Lancaster Table & Seating Ready-to-Assemble Stacking Restaurant Wood High Chair with Dark Finish

Item #: 164HCHRKDBR

This Lancaster Table & Seating stacking wood restaurant high chair with attractive dark finish comes unassembled, offering you great savings on shipping expense! This high chair is made of 3/4" solid hardwood, features radius corners, and fits flush to standard table heights, ensuring your little guests are fully present at mealtime. A nylon safety harness and seat belt are included to keep little ones safe and secure.

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Lancaster Table & Seating Ready-to-Assemble Stacking Restaurant Wood High Chair with Dark Finish

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High easy Chair Great Chairs Wood Assemble Dark together Finish
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    Great high chair for a great price. This is a dark brown finish with a glossy shine to it. There is assembly required but it is fairly simple and only requires a couple household tools. Could not be happier!
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    Cheap, easy to asemble and nice looking high chair. It only took me 15 minutes to asemble it, very useful for kids seating with parents.
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    these look nice and are sturdy when they are put together. use a drill otherwise it will take a really long time to put 4 together
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    This chair is great. We use it at the restaurant all the time. It is very sturdy and stores easily especially with the stacking feature.
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    This high chair color matches perfectly with the other one we previously owned. It has stood up against much use over the last few years. I would defiantly recommend it.
    really light and easy to move around when needed. an absolute necessity for kid friendly restaurants for coffee shops. also really easy to clean. worth it
    I bought a Lancaster Table & Seating Ready-to-Assemble Stacking Restaurant Wood High Chair with Dark Finish from this store. The finish on one side had spots in the finsh. Chatted to live support and they had me send pitcher to them. Next day there was a replacement for the High chair on my pourch. I am very Happy with this company. They do the right thing. My grandson is a happy boy in it. I will always deal whit companys like them. John
    the best highchair i have ever used. this high chair is so light, very easy to carry yet durable. with smooth dark finish on the surface makes very easy to clean
    Unassembled Black Stacking Restaurant Wood chair. I received this high chair and I was impressed with how easy it was to assemble it. I recommend it
    Your basic level high chair that has the perfect wood coloring to match our restaurant decor. If you have power tools, it will save your hands and plenty of time for putting these together. Great for the price.
    Very good quality High Chairs. Easy to be assembled too. The color fits very well with the rest of the restaurant furniture. Price is very reasonable.
    While inexpensive, these are not enjoyable to put together and the buckle doesn't last very long. I'd recommend either having a couple spares on hand or trying a more expensive product.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    The chair is great and easy to assemble. However the screws are a little difficult to put in since its with the L key. I would recommend to make it with the cross screws which makes it easier.
    Great quality high chairs. Easy to assemble. They are stack-able for easy storage. Light weight and easy to clean. I highly recommend this high chair.
    This worked out perfect for my little boy.. It is very sturdy and the strap was secure to hold him in. It is the perfect height to pull up to the table,
    Definitely a great highchair! Very easy to put together and the instructions were simple but descriptive. I would make sure that if you have outdoor seating that you make sure they are brought in at night time just in case it rains. All in all our company was very happy with this product and we will definitely purchase again next time they are needed! P.S the dark wood is also a plus, it easily hides any stains that cannot be removed.
    As a conference center who provides food service for many groups that have small children, this high chair is awesome! Easy to assemble and very sturdy. Gets used on a daily basis.
    Great high chair for our small bar. It’s a good height for our low top tables. Easy to store. Also very sturdy and durable, long lasting product
    Perfect look great, and works great for the children. the color is beautifull, some problems to assemble but it works finally, really good quality product!!
    These high chairs are high quality chairs and were easy to assemble. The Dark Finish is darker than pictured, so I was a bit surprised (at first I thought they were black). Other than that, they look great!
    These high chairs were quick and easy to assemble. They clean easily. They are sturdy and durable. They are stackable and lightweight. They look great.
    Excellent quality, beautiful colour. No issues with these highchairs and for how little they get used it was nice to get them at such a cheap price.
