Choice White Full Length Bib Apron - 34" x 34"W

Item #: 1670263WH

Keep a crisp and clean appearance with this Choice white apron. A dirty apron is a turn-off for customers and can become a health and safety issue as well! Stay on the ball by investing in this Choice white apron. It is a budget-friendly option that will make a big difference in presentation.

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Choice White Full Length Bib Apron - 34" x 34"W

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    Love these aprons, and I bought 4. They are made of what I would call "light-gauge" linen — perfect for a flour-laden bakery environment, perhaps a bit light for any heavy full-bore kitchen use. Best Feature: the draw strings are long enough to pull around and tie in the front, after traversing my formidable midriff...
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    these aprons are very basic but durable. I wish the neck strap was slightly shorter but does the job. I Will buy these aprons again
    Aprons did not hold up well. For the price you are paying they are a good value, but found that even after my linen company dry cleaned them they lost shape and appearance.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These are good quality aprons for the money. However, I bought over a hundred of these for my high school culinary classes and out of the 5 I have opened out of their packages--4 out of the 5 were dirty or stained in some way. I washed the dirtiest one and it cleaned up ok--but will be disappointed if all of the rest of them are in the same dirty condition.
    I bought this to protect my clothes as I am a very messy cook. Everything tends to get on my clothes. It was a good buy, a bit on the rough side but does its job.
    Perfect for the servers at my sister's baby shower event! A simple and professional touch. Look forward to dry cleaning and using for future events!
    This is a pretty great apron. For one it is an excellent price, good material, gets the job done and it washes really well. It protects my clothes while frying!
    These are not white, more like a light shade of pink. Very wrinkly because the fabric is thin and stitching is poor. I recommend spending a little bit more on this apron: Choice Full Length Bib Apron with Pockets - 34" x 32"W (#167601BACNV) < these are so much better
    This basic apron was a great value and perfect for our needs. They were stenciled and used as an awesome party favor for a food related party. As usual, every purchase from your catalog is a great, functional quality product and a great value
    Great price on these aprons. I wanted basic white aprons. I have 4 cooks that wear these everyday. They have held up well so far over the past 3 months.
    Pretty much what you'd expect! For the price its hard to go wrong. Sure they aren't the softest, the material is a little rough, but they are cheap and will do the job.
    These aprons are simple and straight to the point. The material is light and fit our employees reasonably well. Great prices and would consider purchasing again.
    Very happy with these aprons! They are lightweight, but offer full coverage and seem to wash fairly well. Still waiting for that big stain to happen, but the fabric looks like it will bleach out stains well. Highly recommend!
    Good price, low quality. it will get the job done. Wish the neck string was a little longer but the waist ties are great length.
    Great coverage and the back ties stay pretty well. It's really to use regardless of size. Very simple but helpful item to have in the kitchen
    These aprons are good quality and cheap. I always have a stash in the closet so we can throw away the old once with no remorse
    The Best Apron.....reasonable. soft and durable. you can not go wrong you must buy. You will save a laundry or linen cost. the kitchen staff is very happy with it.
    This is a classic, good quality apron. It is not super fancy but works great in our kitchen as standard food prep apron. One complaint is they are pretty short, so for anyone over 5' 7" it feels a little like a mini skirt, but it gets the job done. And for the price you really can beat this apron.
    LOVE THESE!! Price comparison to retail stores, Webstaurant store beats out the competitors hands down. Thin material, easy wash up and withhold washing and drying well.
    This apron is perfect for kitchen use. The length will protect your clothes and it is very cheap. The white color lets you know it needs washing.
    Love the length if the apron, just wish the neck string could have been longer. The waist strings are excellent length, even for me, as I am plus size. Would purchase again.
    Loved these aprons I purchased for my paint studio classes. Very durable. Wash easily. And fit all my adult students very well and keeps the paint off their clothes. Just like I wanted. Will definitely order again and recommend them highly.
    Very cost effective aprons for our purpose. We have a meat store and wanted white aprons to look clean and professional. Before we used a laundry service, these were plenty sufficient.
    These are awesome! they really come In handy for a messy baker as myself! The quality is great for the price. Will be ordering more
    These full length aprons are a nice quality apron for the cost. These are perfect for any restaurant or bar looking for an inexpensive apron.
    Very quick shipping and easy online ordering. Priced right, this will be our go to apron from now on. I see no reason why it won't hold up to being washed several times. Thanks !
