Choice 12" x 26" Black Front of the House Waist Apron

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Keep waitstaff or bartenders looking crisp and uniform with this Choice 12" x 26" black front of the house waist apron with three pockets. Made of a heavyweight polyester and cotton blend for exceptional durability, this apron is hemmed to prevent fraying and has long ties that make it a superior fit. Not only do the three sectional pockets allow room for table-hopping necessities like straws, pens, and guest checks, they leave your staff's hands free to carry multiple trays or wipe down tables, ensuring quick and efficient service.

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Choice 12" x 26" Black Front of the House Waist Apron

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    These are great, sturdy aprons which hold up great during washing and wear. For the price, you cannot beat them! I highly recommend purchasing these aprons!

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    Loved .. easy to clean and the pockets are perfect. I bought them for a. Sterling event I had and my waiters/waitresses looked so professional. I bought them 2 years ago and I still have them.

    from Frecklez Posted on

    Great apron. We love Webstaurant products. We don't even order from our "local" restaurant supplier, they're a multi national corporation that cares more about their national accounts than the local companies that are trying to thrive, anymore. Every server in our dining room wears these aprons, and they hold up better than the ones we used to get.

    from Austin's Firegrill and Oyster Bar Posted on

    These waist aprons are great for the servers that work out front. There is enough room for guest checks, pens and even the telephone handset.

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    Love these aprons! They are durable and of good quality. The three pockets come in handy for pens, ticket book and straws. We even had business name added for personalization. Would definitely recommend buying.

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    This is a very decent made black front of house waist apron the choice company did a good job making this I really like the three pockets in the front they're terrific my waitstaff really enjoys them

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Great fit I like it

    These are hte preferred aprons our wait staff likes to use in the restaurant. They are holding up well and look neat and tidy and due to length, our staff feels like they cna move better. Plan to order again.

    from Glen-Ella Springs Inn Posted on

    Black front house waist apron. This is the perfect April for our servers. Offers plenty a room for their pans their guest checkbooks whatever they might need to service our customers

    from Lake Street Diner Posted on

    Would recommend these aprons to everyone in the service industry. They are good size and will fit anyone. The pockets are big enough to put a serving book or guest book in one pocket, pens or straws in another pocket, and cash or change in the other one. (That's what our servers typically put in their aprons) The color does not fade from washing and the fabric is thick and well made. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

    from Mammys Kitchen Posted on

    Love Love these aprons. Great quality and perfect size. These will fit just about anyone. The pockets are nice size and you can fit whatever you need in them. The material is thick and holds up very well. After several washes, they still haven't faded any. We've had issues in the past (another brand) where some of the aprons started to rip from the seam where the tie strings are. Couldn't be more pleased with these.

    Great apron and great price! The three pockets help to keep servers organized. I have used it myself on a busy shift to help keep myself organized.

    from Alamo City Golf Trail Posted on

    Exactly what we expected. The black waist apron is perfect for our front of the house staff. They wash well and wear great! Nice work!

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    We needed some new server aprons and i knew just the place to look. The choice black front of the house aprons were super cheap and look great!

    from Breton Bay Recreation, Inc Posted on

    These are great for my staff. I wanted something inconspicuous, but functional. The pockets are great, and the aprons themselves don't get in the way.

    from Birch & Banyan Coffee Posted on

    One of my employees wearing an apron while working behind the counter

    I use these aprons just as they are intended, in the front of the house. I really like the deep pockets and that they are divided pockets. I do tend to catch the pockets on corners and handles, so they do tear a bit, but that is all due to my habits and height also. The price point is great and I will be ordering more when we need them.

    from Jane doughs Posted on

    These aprons are a great deal! They are pretty basic but they allow our servers to carry pens, paper, and other small items during service. We also like them because they wash up well.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    This apron is perfect for servers and hosts. Good quality material, the length is just right, and you absolutely can't beat the price. I will definitely reorder this item.

    from The La Conner Pub & Eatery Posted on

    This appron is perfect for my waitress, not only they look good but the pockets are usefull to put straws, silverware, and to get everything at hand to make the work easier.


