friendly.
    These spoons are a great value. Not deep enough to be used for soup but perfect for soft foods, desserts, and condiments. Perfect for use at a casual catered event.
    These are an excellent alternative to plastic utensils. I like that they are natural wood, and have no harmful chemicals in them, for my kids health, and also for the environment.
    The quality of construction has been great, as we've tested them in some of our product offerings, which focus mainly on frozen desserts. That being said, there is a distinct "taste" associated with these spoons, that although was somewhat expected, is certainly more over-powering than I'd hoped. Again, it's to be expected based upon the school lunch style wooden planks we're all use to, but just be aware.
    It is better alternative to plastic spoons. Biodegradable. Environmental friendly. It is great for coffee, tea and hot chocolate and it doesn't taste like wood.
    Our customers appreciate that our To-Go wear is wooden instead of plastic. The price is great too. These spoons are not exactly "Heavy Duty" but they are certainly heavy enough for our use! The set with the forks and knives is great.
    These spoons were a hit at my event. They are cute and do the work, will buy again. Webstaurantstore is awesome! The service, the shipping, and the quality of the products. I always come here when I need to buy this type of products for my parties, everyone love the cuteness as well. Thanks for everything.
    These spoons are pretty, and are pretty functional too. They aren't very deep, but it is enough to work with. They are very pretty and ecofriendly, and went great with our beach themed wedding.
    Love these spoons, the quality is great and the price is even better! My customers rave about these adorable spoons! Will purchase these again for sure!
    These spoons were a great size, nice and sturdy so our guests didn't have a problem eating with them, and there were no splinters- worked really great for us!
    These spoons are high quality and not flimsy. Bought them for my wedding and displayed them in 16 oz mason jars on tables--everyone loved them. I would definitely order again. I feel much better buying a natural product than even recyclable plastic.
    I'm always skeptical when ordering online, and searched around for quite awhile before going with This was a trial run--and, I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly these arrived and the wonderful condition in which I received them! I wanted something nicer for my hot chocolate bar at my wedding in December, and these are perfect!! I will be ordering from webstaurant again!!
    Purchased for my daughters country themed wedding and we were so happy to find compostable solutions through this site. This was only the sample purchase, more is to come! Thank you and shipping was fast! And we have already shared these options with friends.
    Our customers love these spoons. We attach them to our cake jars by using baker's twine. We've never even considered using plastic spoons. Wooden spoons are the new thing!
    I bought these to include with cupcakes shipped in cups to customers in other states. The first customer to receive one stated "the spoons are so cute!" Who knew a wooden spoon would make such an impression!!
    I am happy with this product. The only complaint was they are smaller than I expected. They are ok for what I need, I just wish they were a normal dinner size
    We recently redid all of our restaurant's plates, bowls, forks, spoons, and knives with these new eco-gecko bamboo products. We bought them because of their minimal environmental impact but we have come to like them for what they are. These spoons are no different. They feel normal and I would say are even better than metal - though they take getting used to.
    The Eco gecko spoons are wonderfully made. We used them for a baby shower & they were a hit with all the guests. I've seen people use the spoons and draw cute things on them or stamp them with designs to personalize them.
    Great spoon! These look good while letting your customers know that you are concerned about the environment. Nice size and nice and sturdy too. Highly recommended.
    I use these spoons in my ice cream shop. They are a little big for ice creams spoons. I found done smaller ones online. Most customers like them but done want plastic.
    A nice alternative to plastic spoons, these spoons are compact enough to be used for take-out, but big enough to actually be useful when eating. That said, these spoons are splintery - if it weren't for that these would get 5 stars.
    I did a lot of research and found those to be the most cost effective disposable wooden spoon from a number of online stores. It works great and it's environment friendly.
    These wooden utensils are a beautiful addition to any event. They add a big wow factor without hurting your wallet. I would recommend this product to anyone.
    Pretty!pretty! Pretty! perfect party spoons. Everyone Went on about how super cute they were. I am using what is left for. Thanksgiving next week. Kim
    These work well at picnics or as tasting spoons when having a party or entertaining a group of people--they can taste without making tons of extra work by having to wash silverware later !!