    Great price, hold up wonderfully, i do wish i could find smaller aprons though as they hang down a lot since I am fairly petite.
    Simple aprons that hold up well in the wash. Have had a couple that lose their draw strings but still worth the overall cost and shipping.
    these aprons are great for the price, they are light weight and effective and wash easily, the draw stings are a little light but they get the job done.
    The thirty-four inch by thirty-four inch wide Choice White Full Length Bib Apron has worked very well and has survived through multiple heavy uses and serious spills. Very durable and I would recommend to anyone but I would like to see additional styles offered. I would order again for the price.
    I love these aprons! They are very large, and made of good quality fabric. Perfect for all your kitchen use or bakery store front. Would love to see them in additional colors :)
    This is a great full length apron that will protect your clothing while cooking. The crisp white is also very nice for front of house or buffet serving.
    I have washed these over and over and so far the stitching has kept up. Way cheaper than what our local linen company charges us.
    This is a very standard quality full length apron. If you are looking to save money on aprons this is a good option for you. Our kitchen team prefers a much higher quality and more fashionable apron but these have worked well for our dish washer and others on the cleaning team. This apron is machine washable.
    Great aprons, durable and bleach well.. Order over and over again. Highly recommend, they look very professional and classy. Lasts many months after many washes.
    Nice cotton apron is washable and can be used over and over. Neck loop and back ties are made of thick material with additional stiching around the edges to extend the life of this quality apron.
    This is a really nice full length Bib apron decent price for The stitching on it is really nice too and the strings to tie or nice and long
    These aprons have long strings to hold it, they are washable & allow me to keep my clothes clean, a little low on the top but still does what it's suppose to! Recommend it!
    for an every day basic workers apron this is great. the thickness is decent but probably not best for heavy duty use. the straps and trim are thick and it fits a variety of different sized adults
    This is great for throwing on and cooking all while protecting your clothes. It is good in that it doesn't absorb many stains. For the price you cannot beat it.
    I purchased a bunch of these fir my caje decorating class. Great price and they do the job! Everyone grabbed one. They also bleach easy.
    These aprons are perfect for cleaning and messy projects. We use them for butchery/meat fabrication, as well as when we are cleaning. They are able to take a bleaching and that is important!
    I use these aprons for my chefs over their coats when they are serving at the carving station-to keep their coats clean. i must admit, they are tough to get stains out of them
    You can't go wrong for the price on these aprons they are a lightweight apron but work very well and protect your clothing they're easily washed and they are white and feature a full-length bib
    These aprons are fantastic for the price. They are lightweight and seem to hold up well to washing. The ties are a shoelace type material long enough to tie around the body in front which I also like. While are not a heavy duty apron they are great for my bakery use.
    I love these!!! They wash up nice, should have bought more! Lightweight but does the job of keeping me clean. The length is just right too!
    I’m a home baker and I get a lot of my products from Webstaurant. I often find great gift ideas on their site as well. As a housewarming gift for a friend, I got this apron along with their oven mits (167801SG15) and pot holders (167802SPH2). I love that this apron is long enough that it will be sure to catch messes – keeping your clothes clean.
    These are nice white aprons to use in food service. They protect your clothes and wash easily. The only thing is that they stain quickly.
    I am a pretty accomplished cook and am never without an apron while doing my thing. If you love to cook but are not thrilled about trying to get stains out of your aprons, jump on these. I guarantee you will love them a much as I do! It is definitely worth the price.
    You can't beat the price of this apron. The cut is a little odd near the chest but it still has enough coverage to keep your clothes clean.
    The Choice White Full Length Bib Apron - 34" x 34"W was a great find. The quality is very good as well as the price. Not only is this apron a great deal, you are also saving money by not having to replace your clothing because of stains in the kitchen. I definitely recommend this product.
    This apron has a weird cut to it, the middle/top is very narrow and doesn't cover much chest area. For the price, the quality is pretty decent, just wish it had a bit more coverage up top.
    We appreciate your review, Michael! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This is a good apron for the price, there are no pockets and the neck does not adjust. It is on the larger side if you are short.
    Our restaurant has ordered these several times for our pizza prep area. Not top of the line, but will likely exceed your expectations considering the great price. They have held up well over time and we just ordered more.
    great item covers everything you need so there is absolutely no mess what so ever. looks good, respectable and professional. its gets the job done
    I really like this white. It is budget friendly and quality is good. I would recommend to households and restaurants as well. Nothing to criticize.
