Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoon

Item #: 130HSBK

Perfect for your take-out restaurant, cookout, party, gathering, or other catered event, this Visions black heavy weight plastic teaspoon will exceed your serving needs! Complete your plastic cutlery setting, or use it to fill your flatware bins at your snack shack or concession stand.

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Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoon

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spoons heavy great price quality Black weight plastic duty spoon
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    Received these today and was planning to use them for ice cream and the first 2 broke right away. Not heavy duty do not waste your money on these!
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I bought it for my ice cream shop and spoon is high quality with cheap price compare to the local wholesale company. highly recommend it..
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    This is a very sturdy spoon and is great for Sundae's and products that are placed in deep containers. I have not had one break yet.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    These spoons are definitely worth the money! These are sturdy and durable. The employees use these for everything from soup to ice cream with no problems. I will be ordering these again as they are worth the money!
    For the price, this is a steal. If you try to find anything that is comparable in price and quality it's either one or the other. HIGHLY recommend this product!
    The heavy-weight description lived up to its quality. We needed to-go spoons for ice cream...these work great, are durable, and people enjoy the quality of the spoon.
    These spoons are absolutely perfect! They are great for most any use and hold up really well. The quantity for price is excellent and I will definitely be buying again!
    These spoons are in no way "heavy duty". They snap and leave shards of plastic in the food. These should not be sold they are so bad and nothing but problems for businesses using them.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These are a good option for togo utensils, but I would suggest a sealable container to store them. The box you receive won't hold up.
    We order these every year now for our food concessions stand at out carnival event. Very good quality for the price. Not at all flimsy.
    Very nice! Just what we needed. I will definitely reorder once depleted. I think they are a great value for the price especially if you use plastic cutlery daily.
    Great heavy weight spoon used in our staff break room. We are happy with the quality of the product and order them regularly. The hold up well when used in hot drinks as well.
    Fantastic Quality for a Tea Spoon. It holds up very well while mixing in a glass because of the sturdy construction and the black color compliments any decor!!!!
    Strong Spoons. We use the very small amount of them, but they do the job. Most of the time the entire case comes in organized and without any casualties.
    These utensils as durable as they are attractive. I can't keep them in stock. No matter the color, you still get the same product and the color selection is just as pleasing.
    These spoons are durable. They are not cheaply made. You get a lot of such a good price compared to any other stores. I would definitely recommend!
    Good quality disposable knife without breaking the bank. They are heavy duty and work well for us. They are more teaspoon like but that works well for giving with our side orders.
    These black disposable spoons are sturdy, inexpensive, and the design on the handle is very elegant. They work great to keep in hand for parties.
    These spoons are not heavy duty when they are used to ieat ice cream. I will not buy this product ever again due customer dissatisfaction and the fearfulness of developing a negative repetition with the public for providing a substandard eating utensils.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Right value for the right price. States heavy weight, I would say it is a very high degree of weight, perhaps not the ultimate in heavy weight, but very close. Perfect for outdoor cookouts or catered party. Subtle design on handle. A few had slight notches, but were barely noticeable and out of 1,000 and at this price point, not something I'll lose sleep over.
    I would defiantly purchase these Vision heavy weight utensils again. I used them for an event and the black gave a nice finish to the black and gold decor. They held up to the dinner that was served as well.
    Just what I needed to complete my dinner service trio. The weight was excellent for continued used through the whole meal, others broke this one lasted, and it looked nice not cheap.
    Just what we needed, am ordering more this week! They are nice for any occasion and will not break when applying normal pressure to manipulate through food. Great price for a great product.
    High quality silverware for an inexpensive price. These spoons are great for hot and cold items alike. Buy them with the matching forks and knives for an economical solution for utensils.
    La cuchara es muy resistente, la usamos para entregar con nuestros productos que son como nieve y nuestros clientes estan muy contentos. Su color negro brillante las hace lucer bien en cualquiier platillo.
    Spoons seem to be very nice quality, no complaints, and the price is right! They're not the "heaviest" of heavy weight spoons that I have seen, but they should hold just and do the job just fine.
