Royal Paper RP110NW 21" White Disposable Bouffant Cap - 100/Pack

Item #: 167BCAP110CW

Ensure food safety by keeping hair covered in the workplace with this Royal Paper RP110NW cloth-like, non-woven 21" white bouffant cap! Great for use in institutional foodservice, food processing facilities, industrial settings, and more, this breathable, flame retardant bouffant cap offers an economical barrier for all day use. It features an elastic band for snug, adjustable sizing and is designed for full hair coverage. To minimize the threat of allergens in the workplace, this cap is latex free.

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Royal Paper RP110NW 21" White Disposable Bouffant Cap - 100/Pack

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hair caps food great price Bouffant cap long much easy
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    The Royal Paper Bouffant caps are wonderful and help keep our kitchen clean and hair free. Thanks to these we don't have to worry about any kind of hair getting in our food and they are comfortable too.

    from Save Mart Posted on

    These caps are great at keeping hair out of food. There is an elastic band to help keep it secured and the price is great

    Posted on

    Great caps

    these have worked great for us! snug and it held our hair very well. got our head hot a little but maybe that is just us lol they are lasting long we dont take them off all day until we have to

    from goldies tacos Posted on

    I have long hair, and these Bouffant Caps are amazing! They are sturdy,I have a lot of hair, and they hold up my hair well! There is nothing more disgusting than finding hair in your food!

    from She Cooks She Kutz, LLC Posted on

    Both the guys and gals like this easy to put on hair cap to comply with the health dept. rules. Easy on/off without any problems or fuss with their special hair 'dos'. We'll be reordering these as we go.

    from Appel Enterprise of NC LLC Posted on

    Very good quality cap. The price is reasonable. My employees enjoy using it. I would recommend it base on price and quality. It will not disappointed you.

    Posted on

    We use this all the time at my business - it's basically once size fits all and keeps hair out of merchandise. Here are no holes in them so no stray strands poking out. I will buy again

    from B's Honey Cakes Posted on

    These are quick and easy to put on. Of course, they look like 'lunch lady' nets, but don't think you are going to find a fashionable hair net, but more important, no hair in our products!

    from Confectionary Designs Posted on

    This cap is light and allows for proper circulation especially when working in a kitchen. It fits most head sizes and doesnt give that tight elastic feeling.

    from cocoa carib Posted on

    Love these. I'm am ultra paranoid that my hair will land in my baked goodies, so I wear this all the time... even when I cook at home too. I have a relatively big head and these fit perfectly

    from Honeybee Confections Posted on

    These are a rather large hair net that isn't very good at covering hair very tightly. It's big, but hair slips out and under easily.. It's extremely unattractive, as well, so it's not ideal for the customer service side of your business.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    We appreciate your review! If you would like any recommendations for another head covering, please contact our Customer Solutions team!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I purchased these Disposable Bouffant caps for my own personnel use,I have extremely long hair and recently started finding my hair everywhere,These caps fit my head and all of my hair without it falling out the sides,and did the job of keeping my hair on my head vs in my food while cooking.I would prefer them to be in a box vs a plastic bag but when the price is so low I do understand this.Great product and Great price!

    from Twisted Birch Naturals Posted on

    What a steal! A hairnet is NOT just a hairnet. These things not only cover you up but keep you covered up. The elasticity stays, the cap doesn't break, and they are pretty comfy too.

    Posted on

    While serving food for a group of people or if you are catoring an event it is very important that your guest see you taking all the precautions in handling their food. These Boffant caps are just what you need to show the people you are serving and catoring for you are a food safe person. Their experience will be shown as you watch them enjoy your food preperation.

    from Jeromesales Posted on

    I have found that these caps are very affordable and easy to use. No one minds putting them on because you can hardly tell the cover is there.

    Posted on

    Excellent hair restraint for keeping a clean and sanitary kitchen. Material is thin and breathable, but holds hair in place well. Definitely a recommended product.

    Posted on

    You can use these is a food service environment, or you can do what I do and wear them at night if you're using hair rollers! Stays on and is very comfortable.

    Posted on

    Grabbed a 100 pack of these to make sure we were compliant with the Heath code at all times. Great price for these and you get a bunch of them.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Great Bouffant cap. Keeps hair out of your products. Price is great and quality. Even though these are disposable you can still reuse them, that is to prove how strong they are.