    Once again I was impressed by the quality and value of the spoons. They were used for a child's bday party and they were a hit! I received tons of compliments and I would order them again.
    Excellent product! Our store is based on a safari theme, as well as being eco friendly, so these are perfect. Hard to find renewable wood spoons at a cost effective price point.
    These wooden spoons are also marketed for food items. I use them for dispensing bath salts. They are tall enough to be attached to the 1/2 lb. white coffee bags.
    This wooden cutlery is so much fun and great looking, too. I have purchased the knives, forks and spoons. The work well and add a different look to your table setting. They are perfect for casual settings, picnics or a "green" party. I have had so many compliments on these.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these spoons! They have a popsicle stick quality, and if you are fine with that then you will fall in love with these spoons. They were a huge hit at my wedding and everyone wanted to know where I got them! I'm planning a wedding for a friend and I am definently going with these again! YAY!
    These spoons were the perfect find for our Eco-Themed wedding! We found a similar product in a local store, but these spoons were much more affordable here. They will look great at our picnic style reception!
    the spoons are just as cute as the rest of the pieces - i also love the sustainable aspect for a disposable as it costs nearly 2.50 per person to rent actual flatware...
    These spoons are amazing! I have a New Orleans sno-ball stand and use all biodegradable/recyclable packaging and utensils! People love them-the look and feel- and these go great with my product and philosophy- raising funds for environmental restoration. Highly recommended!
    These spoons are so much fun to use. I stamp the handles with cute patterns ( polka-dots, stripes, swiggles) and everyone who uses them can't stop praising them. Plus, I love the fact that they are eco-freiendly; this makes me, and everyone who uses them, feel better about using a disposable product.
    These spoons are great for serving samples of ice cream or sorbet! Great for offering tastings of sauces too! They work well for tasting food safely as you cook!!
    The color in the batch of forks that I bought was very attractive. The feel of the wood is pretty smooth and the packaging was in perfect condition.
    I love these spoons and so does everyone else. I use these spoons at the farmers market. I put one each with a Fruit Crumble and package it up. It makes for a nice presentation.
    These spoons are awesome. Great for the environment and easy to customize for any party. Great to take on a picnic or throw into school lunch boxes! I will be ordering more soon!
    These are neat but a little too flat. They remind me of ice cream spoons. They wouldn't be good to hold a lot or to use for a fancy event.
    Nice green option, purchased to take along any place where it may be easy to accidentally lose one outdoors (like picnics with family, small children). The texture of the wood takes some getting used to, but spoons are spoons!
    Fabolous product. Made from a renewable part of the bamboo that would just be collected for waste, these are super looking and durable spoons which we use as salt spoons.
    I cant say enough about how my customers have gone head over heels over these, since we switched from the plastic. They love the way we are "greening" ourselves up. They work terrific as well as being cost effective, especially since were generating more business,and new clientel.
    These spoons have been a big hit at the outdoor market where I do cooking demonstrations on the weekend. People often comment on the looks and really appreciate when I tell them that they are both sustainably produced and biodegradable. Even better, they are super affordable!
    They are small enough, yet large enough, to use for soups and other dishes. These Eco spoons are a great alternative to plastic! However, the feel of the cutlery may resemble that of a tongue depressor, so be aware of this! Some people may not even notice this though!
    Surprisingly sturdy and the size of the bowl of the spoon was decently large; bigger and flatter than the standard plastic spoon. I tried eating a cup of yogurt with it and the texture on the tongue wasn't very pleasant. When I ate other food with it, it wasn't noticed.
    These spoons are SOOOOO cool! Our customers remark on them daily. We even have customers trying to buy them to take home. These spoons are like none other and extremely sturdy!
    the spoon is functional than the knife and forks. The whole set is beautiful to kook at and customers always have good feedback on the wood rather then plastic. the knife is not sharp and the fork breaks easily.
    I got these from a friend and loved them! We used them for a bbq and they were a hit..very durable and sturdy. I need to get more for this summer!

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