    So far so good on the hold up of these aprons to repeated washing and heavy use. I like them and they seem to fit a range of sizes of people so that's good.
    Decent item for what it cost and it gets the job done. The fabric washes well and stands up to being bleached to remove stains.
    I absolutely love this product! This choice white full length bib apron works great for our restaurant cooks and preppers. This apron is great quality!
    We got several in a few different packaging, but the quality was overall the same. A simple no frills apron for the bakers, but nothing too exciting. The price definitely made the difference in selecting this apron over others.
    This is a good basic apron. The neck is not adjustable, there are no pockets, and the waist strap is pretty light duty. That said, I have no complaints for the price. There is not much protection from moisture, but other than that it does a great job of keeping your clothes clean in the kitchen.
    This bib apron is rather thin than I expected but it serves its intended purpose and I do like it. However, I will definitely purchase a more thicker apron next time. Overall, not bad.
    We appreciate your review, Melvin! If you would like a recommendation for a different bib apron, please contact our Customer Solutions team!
    I wanted a simple apron for a wedding that I could add appliques to for the bride and groom's themed wedding. The price of these are wonderful and what is best is that I don't have to make them - however to personalize them would be simple. The wedding is in June. The couple wanted specialized items but wanted to save on the cost so this was perfect, not to mention their servers can use them afterwards too. Easy to clean.
    Good price, but not the greatest apron. The strings tangle after just one wash. We use these for prepping in the kitchen and wash them ourselves. We do have presentation aprons when we will be in front of guests.
    This is a apron of a dozen in which i purchased from Webstaraunt. Very good buy. Very cheap price. Needed these for my catering business.
    These aprons are a great addition to any workplace uniform. Machine washable and reasonably prices too. I suggest black over white for they wouldn't look as dirty as quickly
    I bought these aprons because of the price very basic but durable. I wish the neck strap was slightly shorter but does the job. I Will buy these aprons again
    Standard size apron fits great on my 6.1' husband. He uses it when bbq'ing. It is easy to wash and stains come off really good.
    I bought several of this apron a year ago, and I have been using it since then. The quality of this apron is on top, not to mention the price! The fabric doesn't make you feel hot when you wear it. I totally recommend this product!
    White Full Length Bib Apron - 34"L x 34"W. great quality. fits most. they stay white after many washes. durable. price well.made from good fabric.
    for the price these cant be beat , they do the job they where made for and fit the budget , and they clean up well .
    This is a fantastic apron and very easy to clean. It is very durable and has been thru the wash a bunch of times and still looks new. We clean in bleach to keep it's whiteness.
    Great apron for an extremely economical price! Ideal for a no-frills apron needed for home or kitchen/bakery use. Does not have pockets, so, if that's a concern, there are other styles available that can accommodate. This style also does not allow any adjustments in the neck strap, so, might not fit all heights as well.
    I buy these aprons for the students. They are a great price and help keep everything clean. They hold up well to washing and at the end of the term the students get to keep the. Great deal for the low cost and shipping seems quite fast!
    These aprons are very basic and very strong. I used them every day but every bit of grime and food shows on them. Overall a great item
    Good quality. Tie Strings could be a tad bit stronger although for the price I would order again. All cooks seem to like and state the clean up easily.
    I bought 5 of these to use at my home bakery. As I naturally wash them very frequently, I can tell by now that the quality is excellent. They keep the shape, have great area coverage. Very satisfied.
    I have a classroom set of these for my students in the art room. They come in handy on messy days and parents always thank me! They fit any size and you can't beat the price.
    Our staff kept using up the custom aprons so we had to find an alternative apron. this apron has been durable. WE wash once a week and have had them for months
    This is a cheap apron, which is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. It cleans easily in the wash and I love that you can get a lot of them for cheap. I think this is a great deal.
    Needed aprons for our bakery and when it was time to by them Webstaurant had a sale on aprons so it worked out great!! Love the price they are offered at even if they were not on sale. We use these on a regular basis and over a year later they do not need to be replaced just yet.
    excellent economic choice for your restaurant or catering business. the aprons are a good size for all body types and hold up well to repeated washings.
    Great value for the price. I don't know that they are the nicest looking aprons I have seen, but great for back of the house operations.
    Great apron for a great price! Ordered 15 and looking forward to ordering more, might look into logo option. Would suggest washing before first use to help against stains.