    This apron gives my business a very professional look, especially when everyone is wearing the same color, and with the low price I will likely order more

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    These are pretty good especially for the super cheap prices. The compartment holds essential nicely. They have been washed many time and have not faded.

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    We love the value of these aprons. We use them in the cleaning industry, so they take quite a beating! I love that I can order a lot at once and not break the bank. They hold up quite well considering we put a lot of large bulky items in the pockets!

    from Dee's Cleaning Posted on

    This Item is great, My staff loves them and they are very convenient for all our service needs. They meet all service expectations, I will be ordering more.

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    great look and style. looks professional and very comfortable, sleek fit. gets the job done with no mess on your private clothes and you look very respectable.

    from #### Posted on

    These front of the house aprons wear well and wash well.they haven't faded yet which is a plus. I will purchase these black aprons again

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    I am very happy to find waist apron here in webstaurantstore. It is very useful in our small cafe, i can put in the pockets, my pens and guest check to get order from the guest. Also i put in my phone, so i don't need to check where did i put my phone. It has very good quality and nice colors

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    All of our servers love these. Great way for them to keep up with all of their pens, change, tips, etc. Would definitely recommended these.

    from H.O.W. II Posted on

    Simple and basic. For the price you can't beat the apron. For staff members that work 30+ hours per week they hold up several months.

    from The Grumpy Monk Posted on

    We ordered multiple aprons for all of our front of house staff. These are very strong and adjust to many different waist sizes with the tie back style. You can fit your order book, pens, phone, money etc!

    from Fox's Alley Bowling Center Posted on

    This apron is great for every waitress. Our waitresses personally like that the pockets are kind of bigger so that it is easier to work with and not drop things pulling other things out!

    from The Diner Posted on

    These aprons look outstanding on all of my servers. It does not matter body type or gender, they are easy to clean and fit every shape to give a perfect professional look.

    from MugShots Posted on

    This is an exceptional apron that provides a great professional look to your company catering team. A must have for all companies looking to set themselves apart

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    Great apron for any server! The pockets are a great size and the colour is nice. The tie strings are not too long which is great!

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    Quick. Easy. And convenient. Servers love them and they are super easy to wash and very very easy to dry! Haven't faded! Will definitely order again.

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    We've bought these aprons on two different occasions. You definitely get what you pay for. All the seams in the apron begin to come apart after only a couple of weeks, my servers resorting to stapling them back together.

    from Brodys Bar & Grill Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Cris! Our Customer Solutions team will contact you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Traditional cloth aprons. These work great as an addition to any uniform. They are very low profile and still do the job. The price is unbeatable.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    Great value, however I feel the quality of these were slightly not as great as the producted I received from another vendor. However, these are still great as they are convenient to order since it is on webstaurant.

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    The front of the house apron is an easy way to stay neat and organized. It's only waist high so you're not going to be wearing an entire apron. The black is a nice look that matches anything.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Really loved the aprons, very affordable, liked that when you order so many it's cheaper, cheapest aprons I have found, really recommend this product and website

    from Country Skillets Posted on

    This is a great apron especially for the price. We buy in bulk and keep on hand for the servers. They last way longer than you would think for the price

    from Venero's Pizzeria Posted on

    This apron is a nice sized half-apron. It has nice sized pockets that allow you to store larger items like a small notebook, so that is nice.

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    Perfect for our needs. Great value and easy care, especially when given to the staff for use. We are very happy with this purchase. Thanks

    from Uncolor Wine Bar andd Gallery Posted on

    Great price on a necessary item that needs to be replaced every so often. Our servers love the fit and the looks can't be beat. We will continue to buy this product over and over.

    from Cooper's on 5th Posted on

    This apron is nicely price and of good quality. The stains remove easily in the wash and the apron is long lasting. A must have.