    Posted on

    These disposable bouffant caps has done the job they were intended to do. Next time I would buy a larger sizes. They didn't cover as much hair as I was expecting.

    Posted on

    These caps are much cheaper than competitors, and work better. They keep all your hair inside, and away from food, and electronics and even flames, great product!

    Posted on

    These were useful for some but hard to get over all the hair for others. Not the best quality but was do able. Probably won't order again.

    from Coco's Spiked Treats Posted on

    I was using black leggings for the kitchen, but still had problems with the hair until pedi these disposable meshes, have worked pretty well. although employees do not really like their appearance.

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    the caps work well. I wish they were in a box like the gloves and then I could put them in the dispensing rack along side the gloves.

    Posted on

    A must have for any restaurant. Royal disposable bouffant caps keep hair out and away form the food. Used daily and was great to find them at a good price.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Very good quality and the price can't be beat! They don't slip off or fall out of place. They are an essential in our business.

    Posted on

    This hairnet works great. It keeps everything tightly contained and doesn't have any fibers that fall out as others do that we have tried. Definitely recommend.

    from Gluten-Free Heaven Posted on

    Using these to protect clients hair when getting an airbrush tan. They do the job and are much less expensive than ones we purchased other places.

    from Rachole, Inc Posted on

    These are perfect for wearing for food safety. They are very lightweight and stay in place. They are a great value too. I have reordered many times.

    Posted on

    These caps hold up well and do exactly what they are supposed to do: keep hair out of food production. We will definitely buy them again!

    from Monika's Organic Bakery Posted on

    Great caps, nice and thin, easy to grab and toss. More importantly, a great value. I love the fact that they are light enough, so my head won't sweat terribly while using them.

    from Yummvees Posted on

    Was looking to purchase some caps to wear during the preparation of dough and also while working on cakes. Like that we can just throw these away once we are done and no longer need to use them.

    from Gonzalez Bakery Posted on

    I like these hairnets because they are soft and highly visible. It is important the customers can see that we are wearing hairnets. They are also much cheaper than the hairnets we were using previously.

    from Chick-fil-A Posted on

    Great value and much needed in the food prep area. Greatly reduces the chance to get hair in the food and gives customers piece of mind since our prep area is visible to the customers.

    from Deliciously Dipped Posted on

    These bouffant caps are just OKAY. I found that the elastic could be a little more fitted. It does rip fairly easily so handle with care.

    Posted on

    These guys are a lifesaver as they keep my hairs out of our ice cream. Much better for business. I reuse them, so a pack lasts forever.

    from Little Lion Ice Cream Posted on

    These 21" White Disposable Bouffant Caps are very comfortable and durable, the price is very good and you can use this bouffant for all day without feel it...

    from Sir Clean Corp - Management, Cleaning, and Moving Miami Posted on

    I LIVE IN THESE CAPS !!! I have LONG hair and I am able to put my hair in a bun and still this cap fits over it!!! I don't have time for my hair to be falling into my food and these caps do the trick EVERY DAY! They don't lint and fall apart like other brands do when you stretch them too much while putting on! I LOVE THEM!

    from Alicia's Homemade Posted on

    These simple hair nets work great! Light weight with good elastic and great for all hair types. You'll wear it home because you forget you had it on!

    from Cobb Creek Poultry, LLC Posted on

    What else is there to say other than that these work for the purpose they are intended for. Are they stylish, No. Are they comfortable, no. But do they serve their purpose, Yes.

    Posted on

    These caps keep your hair contained - even if it is long. They are easy to grab from the package, and they are easy to put on - much better than the net type of hairnets. Very durable, too.

    Posted on

    No one likes to wear a hair net,...but, given that we have to, these hold up well and have just enough elastic to fit nicely and keep my long locks locked up!

    from LUV Ice Cream Posted on

    These do just what a hair net is suppose to do and that's to keep hair out of food. The low price is a plus too.

    Posted on

    I love these! These are lightweight and comfortable. It does a great job of covering your whole head and preventing hair in the food. Awesome!

    from griddles country cookin' Posted on

    I was looking for a hairnet that wasn't itchy and could be worn comfortably all day. These works perfectly and are great for long hair.

