Brown Vinyl Dishwashing Apron

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Stay dry when washing dishes with this full-length dark brown dishwashing apron. It's made from a heavy weight vinyl for superior protection against splash water. This heavy duty dishwashing apron has the classic look of leather with a cotton knit backing. It's perfect for use in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, assisted living communities, and educational institutions.

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Brown Vinyl Dishwashing Apron

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apron great heavy dry water long quality washing aprons clean
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    The quality is not really. One apron we can use about 4 to 5 weeks. However, it is cheap if compare to other vinyl apron. I would recommend this.

    Posted on

    We were tired of feeling soaking wet after dishwashing sessions. This apron is heavy duty and keeps you dry while protecting clothing from water and stains.

    from Waynesville Soda Jerks Posted on

    Although these aprons are a little heavy, they really are the best, they last a long time and will save money as you re-use them.

    Posted on

    Water resistant, and moderately heavy vinyl, but disappointed in the durability. The lightweight nylon strings break very easily where they are sewn into the vinyl.

    from Catch Bar and Grill Posted on

    This apron does the job in the dish area. It also is very easy to clean. It is a bit "heavy" but works well against the sprayer that has a mind of its own sometimes.

    from Triple K & D Enterprises Posted on

    it very food for dish washing never get whet and keeping clean dint worry about the water it doesn't make you water protecting clothing thanx

    Posted on

    This is perfect for washing dishes with. It goes great with a certain color scheme, so think about what your employees wear before you put it on!

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    Provides the protection that it says it gives by being waterproof. We use this in our restaurant and it works very well for our stewards.

    from Caribbean Connection Imp/Exp Posted on

    We purchased this apron not too long ago for our restaurant, we used it on daily basis. Its great, we had other aprons in the past but they always ended up ripping and didnt last too long. This one is awesome.

    Posted on

    The apron works well for keeping water off of dishwashers, and is very sturdily made. It is unfortunately a bit heavy to wear, which can make it awkward after long uses.

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    This has held up incredibly well! My dishwasher works hard, and this is the perfect compliment to his hard work. We have been gracious to have this apron over the last several months.

    from Shasta View Lodge Posted on

    very good for dishwasher and heavy duty work on dirty a lot of plate and more I very recommend for this product. You will love it.

    from Thai Kitchen Posted on

    Best purchase to date! I wear this apron everyday. The material is heavy duty and 100% water resistant. Would pair this with some sponges and dish washing gloves. Great quality!

    Posted on

    I love it for my dishwasher it is look good and the color it wont look dirty easily ,The price is not bad ,it look like gonna last for a big while

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    Washing dishes is always a messy duty in a restaurant and this is a great solution. This apron is extra long to help cover most of your cloths

    Posted on

    Years of experience with manual, commercial washing has taught me that a good, heavy duty Dishwashing Apron is a necessity! This one does not disappoint! Its a heavy duty vinyl which I'm glad it's not a cheap 'throw away' version. I love that its full body to protect from accidental spilling and gives plenty of arm movement too. I like that the strings are long enough to wrap around and tie in the front for easy use. The ONLY reason for 4 stars is that I wish the neck strap was adjustable since we only have one of these and multiple people of different sizes use it.

    from Oxxshire Creamery Posted on

    this is a great apron. It is the perfect length for all of our dishwashers. It is also a very thick material, yet soft enough to not crack.

    from Red Mile Posted on

    Perfect for hanging in the scullery and slip on before doing the piles of dirty pots and pans. Just slip on, wash away and then take off and hang up as you go back to your other duties.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    There are pros and cons to this product. It keeps you dry and also kind of warm. The neck strap I don't think will last long as it is thin and with so many times of taking it on and off. The stomach strap is thing and hard to tie and untie.

    from Gateway Lodge Posted on

    Our dishwasher loves them, it keeps people from getting soaked during their shift, great quality, nice and thick material keeps it in great condition for a long time

    from Cairo City Grill Posted on

    One happy dishwasher with his apron

    The apron feels thick and worked well keeping my staff dry when washing dishes but the neck strap is not adjustable and broke after a few months of heavy use.

    from Sarpino's Pizzeria Posted on

    I'm not too sure about this apron. The material feels nice and repels water well enough, but I have the say the straps are atrocious. They're thin and hard to tie and untie. Seem to be the worst part of the apron. I don't like the material they're made out of.