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    It is an ideal for people who run restaurants and service, for example for people who are dedicated to be waitresses or waiters garment. Its size and design is perfect and beautiful

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    Perfect size for our waiters a d waitresses. We bought a couple for each staff memeber. They are easy to clean and have plenty of room in the pockets.

    from Paula Vazquez Posted on

    Really nice front of the house black apron very large Pockets works great to hold anything you need and had an insanely great deal from the webstaurantstore com you can't go wrong

    from home Posted on

    These are a good really standard server apron. They hold up going through the wash and the tails don't get too tangled. Will keep buying these.

    from backwater Posted on

    A very economically priced apron. Delivered exactly as promised. I paid only a fraction of the price my local food provider would have charged by purchasing on Webstaurant Store!

    from Opa! Restaurant Group Posted on

    These are great sturdy quality aprons for our front of the house wait staff. Comfortable and easy to wear. The pockets can hold a lot too.

    from Couple of Chefs Posted on

    You cannot beat the price that you can purchase these for. Waitstaff uses them until they ripe. Once they do, we just throw away and purchase a new one for a few bucks.

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    Easy to clean and I love having the multiple pockets that are separate. I would buy this product again. Good price as well better than other stores.

    from Taco express Posted on

    These aprons are reasonably priced and are long lasting. We have washed them and washed them and they still look good. The pockets are nice and sturdy. Great buy overall.

    from Supplies by Nitelite Posted on

    These aprons are great! Our staff insisted on short aprons. The pockets are sturdy, They last a long time considering the price. The only stress point is at the tie near the top front of the apron. They are worth the price when purchased in bulk.

    from Hidden Manna Cafe Posted on

    Great 3 pocket Waist Apron, durable, easy to clean, affordable, easy deep pockets for money in big bills, money in small bills, and money out pockets.

    from Crocs Xtreme Italian Ice Posted on

    These aprons are just great! They move well with the wait staff, are sturdy and just as good of quality as the more expensive ones!

    from Boulevard Pizza Posted on

    I originally ordered the full aprons but my employees insisted on these ones so I ordered them and they love them! With this apron it enables them to showcase their brand image of uniform shirt.

    from Sweetzy Treatzy Posted on

    Honestly, it's an apron. However, it seems like they have held up well to everyday use and we haven't had to purchase more in quite awhile!

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on

    These aprons are perfect if you're watching your budget. They are incredibly cheap and are durable enough to go a while without worries. Eventually the threads begin to ware and tear and the pockets become a bit unreliable, but when you can buy them for next to nothing, you can just buy more! I don't know how Webstaurantstore sells them at this price but...WOW!

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    Waitresses working for me like the quality and three pockets. Stand up well to washing and the most economical I found on my internet search.

    from GYORGOS CAFE Posted on

    Perfect aprons for our entire staff. What an amazing price on a well made apron. Our staff loves them, the laundry staff loves them as well.

    from ja food management llc Posted on

    Great size and the tie strings accommodate larger sized waists. Nice quality material and stitching. We have had no noticeable fading or staining after heavy use.

    from Celebrations Food & Drink Posted on

    This is a great basic apron for the wait staff. The 3 pockets are nice and hold quite a bit. You can't beat the price!

    from Ellen Renees LLC Posted on

    Great price - purchased 4 dozen of these for a large event where we needed our team of servers to look that little bit more professional. Close to a year later and we're still using them in our day to day operations.

    from Roko's Restaurant (Samoa) Posted on

    My servers like these aprons for their fit and handiness. We got 18 & they've held up pretty well, considering the amount of use they get. Some of the inside pocket seams are starting to go after 6 months but that's not bad. I would buy them again.

    from The Duke House Tea Room and Bakery Posted on

    These are great for front of house staff to keep pens, tickets and guest check books in. They hold up to a busy season and are so cheap we give them to staff.