    Posted on

    hair net on woman

    These work well for one or two uses. After that, they start to develop holes near the elastic. But they're meant to be single use, so no complaints. It's made of very thin material, so hair can get through, but the coverage around the hairline and ears is better than with a baseball cap.

    Posted on

    These caps worked well. They were spacious enough for even a long haired individual while still keeping their shape and staying put. Used to prevent any hair incidents while a group of us cooked for a friends bridal shower.

    Posted on

    The Board of Health wanted us to have all the employees wear caps, and I didn't mind at all. It helps keep the kitchen free from hair, and after a while, the employees didn't even feel they had this cap on.

    from Vamcomplex USA Posted on

    the bougfant cap came 100 in a pack this is inexpensive for the wuality I received It hold girmly eithout the rubber loose.I recommend it

    Posted on

    Elastic easily stretched out so as to not fit appropriately and falls off, individual hairs stick through and loose debris attach themselves to the material. Not recommended for commercial food use.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Corey! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Product arrived on time and well packaged. These caps are large enough to cover longer hair styles. Male and females have no problems using this cap. Excellent product.

    from The Transit Cafe Posted on

    These caps were the perfect solution to maintain high standards in a catering business. they fitted perfectly, and the coast was extremely affordable. These suited my needs very well.

    from Innovations Unlimited Posted on

    Great value for a hair cover-up, and must have for any food service establishment. Always at hand for employees. Easy on-off design. And did I mention great value??

    from Stella Baking Co. Posted on

    Great product to add for a very useful kit for all of our food safety training. Reliable product for cooking, canning and other food safety related training.

    from Virginia Cooperative Extension Posted on

    Nice product and a great price. Why pay more for something that you are going to throw away? Will be reordering these hair nets again.

    from Just like Home Posted on

    I have very long hair and quite thick, so this is necessary when preparing food in a home kitchen. It holds all my hair comfortably, but like anything on your head when you're working, can get a little hot.

    Posted on

    The size is true to the description. The price is excellent and they are very strong. So they will last very long. Thank you Webstaurant

    Posted on

    this is the same brand that we used at work so I got so for my catering business I hope you will like them I love them.

    from Wes & Nita Kitchen. Co Posted on

    I Love What I Do

    Solid white caps. They fit the head sizes for everyone on our team from small women to large men, and they don't fall off. Will definitely buy again!

    Posted on

    This is the perfect size when it comes to Disposable Bouffant Caps. The cap is flexible and strong and fits any head size perfectly. The best part is that you can choose different colors. We will be ordering this again!

    from Trini Pie Company Posted on

    These are just what we needed to be in compliance with our local health department. Hair nets are very hard to find nowadays and not all that secure for employees with longer hair. These work extremely well and are very affordable.

    Posted on

    The white disposable bouffant caps are good quality. But, the size is small if you have long hair. They don't hold very well because of the smaller size.

    from nirvana kitchen Posted on

    These bouffant caps are a great size and good quality. They are well ventilated and keep the heat to a minimum. These caps are worth more than you pay.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    I would reccoment this product.This is a good size and good quality cap. We use it on a daily basis. Does its job and with a great price too

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    Great hair net! Keeps hair out of the way for sanitary baking environment. Holds up well, doesn't tear from holding the weight of my hair, and doesn't leave marks on my forehead. Will buy again!!

    from Off The Wheaten Path Posted on

    Good size and well ventilated to keep the heat at a minimum. They come in a bag dispenser, but I wish these came in a box so we could hang them in the brackets with the gloves.

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    This is a good size and good quality cap. We use it on a daily basis. Does its job and with a great price too

    Posted on

    Perfect for keeping back either long or short hair. I don't like to wear caps and now I don't have to! Keeps you cool around those hot ovens too!

    from Truly Scrumptious Bakery Posted on

    This was a great buy, economical and great product. It is flexible so it doesn't matter what hair style you have it hold it in place so you can leave work with hair in place. It does not slip from the skin, staying in place all day.

    from Epicurean Element, LLC Posted on

    I like that these have a stretchy material, however they don't seem to fit well over our head if you have a lot of hair. Next time I order these I will get a larger size.

    from Berry's Home Bakes Posted on

    these hats rock, cheap, easy to use, one time use items. I don't have to stress about visitors not covering their hair now, great! Highly recommended.

    from Purenfusion LLC Posted on

    Great product for the price and that is always a plus. They work great on your head but my fiance' also wears them around his beard as well.