    Simple flatware that I can use at any event. Since they are black, they look elegant and will fit any occasion: cocktail party, reception, breakfast, lunch, dinner, anything.
    This disposable teaspoon is just that. A teaspoon. I like the color; sleek and looks almost formal. It is heavy duty but BEWARE if you are buying to use with soups this is NOT the spoon for you. I made that mistake and now have a case of these spoons that would be GREAT for coffee or sugar or something/ANYTHING besides soup. Not a deep spoon is shallow.
    This is a good price point on these heavyweight plastic black tea spoons are really good this company makes really nice disposable plastic ware Yo
    Typically we do not use plastic cutlery for the events. However, when we do use plastic cutlery we always make sure to purchase heavyweight products. This teaspoon comes iin a black color. Black will go with almost every event.
    Very good quality plastic utensils. can be use for heavy foods and would not break. I keep going back to re ordering them. A plus.
    These are very sturdy. They are many steps above what people give customers. The bottom line is quality pays off in more ways than one.
    We love love these spoons and our customers do too. They are very durable, the quality is great and the price is good too. We will be buying more of these
    Great spoons, nice and thick, we use them for homemade ice cream, costumers love them cuz they don't breach easily, good product and great price!
    These are great heavyweight plastic spoons that are perfect for parties or taking on the go. I put them in the kids lunchboxes so we don't worry about them losing real spoons. They are definitely heavyweight and don't break easily. Not flimsy at all
    They are great heavy duty and sturdy spoons with great price! Great for everyday use and for any event, party, or wedding! Definitely worth it!
    We like this Vision black heavy weight plastic teaspoon. It is heavy duty so it's not flimsy and will not break easily. The price for 100 pieces is awesome.
    These are great! They stand up to the heartiest chilis & sauces. We're happy with both the quality and the look of this product and will continue to reorder again & again.
    We use all disposable utensils in our restaurant so we go through a lot of spoons. This is very cost effective for us and the quality is great. We switch to this spoon a few months ago and haven't look back, these are our new spoons.
    I was in search of a stronger spoon for our ice cream. this seems to be pretty sturdy. waiting to hear back from everyone on how they are.
    very high quality for the price. used these for a pig roast birthday party and they held up to everything they were used for! some did have some "scuff" like defects, but this didn't effect the performance or quality. I will purchase again!
    These black heavy duty spoons completed a tropical themed party. The order arrived very quickly and were packed well. Got lots of complements and question about where I purchased all my table components. The prices for everything were much less than anywhere else.
    These Black Plastic Spoons Are fantastic. They are very sturdy and are useful for to go orders as well as other spoon related needs. Will buy again!
    They are easy to grab in a hurry because they come lined in neat rows in the box. The packaging is compact so they don't take up much space on the storage shelf. They are moderately strong. Our customers use them to eat our homemade hard ice cream and overall they work well, but some do occasionally break if pressed on too hard. Another problem is I often find a loose and thin thread of plastic about the width and appearance of a hair on the spoons when I grab them. The price is the best that I can find for Heavy Weight Black Teaspoons, even when taking into account shipping. Recommended
    We use these quite often in our cafe to sample our own products and make sure they are up to standards as far as quality is concerned. the are simple and easy to use.
    Heavy duty spoons! These are not your lightweight plasticware that you expect to break at any moment. Instead, they hold up and even 'feel' like they are sturdy and up to the job! Certainly will order again!
    Cuts through hard ice cream with no problems at all. Also good for other things such as adding sugar to drinks or eating cereal as well.
    This item is not as sturdy as expected....even though it is called a "heavy" weight spoon. It bends when trying to get a bite of ice cream. Will not order again.
    We appreciate your review, Renee! If you are looking for a different product that would better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    The Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoons are excellent. The quality is very good as well as the price. They are great to send to work and school in cold lunches. Cuts back on the dishes and its ok if they do not return home. I highly recommend these heavy duty spoons.
    These spoons work just great! They are black heavy weight plastic teaspoons that are pretty strong! They can be used for really hot soup even without melting!
    love these spoons, and being heavy weight and heavy duty they pack a whallop
    These are great spoons for the price and heavy weight so they are less likely to snap on you when you get that big bite!
    Good Quality Spoons, they are not flimsy, do not feel weak. The edges of the spoon are not sharp like some spoons so they don't cut your mouth.
    High-quality spoons at a cost cheaper than anywhere locally! These hold up very well to a variety of foods. Check out the other products in this line for a matching set.