    Posted on

    received quickly. product is good but does rip at seems rather quickly not the fault of Webstaurant though some servers have stiffened up the seams

    from big boy Posted on

    Apron is made of strong material with two deep pockets. The price for the apron was great you can't beat the price. I recommend this type of apron, it worked out great for my bartender.

    from Cat Posted on

    This is a pretty standard black waist apron. It comes as the picture shows, with multiple pockets for pens, straws, notepads, or whatever else you may need.

    from Canton Village Posted on

    Exactly what i ordered. And a very reasonable price. I like that I don't have to order an exact amount. I can get as many as I like. Will let ppl know where i got them.

    from kroneys Posted on

    My girl servers absolute love these aprons, not horrible on the fashion side yet keeps all their bank and credit card receipts save until the end of their shifts!

    from Harbor Biergarten LLC dba The Other End Posted on

    I have used a lot of aprons in my day and these are just not up to snuff. They tear constantly and don't last that long to begin with,.

    from CrepeWorX LLC Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Tony! We wish these would have worked for you. Try these Chef Revival 605WAFH-BK Customizable Black Front of the House Waist Aprons for a heavier alternative.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are great, simple waist aprons They aren't the best quality but that looks good and last long enough. Great buy for the price. We have purchased in blue as well.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    Another Webstrauntstore great buy, so inexpensive that you may aswell order a bunch, they are perfect for our catering business and never any problems. Thanks Webstrauntstore

    Posted on

    These are a great looking, simple black apron. They don't hold up for a long time for they are good for the money. We would buy again.

    from Family Table Posted on

    Fits well, roomy pockets for all my supplies. Stays in place, no slipping. Ties stayed secure. Color stayed dark after numerous washing, fabric holds up well

    from Yurplace Posted on

    very nice half apron. works great for our wait staff tp hold order pads, straws, pens, etc. looks great and is made of quality fabric .

    from The Rabbit Patch Posted on

    Each of our 500+ team members wear this on a daily basis to have the tools they need with them to take care of our guests.

    from Rally House Posted on

    Used the Choice 24" x 12" Black Front of the House Waist Apron to hold a permanent marker for labeling in the kitchen. It's great to just take the pen out of the apron and label my food and jars.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    Our Waitresses love this apron. It is comfortable and holds up really well to the daily wear and tear of the job. Great product and we will order again!

    from griddles country cookin' Posted on

    These aprons are very durable and wash easily, my waitstaff are very very happy with the extra pockets and quality of the thick nice material.

    from Hamilton House Posted on

    These are great for our food truck when we have to go out and take orders. Best value online I've seen and they are sturdy. Will order again.

    from Thai1On Posted on

    Great quality at a very affordable price! Love the front pockets. Makes it easy to carry straws, creamers, order pad and pen without ruining back and forth.

    from Sandy's Country Cottage Restaurant Posted on

    We have a relaxed dress code for our front of house but these waist aprons are a great way to distinguish our serving staff while still allowing them the freedom to dress as they like. The look is clean and professional.

    Posted on

    Well priced apron for servers. Easily washed and dried they hold up well to repeated washing. The black color holds well without fading. Good value for your money.

    from JBS Posted on

    I can't believe how cheap these aprons are in have ever been spending so much on these and I am purchasing more now.. great quality and color doesn't fade away. .

    from Stella Cakes Posted on

    These are the perfect apron for our server staff. Everyone loves the pockets. They are easy to wash and look great after the wash as well!

    from Patent Pending Posted on

    The material on these aprons is stronger, and will last longer than our previous aprons. They are easy to clean, and they work well for all of our front of house staff.

    Posted on

    Our waitstaff uses these every day. They are cheap enough that If they don't get returned or they get damaged, it is not a huge loss.

    from Red River Inn &Suites Posted on

    Our wait staff love the new aprons. The cost was excellent and the product is of good quality. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future and highly recommend the product for purchase to anyone.

    from County Line Pizza Posted on

    I bought these aprons for my ice cream shop employees. These aprons surely get a workout during the summer and they held up great! We chose black so stains could be easily hidden. The price point is great on these as well. Definitely get your money's worth out of these bad boys.

    Posted on

    These are made well but the edges flip out a little bit because the width isn't enough to lay flat on the side of the leg. The pockets are roomy and for a cheap bar option they're great.

    from Deep Creek Coffee Co Posted on

    This apron is great. The fabric quality is good, easy to wash, very well made. The price was great, I keep ordering it for our servers at my restaurant I am so pleased with it.

