Choice 13" Flame-Retardant Oven Mitts - 2/Pack

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Keep your hands cool and comfortable while handling items in hot ovens with these Choice 13" flame-retardant oven mitts. Designed to withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, these gloves are an excellent addition to your commercial kitchen! Its quilted sage exterior overlaps slightly towards the opening for a subtle geometric border.

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Choice 13" Flame-Retardant Oven Mitts - 2/Pack

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    These are a great Oven Mitt. These are just the same as any that I have used in the past. I will recommend these to everyone I know.

    from Frontline Foundations, Inc. Posted on

    these are a great price and wash well with little reduction in the heat shielding, They do absorb liquids so a bit of care is advised

    Posted on

    These oven mitts are heat resistant, but the inside seems to peel off while we are wearing them. Once yo wash them, the inside keeps peeling off and we are not sure whether this is just with the ones that we bought or whether they are all like that. Would you check that out. They look really nice too and keep clean easily. The only problem is with washing them.

    Posted on

    Oven Mittens. Heat Resistant, no burns. Fits all sizes and you can wear either one on each hand

    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative has credited your account!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    great set of mits for the commercial bakery we bought a couple and will buy more the price is perfect and quality as expected we love the prices here !

    from The Brittle Box Candy Company Posted on

    These oven mitts do a fantastic job at making sure that your hands stay safe. I have these on lock to buy as soon as I wear them out!

    Posted on

    Super value here! really decent gloves for next to nothing. has prevented a lot of burns and while they arent pretty, they get it done

    Posted on

    These oven mitts are a pretty good investment. Not ideal for having to hold onto 400* plus items for more than a minute. But, that's rare!

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    These pot holders are terrific. They really protect your hands and I can't even feel the heat from the pans when i take them out of the oven.

    Posted on

    Awesome oven mitts

    Let's just say, not at all what I want expected. Seemed like a great value, but as usuall those deals are never what they seem. Looked great, but when myself and my staff used them, they seemed unsafe, felt extremely cheap, not a good time. I gave it a few tries, I'll say it ended up being in the trash can. Invest in a higher quality product.

    from the black fig Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Christopher! We are sorry you did not prefer this product, for recommendations please contact our Customer Solutions team!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Thee are a really good deal. Affordable and perfect for heavy duty daily use. The ability to get them in varying lenghts is alos nice.

    from backwater Posted on

    perfect length

    I really am a big fan of these flame retardant oven mitts I really like using them to clean my grill a deep clean I don't get my hands burnt worked really good for pulling bread out of the oven to

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Fantastic for cleaning the grill

    My experience with the Choice thirteen inch flame retardant oven mitts two pack has been very pleasant, as they arrived earlier than expected. I would say that they are a dark almost sage color but not too dark it shows food. I am impressed that it can easily hold any pan handle with ease, even though they are heavier than I expected. To get this flame retardant feature at that price is unbeatable and I would recommend them. I would like to see additional colors and styles.

    Posted on

    Highly recommended!!

    Great set of Oven Mitts for the price. We are always getting ours a mess from removing hot racks from our smoker. So far these mitts have done the job that we need it to do. At this price we stock up on news ones.

    from 5-0 BBQ LLC Posted on

    Work well removing hot items from the oven. It can be washed in a washing machine without damaging the material. Will with stand high heat.

    from Caribbean Connection Imp/Exp Posted on

    I can see why Choice brand is recommended a lot on this site. These have great quality and they are big enough for my hands to fit in comfortably. These are a great buy.

    Posted on

    Oven mitts were delivered super fast !!! Very good product for the price. I would purchase again if needed. I give it a thumbs up.

    from Cafe 111 Posted on

    Heat resistant and flame retardant. These gloves would be a good deal even if they were sold in ones. Getting two of this mitts makes these a must purchase.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Hot pan, no problem

    This price of the oven mitts alone can not be beat. The quality is outstanding, and the size is perfect. I will definitely buy more of these.