    Sturdy, lightweight and comfortable this wooden high chair is a go to for our business. It is also easily stored and stackable for later use.
    Great high chair and super easy to assemble once they arrive. They are sturdy and look very sleak, the dark wood is nice and they have worked well for us.
    They shipped super fast and we very easy to assemble. They stack easily so they don't take up room and have a great dark wood finish to them that matches our restaurant decor perfectly.
    Bought 2 of these for our restaurant back in 2015, and they are still holding up perfectly in 2018. This is a wise buy and handy for the young kids and parents to use.
    The price on these is seriously fantastic. They stack well, and the darker finish makes them look a little more upscale than your typical high chair. We use them at our coffee shop, but I like them so much we may buy some for our home LOL!
    This was a very nice Lancaster table seating stackable restaurant wooden highchair the dark finish is really nice it helps hide the dirt from the kids
    The Lancaster high chair was pretty easy to put together... not super large so it tucks away pretty good. Made with a pretty light weight wood so easy to carry.
    This high chair is nice and easy for our customers to move and access when needed. The dark wood tends to be easier to wipe clean than a lighter wood where more stains will be easily visible.
    After assembling three of these high chairs I feel comfortable putting anyone's child in them. They are sturdy!! We quickly found out it was a two man job but everything goes together for a quality chair.
    Overall, only the finished product looks good. The process of putting together one of these chairs is too difficult. The wood pieces don't match easily and the screws don't go in fully either.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This stacking wood high chair arrived quickly (as always) and was easy to assemble. Now that it's put together it is sturdy and safe for all the babies and toddlers that visit our bakery/coffee shop.
    We purchased two of these chairs unassembled. One was missing all the hardware and the other we had to drill a hole because the holes were offset. Not a great first impression for this product.
    We appreciate your review, John! We are sorry this high chair did not meet your expectations. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly.
    very good high chair, and has a nice attractive look , love the dark wood. customers seem to enjoy using when there out for lunch
    Great looking wood high chair! Easy to put together. Easy to clean. Feels very solid and safe. Best prices around (trust me I looked around!)
    At first I wasn’t sure if I like these but when I seen customers using them without complaint and easy to move around I was happ I bought them
    I love these chairs, they look good they are very easy to assemble and very good quality for the price i will most likely order these again.
    Super easy to install within 10 minutes. Great for customers who bring in babies. Durable wooden high chair and also well painted with great coler.
    this chair is perfect for restaurants.children fit inside and sit comfortably.the chair is very safe and the dark finish gives any restaurant a more classy look.
    These are pretty but for a restaurant that gets a lot of use they have all broken. Its just thin would poorly put together. Our next ones will probably be some form of plastic.
    We appreciate your review, Suzana! We are sorry these high chairs did not meet your expectations. If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Pretty good quality for the price. These did not come with instructions for assembly, but as long as you pay attention to what you're doing they're pretty easily put together. The stickers that come to cover the screws are hideous though, we didn't not use them and just painted the screws instead.
    cheap, cheap, cheap, price is cheap, so the chair, paint start faint out really quick, and the whole chair fall apart after few months. will not buy again.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry this Lancaster Table & Seating Stacking Restaurant Wood High Chair with Dark Finish - Unassembled has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    These are great high chairs. The price is extremely affordable and the dark finish looks really nice. A great option to give customers with small children.
    Mother's Day was fast approaching and it was obvious we needed many high chairs and very quickly. These high chairs arrived quickly and assembled easily. They take up minimal space in the Dining Room when in use and also minimal kitchen space because they stack so nicely. The dark wood finish was the perfect shade to complement our décor.
    We bought these high chairs over a year ago for our new restaurant and they are still going strong. The price was excellent and the quality is even better. We couldn't be happier!
    Great! Very light weight. Perfect for young children. I like the darker finish, they look very sleek out in our dining room. They seem well built and arrived pre-assembled!
    Very reasonable price. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Different colors you can choose from. We have the cherry wood. Easy cleaning. Very happy with this product.
    These are great high chairs. They look really nice and are holding up very well. Easy to assemble, built myself in only a few minutes. Highly recommend.