    Posted on

    Good product for the price, it has three extra pockets, one on each side and one in the middle. Servers can carry their check books and pens and straws.

    from China House Posted on

    We use a lot of aprons and the qualities are usually not that good. These are made of good quaLITY and are priced right .!

    Posted on

    We love that these are economical enough that when a waitstaff person forgets to bring their apron back to work we can provide them with extras at a reasonable cost. We seem to lose a lot of waitstaff aprons and these prices help that out.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    These aprons are very good for the wait staff and with the multiple pockets it allows you to keep a few things on your person.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    You can't beat the price and it has pockets too! This what we use because our employees are always losing aprons. I wish they had longer apron strings.

    from Subway16771 Posted on

    Does the job, I use this for personal use in my kitchen and It serves the purpose! Simple apron, nothing fancy but does the job and does it well!

    from Best rate referrals Posted on

    These front of house aprons are an old standard. A price that cannot be beaten and functionality on par with much more expensive versions, we are never going anywhere else for aprons.

    from Irish Bred Pub Posted on

    Our wait staff has been wearing these for 10 years now like that they have big pockets for their check books they are a great value would recommend

    Posted on

    Great price for durable functional apron. We use these at farmers markets to hold $$ and they work well. We wash them almost every week and they have held up well.

    Posted on

    We ordered several of these for our servers. They are just the right length for a small cafe like ours. The hold up good thru wash after wash.

    from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe Posted on

    The perfect complement for any server. Pockets for all the necessary tools of the trade. Strong material. Your server will appreciate this good new addition.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    Server's best friend.

    Hold everything your server may need to their job.

    This apron is PERFECT for my HAIR SALON during my Lady's night open houses. It makes it easy to make change and give our receipts for people's purchase!

    from kelly margaret's hair salon Posted on

    These aprons are much more affordable than the ones we were using previously, seeming as we go through a fair amount of them they are a good deal. The sting could stand to be a little longer, but it works!

    from Templin Holdings LLC Posted on

    I first purchased one apron as a test and purchased more because I did like them. They were sturdy and washed well. The only downside is that they are a little small. I wish they were about 2 or 3 inches longer and the string tie was also a few inches longer. They were plenty long to tie in the back but not long enough to wrap around and tie in the front even on a thin person.

    from Co-Town Crêpes Posted on

    Got these aprons for our wait staff! They look amazing, clean well and at this price, are super easy to replace if need be. Very impressed with this product!

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    My servers love these. Good price point and made well. Will buy again and again. ?? thank you so much. A a a a a

    from The Tea Kettle Restaurant LLC Posted on

    Great price. Love the size they are not as long as some of the other aprons I have purchased in the past. Would like the strings to be a little longer. But they get the job done thank you

    from darin l long llc Posted on

    The waist apron are perfect for the wait staff to use. They are n icely made and hold up very well. Great value for the cost.

    from Tranquillity Posted on

    This is great for servers and waiters, plenty of space in the pockets for pens, books, and tips. I have one but will be ordering extras! Able to wash it and the quality continues.

    Posted on

    Vibrant color; holds up great in laundry! Great quality, amazing price, super fast shipping and all backed by wonderful customer service! Thank you so much

    from Encore Development Posted on

    This is the 2nd time ordering this same product. Great website. We use it all the time. Much cheaper than our local supply store and reliable!

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    these are very good quality but lightweight.. the string on the back is very roomy.. the price was great and these have been washed several times and still in good shape.

    from kids clubhouse Posted on

    I ordered these server aprons for the first time from this company, The price was good and the product looks like it will hold up good as well...

    from CLADDAGH RESTAURANT & PUB Posted on

    Our facility cares for 150 senior citizens 24hrs a day, seven days a week with very strict budget constraints. Our staff is constantly dealing with multiple needs and the utility of these aprons allows for our care associates to carry several tools of the trade while keeping hands free. The affordability allows for a constant inventory of clean, presentable uniforms.

    from Brookdale Posted on

    Neat and elegant, and a good fit. Some men might think they are too short (I use them in Bolivia where the culture is very machista, and the men want something longer). The pockets are handy, dark color hides stains, resistant and long lasting despite getting washed regularly. Very functional and great quality for the price!