    Posted on

    We really like this aprons we used them to do dishes, really easy to clean the only thing is fabric we have to replace them really often but they're cheap so no complains!!

    from Taqueria Mi Pueblito LLC Posted on

    These work great to keep you dry when washing dishes! They are a good value. The only drawback in my opinion is they are longer than I realized, but I can deal with that if it means keeping my clothes dry!

    from Perkins County Schools Posted on

    Great Item, great price and good quality I have been shopping with Wecstaurantstore for a long time and the best price you will found ever.

    from Aboshie LLC Posted on

    This product is very good quality than other dish washing apron . Very premium quality , better price full size highly recommended for commercial and other places

    from flavors of india Posted on

    Bought 6 of these Aprons, they've held up relatively well, in use daily for a year. On 2 of them the neck strap came loose after a while but not a big issue as we sewed it back on. The vinyl front has held up well and still looks relatively new.

    from Roko's Restaurant (Samoa) Posted on

    These would probably be ok for occasional use but, with daily use they take about 3 weeks before the plastic on the front start splitting. Once that happens, you are gonna have a soaking wet shirt so you might as well take it off anyway.

    from Freddy T's Restaurant Posted on

    I made my 15 year old dishwashers day when this showed up in the mail. The apron is made for heavy-duty dish washing, light weight and will fit any body. The other one uses an old apron from a hair salon that says "The matrix".

    Posted on

    Completely 100% worth it. My dish guys are dry and happy! No more complaining about wet clothes after a shift. Awesome for washing trash cans etc with hose

    from The Midnight Rooster Posted on

    I use these when preparing or serving food in my food trailer. They are great for keeping my clothing clean and presentable. Good value and plenty sturdy.

    from Thesaurus Enterprises Posted on

    The apron is thick enough to repel all water. It works great at keeping you dry and clean. I'm 5'2" so it's a bit long on me. It practically hits my ankles but I can't complain since it does the job.

    from Donut drop llc Posted on

    Great, sturdy apron! It is large enough to cover the entire front and sides of me and comes down pretty far- to my knees. When using the sprayer in the sink, this is really helpful.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Very poor quality. The strings or straps ripped off after about a week of use. The quality of the apron itself is okay but not very comfortable.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We're sorry this dishwashing apron did not last for you. We suggest trying this San Jamar 615NBA-Y Neoprene Yellow Bib Dishwashing Apron instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Vinyl apron is easily wiped clean . Water never leakes through surface. Also the easy tie option make it a great fit most of our workers.

    from Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel Posted on

    These aprons are very heavy duty and stop the water from drenching our dishwasher. They are also very helpful with keeping our uniforms from becoming bleached.

    from Sports Blast LLC Posted on

    This thing is super thick! My dishwashers come in with clean clothes, and then when they clock out and take this off, their clothes are still clean.

    from Plan 9 Alehouse Posted on

    This apron was delivered quickly, it is a very quality, durable, vinyl material, my employees seem to really appreciate the added thick quality material. Happy with this product.

    from Hamilton House Posted on

    This is a great product that has saved countless hours of soaking jackets and shirts to try to remove those pesky residual black aluminum and carbonized stains when deep cleaning equipment or cleaning heavy grease buildup.

    Posted on

    Works very well at keeping my employees dry. However it is too long for some of my employees. It goes all the way to the ground, so it rests on their shoes and will drip water into their shoes.


    These dishwashing aprons are great for trying to keep the dishwasher dry. They hold up very well and do what they are supposed to do

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    A very good apron and it really protects your clothes from getting wet, and the good thing about it is it cleans up very easily.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    Was impressed by the apron. Not only does it protect from water spills, but it also is a very good looking apron. It even looks as if it's leather. Bottom line is that it is great for the dishwashing area, and is very easy to be cleaned after getting dirty.

    from Vamcomplex USA Posted on

    Great most of body coverage area, heavy duty material does not rip or tear, easily cleaned and dried without washing. A tool for doing dishes.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    Our dish washers love these aprons, they are very sturdy and keep them nice and dry, Nice fit would highly recommend this apron great value!

    Posted on

    We have been using this apron for about 3 months now. My dishwasher has thanked me for buying it more than once. We have not had any problems with the ties coming off the apron.