    Overall I am happy with my purchase. They are a little light, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some of the holes don't line up perfectly while building, but if you take your time with it, everything fits together.
    Very goog price, easy to assembled it is like most of high chair in the market but iwth better prices It comes along with safety straps for added security
    These high hairs are so convenient to have in restaurants so your children don't have to sit on your lap in a booth or at a table. The only thing is they seem to get really sticky over time.
    These high chairs are easy to assemble and take only few minutes. They look really nice and are sturdy and safe. Highly recommended for your seating needs.
    Very easy to put together. These highchairs are very sturdy and easy to wipe down after children have sat in them. Good color too, true to the picture.
    An average quality high chair. It is very easy to clean. You can stack at least four to five of it together. I would recommend it.
    Have to have high chairs for your restaurant for the younger kids. I was very happy to find them here on Web. We find all kinds of great products just surfing the site that we had forgotten that we really needed
    high chair is very safe for our little clients that come in with their families and allow them to enjoy their time at aguila sandwich shop
    Hah... A bit of a headache to assemble. But after it was installed it was pretty and sturdy. AND CHEAP. The included allen wrenches SUCK. So better have a backup set!
    Purchased the High Chair for use in the lobby of our custard parlor. The chair is very sturdy and safe for the little ones and very easy to clean.
    Great price for a high chair. The assembly takes a little time, but it's simple enough and the finished product is beautiful. Well worth the money.
    The high chair was easy to assemble, and the dark color looks great with the rest of our decor. It doesn't take up too much space when in storage either, which is a plus since we don't use it constantly
    Great chairs that are simple to put together. The stacking ability makes storage so convenient when they are not being used. The appearance is classy, and the clean easy.
    These wooden high chairs are great products. They are sturdy and functional, yet aren't a complete eye sore. They are stack-able, which I love, and the wood color works very well with the rest of our decor.
    Really a great value high chair, it won't last forever but it will serve the purpose, it is easy to put together in under 10 minutes with an allen wrench.
    It take a little to put it togheter but its worth it i saved a lot of money and they are really good looking chair
    The dark finish is so nice. They are pretty easy to assemble and can be stacked nicely in the corner when they are not being used.
    We have 10-12 of these high chairs and after hundreds of uses they clean up well and don't show wear. I would highly recommend this brand.
    I own a small bakery and in trying to be family friendly I needed a high chair. This one is good quality and perfectly matches the furniture I already have.
    The chairs is well built and sturdy. Stands up to wear and tear and maintains it high gloss look. Cleans easily and looks brand new with a little furniture polish.
    I purchased two and although they were not assembled and did not include instructions, it was rather easy to figure out how to put them together. Not bad and appears to be sturdy and stable.
    Simple design that is easily put together (I would recommend using a drill bit and power screw driver). Really like the dark color, muy bonita!!
    These are a good cheap alternative but our child seats get used extensively and the these tend to wear down (shimmy, lose laquer) over time.
    We appreciate your review, Andrew! If you are having any issues with the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    It's a pretty simple chair to put together but it came with no directions and only a small wrench to assemble. Fortunately one of our guests had a drill and a bit that worked so we were able to put the chair together SAFELY.
    Extremely easy to assemble. Nice black look that matches anything well. Nice inexpensive way to offer seating for children and provide convenience for fsmilies in our bakery.
    These are great for our youngest customers, easy to assemble, great space saver since it is stackable, Dark finish won't tarnish when cleaning, good quality and reliable product at a great price.
    Chairs were very easy to put together and they look a lot better than the plain black ones we had before. Using a hex bit on a drill made assembly go by in minutes.
    I was a little hesitant whether to buy or not, because I looked very economical and thought maybe would result from poor quality, but I take a surprise when I saw her, is strong and good
    The Lancaster Table & Seating 164HCHRKDBR Highchair is a great High Chair at a lower price point & purchasing it unassembled, saves you even more money!
    We just opened our restaurant in May of this year, these Lancaster high chairs have been awesome. They are stackable and easy to clean. The dark finish looks great and they have all held up very well for the price!