    Posted on

    This apron is very simple and clean looking. It's perfect for our waitstaff to carry their order pads, pens and anything else they need. Easily washable

    Posted on

    These aprons are simple, but are made with good quality. They are cost effective and will last you and your wait staff a long time.

    from Heather's Cornerstone Cafe Posted on

    This apron is exactly what I needed it to be. They are certainly inexpensive enough to buy for my whole staff. They hold up really well also.

    from Frog House Restaurant Posted on

    The price of these aprons are amazing. The severs love them because they are very easy to clean, and have plenty of space for everything they need to carry.

    Posted on

    These waist aprons are a great price! They are just your basic three pocket apron for our wait staff and they have worked out great!

    from Jennifer M Stango Posted on

    These are perfect for the waitresses. The pockets are the perfect size for everything you need. We have ordered them from here twice and highly recommend.

    Posted on

    I'm not sure what everyone else is complaining about! For so cheap each you can not beat these aprons. They clean easily and have lasted us a long time.

    from Joe_S Posted on

    it is very cheap,it is not very strong at all after we used it for two time the apron got ties tore off,i am not happy about it

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you did not like the aprons you purchased recently. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Well , i guess you get what you pay for , it get ripped the second one of my server used it , and it looks cheap made .

    from Luce cucina Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that the apron you received was defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These aprons are reasonably priced for a reason. The material is a step up from paper, the stings are too long and need to be cut, rip easily along the seams, and rip easily along the bottoms of the pockets.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that these aprons are not holding up for you. They are an excellent value for the cost. For one that is more heavy duty, try Chef Revival's Customizable Two Pocket Black Bistro Apron instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are great. My employees and I used them at a big outdoor Halloween festival where we sold lots of items are they were perfect. We will continue using these.

    from The Cake's Truffle Posted on

    Great quality and price. They are efficient and our servers love to use them. We go thru them because many servers never return them. Great item.

    from oc brewing company Posted on

    Perfect aprons for our servers. Seem to be holding up well too and look like they can take the abuse. Would highly recommend for any restaurant.

    from Richard Walker Restaurants LLC Posted on

    I purchased these aprons for myself and my coworkers. The aprons are very cheaply made. I wore the apron for one day and the sewing on the side of the apron ripped open. I washed the apron and tried to wear it again and the other side also ripped open! Also the strings that you tie the apron around your waist are not even the same length , one string is shorter than the other! I would not recommend these aprons...

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that the aprons you purchased were defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to credit your account for the broken items.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These Aprons have worked out great. There is not much to them. They get the job done and that is all that you could ask for.

    from Homegrown Brewhouse Posted on

    Love these aprons. So much cheaper than from our local supply. Once again The Webstaurant has proven why they are my go to supplier for most products.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    These aprons are a great value. We chose these over the much more expensive aprons that our chain used to carry and have found virtually no difference between the two. We've purchased these several times and have recommended them to other stores in our chain.

    Posted on

    Just like a LBD! This little black apron is perfect for all occasions!! With the 3 large pockets it keeps all the essentials at your fingertips. The on;y complaint is the strings are a little short. No cute bows can be made in the front of the apron just at the back.

    from The Meyersville inn Posted on

    Sturdy, basic aprons. Have been using these aprons for the past two years. We like that the pockets are deep and that there are three of them, great deal for the $.

    from Uptown Charlies Posted on

    Have been looking for this for a while in various of store, but i have not been able to find this fit or this color. So thank you for making my search no more and for the great quality.

    from Debby saini Barreto Posted on

    I chose to purchase these aprons from this site simply because of the price. I saved almost half the cost from my regular supplier and they are just as good in quality.

    from breezy point international Posted on

    Awesome product. It was just what I needed . I wanted these for a party we are giving the first lady of our church. I believe they will do great.