    Posted on

    These aprons are a better quality then i was expecting and work great to keep my dish room workers dry. They hold up well and dry workers are happy workers

    from youth with a mission Posted on

    Great price for this item. I've bought these through my food rep and paid three times as much. It's is light weight and holds up well

    from Rib City Posted on

    It worked great for a while but after time broke down and created holes in the apron. I wish it was a little more durable.

    from Bad Brad's Bar-B-Q Posted on

    Our dishwashers have been very happy with this product. It allows the dishwasher to work in comfort and not get soaking wet while caring wet glass racks or spray down mats. They are easy to clean and constructed well.

    from backwater Posted on

    This apron is a great buy! The price is great. This apron will keep you dry and is lightweight so it will not hold you back when you are in a rush.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    Purchased two of these with high hopes, sadly, they let us down. Within 2 weeks the stitching on both fell apart at the neck AND the waist strings. They don't do any good if you can't wear them. However, the material is high quality and if it weren't for the sub-par stitch work, they would be a great product at a great price! Now, I'm having to buy the yellow set. Fingers crossed.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Susan! We are sorry to hear that this apron has been falling apart for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon to make sure this issue is resolved.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very good apron. Keep you guys clean and dry. It's something that every dishwasher has to wear expecially in the rush. I'm gonna buy again when it will be damaged..and I think in long time because is very well done and resistant!

    from Pasta e Basta Posted on

    i bought this high quality dishwashing apron for my dishwasher man and he love it because unlike regular apron this one keep he dry at all time . recommend this product

    from J&z happy garden Posted on

    The Brown Vinyl Dishwashing Apron keeps our dish washers and Oyster Shuckers dry and clean. It is a great buy and very multifunctional for any busy restaurant!

    from Golden Lion Cafe Posted on

    Awesome product. Does not rip at all. Easy to rinse. Not heavy at all. would highly recommend. Can basically fit anyone. Does not hold debris.

    from Oz Pizza Posted on

    really great dish apron, a must have if you have a commercial sprayer and 3 compartment sink. we always use one at the cafe. keeps us dry!

    from Jenkins Cafe Posted on

    I have had this apron for quite a while and it is still going strong. Very durable! It works just like it should and keeps the water off your shirt when you are doing dishes. Great buy!

    Posted on

    We had an event and my husband had to run over 600 dishes through the dishwasher. My husband stayed dry and clean the whole time. He love this vinyl dish washing apron!

    from Where the Heart Is LLC Posted on

    This apron is long, sturdy and solid. These aprons keep clothes clean and dry. They look nice as well, they hang well and have a slight shine to the finish.

    from Madison Sourdough Company Posted on

    Buy this to your dishwasher man, he ll say you thank you, dont get any time wet with this great apron, just clean it with wipes

    from crepe Posted on

    Bought this for the dishwasher and it's very good quality. It's a well made apron and very long. My dishwasher lover it as it keeps her clothes dry

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    This apron is perfect to keep by the dish washing sink to protect my clothes and my employee's clothing while we're washing the dishes. Well made, couldn't have asked for better!

    from Penny's Holton Posted on

    The Brown Vinyl Dishwashing Apron is a great quality apron. The size is just right and I have no doubt that it will last a long time.

    from Blind Dog Posted on

    My dishwashers love this apron. It's quality made, very thick but not too heavy. Keeps you dry in the kitchen, whether your washing dishes or cleaning.

    Posted on

    Heavy Duty apron that defends against everything! it is really strong and durable but might even be TOO heavy because its so strong. Great price.

    Posted on

    These were a lot heavier than I thought they would be, but it keeps our dish washers from getting wet. It does the job very well.

    Posted on

    good quality apron. dishwashers love how thick the material is because it will not rip when rubbed against something sharp. price is also a good value

    Posted on

    What can I say a good quality apron at a good price. I use these at my ice cream business with no issues so far.

    from TKNY Capital, LLC Posted on

    These are the best aprons you can buy for washing dishes! Repels water with ease and keeps chef coats and pants clean! Good for deep cleaning!!!

    Posted on

    High quality dish washing apron. It has good coverage, is moisture proof, and wipes down easily to clean. My only issue with the apron is that the draw string very easily slides out from one end or another and can be a hassle to put back in. I would still purchase this product again and recommend it.

    Posted on

    My kitchen staff loves this apron when washing dishes. It protects them from getting wet and is a good weight so it stays in place.

    Posted on

    Our dish washer was entering herself in to a wet t-shirt contest until we ordered these aprons - since then - no more contest to the relief of all the judges!!!

    from The Wooden Spoon Family Restaurant Posted on

    These aprons are absolutely the best! I purchased two of them for our dishwashers at our Community Table Dinners at church, as they were going to choir practice with dripping clothes. They are so grateful - the aprons are super!

    Posted on

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