    This Apron is just OK, but the price is so reasonable you really cannot complain and ask for more. My only concern was that I would have like to have pockets.
    These are a nice quality full length apron. They wash up well, and at this price, are a great buy! They protect my clothing from the gel colors that I work with daily, and are a great value.
    The Choice Full length bib apron is basic and very simple, a great fit but nothing fancy. Decent quality, easy to clean and you can’t go wrong with the price.
    these are really good quality aprons, the neck is very long and i needed to cut them to fit a smaller person, but over all they are really good !
    A great fit and help keep your clothes free of unwanted food particles from getting on your clothes underneath. Looks professional and easy to clean
    This is a very good bib apron. It seems to be made of good quality and has stood up the daily abuse in our commercial kitchen.
    Nice quality white aprons for our ice cream shop. We are very pleased with this product and plan on buying more as we need them!
    I wanted a cheap easy to clean and durable apron for our BBQ concession trailer. So far this item has been all of those things. We will purchase more soon.
    Wonderful price. Good quality. Quick delivery. Always reliable. I have ordered hundreds of these and they are consistent and mean our needs for our business.
    I go thru aprons fast and cleaning agents just ware them down. These aprons keep up with my needs and dont fall apart. I have had them for 6 months and they are as good today as the day i bought them.
    These are really nice aprons and love how big they are. The fabric makes them easy to clean and they are so handy. Very comfortable too.
    Professional apron at a great value. Holds up to bleach wash very well. Very comfortable and does a nice job covering the full torso. Would buy again.
    Great quality. Good weight for back of the house use. These aprons cost 3x as much from other vendors. Cheaper to buy than to rent.
    First off, don't let the price fool you. These are very good quality aprons. I prefer to use this white color because we work with a lot of raw flour in our bakery. The fitting is good, especially on the neck. I am ordering some more soon.
    I purchased a few of these because of not wanting to ruin any more of my clothes...these were a fantastic deal...the price is wonderful...they are well made, very durable, and WOW, when they came out of the wash they didn't even have to be ironed. Highly recommend for the busy, messy cooks out there...I love them.
    These aprons are great for my bakery. Good length no matter how tall someone is. They wash nicely. I do suggest when washing, you tie the strings around the apron and in a bow. Otherwise they get vary tangled.
    Great price. They work as they should, even after multiple washes. And because they're relatively inexpensive, I don't mind tossing them once they're too ugly or torn to use.
    Great apron. There's nothing fancy about them which makes them perfect for us because all of our rags/aprons are soaked in bleach to clean them. These have held up very well over the year!
    Product is and looks very cheap. The fabric and color (oyster white) is not what I expected. For only a little more buy a CHOICE BRAND Apron.
    Thank you for the review, Fernando! We are sorry this apron is not what you were hoping for. We recommend trying this Chef Revival 600BAW-NP Customizable Economy White Poly-Cotton Bib Apron as an alternative.
    great aprons at a great price. I buy these all the rime when they are on sale and will continue to purchase them in the future
    This is a great basic apron! For the price it cannot be beaten. If you are looking for a good basic apron for an amazing price this is the top pick!
    Great, standard apron. Nothing too fancy but its all you need to keep clean. Sturdy material, made well - will reorder. Bargin for the price, thats for sure!
    These aprons are light in weight very durable bakers like wearing them last for years would highly recommend these for all your kitchen staff great value
    A great basic apron. Fits a large variety of people. Easy to throw in the wash. I'm sure that you will be impressed by the quality provided at this low cost.
    Great Aprons. We use them on our food truck. They do a great job and are light weight. We will reorder these again as needed.
    Great product at a great price. These bibs are easy to wash and wear. At this low of a price, if we need to throw them out and get new ones, it doesn't break the bank.
    I've used these for cooking classes and they are great, economical and easy to reuse. If you are looking for a low cost apron for practical use, this is definitely it!
    Loved them right out of the package!! crisp, took them get printed, Washed one time, strings fell off, shrunk so much and everything goes thru them. Looking for a higher quality item now.
    Thank you for your review, Tennille! We are sorry the apron fell apart after only one wash. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon.
    Great for the price,they are nice and light weight when cooking outside they don't make you feel like you are even wearing a apron I will be buying more love them A++++++++++
    Just what i wanted. Just as pictured and described. It will be perfect for preparing meals or for baking. I plan to order again very soon.Thank you
    These are well made and the material is much thicker than I expected with this low cost. And I'm glad I purchased two so that I would always have one available.
