6" Round Dry Wax Parchment Pan Liner - 1000/Case

Item #: 150DWC6 1000

Increase the productivity of your baking operation by speeding up prep time and shortening cleanup with these convenient pre-cut 6" round dry wax parchment pan liners for cakes. Using parchment paper eliminates the need for grease, and it allows you to remove your cakes after baking with greater ease. Unlike sheets of parchment that you have to cut, these round liners are ready to go right away, saving you time on cutting out individual pieces. Simply place the parchment liner on the bottom of your pan and you're ready to start baking. They're ideal for businesses that produce high volumes of the same size cakes. Each 6" dry wax cake circle is highly grease and moisture resistant, so you'll be able to release your cakes neatly and without hassle, making cleanup a breeze!

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6" Round Dry Wax Parchment Pan Liner - 1000/Case

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    Better than using foil and it helps to pop the cakes out the pan. Just make sure the wax side of the paper is the one touching the cake batter. After baking the cakes, I use a butterknife around the cake and turn the pan upside down. The cakes pop right out and the only crumbs I need to wash are on the sides of the pan.

    from San Jose Macarons Posted on

    The bottom of my 6" pan is clean and the paper sticks to the cake. Peeling off is easy. Without it, sometimes the middle of the cake would stick to the pan

    This 6 inch parchment paper,but is a little bit over 6 inch,when I put this parchment paper into my 6 inch cake pan,it doesn’t fit perfectly,every time I use I need to cut out a little bit!

    Posted on

    6 inch parchment paper

    Absolutely perfect for the 6'' pans...wish we knew about these sooner! We went from having ribbed edges to now the perfect edges on all of our cakes.

    Posted on

    These liners fit PERFECT in the 6'' pans. Great size!

    I use these parchment rounds each and every time it’s make it’s effortless for the cakes to come right out. For the price you can’t go wrong.

    from Arion's catering Posted on

    Why did I ever bother cutting parchment before? These make cake pan prep SO easy and save time/hassle. I will be getting them in multiple sizes.

    Posted on

    These 6" round parchment pan liners make baking cakes so much easier! The cake releases smoothly from the pan and the clean up is so much easier when we use these liners! They're the perfect size for the small cutting cakes we make for weddings.

    from Fika, LLC Posted on

    These parchment liners are great for ensuring that your cakes release easily from the pan. I love it that the box doubles as a dispenser too.

    Posted on

    great way to make sure your cakes release from the pan!

    The pack of the 6" Round Dry Wax Parchment Pan Liner is so convenient! No need to cut out parchment anymore to line cake pans. Makes it a breeze!

    from Elle Posted on

    These liners are the best. They reduced our prep time so much now that we do not have to cut circles to line our cake pans, and it is so easy to release the cake from the pan too

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    There are 2 sides to these parchments and you have to make sure that the shiny side goes towards the cake batter. I like them a lot and highly recommend them.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    6" parchment for cake pans

    These are the best. So amazing. We were sick of cutting out circles when baking our cakes and wasting parchment scraps. This has made things so simple. Our cakes never stick and they are beautifully brown on the bottom every time.

    from creaTions N evenTs Posted on

    The pack is huge, but these are such time savers. I use them to line every cake pan when baking, and it just ensures that the cake will come out, even if the side get stuck.

    from Boss Pizza Co Posted on

    I have these in many sizes. So nice to have them precut and not to have to add that step to cut them. Great price and so convenient! I have never had a cake stick with these!

    from Marsha Martin Posted on

    Love these 6" dry wax liners. They make baking a quick task and cleanup such a breeze. We've tried other brands and have found for the money, these are work as well if not better than other brands for the best economical price.

    from The Sweet Batter Posted on

    Perfectly priced, good quality parchment liners. Great for using in cake pans, making it an easy release every time. Large quantity means not having to travel to the store every week.

    from Sweet Cheeks Bakery Posted on

    These are so great for the bottom of cake pans. We used to cut all of ours by hand and this saves SO much time.

    from Thirsty Whale Bakery Posted on

    The Dry Wax Parchment Pan Liner is a great product. We use them daily in our cake pans for specific recipes. We recommend for sure.

    Posted on

    Worth buying these to make cake release nice and easy. We sometimes run out and have to cut rounds out of parchment paper. Not fun. Yes, you can get cakes to come out of your pans without using pan liners. It's not pretty, though. The liners keep the cake from sticking to the bottom of your pans. We like these because they fit just about right in most pans. Depending on the brand of cake pan you are using, the liners may come up the side o the pan just a bit. They come off the bottom of the cakes easily, too.

    from Deda's Bakery Posted on

    Very convenient! Saves you time from cutting your own, plus it fits perfectly on a 6 inch pan! As a home baker, I was afraid this will take a lot of store space in my kitchen, but it doesn't at all!