    These seats were so easy to assemble took just s few minutes. Very safe and sturdy for children. We have 2 seats at the moment and will be getting more.
    The high chair was easy to assemble and very sturdy. We have had no complaints from customers. Also, easy to clean and stackable onto another high chair for condensed storage.
    What a fantastic price! The product is great quality and there were multiple colors to choose from. Easy to clean and stackable. They also look very nice.
    This is a good looking high chair, especially for the price. It came packaged well but their were still a few nicks on the chair. The wood is very soft and will scape easily. The color matched my other chairs well so I am happy about that. The warning label on the chair back was NOT easy peel which was frustrating.
    It took me about an hour to assemble two high chairs. Easier to assemble when you watch the video on the website as a guide. Great for the price!
    Customers love them! Lightweight and easy to clean and fit in small spaces . Paint is a little cheap comes off easily if whipe too hard.
    Assembly was simple and not time consuming. The color matched as the picture showed and looks great in our restaurant when needed to be in use.
    Wood comes cracked right out of the box. The joints don't stay together well. If it didn't have dowels inside the joints, I wouldn't trust this to hold a child.
    Thank you for the review, Debbie. We're sorry this was not in the best of conditions when it arrived. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon.
    Easy to put together less than 15 minutes for each chair. Patrons like that it has a ledge for children's feet. Seat belts work well.
    This chair is real easy to assemble. The restraint belt is long lasting, hasn't frayed since my purchase. It is easy to wipe clean. I highly recommend this product
    This is a very nice, classy looking high chair. It took about 8-10 minutes to assemble and seems very sturdy. The strap with clasp is essential. Nice, sleek looking wood.
    These are great. Bought 2 for our restaurant and have been in use for around a year with no damage, no signs of wear either. They look great and are deceptively light, so easy for our staff to quickly bring to tables.
    Super affordable high chairs. They are made of wood and are very sturdy. I recommend them for restaurants or anu business with tables and kids
    Extremely durable and worth the price. The item is well built, well finished, and also well designed. I had products where the screws began to loosen after a short period of time. I would highly recommend and would buy this product again.
    Good for the money. I would plan on using some wood glue during initial setup. The stickers provided to cover up the bolts make it look worse than if you just had the bolts exposed.
    Very excellent chiar. Very easy to put together very sturdy. I've had this hair chair between 3 kids and it's still in absolute great condition
    This product looks great and was easy to put together. They are sturdy and feel safe to put a child in. Ive found the only down side, when cleaning, after every child sits in them, the finish rubs off.
    Love the High Chairs and they were so easy to put together and you didn't even need instructions to put together. Bought two and will be buying more.Thank you
    I have two granddaughtes whom were fighting over sitting in the highchair at our home. I ordered the stacking wood highchair. Its nice looking, decent construction and no more fights.
    I ordered one high chair not assembled . Very easy to assemble and sturdy. Very nice price. At a local restaurant store it costs alost double. I will order more in the future
    Nice and easy lightweight high chairs for the price.. Durable enough for a high volume restaurant.. Going on 8+ months so far and no issues..
    Very easy to put together. Went together quick! Holds up and very sturdy. Works great on both carpeted floors and also great on concrete flooring.
    Somewhat easy to put together, having a screw gun helps, but it is possible with the included allen wrench. For the price it is great.
    Looks nice and easy to put together. Has a strap going across which a lot of parents like. Very light weight and easy to move. Just noticed that one of the connecting pieces are starting to come lose so I gave this 4 stars.
    Seat is easily put together and very durable. Products looks sharp and clean and even has stickers to cover up the holes for the screws. Great product, great price.
    Very durable! We've kept the same high chairs for almost 3 years and counting. Easy to assemble and are a breeze to clean. Efficiently can stack up on one another, a great space saver!
    Light weight, durable, and nice smooth surface for easy cleaning! Very nesscary when dealing with messy toddlers! ;) also very easy to assemble, instructions weren't needed.
