10" x 12" 1 Gallon Heavy Weight Seal Top Freezer Bag - 100/Pack

Item #: 130F41012K100

Use this 10" x 12" heavy weight seal top freezer bag as the perfect storage solution for all of your food storage and freezer bag needs! This bag meets FDA requirements for use in food applications making it great for your food prep. Use this bag to store food items like fruits and vegetables in amounts that are pre-measured for your recipes! The seal top keeps the air out and preserves your food items until they are ready to be served.

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10" x 12" 1 Gallon Heavy Weight Seal Top Freezer Bag - 100/Pack

4.8 stars from 123 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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bags freezer heavy great seal quality brand name price better

Heavy duty, thick, sturdy 10x12 1 gallon freezer bags. Better than any other freezer bag I have used in the past. Will buy again when needed.


Bought these bags to marinade various meats and I'm very happy with this product. The bag is nice and thick so its not likely to tear and closes water tight.


Nice bags heavy and sturdy. Would recommend. We use for our produce and poultry that we freeze daily and on the weekend. try them thanks.

from M&M Meals for the Soul LLC on

These are great freezer bags for the price. We use them to put our fryer food items in such as mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chicken tenders and wings, etc. The bags allow for easier access to the items. It would be great if there was a slider option.

from Atlantic City Sub Shops on

The weight of this bag is heavier than I expected and the seal slides easily and holds well. Compared to ziplock, I would estimate this to be about twice as thick which prevents the stretching and tearing when adding warmer foods. Since this has 100/pack, the price is outstanding. These have replaced all the small packs picked up at the grocery store. I will purchase this product again and I do recommend this to anyone!


Perfect for our everyday needs, good quality for the amazing low price!!! We will be ordering again! Better than any other store brand.


Good quality bags! We use these for our pre cooked frozen pierogi and they hold a dozen perfectly with no crowding so we can freeze them by laying the bag flat. And our customers love to be able to reuse them. They're sturdy enough for them to wash out, dry and repurpose.

from Mary Mac Bakehouse on

I needed this size and weight to store paper patterns that I had collected and were overwhelming me. They were perfect! They slide lock well, maintain sticky labels without slipping and now I can organize them and actually use the patterns in a timely manner rather than looking half the day to fine a complete pattern. Inexpensive and do the job well.

from AK83 LLC on

Exceptional quality! We use a lot if freezee bags and I am happy to have found these. They are perfecr..the price is great and I will be buying more. Thank you for your great service


These bags are perfect for packaging extra food in our food truck. Work great in the freezer and seem to prevent freezer-burn well. Only issue we have had is a small portion of our bags leaked out of bottom corner. Maybe 10 percent of the bags in our last order did this.

from Tri-M BBQ Food Truck on

I purchased these to both sous vide food in and to use in the freezer to store soups and other prepared foods - they have been great so far - no issues with seam failure.


I use the bags to store our chili in and the freeze. They are very durable and hold up well even if the chili is warm while bagging. Great product for the price.

from Wieners Gone Wild on

Good Bag, Nice and thick, good for freezer applications, and a good size for your packaging needs. We like it for our frozen pastry line.

from Chaval on

100 unsealable defective bags. Too cheap to send back. Won't be buying again. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice. You know how it goes.


I ordered these bags to use as packaging for popcorn and it worked wonderfully. The zipper kept the popcorn fresh and the bag itself was very sturdy.


These are perfect! I do a lot of home canning and am constantly dealing with storing lots of washed produce and half finished batches. The can handle hot liquid, do well full and side lying in the freezer (just make sure the seal is closed), and can be washed and reused a few times before needing to be trashed (i have a few designated for the same item in the freezer like strawberries, ice, ect). I didn’t realize how much I relied on them until the I was down to my last few.


This is my go to freezer and storage bag. The bag is a heavy weight and works well in the freezer and for marinades. It seals well


We love these freezer bags! They are good quality and durable, we feel confident in knowing that whatever we store in these in the freezer will be kept fresher for longer. And you can not beat the price!

from Mestiza Kitchen, Inc. on

These are 1000 times better then the store brand in my opinion. They are heavy duty and have a great seal on them. I use them to store frozen fruit and soup. I have not had any issues.

from MK Cafe & Catering on

Since most of the items we want to refrigerate or freeze need a more substantial covering than those low-mil grocery store bags can provide in order to stay fresh or keep freezer burn away, I consider these an excellent buy. I’ve put these on my kitchen staples wishlist and will be buying the other sizes, too.