    I love this apron and think it is above expectations for the money. I am short and full-figured so I adjusted the bib's drop to my head size, and it fits and shields me perfectly.
    Good weight and length for the price. Not too bad on shrinkage after washing. If you're looking for an economic apron, this is one for you.
    This is a good quality apron. Just the right size and the length of the ties is good too. Would definitely order more for the price
    Decent apron for the money. Not the best quality in the world, and the top tapers pretty sharply so it's not the best apron for any kind of cooking work. Decent for front of the house.
    I'm finally able to come out of my kitchen without looking like a bag of flour. I'm tall so these guys work perfect on me.
    They're strong and thick but they're made for skinny people, full sized women, like me, need a bigger apron. But other than that they're okay.
    Great apron to cook in or other misc. things. Cleans very well an last a long time. If your looking for something to hold up then this would be the apron for you
    Good length , washes well, fits well, good quality . If you are looking for good quality aprons, this is the one you want to purchase
    These items arrived quickly. I was nervous about ordering them site unseen because the last time i purchased some form another company the quality was horrible. However, the webresturant store meet my needs price wise and the quality was absolutely superb!!! I will most definitely be ordering some more of these Choice White Full Length Bib aprons again!
    Our staff loves using these to protect their uniforms. They hold up well and you can't beat the price. I spend time in the FOH and BOH, so I appreciate the convenience of throwing on one of these aprons and not worrying about having a stained shirt when I go back out to greet guests. Highly recommended product.
    I was amazed at the quality of this apron for the price. It is a heavy material and wears well and washed great. It is generous in size and fits well. I would buy this product again and I would recommend it to others who are looking for a good apron. Grace
    I gave this apron a four star because they are a little thin but good enough to take the mess that bleach can easily remove
    These Bib Aprons provide high quality at low cost. The aprons look and feel expensive and launder well. We use them for all of our events and they have a very professional look for our kitchen staff.
    These aprons are just Ok, I guess you get shat you pay for here. They are a good deal, but shrink and are almost too short to protect your clothing.
    It is useable, but I wish that it is a bit more durable and a bit thicker. it already looks flimsy after the first wash. On the top, it is too narrow, so it is not quite useful in the kitchen, especially when chopping and stirring a big pot of soup. Splashing is till a problem.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you didn't like the apron you purchased. For an apron with a heavier fabric, try this Chef Revival Apron instead.
    Another must have work horse for my bakery, sometimes my hands are full of dough or chocolate or something and I just wipe them on the apron. When it is washed all of the stains are gone.
    Bought these aprons for a busy restaurant. They might be okay for very light usage but for our needs they were really flimsy. Within a few washings the strings started to unravel on several of them and the neck strap fell off. Wouldn't recommend this product for restaurant use.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the aprons you purchased. For a more durable option, try this Chef Revival White Cotton Apron for an apron that is more heavy duty.
    We used these aprons for my daughter's Cupcake Wars-themed birthday party. This is the 2nd year in a row that I needed almost 20 aprons, and previously had purchased 3-pack sets of plain, white aprons at a popular big-box national chain store, or from the top chain craft stores with a coupon. Those white cotton aprons had to be WASHED AND IRONED before an iron-on decoration could be applied, so imagine the time it took to do that for 20 aprons! The aprons from the Webstaurant Store were not only softer and a nicer fabric, but they did not require any prewashing or ironing! They were perfect and SO SOFT! In addition, the cost per apron was perfect within our budget since these were being used as a party favor for the girls to take home and keep. Thank you for your great prices, Webstaurant!
    This was the exact fit to how i wanted it to be. Great quality and durable for any kitchen task that may presents itself while cooking.
    Protect our cloth from cooking. For quality good for the price. Sometime I use with haft fold, no problem with that too. Long enough to cover my legs.
    Purchased a couple of these great aprons after receiving an email with a discount code. Nothing fancy about the aprons, which is no big deal, because I sometimes get messy baking and I would hate to ruin something fancy.
    I was very surprised at how nice these aprons are, for the money. If you are looking for a heavy duty apron this might not be the choice but I can say I wash them on a regular basis and they have endured. I would definitely purchase more in the purchase.