    We use these chairs for big events in our church hall. They stack well, are light weight enough to be moved easily, clean off well, and so far have been durable enough to withstand a number of fidgety children. We do have to tighten them occasionally, but overall they look great and were very affordable.
    Very sturdy highchair. Ideal for little ones to older kids to enjoy a great meal with their family. Beautiful dark wood that perfectly matches our restaurant's tables.
    The Lancaster Table & Seating Stacking Restaurant Wood High Chair with Dark Finish - Unassembled Is a very good product, I bought it five years ago, today still in a very good shape
    Nice well made high chair. I was worried about this high chair because price was so cheap but it is great. very well made, the quality is very good. looks elegance, I love the color and it suits my restaurant interior too. it was easy to assemble as well. I recommend this product who is looking for good high chair for reasonable price.
    Quick and easy to assemble, our busboys did it in just a few minutes. Cleans up quickly with a wet cloth. The dark wood looks rich
    Very poor quality. We ordered four of these high chairs in February 2015, since then two have come apart while children were sitting in them.
    Thank you for the review, Eric. This is the first we've heard of this issue. We are sorry these did not last like they should have. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you to help resolve the problem.
    The Lancaster Table & Seating Stacking Restaurant Wood High Chair with Dark Finish came unassembled but that as no problem it was simple to put together and we will be ordering more in various colors.
    awesome. this product only took about 10 minutes for me to set up. the instructions was easily easy to read. I purchased 3 of these and will be purchasing again.
    Nice solid high chair for the money. Easy to clean so far and they have held up well Little tricky to put together but not that bad really.
    It was very easy to assemble. great price and easy to clean. The most important things are it is very steady, and heavy. Safe for children
    I like them because they are lightweight, stackable and affordable. But the stain comes off and the stickers to cover up the bolts came off within the first week.
    This highchair is great! I purchased 5 of these for my restaurant, they shipped super fast and once I got them in they were super easy to assemble! The only quip I have is to use your own allen wrench. The one that comes with the high chair is of a poor quality metal and you can't get the screws tight enough with it. Other than that I love these high chairs!!
    Great Sturdy Chair and vey easy to put together. Great price if you buy more than one chair. Ill be back to buy more. Thank you
    This wood high chair is Poor Quality, it was broken just used in the first day!!! It did not look like as what we see in the picture!!!
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry these high chairs have not held up as they should have. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.
    Easy to assemble. Not holding up as well as I had hoped but possibly assemblers error. Surface is easy to clean. Will try to re assemble
    Sturdy chairs that are easy to put together. I recommend using a drill bit and put on your thinking cap on when putting the pieces together. The best thing... They provide you with videos that make assembly easy. Can't ask for anything more to make assembly fool-proof.
    The Lancaster stacking high chair is very easy to put together and does not take up to much room when it is not being used
    Unfortunately this high chair did not live up to our expectations. We ordered two high chairs for our restaurant, and both boxes that came were missing pieces. We harvested some pieces from one in order to complete the other, but I was never able to get the replacement parts sent and eventually just got credited for the incomplete chair. The existing one is already showing serious signs of wear (fading paint/stain) and we've only had it for a couple of months. Would not recommend.
    Thank you for your review, Sara! We are sorry to hear that this high chair has caused issues for you. Our Customer Solutions Representative was happy to help in any way possible to ensure your satisfaction with your order.
    Much nicer than the plastic ones and less expensive. Took five minutes to put together. Might need some touch up here and there but I like it.
    Overall extremely good looking high chairs! Once you get over the fact of putting it together with no instructions it comes together nicely. Make sure you get a drill with a Allen wrench attachment is a must! ***HINT HINT*** Once again it is a great looking high chair and it looks great with our wood tables!
    Love the dark finish. The chair seems pretty solid though they have not been "tested" yet. The stickers that cover the screws are ugly and don't match the dark stain. I love the look of gold screws on a dark finish by itself.
    This was perfect for our coffee shop. It is sturdy and a great product for the price. I would definitely buy this again if in need of a high chair.
    This item is used frequently in the restaurants by families who come in. They work well for children of a variety of sizes and do not take up much room in our small dining room. Would recommend this item.