I love these! They're so much cheaper than buying in stores, and they're very high quality. Thick and durable, we've never had a problem with seams coming undone or ripping.

from Yvonne's LLC on

These bags are wonderful and heavy duty! Perfect for what we need and so much cheaper than the name brand. We buy these every time we need them in the different sizes they come in. Recommend buying heavy weight ones over the standard ones.

from SML Coffee House on

the 10 x 12 heavy weight freezer bags are very thick and durable.they are a lot better grade and cheaper then the major brand ones.

from hudson diner on

I love the size of these. I actually prefer the sizing on these to the name brand because they seem to fit things better. They are thicker which I love. The big problem is the zipper, just like with the quart size that I reviewed the zipper is thinner and much harder to close. My kids have a really hard time getting it closed all the way and often just can't do it.


Love these. Love the price and size over all. I like to buy in bulk alot and freeze alot of food and these are great and hold up well.

from Cake Me Away on

These are quality freezer bags. They well constructed, can fit lots of meats, or what you need to freeze. The price is wonderful and you get a lots of bags, beats buying from your grocery stores in those small amounts. I love my websaurant.com, you all ways find the best deals and most of all you get your money worth.


These bags are very nice and thick I use them for freezing foods. Also for a lot of other things because of their thickness. I do highly recommend these bags


Great Ziploc bag for storing several items. Has a great airtight seal. We have frozen fish for over four months and no freezer burn was present .

from K&M Express Shrimp on

I enjoy being able to purchase these in bulk, as the ones in grocery stores and other place get expensive. Great for storing smaller things in the freezer!

from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop on

these are comparable to national brands. I am glad we bought this brand. We will be buying more to keep a stock on hand at all times

from Mobile services on

These gallon size heavy freezer bags are wonderful. We can precook ground beef, chicken and prepare other foods for our business. I could not believe the quality of these freezer bags. I am sure I will enjoy freezing fresh corn on the cob in these bags this summer because they are much heavier and better quality than the name brand bags I have been using.


These heavy duty bags are awesome! We love to use them for some of our freezer items and even to portion out spices or fresh veggies!

from Beans in the Belfry on

The Heavy Weight Freezer bags are extremely durable. We use them for freezing vegetables and meat at Rebel Raw and they withstand anything. These are a lot better than the name brand freezer bags you find in store. I definitely recommend this product.

from Rebel Raw on

These plastic bags are a great value for the price. The plastic is very strong and easy to write on. They only have single-zips, but the zippers are very strong. I would prefer a wider opening and more square shape, like name brands have. Overall I would recommend this product.

from Fort Dorchester High School on

'Heavy Weight' is not an exaggeration. These store heavy items like grapefruit without tearing apart at the seams. No need for a double seal; the single seal works. An excellent value.


These zipped freezer bags are a godsend, the price is perfect and they are twice as heavy as anything you buy at the dollar store, we use for everything.

from La Gondola Chicago on

This freezer bag is a nice size and fits many big items that need to be frozen it doesn't break or tear. Recommend it to all!


These gallon size freezer bags are really good. My ice maker takes a long time to make ice so I use these bag for storing ice for later use. So if you are in need for ice for later use or just want to take ice to the picnic, these bags will hold up really well for storing ice.


These bags are great for all of our frozen baked goods. They never tear, they seal correctly every time and prevent freezer burn. Great for the price!

from Simmer Down on

I love these freezer bags. Excellent quality Very easy to pour and store any type of food in my freezer They seal very good and being clear is the best seeing products frozen


Nice bags. Thought they would be a bit thicker just because they're "freezer" bags. hold nicely, seal easily and securely but some of them seem to get brittle in the freezer.

from Ann Richardson on

These bags are even better than the higher end brand name versions. They are thick and strong and hold a lot of product. I suspect they are actually larger than 1 gallon. They're really great for the price.

from Whole Health Dentistry on

These are much less expensive than the name brand bags. I was looking for a good alternative to the name brand, and these fit the bill.

from St Anne Orthodox Church on

Wow these bags are tough and heavy duty. They work well in the freezer to store food. Strong seal really keeps the food fresh inside.