    Posted on

    My staff love these aprons - The pockets are very withstanding and the seams do not tear as others do, we use mini iPads, so the pockets are given a lot of stress and stand up very well to the pressure we put them thru' - I would recommend this product -

    from Chaunceys Smokehouse & Bar Posted on

    Some of the worst aprons I've ever seen. They have three pockets but they better stay empty. We ordered these and within a month all were tearing and looked horrible. I had to reorder nicer better made aprons locally.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your pockets tore after only a month. For heavier duty aprons, try these Chef Revival Reversible Black Half Apron.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The aprons were absolutely perfect for our waitresses. The price was great for the quality we received. I will be doing a lot more bisnues with this company . Extremely satisfied with the product I received

    from Parker's Posted on

    These are the perfect apron for our front of house staff. All the servers like these aprons. They look nice, holdup well & wash very nicely. Haven't found a better price out there!

    Posted on

    For the price, these cannot be beat. The pockets are a little tight, but it looks more FORM FITTING on your front of house staff. Seems durable, and makes the wait staff look professional. Will be buying more.

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    Great server aprons. They are exactly what you are hoping they will be - heavy duty and hold up to a lot of washings. Easily fit regular guest checkbooks and also a mini-ipad if you take orders that way.

    from Chanticleer Eatery Posted on

    These hold up pretty well and are roomy! At this price I don't worry about having to charge servers to replace lost aprons! Great Deal!

    from Union St Diner Posted on

    Not bad for the price. Some of the pockets were a little crooked which made embroidering them a little challenging. A few had to be reinforced at the edge.

    from Fire Pit llc. Posted on

    What a life saver for my waitresses, they have been more organized by the few dollars I spent on these. I should have purchased these months ago!

    from Stewarts Catering Posted on

    A very simplistic and reliable apron to use at a restaurant. The material is durable and resilient to constant use. I've needed a new apron after my old one got worn out and this one is definitely a great buy.

    Posted on

    great purchase has been great item for the business. and it is a perfect size to many of my employess, and made of long lasting material.

    from MEP Posted on

    Been buying these for years now, was buying them from a different supplier. This is a better value through Webrestaurant . These aprons last a few years good price. I will continue to buy more.

    from Spokes II Inc. Posted on

    with server aprons they are a must have item. these are the best value out there for sure. my staff uses these and for the most part we have no issues. I love the value.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    I've been using these tongs for around 3 years and they are still just like the day I bought them. The plastic coating in different colors are a big plus, too.

    from Cairo City Grill Posted on

    Another great product from Choice. This black front of house waist apron is quality made. It is a perfect length and has three pockets for holding essentials needed by our waitstaff.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    Very nice apron for the price. Very well made. Keeps waitress more organized with the multiple pockets. Tie straps very durable and plenty of length for bigger people.

    from Tony G's @Pier 51 Posted on

    The perfect apron! Looks good on men and women alike, and has great pockets! We'll be using these for our cafe team. At this price there's no worry about stains.

    from The Mission Church Posted on

    These are basic black waist aprons. For the price thay can't be beat. They look nice and wash up well. I will purchase these again when needed.

    from Foxfire Posted on

    I wore this apron for one of my shifts and by the end of my shift this apron was already beginning to rip. Very disapointed.

    from Captains Pizza Posted on

    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions representative will be in contact shortly; these aprons should not be ripping. If you are looking for an alternate apron, you could try the Chef Revival 605WAFH-BK black front of the house waist apron instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I was very impressed with the quality if this apron considering how affordable it is. The pockets are nice and deep. Very handy for our food truck!

    Posted on

    I was a little weary of buying these bar aprons because they were so cheaply priced. But I took a chance and ordered them and im glad i did! they are the perfect fit and of very good quality material.

    from KMSK Kreations Posted on

    The black Choice waist apron is a choice. Nice thickness and cleans easily. As with all the other Choice products, a great value when compared to similar versions.