    Posted on

    These 6" round dry wax pan liners are a huge convenience to me. I use to cut my circles out of sheets of parchment. Great time saver!

    Posted on

    Finally! I finally bought these and thank goodness! I find that more people are ordering 6" cakes from me than 8" cakes. I was cutting the 8' parchment rounds to fit a 6" pan. These are perfect.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    Overall this item is good, I want to give 4.5 but no this option :P It save my time to cut parchment paper to fit my molds. There are two tips for you guys who might not notice about this item. Firstly, **IMPORTANT note for "new baker" as me** paper's two sides are different. One side has wax and the other side doesn't. PLEASE DO make sure the smooth side (the side with wax) face UP or face to your cake. I didn't note the difference of these two sides, and one of them was wax side down, Unfortunately, the wax side was stick on the tin. and I can't move the cake out. Finally, half of the cake dropped off, and the bottom half still stick on the mold. So please make sure wax side up, then would be OK. Second, not the products problem, but want to let your guys know if you really care about the size. The paper cut as exactly 6", but all of my 6" pans are not exactly 6" as the bottom size. So when i put the paper into my mold, have to press it down to make it flat. I'm totally OK with this one as the size problem caused by molds not the paper.

    from YVONNE Posted on

    Great item. Even though they are thin they definitely do what they are supposed to do. Live it and glad I bought the whole box. Thanks again.

    Posted on

    I decided to try these after years of cutting my own paper liners. They are fantastic, nothing sticks and they peel right off. I will definitely purchase these again.

    Posted on

    Love this product! It' makes baking cakes so easy! No sticking,, no crumble, no mess! If you bake cakes often, this is a great investment.

    Posted on

    We use the 6" round dry wax parchment pan liner for every single cake that leaves our bakery, no matter the occasion, this liner always comes through. It easily placed on pan, batter is poured in and cake bakes beautifully.

    No more burning the bottom of my cakes or drying out..fits exactly on my six inch pans with just a spray of realease..this paper is awesome!

    from home Posted on

    Can't say enough about these pan liners - they are fantastic! I used to buy rolls of parchment and cut to fit my pans. Took tons of time and wasted a lot of parchment in the process. These fit the pans and the cakes come out perfectly! So wish I would have discovered these sooner!

    from Sweet Creations Posted on

    Parchment pan liners are time saving and money saving. With these liners you simply do not need to add any non stick product of any type to your pans.

    Posted on

    These came well packaged in a box, so none were bend/disordered. I have found them to be slightly larger than the 6" pans that I have, so they ride up on the edges ever so slightly which is a bit frustrating, otherwise good.

    Posted on

    This is a good product and I'm very happy with the value. However, several of the liners were folded/scrunched in transit and couldn't be used.

    Posted on

    Until now, I have been cutting out my own parchment papers from the full sheet papers. Not any more! This saves me so much time and works perfectly every time!

    from Michelle's Scrumptious Bakery Posted on

    I am so glad these actually work. Helps the cake to pop right out of the pan! And much easier then cutting circles from normal parchment paper!

    Posted on

    These are a wonderful way for us to cut down on time while baking! They work great and meet a high standard! Will put on the top of our list to purchase!

    from Mr Baker Man Posted on

    Great product. Love this 6" round wax parchment paper liners. They work perfectly when i'm making these cakes. I use them on a regular basis with our bakery.

    Posted on

    They fit perfectly and save me a lot of time. I was very happy with the fast shipping. Highly recommend not only the product, but also the Webstaurantstore service.

    Posted on

    These pan liners are so convenient! I don't know about anyone else, but when I use these I often don't even need to grease the sides of the pans. Most of the time I just lay these in the bottoms of the pans and call it good.

    Posted on

    These 6" Round Dry Wax Parchment Pan Liner - 1000 / Case save time on cleaning, easy to use. These are some nice quality pan liners

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Could I have bought parchement and cut these myself? Probably. However this is a huge convenience for me and they are very reasonably priced for how many you get.

    Posted on

    I love these wax paper liners. They are so helpful when I bake cakes. They keep the cake from sticking to the pan and clean up is a breeze!!!

    from Cleveland Park Catering Company Posted on

    This is the most time saving item when preparing pans for baking! A quick spray of Pam and lay the pre-cut parchment in the pan, press down and pour your batter! I love them!