    We order these for our dishwashers. They do a fine job of protecting uniforms from the water & sanitizer that's sometimes splashed around. These are a great price & they do the job!
    Great Quality in an Bib. Washes well and wears well. Lasts well especially given the 'economy' status of the item. Recommend the item definitely.
    Ligt weight & cool. Fabric dries quickly and washes nicely. Ample size & length. Pockets would even be better, but great value for the price!
    WOW very nice aprons ! You can't beat the price, they wash and wear very nicely. I recommend these. I even had some monogrammed with our logo!
    For the price this is a excellent deal. I will be ordering many more in the future for our business and thank you so much.
    Choice White Full Length Bib Apron is great for me and easy to maintain, they are big and long to fully cover my clothes, a good choice for your kitchen.
    Nice apron, I like that it is soft and not too thick. Some might find this a problem, I don't like stiff. So this apron suits me fine. Plus I am hard on things, I wash items often and bleach is my friend. These have stood up to the abuse. For the money, they are wonderful. Just my two cents, I like them because they are my soft slipper aprons.
    I ordered 32 of these choice bib aprons and there a great product, and very good quality. The stitches are sturdy and the material is thicker than I expected. I highly recommend this apron.
    Love these aprons, they are great! Easy to wash, Easy to remove stains and the price only makes them better. I would recommend these to everyone.
    I have been incredibly pleased with these aprons. I purchased a dozen to add to my existing stock since I teach a great deal of cooking classes. Of course, you do want to wash them before using, but they are soft and durable. A fantastic deal for the price point!
    These are great for the price and reasonably well made. I'm six feet tall and the apron is long enough. I will definitely buy more.
    The price on these aprons is great. I was hoping that the fabric would be a little thicker. Have only had them for a short time, but I am afraid that the tie strings will rip off apron. Only time will tell!
    I ordered these for general kitchen use while catering my daughters wedding reception. They will work out great and hopeful keep the food off of me.
    No way did I ever think that these aprons would be as good as they are for the price. We bought these for our concession business for when we do indoor shows, thinking that we couldn't actually wear them in our trailer while frying because they would be too thin. I was wrong. Economy price, maybe, but not quality. A great buy.
    These aprons are lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy all at the same time! I expected much less and was pleasantly surprised at the quality! They are washable and the perfect length.
    I already own 3 of these and it's a great item for the price. I put this over my chef jacket so I do not get it messy from cooking and prepping food.
    I bought these for teaching a class in elementary grades and even though they were slightly different, for the price they were a much better quality than I thought they would be. The kids loved them and I have been using mine for a year and it has held up well.
    these aprons are the best bang for you dollar. we wash these 3 times a day 6 days a week and they look brand new after 4 weeks.
    The Choice White Apron are very well made and the fabric is thick and good quality. The only thing that I would note is that the width in the chest area is less than you normally see in an apron so there may be more of a risk of staining to the underlying garment.
    With many different sizes and shapes in our volunteer group, the aprons fit the bill. The extra long ties and length of the aprons were much appreciated. Stains washed out and aprons have retained their shape after many washings.
    this apron is a really good price for what I received. It was sewn well and is good for everyday use. I would recommend washing before use.
    These aprons are great. Thick enough not to les spills and food on clothes underneath. Yet thin enough you can feel them. Like I don't even have an apron on!
    This is a very nice apron. It looked very nice. I plan to buy more for myself and my staff. This was a good investment.
    Love these aprons. Ordered two, one for myself and my helper and will be ordering more so that they can be monogrammed. Great quality for economy.
    I am a culinary student and we received 4 aprons with our original package. It didn't take long for them to become nearly unusable since we must have clean aprons on every day. When I went to purchase more from the same place the originals came from I was shocked that they were expensive since the quality was not that great. I ordered 6 of the aprons and was surprised that the quality was much higher. The only drawback was the smell when opening the original package. I washed them immediately and they were fine.
    Great aprons for the price. They hold up well to the daily grind of the kitchen and wash pretty well too. Strings are a nice length for all body types.
    Great aprons. My staff just loves them. They have extra long strings to tie all the way around. They clean up very well also. Will be ordering more!
    Cheap and it keeps me clean, and it fits me! Obviously pockets would be nice, but I didn't pay for pockets so I won't hold it against the product. I plan on buying like 5 more of these nex time I cook for a big party, the all my helpers can also stay clean!
    The quality of these aprons is above and beyond the price of them. The quality is not cheap, they clean easily in the washing machine and fit many people of different sizes without being uncomfortable.