    Posted on

    Great item. The aprons we had before were thin and wouldn't stay tied. With these aprons we have no problems, they are a heavy material and the girls just love them. Roomy pockets for carrying the items they need to.

    from Tisha's Grill Posted on

    Very affordable apron and surprisingly good quality. The pockets are perfect for servers and they have washed up many times and held up well for us

    from Ciro's Bistro Posted on

    I've ordered these aprons several times for my catering staff. They are a great product and work very well. I will continue to order them.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    Good cheap waist aprons. I purchased a bunch of these and keep them in a drawer in front of house for servers to use when they forget their own.

    from great gardens cafe Posted on

    This is a basic, light weight black apron. The material could be a little thicker, but I am satisfied for the price and they wash well.

    Posted on

    Nice sturdy aprons! Love the big pockets on these aprons! And the fact that they are reversible makes them even better! Just toss in the washer for easy clean up!

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    This front of the house waist apron is great. My servers are able to hold their pad, pens, straws, etc. It's a very practical apron.

    Posted on

    Great quality aprons. So far we've washed the 4-5 times & they have held up. Nice deep pockets allows you carry a lot of things if need be. Ties in the front so one size fits all. Can't beat the price!!!

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    These black front of the house waist aprong are perfect for the servers to use and still look good after several washings and at such a great price

    from Golden Rule BBQ Posted on

    This apron is wonderful! It gets the job done and is stylish and flexible. A must-have for any respectable, classy, or modern restaurant. The best!

    Posted on

    Very good well made aprons for waitress work. We like the black because it goes with everything. The price is great. I'm very happy with them.

    from nitas place Posted on

    The Ladies that work for me wanted black aprons so i ordered these. They are very happy with them and take them home to wash. Good Buy.

    Posted on

    These aprons are great for front of the house staff. The pockets are useful for checkbooks and pens. They are easy to clean and fold.

    Posted on

    Just love these. You can't find them any were. The price is just the greatest!!!! Would buy over and over again. They have the nice long ties also.

    from Inferno Pizzeria & Grill Posted on

    We've ordered these aprons more than once and are very happy with them. The waiters love them. The pockets are just the right size. Thanks, Webstaurant.

    from Fast Times Posted on

    Just a hair small for the bigger girls, but otherwise this is a pretty good apron. Worried the pockets might be a tad shallow to hold all the servers have to carry. Looks really nice for the price, though! Always start with the least expensive, then buy more expensive only if necessary. That's how to make a profit and thank goodness for Webstaurant is there to help!

    from Barbecue Blast Inc. Posted on

    I purchased these black choice house waist aprons for myself and staff to wear at events. It helped out so much with storing small things and they were super cute addition to our uniform.

    Posted on

    These three pocket standard aprons are a great value! I like to keep them in stock for the servers. They are great when you are vending outside of the restaurant too!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    PRACTICAL, CHEAP, USEFUL. ONE SIZE FITS ALL. We will be ordering many more of these aprons. They come in many different colors. the pockets are in the right places.

    Posted on

    This is a great Black Chef Revival, Front of the house waist apron. It is black which is great for almost any waitstaff. It is also short which makes it easier to walk with.

    Posted on

    This is a great apron for waitstaff-the black helps hide any stains that may happen during shift. The only downfall is they are a little long as our waitstaff wears shorts and usually the apron covers the majority of the shorts. Other than that a great apron

    Posted on

    Great apron for a waiter or waitress Comes in Black and is of the highest quality stitching.This is a must have for anyone in the restaurant industry.

    from Tristan's Posted on

    These are your standard front of the house server apron. except they are dirt cheap! they are really easy to keep clean too. just wash in cold water so you dont fade the color!

    Posted on

    Any Items From This Website, Are Great Here In My Home Town Laredo, Tx. We Choose The WEBstaurant Store. Fast Service & Great Products With No Hassle.

    from Tequilas Bar & Grill Posted on

    Very nice and useful apron. Our servers like to use them as the pockets aid them in making their job easier. Very functional and washable.

    Posted on

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