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    I so needed this for my small 6 inch cake pans. I always kept getting cake stuck at the sides and bottom of the pan after release, this helped so much. I have the 6", 9" and 12" for good measure.

    Posted on

    To use with my pizza pans used as cake pans. Great combo. Easy clean up with no hassles Will save time at holidays with pan prep

    Posted on

    These are a great buy if you can use 1000! They fit perfectly into the 6" cake pan WEB sells. I don't ever bake cakes without them...Much cheaper here than buying in a store or online.

    Posted on

    These fit wilton cake pans a little snug, they go up the sides off the pan a little bit. i still fully recommend them for cake pans for easier cake extraction.

    from EdibleCreationsByMish Posted on

    I love the 6" round dry wax pan liners! The pre-cut circles fit in my six inch cheese cake pans. My cheesecakes come right off the pan!

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    I just purchased these for the first time for lining my cake pans I always just a cut them out which is time consuming for the price inconvenience you really can't beat it definitely older in these again

    Posted on

    I bake a lot of cakes using my 6 inch cake pan and I often wasted so much parchment paper when I made circle liners for those cakes. When I found this product I was very excited because I thought I had finally found a solution to my problem. When they came in I went to use the sheet for my six in cake pans and found that it was too big and I had to cut it down a bit for it to fit. I have also started using the disks for larger size cakes ( 7 and 8 inches) even thought it is smaller than the pan it does what it is suppose to do.

    Posted on

    These liners are so convenient for baking. Regardless of what I'm making, I just skip them in the bottom of a pan and pour the batter on top. They come out perfect every time.

    from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery Posted on

    These are basic parchment liners and they work fine. Some of our 6” pans require us to crinkle/push the liner up the sides of the pan but they continue to work well.

    from Sussman's Bakery Posted on

    These pan liners fit perfectly into a 6 inch pan. They help release the cake from the pan easily. They were super easy to use and extremely convenient. No more cutting parchment paper for me!

    from Bake Me A Cake Posted on

    I couldn't love these more. I have the 6" and the 8" and it's a little thing but they make my life so much easier when I'm knee deep in cakes. Love 'em.

    Posted on

    I use these pan liners for my 6" cakes and cheesecakes. They work perfectly and do the job they are supposed to do. I do suggest that you grease the liner the same way that you would grease the pan though. It helps with release because they are a bit thinner than the parchment you would get in a roll of parchment paper.

    from Sweet Bytes Posted on

    Great buy. These save so much time and money. I typically bake close to 50 cakes a week and these make it a breeze. You never have to worry about sticking and they make cleanup very quick.

    Posted on

    These save us a ton of time trimming parchment for cake pans. The only issue is that they are little larger than your standard cake pan, so there is a little overlap that can cause issues when topped with batter. Overall, they are great though.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    These are great! i can't bake a cake without having one of these in the pan. You'll know your cake is going to come out beautifully and won't have to worry about sticking to the bottom.

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on


    from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental Posted on

    No more need to laboriously cut wax paper! saves a lot of time for our small baking business. Thanks for providing such products at such reasonable prices.

    Posted on

    You would never think of this until you have to bake cakes for a business. It's so easy to slide these into the bottom of the pans so that you have no worries about cakes sticking in the pan but you don't have to cut them out one by one.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    These are such time savers. I used to stand in the kitchen trying to measure and cut out the circles I needed for the bottom of my pans. As soon as I received these I fell in love. Can't live without them now.

    Posted on

    great !!! on these boards you don't have to worry about the oil from the cake or icing getting on the boards, you can cover the boards with icing which make it look very nice.

    from Janice's Cake Creations Posted on

    Hooray! No more tedious cutting out of parchment papers for my pans for veggie tortes. These paper liners are a tome saver and a big help

    from Flying Avocado whole foods llc Posted on

    These cake circles are perfect for baking cakes to prevent the cake from tearing because it stuck to the pan. I wish I had bought them in the 8" size too.

    from New Era Services Posted on

    The paper is thinner than I expected and takes some effort to peal off the bottom of the cake after baking. I thought these would be more non-stick than they are.

    Posted on

    Thanks for you review! These are designed to prevent sticking between your pan and cake but there is no guarantee that it will never stick. The ingredients in the cake, oven temperature (max 400 degrees F), and length of baking time play a part in whether or not the cake will release easily from the dry wax paper circle. Also, it is best to spray the pan and dry wax circle with pan release before baking. No matter what kind of paper you are using.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    WOW. I love the 6" wax circles. I have always cut my own circles but will never again. This is the fastest and most economical way for wax circles.

    from Cakes by Terra Posted on

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