    Love theese disposable black plastic teaspoons. They are perfect for an event where easy clean up is needed. They are very durable as well and hold up nice.
    These disposable black heavy duty spoons are truly the best. Perfect for everything even hard ice cream! They never break and no one ever complains about them.
    These spoons are great! We use them for take out orders in our restaurant and they are very sturdy non flimsy spoons. Perfect to take along with any meal.
    Spoons are very attractive and strong I can't tell you how many times I have broken a plastic spoon in the past however these spoon stood up to the challenge of heavy mashed potatoes.
    These are nice and heavy weight. I bought them to have on hand during the busy catering holiday season. The price is very good through this website.
    I'm pretty impressed with these heavyweight spoons I like the fact they're black and not the white or clear ones they look really nice and they're exceptionally strong that a great deal
    Great spoon, had no issue eating heavier items with it like a chili. Did not have one bend or break. Worked for ice cream, soups and mixing without fail. Was great that they were full size as well. Have washed and used some with no issue. Would buy again.
    Good product also good quality and great price !! Love it and i recommend it for any kind of food soft or hard ether one of thim !!
    Great strong spoons. I use them in many ways. From eating hot soups to desserts. They come at a great price and is a must have for parties and gatherings.
    Love the Heavy weight teaspoons for our "Flan"... We sell it by the slice and these black spoons work great and do not bend at all..
    Recently as part of a set with forks and knives for a catering event. Shipped to event location, on time, well packaged and well received as always. Thanks.
    Very sturdy and of a great value. It was exactly as it was pictured and described. We used it for a huge event and they were perfect
    Great disposable plastic spoons for my cafe. Sturdy and does not easily break. The black color fits my cafe style very well. Will be ordering over and over again.
    Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoon - 1000 / Case - sturdy, quality for the price. holds up well. great for pastries. will order again
    Used the Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoon to eat a hashbrown egg quiche. The Teaspoon was easily able to pick up the quiche with no trouble.
    This item was used at a wedding reception. It was elegant while sturdy. This is a good product. I would definitely order again. Highly recommended!
    These spoons are heavy duty plastic as advertised. My only complaint is that the mouth of the spoon is more narrow than similar products I've ordered.
    These spoons are nearly one inch longer than any we have used in the past. We love them and so do our customers! Highly recommend!
    Great value. We have tried other brands of spoons and some have rough edges or are not very sturdy. These meet all of our quality standards and are very reasonably priced.
    Great, all purpose tea spoon, even good for soups because the bowl of the spoon is not too small. The black makes it classier than clear or white disposables.
    These are great spoons! I bought the medium weight ones previously, and those were pretty flimsy. These are much sturdier, so I can use them for more things and actually use them if I want to eat something instead of using them solely for adding things like minced garlic to my food while cooking.
    these are great Visions Heavyweight Black Plastic Teaspoon this is not easy to break than other locally branded this very sturdy plastic teaspoon
    These spoons are exactly what we were looking for. We serve ice cream and the weight and strength of the spoon is prefect for our ice .cream and milkshakes
    These disposable plastic spoons are OK. They're a little bit flimsier than expected and some of them have thin plastic strands coming off them from the manufacturing process that could easily be mistaken for hair. The price isn't bad though.
    Looked great, better than white ones for upscale event. Nice weight. Durable. Good value. Customer was very pleased with product. Fast delivery. Will order again.
    I love the look of these black forks. I wanted them individually wrapped but the price was higher. They are of high quality and sturdy.
    I love these small plastic spoons for cooking! They are perfect to add to any station for quick tasting and sampling of the food to ensure the best dish at the end!! Easy to dispose!!
    We have used other plastic spoons from a few other companies. These are by far the best price we encounter. Will definitely buy them again.
    These teaspoons are sturdy enough for foods that aren't too thick. Trying to force frozen ice cream out of its container would definitely break it. On the other hand, once the ice cream softened these do a great job and of course, what I like best is the clean up. Disposable and as far as I know, they are recyclable.
    Nice weight to eat an actual meal. They are inexpensive enough to fit the budget, but strong enough not to keep breaking. If you want your utensils to match colors, you may want to call ahead to insure availability of the color you want.
    This sabert spoon is good to use as a one time deals or run it through your dishwasher. This can be used for holidays and graduations and get togethers. Place anywhere food is served.
    I love the look of black plastic wear and when they say they are heavy duty they ARE heavy duty. My customers like them because they do not break easily.

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