    Posted on

    these gloves are really strong and heat proof! they are a bit too large for my hands though, i can hardly reach the fingers other than the size, great product, great size!

    from sweetart Posted on

    Quality oven mitts for a great price. They are used all day long and is a great heat protector when removing anything from out of the oven.

    from Hoagie Bros Posted on

    These gloves are amazing! They are very strong and look like they will hold up for a very long time. I roasted chicken and used these to grab the pan and couldn't feel any heat whatsoever.

    Posted on

    I bought these thinking there were a great deal but unfortunately they were not. I took these out of the plastic and used them to remove something from the oven. To my surprise my hand started to burn. I looked at the glove and there was a large whole. Very disappointing.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Avalon! We are sorry this oven mitt arrived damaged. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Really large for my petite hands, but at least I don't need to worry about getting burned by the oven! These also seem really heavy duty so I don't think I'll be buying any more oven mitts for a while!!

    Posted on

    These are great, durable and affordable oven mitts. I like the fact that they are longer as I am already burning my self, I will definitely buy these again.

    Posted on

    the price on these oven mitts is great and the quality is amazing for the price. we've been using them daily and they have held up great.

    from workhorse coffee llc Posted on

    These oven mitts are wonderful to use because they are long enough to cover my wrist and forearms. They are great to use when handling sheet pans and transferring hot objects from ovens to warming boxes.

    from Fenmore Hills Hotel Posted on

    They are not quite as thick as I expected. These oven mitts are great for lower temperature baking. If you're going to use them for anything 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, you can certainly fit one glove inside another, however if you don't double up at these higher temps, the heat will get through very quickly.

    Posted on

    These gloves definitely do the trick. They are cheap, but they protect your hands from heat very well. Sometimes a little lint comes off the inside of the glove, but its no big deal. Grip and fit are good too. At first the gloves are a bit still, but they wear in quickly. Overall, I'd recommend.

    Posted on

    Nice oven mitts with a short cuff that's suitable for small ovens or home use. The flame retardant properties are great if you accidentally touch an electric element.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Good mitts.

    These are very nice oven mitts. They are well made and hold up to everyday use really well. For the money they are a good buy.

    from Big Bear Lodge Posted on

    Great oven mitt. Nice length and easy to keep clean. They are not too thick and allow ease of getting our items out of the oven. Plan on ordering more.

    from Sub Daddy Posted on


    Quality oven mitts that hold up well to pizza pans and other pots that we bake with in the oven. They are thick but not overly thick where you cant really use them nor bend them. WE have not tested the flame retardant part and hope not too, but they are great purpose mitts.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    These mitts are wonderful. Nice length on arms so you are not touching the hot surface. They wash beautiful also. Great mitt for the price.

    from Robin Huston Posted on

    Not as thick as the ones i purchased at a local restaurant store. I tend to grab a full size sheet pan with one hand and it will get hot through the glove. i guess you get what you pay for.

    Posted on

    These are very nice. We use them all of the time and for the price they are a good value. They do wear out, but we feel they last pretty well for what they cost.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    This is what you call flame retardant oven will feel no heat, it is padded well.its heat more efficient than the dollar stores oven mitten

    Posted on

    These are a great general purpose oven mitt. Our bakers love to keep about a dozen pairs around, they are cheap, effective and a nice length.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    The Flame-Retardant Oven Mitts are a great and comfortable fit to any hand size, we are constantly using them getting things in and out of the oven.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    These oven mitts are sturdy and highly heat resistant. They are a great choice for a commercial kitchen, and are an affordable price for the product.

    from Kitchen 519 Posted on

    I did not hear any complaints from my wait staff about these gloves, but I could see burn marks on these after one night of use. I didn't hear or any problems though, so I guess they worked well enough! I'm just a little concerned about the quality of them since they look scorched.