    We used these aprons with iron-on transfers (printable on an inkjet) to create a custom look for a low price. Highly recommended for coverage and economy. Pockets are useful to store small kitchen tools.
    These are a must for any business and are great for everyday use at home. They make wonderful stocking stuffers for the cook in your life.
    Aprons are essential and this is a good basic white one. They are very affordable and easy to buy in bulk. Very easy to launder yourself and save on linen costs.
    These aprons get the job done, but the material is pretty thin and there are no pockets on the apron, which can be an issue for some. Keeping in mind this is an economy version of the product, it is well worth the investment. Recommended product.
    This Apron for the price keeps your clothes clean and also presents a professional clean look I received many compliments when I added my rhinestone pink cake pin
    For the price, this item is a great buy. The fabric is not the best quality, but the seams/sewing are better quality than I expected. About 1/3 of my shipment came in defective (the cut was wrong), but customer service was VERY nice about it and immediately replaced them- so no complaints here! Some of them were dirty, so make sure you are ready to wash them. All the stains were minor and came right out on the wash with a little bleach.
    Purchased two of these aprons - one for me & the other for hubby. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality & construction. They've laundered quite well. Will be purchasing more for additional staff.
    I was very surprised at the quality of this apron when I opened the package. This apron fits well around the body and washes very well.
    When I ordered these aprons and opened one up i could not believe how well it was made. After a year they are still great.
    I was very happy with my order of aprons. They were of much better quality than I expected. From now on these are the aprons I will be ordering!
    great for many uses. we use in our kitchen for the cooks. cheap, affordable. easy to wash. will be ordering in bulk next time. thanks!
    Our kitchen staff appreciates these aprons. They are economical but can be washed and used many times. The fit is good on most men or women as it can be tied.
    I was very impressed that this item was on sale for the price i paid and was of such high quality. There is no pen pocket but at this price who needs that?
    This is the cheapest price for an apron ive ever seen. the cheapest ive seen before this was more than double. these are also really good quality. very crisp.
    These aprons are great, especially at this price. I keep a few on hand at work to use, I like them better than the ones we get rented!
    These aprons are great quality especially for the price. I would rather spend a few bucks on these aprons rather than buying an expensive one that wouldnt last as long. Its easy to fold and store away and easy to wash as well. Love this apron.
    These aprons were the hit of the Germanfest. We took them to the local t-shirt shop and had our logo put on them, used them on the servers and sold the 5 we had left. Going to use them again this year!
    Nice aprons makes us look as if we just stepped out our bakery. We like them. They don't get too rough after washing so ironing isn't an issue. Thnks
    We use lots of volunteer help for serving meals and I needed to purchase new aprons. These aprons were just what I needed - at a great price! They are well constructed and durable and have held up well in use.
    Love these aprons and use them frequently. I would have liked to have a larger bib on the apron and a shorter strap that slides over my head. I realize that these are unasex aprons so I understand the construction reasons. They are a soft almost canvas feeling material that washes well.
    These aprons are great. They arrived fast and I received exactly what I was expecting. They are a good quality and perfect size for everyone.
    Very well made white aprons! Nice length and very inexpensive! Easily replaceable if you really soil them! Bright vibrant color! Excellent price for a good quality apron!
    We used these aprons to serve lasagna dinners to 300 people. A little long on someone short, but I am tall and it worked great for me. We put our NBC logo on the front of each. Washes well!
    good enough for everyday use. The fabric could be a little thicker in my opinion. Ran it thru wash and it turn out OKAY...needs a little ironing before use.
    The white bib apron is a great value for the money. I was quite impressed with the material thickness and the overall quality of the apron. I think anyone that purchases these aprons will also be happy.
    For me these aprons are just a bit too long-bodied; they fit a man better than they fit a short-waisted woman. They don't soak too easily through, but if you really soil them, they don't wash up too easily.
    Every commercial kitchen should have the cooks wear an apron for sanitary reasons, and this apron does a great job at what it is supposed to do. Anyone that wears it will feel more confident in cooking, and it wears great with comfort. The price is so low that it makes sense to order a couple of these economy aprons.
    Very durable apron for the price. The cotton is very comfortable and holds up to stains very well. Only drawback is I wish it had pockets
    The aprons were great and affordable I was able to print my company name on them perfectly thank you I will return again for purchases

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