    Nice sleek finish great for cleaning. Perfect for any young child. Adjustable straps and beautiful dark wooden color! We love our high chair, as well as our customers do too
    Purchased 4 of these unassembled for my new restaurant. We currently have them in another location and are very happy with them there also. They are easy to set up, easy to clean, stackable and sturdy. Great price, great value
    Purchased a couple of these high chairs to use at church. They are nice construction, finish and are sturdy. I recommend them and will be buying some more!
    I bought it for our restaurant , its still in great condition and we are family oriented restaurant with high demand for high chairs, i will buy more when needed , great value and quality
    Great chair for children that sits them perfect next to a table. Very easy to put together an never have to worry about not having a seat for the whole family.
    I bought two of these Wooden High Chairs for my two kids.They are very nice .They dont look cheap at all.I am buying another one for my daughter too.I love these High Chairs.
    These high chairs are a nice. They do get scuffed up on the arms from stacking so i would recommend not stacking them. The do clean well.
    These chairs are a great addition to our fellowship area. The only complaint I have is that they could stack better. I expected them to stack with the seat of one chair resting on the chair below, but instead the cross bars rest on the lower legs, which will wear and show marks over time.
    Estoy Feliz con mi compra, las sillas para bebes están hermosas, fáciles de armar se apilan y son muy cómodas para mover de un lugar a otro, traen cinturón para poder asegurar a nuestros bebes a ellas y evitar el estar pendientes de que no se caiga, además el color esta muy bonito, el material se ve muy fino y duradero, definitivamente recomiendo estas sillitas para bebes, mi restaurante luce muy bien con ellas y mis clientes muy felices de que tenga sillas para estar mas cómodos con sus bebés.
    These high chairs are easy to assemble - JUST BE SURE TO GET A NICE WOOD GLUE FOR THEM. They look great and stack nicely. But take your time and assemble them right!
    Great quality, very sturdy, ! Straps are durable and clips are easy connected and detached. Cleans off well. Stacks evenly and secure on top of each other. Deeply recommended.
    For the price, I had low expectations of these high chairs. However, they are sturdy, look nice, and very easy to assemble. Definitely will be buying more in the future.
    These high chairs are a great value. Easy to keep clean. They work perfect for toddlers or if turned upside down for a car seat. A touch tricky to put together, but after the first one the second was smooth sailing.
    Easy to assemble and appears sturdy. Ability to stack them also a great advantage, multiple chairs take up only the floorspace of one unit while unused.
    Good Quality high chair. It wasn't very difficult to put together. Easy to clean and is lightweight. Moms and Dads pick it up with one hand while still holding their little one. Has a high end look with the dark wood at a fair price.
    This high chair is sturdy, easy to assemble and the finish on it look's nice. You'll probably need your own allen key set, as the one that comes with it stripped out on me.
    Usage - Moderate (several times a week) Durability - No problems after almost a year of use Assembly - Fairly easy, one person could do it alone These high chairs were purchased for a restaurant/bar, so they saw frequent, but not heavy use. They were easy to clean as long as they were wiped down immediately after use. If they sat with food or sticky residue on them, they expectedly became harder to clean. Being wet also makes them feel a bit tacky to the touch. In the future, I would probably purchase plastic molded high chairs. These are a good value for the price point, but I think the extra longevity and ease of cleaning a plastic one is worth the extra money.
    The first one we received came apart at the joints very quickly - a lack of glue perhaps? Either way, replaced it quickly and the new one works fantastic, however it only gets used maybe once a month.
    This product works okay for just being able to look like you offer high chairs, however both of the ones we purchased less than a year ago are both broken. The price point was very low, so I can't say that I expected much more, so they are as would be expected for the price.
    Thank you for your review! These high chairs are a best-selling product, and a great value! If you are looking for a different high chair, try the CSL 850-BRN stackable plastic high chair or the Rubbermaid FG781408BLA sturdy chair instead!
    Strap broke after two days use. Had to resew strap that goes between legs. Other than that., easy to put together. OK for price that was paid.