    Posted on

    While these oven mitts seemed like a great value, they are far too thin to hold anything hot. Heat transfers straight through them and within a weeks time many pairs had received burn marks as if they were exposed to an open flame simply by holding hot sheet pans. You get what you pay for.

    from YMCA Camp Ockanickon, Inc. Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Gabrielle! We are sorry these gloves were not durable enough for you. We recommend this San Jamar 810CM15 15" Best Grip Oven Mitt for a sturdier alternative.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These mitts are great; they are incredibly heat resistant and are built well. However, they shed from the inside quite a bit whenever they are used. I hope that changes with use.

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    These oven mitts provide a great quality for the price you pay. They handle heat fairly well. It is good to have a few pairs on hand.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    I bought these for a commercial kitchen, I've only had them for two weeks and the loop started to unravel and the the crease where the mitt meets the thumb isn't thick enough to stop heat from getting through after holding a hot pan for very long.

    from Windber Country Club Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Nicole. We are sorry the oven mitts did not hold up for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to credit you for the faulty gloves.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These mitts ordered in April 2013 I would rate as 4-star; the same product ordered in May 2014 is now much lower quality and I rate as 2-star.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, David. We are sorry the second pair of oven mitts did not match the quality of the first pair. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon to credit you for the faulty items.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    for me as an owner of the restaurant who makes everything homemade these were perfect, no exaggeration, because you dont want your mittens to be too thick as well because its not comfortable to hold them. these have been working perfect for 2 weeks now and nothing happened, didnt burn or i didnt feel any heat going through t. for the price i paid i got way better product i myself honestly expected.

    from Pizza Care Posted on

    While these gloved looked good on the web, I was disappointed the first time i used them. While they seemed rather thin, I thought I would give them a try; I did not realize that the seam by the thumb was torn, thus I burnt my hand removing a pan of cookies from the oven.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry that these oven mitts did not last as they should have. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you very soon to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Got hot fast too thin and came apart after a couple days trashed them. Other oven mitts maybe better make sure they are thick and 14 inches or more.

    from Appalachian Bakery Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that these oven mitts fell apart so soon. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to credit the faulty items to your account.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The oven mitt set provides protection at a great price and value. They are longer than other pairs I have seen. The color is not so bad either.

    Posted on

    These oven mitts work extremely well. They work exactly as intended, but let it be known that you need to have one mit nested in the other for maximum functionality.

    Posted on

    The oven mitt itself is fine, but I wouldn't recommend buying this short length if you are using it for commercial ovens. I learned the hard way by accidentally touching my arm on the oven door. With the longer gloves, you have more protection.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    This size was exactly what I was looking for. I needed something that could offer some protection for my employees arms and not just their hands. We usually bake things around 300-350 so these were perfect for being able to reach in the oven a little without burning ourselves.

    Posted on

    These Mitts are comfortable and keep the heat out. I use them when I make pita bread and that requires the oven & baking tray to be at 500 degrees. These gloves keep my hands from being burnt!

    Posted on

    Very cheaply made. 2 of the four I got are mis-stitched, falling apart and missing insulation and threading all together. I would not buy these again.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Karen! A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Best oven gloves I've used at the shop. I will order a few more pairs and also get the longer ones. Heat does not permeate these gloves.

    Posted on

    Comfortable, hides stains well. Haven't had them long, but they seem like they are well built and will last a while. They fit my hands nicely and I have some fairly large hands. Thick, but not overly so as to prevent getting a good grip on a hot sheet pan.

    Posted on

    I like to get new clean hot pad at the beginning of each new school year but don't want to pay too much. The are good quality and great price.

    from Summit Christian Academy Posted on

    These are very very basic oven mitts--good to have several on hand. They are lined with a duck-like fabric which is very soft.

    Posted on

    this is an excellent pair of oven gloves. they fit well and keep your hands safe from the heat. i use them all the time and have never had any problems

    Posted on

    These mitts work great, especially for children enrolled in a cuisine class. It really helps them feel more confident when using the oven. Really happy they are sold in a pair!

    from homeschool Posted on

    these are very nice oven mitts. they can handle very hight heat. i love that it comes in a pair for right handers and left handers.

    Posted on

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