from Public House Quechee on

we love these freezer bags.very heavy duty. mush thicker then glad or hefty.dont hesitate on this purchase.we just reordered them in several available sizes! heavier and cheaper!!!

from bar on

We deal with a lot of fruits, and some have a short season when they are in peak. I use these bags to pkg them up. These bags are pretty heavy duty and allow you place heavy fruits, i.e.Mango slices, and freeze them for later use. The seal on the top is single, which at first I was somewhat dubious , but I can turn the back upside down with about 3 lbs of fruit in it, and it holds up.

from Foxy Brown on

This heavy weight freezer bag is of higher quality than you will find at any retailer. The only drawback (and this is minor) is that it is just shy of fitting a homemade loaf of bread parallel to the zip top. I still give it a 5 star rating because of its superior quality.


We use these bags for our Meal Prep Clients. They assemble meals which may need to be frozen. The bags are thick so we have no worry of freezer burn. They are deep and provide plenty of space for veggies and greens

from DelliciousPrep on

I was tired of buying big brand freezer bags with only 15 in the box for the same amount of money. These are nice and thick and protects your food items from freezer burns. Price is a steal for the amount of bags you receive. Thanks webstaurantstore.com


These are very high quality, with thick plastic and strong closure. No need for "name brand" bags any more. These are an excellent value for the price! Very useful size.


A much cheaper, but still quality alternative to the name brand freezer bags. These work well for storing items in the freezer without causing freezer burn.


Just like the name implies, these are heavy weight plastic bags. These strong, sturdy bags are great for freezing items or anytime you simply need a heavier plastic. These are really nice bags and can easily be washed and reused several times.


These are great, heavy duty freezer bags. With the quality of these bags and the great price it will be hard to find a greater price.


We used to buy ziplocs and these work better than the freeezer ziploc bags. The size is better as well. We can portion much better.

from Cape Ann Lanes on

These are fantastic freezer bags. They very heavy weight and are so much better than any of the name brands. They don't have a fancy zipper on the seal, but they are still very easy to close and provide a very good seal. I am going to order more of these and also other sizes as well.


Amazing quality product ! I love how it deals and keeps all the meat frozen air tight. Overall an amazing buy and I suggest you buy it too


The freezer bags are a bit larger & thicker than the normal store brand bags. You have extra room on top to be able to close the bag when you have bulky freezer items like broccoli. It's nice that it is clear with no lettering so you can see & write what you like.


What a deal! These gallon sized bags work great and they are so affordable that you can use them for freezer bags or storage bags and save money!

from Lily Lane Embroidery on

I really, really love these freezer bags. I have been buying name brand from my grocery store forever & these are SO much better. they are so thick and work great in or out of the freezer... i will note that the shape of these is slightly longer and skinnier than that of store bought, but that makes no difference to me. Will buy over and over!


These 10”x12” heavy weight seal top freezer bags come in a bag of 100. Great for splitting up Big bulks of meat to put in the freezer


These are a great quality, heavy duty freezer bags. They seal easily, and I haven't experienced the seal coming apart in the freezer. Really good value for the quality of these bags.


We use these freezer bags all the time. Not just for freezing items but putting items in for transporting to and from caterings. They are nice because we can then just throw them away.

from Vault catering and events on

Amazing freezer bag, keeps food fresh and frost-free. The seal is top notch, and extremely durable. Good size for portioning, as well. Simply amazing product

from JBC Gourmet LLC on

These freezer bags are a must have in my kitchen, I use them for everything from storing bakery items to storing sauces and even soups.

from The Savage Patch on

Best heavy and thick bags ever. I was worried about getting them to seal. but I haven't had any problems. will be buying them again.

from river rock on

I could not be happier with the quality of these freezer bags very economical but above average sturdiness ,we will definitely buy more in the future.


Wonderfully amazing bags! I use them for the freezer, refrigerator, or just dry storage. They keep everything fresh and they remain clear to see the product inside. Very durable.


These freezer bags are my favorite. Heavy duty and nearly leak-proof, these bags are ones we try to save and re-use when we can! They are just so good!

from Farm To You LLC on

The 10" x 12" Heavy Weight Seal Top Freezer Bag works great for repackaging freezer items purchased in bulk. The quality is very good, they are heavy duty. I definitely recommend and would purchase again.