    These are very nice to have at my restaurant. They look nice. Sturdy construction. Didn't take long to put together. And have been used by several customers already.
    Decent for low volume use but I couldn't see it lasting long in a busy place where it gets moved around a lot. A pain to assemble as well. Overall though for the money it does it's job.
    Great product and best price. Easy to assemble. We like the appearance and the ease of being able to secure a child safety into the chair.
    This high chair is a great deal. It was a little complicated for me to put together, so I had someone else do it. Stacks nicely, looks great!
    I ended up buying 7 of these and parents sure put them to use whenever they come in to eat! I am 100 percent happy. THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT BUY!
    we operate a coffee/bagle shop as with all seatig you need a good option for the mothers.this is made very well and a nice looking addition to the store
    These high chairs are great. The color is awesome, the price was awesome. They were easy to put together. The only down side to them is that the little wooden screw covers come out all the time.
    An excellent and affordable wooden high chair with a dark finish. Easy to assemble and goes great with any furniture or type of restaurant establishment
    Super easy to install and was a great price! We are so happy with this product and I would recommend to anyone. This is not difficult to put together. The color is great and product is exactly what you would expect.
    WE ordered four high chairs to use at church functions for families with small children. Today was our first opportunity to use them. The chair that we used fit well at the table and was a good accommodation for the child. The negative was that the safety strap did not securely snap and the child could wiggle and cause it to come loose. We have not checked the other three.
    I love these high chairs. The dark finish matches the rest of my dining room chairs. They are very sleek and fit most children. I have six on hand.
    Nice sturdy highchair. Its a little frustrating to put together, better to buy assembled one. We use this regularly, and it is easy to keep clean.
    These high chairs are easy to clean and they line up perfectly to most restaurant tables! Great buy and the dark finish on these fit with any style dining room!
    These are great to have in family restaurants. They are very durable and super easy to clean. The dark wood finish gives it a good look.
    poor constuction and not well made. safety strap to hold child does not latch. wood is cheap and breaks easily. do not waste your money on this item
    Chairs are poorly designed. After 1 year of use the glued joints are breaking apart. The straps on the chair used to hold children in are coming apart. And the plastic clips that join the straps are breaking. I have glued all the 5 chairs several times and replaced all the plastic clips on all. Do not buy unless you like to re-build things.
    Thanks for your review! This is a quality high chair offered at a reasonable price. Regular use will result in some wear and tear on the chairs but this chair has received positive feedback from many of our customers as a well priced and dependable chair. If you need a chair for constant use, day in and day out, then you may want to consider something like the Rubbermaid FG781408BLA Black Sturdy Chair Restaurant High Chair without Wheels (Ready to Assemble).
    We bought these because we wanted something that looked nice and went with the dark colored chairs in our restaurant. They are easy to put together and, like I said, they look nice. They are pretty inexpensive, so if they break or something happens to them, they won't be hard to replace.
    This high chair is easy to put together and is ideal for any family establishment. The price is cheaper than I have seen anywhere. The color is nice too.
    These chairs do not stack as well as other chairs we have used, the belts break frequently and the paint is all rubbed off after the first six months. I often purchase from webrestaurant, but this is the first purchase I regret. Spend more money up front and buy a better high chair.
    For a heavy duty high chair that stacks, you should check out the Rubbermaid FG781408BLA Black Sturdy Chair Restaurant High Chair without Wheels (Ready to Assemble).
    These high chairs are amazing. Even better in person. Matches perfectly with our mahogany wood chiavari chairs. Great for any type of event for toddlers & baby carriers. Highly recommend. Easy to assemble.
    This chair has held up well and has had a lot of use in 6 months. It was fairly simple to put together, but it helped to have 2 people at the beginning
    Wonderful little high chair. This was easy to put together and took less than 10minutes. The directions are easy to follow. The chair is sturdy and cleans up great.
    the price on these chairs is amazing and they hold up very well. they also look very nice and are comfortable.
    This seems to be the standard high chair used in most resturants. The construction is sturdy and the wood has a nice finish to it.

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