    Posted on

    Keeps all of your hair in place, doesn't smooch your hair down. It even works with my pony tail which is about 4" long. Good product.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    The 21" White Disposable Bouffant Cap 100 Pack protects our succulent meals as expected. Thanks to webstaurant for providing quality service for Awesome Fish throughout our 1st year in business. Many more to come....

    from Awesome Fish Posted on

    Great product at a great price. Keeps hair out of the way and stays put. We've gotten the same type of caps and paid almost triple the price. Can't go wrong with Webstaurant!!

    from GLO on the GO Posted on

    These are so much better than hairnets they actually protect the food from any hair and are very durable. They are very reasonably priced as well.

    Posted on


    from WINDY CORNER Posted on

    21" white bouffant hair nets are great for our kitchen and on the production floor. We used to purchase from uline, but these are less expensive and just as good.

    Posted on

    21" White Bouffant caps are a must have in a professional kitchen. They are very affordable and durable and allow us to keep our kitchen hair free.

    Posted on

    21" white bouffant cap - for this size you can not beat the price. The material is durable enough for multiple uses without holes or tears. We wish this same style would be carried in 24" size as the 21" is a little on the small side when supplying for men, or women with big hairstyles.

    from Ausome LLC Posted on

    Just a necessary thing on any professional kitchen. Gives confidence that any hair will not drop on plate. There were fears that it will be hot to work but its not. Recommend it!

    Posted on

    I much prefer these to the standard hairnet. These work better if you have medium or longer hair. Maybe only slightly less durable than the standard dark hairnets.

    Posted on

    These are comfortable caps. They are not too tight and do not itch. They are strong and haven't torn even with thick and heavy hair.

    Posted on

    If you are looking for a great hair net look no further this one has the right fit and look I will be ordering this brand again.

    Posted on

    Another simple item that every restaurant must have and once again a great price is offered by this company. Meets the requirements of the health board!!

    from Midway OH Boy Posted on

    Nets are exactly as advertised. Great for folks with long hair . Easy to take on and off. No complaints from our employees. Very lightweight, no problem in heat of the summer months. Will re-order.

    from yohay baking Posted on

    Keeping hair out of the food and the popcorn is very important to us and every other food handler. But so often you find cheap hair nets etc. So we decided to try these after reading all the other great reviews and found that we also liked them just as much. Easy to put on, they don't "shift" on the head when wearing them and the fit most size heads.

    from Flour City Popcorn Company Posted on

    As goofy as they look, these are way easier to put on and take off as opposed to hairnets. All of our employees wear them and barely seem to mind... Besides the lack of style.

    Posted on

    Works great. Fits everyone's head. Quality is better than I expected. They are lightweight but of great quality to keep in hair and any hair additives. Would purchase more.

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    Since I run a bakery and have to have my employees restrain their hair, I love this product. I like the look of them. Plus these allow my head to breath which is nice because the kitchen can get pretty hot at times.

    Posted on

    Great product for people with long hair. Hair nets are big enough to hold hair in and are still very airy and roomy to allow scalp to breath and not sweat

    Posted on


    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    These are nice for establishments that do not have a lot of chef hats around! Great item to ensure food safety with! Great price for a good item!!!

    Posted on

    The 21" White Bouffant Cap 100/Pack , Is great. Made of flame retardent, cloth-like,non woven material. It has an elastic band for easy use.It is great for sanitary protection.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    The product is wonderful and does exactly as i need them to. They are very reliable to keep hair out of our food. Thank you

    from Alternative Homes for Youth Posted on

    This cap is very well made. there are 100 per box and the size fits all. My head is 23.75 size and it fits me well.

    from KingofKettleCorn Posted on

    Economical alternative to a chef hat. Our restaurant's cooks do not mind wearing these caps as they are cooler than most any cap and keeps hair out of the way.

    Posted on

    This white hair cap is an item must have in the kitchen. It holds the hair, is health department approval, and not as hot as a normal cap. I'l definitely buy again and highly recommend.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    These hair nets are awesome. They are strong and hold alot of hair. They are very comfortable to wear and last a long time! We will definitely buy them again.

    from Tooele High School Special Ed. Posted on

    These hairnets are a great value for the price. Much better than any I have used before, and I highly reccomend them as a cost saving product.

    Posted on

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