The 10" x 12" bags are not as good overall as some I've used but they will do the trick for a better price. I do several events each summer that I need to prep in advance as it's nice to store in sealed bags for flat storage then easy open for cook time.

from Comfort Cusine on

These bags get the job done and are a great price. I freeze all kinds of things in these bags and everything in them lasts.


Heavy Weight bags for freezer! These are super strong! Nice size too. We use these to freeze chicken for later use. 4 stars for quality and price.

from Queens pizzaria on

These are great quality freezer bags! Food stays fresher for longer. I also like the fact that there is no label or writing on the bags- I can personalize them with my business logo sticker!


these bags are so thick and sturdy, they don't puncture like those that you buy in the store, they close easy and don't leak--I will only buy freezer bags here from now on...


These bags are amazing and perfect for all our needs. They are made very well and have a strong seal - great value and will absolutely repurchase.


I was a little wary at first of purchasing these bags as I've been used to the quality of the name brand bags, but these ended up being very durable and they feel slightly larger than the standard gallon bags which is nice. the thickness is great for freezing or sous vide applications.


For the price, good product. Is this the best option for freezer bags? No, as they are thinner than expected. Okay product. Likely will not purchase again.


Very solid freezer bag - good size for storing balls of cookie dough, or laying meat out for flat freezing. It's not double sealed, but the plastic is thick enough it should provide adequate frost protection. Great deal for the quantity.


We love this write on gallon bag for it's how much abuse it can take and how cheap it is. It's a great way to save money and to be able to trust in your bag!

from LB Cafe on

These bags is just what I need, they are durable and serves it purpose. They are thick and does not tear easily,you will be happy for this quality at this price.


These are very good quality. They definitely seem to be more durable than any other leading brands of freezer bags I have tried. They seal well and easily.

from Emily Myers on

These are so durable and strong and zip well! I'm very impressed. I think they're better than the leading brand actually and thicker for sure. I doubt they will tear as easily as those i've been using. We packed 30 lbs of green beans safely in these today and they held up great and have a lot of room.


We got these to store our pre-made crockpot freezer meals. They are thick and durable, but not indestructible. We had one bag tear because it was scraped against another frozen bag in the freezer, so be careful not to just jam these into the back of your freezer.

from j4jcline on

This is exactly what I wanted, these bags are great , very strong and suited my needs, and it does, getting a few more of these soon.


I freeze a lot of Items and I had a lot of tomatoes in my garden. These bags are just the right size and do not leak They are thick.

from Home Use on

These are a great help. Very heavy bags that seal tightly - though admittedly not always the first time. They save an enormous amount of space in the freezer. A gallon of beef stew takes up only about an inch of height and it froze in just a few hours.


I use these bags for EVERYTHING! They area much higher quality than the typical store-brand bags I am used to. They are really sturdy and quite durable, too!


I highly recommend these freezer bags. I use these to store bits of carved away cake to use for cake balls and cake pops. That are a good thickness. Not too thin.

from That cake place on

These bags are thicker then name brand ziplock. Only comment is the zipper part is a little bit harder to zip then name brand. Even saying that, these are a win on the price


Excellent value for these heavy weight plastic zip-lock bags! These are perfect for storing food, and work really nicely in the freezer, and, or holding foods/ingredients that are on the heavier side.


WEBstaurantStore has a great product at a great price in these gallon size heavy duty plastic freezer bags perfect for storing meats in freezer or just for storing snacks


I ended up reaching for these more often than I expected. Strong heavy bags, reliable watertight seal, and a wonderful value. These will become standard kitchen equipment for me.


Great gallon ziplock bags. Great weight. Great price. The only minor disadvantage is the packaging. Instead of a handy box like the retail version, you get these in a ziplock bag. But really the weight of these is so top notch that you will want these over any retail bags.


Great bags for the money! No problem with leakage or the seal. These bags are much thicker than the bags sold at the grocery store.


These are excellent freezer zip top bags. They are well made and heavy weight...My only complaint is that there is no area for labeling the contents of the bag. That isn't a dealbreaker for me--These bags are such good quality for the price, that I will reorder and just use freezer labels on them.


We used these freezer bags each month when we do our freezer meal cooking. They hold everything you can imagine, we have used them for cookies, to cooked meat, and even soup!!


I can trust these bags, the seal has never given out me. I know when I lay the full bags flat, the seal will hold. No need to double the bags in the freezer, or worry about the contents spilling in the refrigator.

from Ann's Gourmet LLC on

These bags are great. I ordered them first just to try them out. They are thick and strong. I use them to put used oil in it to freeze it and then I toss the bag in the trash. I also freeze food in them to use at a later date, like meatballs, also sloppy Joe meat without the mix in it yet. These bags are worth it.


This is one of my most used products. I use them for everything from storing food in the refrigerator , storing food in the freezer, putting containers of soup in a bag just for safety while traveling, I put ice in them for my cooler and can use the melted water for cleaning up when we are through. A damp towel in a bag can be handy for messy faces and hands on children in the car. Take along your dog food while on a trip. I even use them to put bones, scraps, and smelly items in before I put it in the trash compactor. I just squeeze out the air and they don't break when under pressure. I love them.

from Floral Creations on

I will never buy freezer bags anywhere else. These bags are heavy duty, freeze well and are an amazing price. Buy these bags are the best!!!!


I absolutely love these storage bags! I have a very large garden and use only these bags for the freezer. I have not found any other brand that can compete with the quality or price!


We are very pleased with these 10" X 12" freezer bags. These bags are of heavy weight and adequate size. We would recommend this product.


Heavy duty for sure. We even reuse them sometimes depending on the use. Been through several packs thus far without any problems. Seals up well.


Great freezer food bags. I like how heavy duty they are. Only a one thing that I would like to be different, have a double zip lock seal.

from Purenfusion LLC on

Can't wait to get these into use. Reviews are outstanding, and the prices are great. These will make a nice addition to my freezing, and storage needs.


These are a pretty good quality freezer bag. I used these to freeze vegetables from my garden and they were the perfect size. I will more than likely purchase them again.


These are great plastic freezer bags. Just as good as the name brand, we pack them up and have no problems with tears or leaks.

from Baked and Sconed, LLC on



As someone who does a lot of freezer cooking I am really impressed with these bags. So much more sturdy than the retail brands. After putting so much work into your food it is refreshing to know that my food is extra protected. I love the size. I'm sold!!!!


These zip lock 10x12 in bags are great they are much heavy than the store brand and strong hold a lot more than you expect I recommend these bags.


I LOVE these freezer bags!! They are much better than anything you can buy at a local restaurant retailer. They are VERY sturdy and durable and you can easily write on them what items are inside.


Heavy duty freezer bags. Similar to brand name bags, though these don't feel as sturdy along the seams or the zipper. Also, for those thinking of using these at home, they come stored in a larger bag and are much more difficult to remove individually.


I love these bags--much better than the junk you get in the grocery store. I have used these for keeping produce in the refris after I clean or prep it and the stuff keeps really well ! Less spoilage !!


These Zip Lock bags are Great. I make sure I have plenty when I order. Very Heavy weight. You can not Buy anything even close to these in stores. Very Satisfied.


nice freezer bags, you can put almost anything in it. well in quality. and thick to, so thay wont break easy. and at a very low cost.

from nitas place on

These 10"x12" zip lock bags are the best for freezing or storing in. I always make sure they are on my list. Very well made.


The Plastic 10" x 12" Zip lock Heavy Weighted freezer Bags sold 100 per pack. They are great 1 gallon bags. They even work great with blast chillers. The price is great.

from Harrison Familey Restaurant on

Great freezer bags. Holds alot and will store awhile. I use them all the time. I needed one more strawberry pie last night so i put the other strawberrys in a bag. Great buy.

from Sheila's Homestyle on

Very solid bags that can perform heavy duty tasks. This size the generic size for holding most products in a commercial kitchen. Can hold liquids too. Very nice.

from Alex D. on

great quality plastic bag although they are a little pricy for zip locks. if you are looking for a bag to hold heavy items these are great!

from OPUS Espresso and Wine Bar on

This is a quart sized ziptop heavy weight freezer bag. It is very high quality and more cost effective than the store brand. This is my second re-order. I highly recommend these bags. I have them in every available size and love them all.


These bags are an excellent quality. They are very heavy weight so you can use them in the freezer without any worries of losing your food.


No write on labels, BUT these would cost 3 to 4 times as much at the grocery store & to top that off they work just as well as Zip Lock Bags!


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