8" x 8" Heavy Weight Seal Top Freezer Bag - 100/Pack

Item #: 130F40808 100

These low density, heavy duty 8" x 8" quart size polyethylene freezer seal top bags are 4 mils thick and are not affected by extremely cold temperatures. Thanks to this extra thickness, they can be used in blast chillers.

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8" x 8" Heavy Weight Seal Top Freezer Bag - 100/Pack

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bags freezer great bag quality price store thick heavy perfect
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    These are definitely heavy duty, I filled them with diced pineapple along with every drop of the juice and then I closed the tab and held it upside down , not even a drip, these are worth it !
    I’m extremely excited to use these bags for my farmers market. I sell peas by the quart and these are the perfect size. The square shape is more eye catching than rectangular.
    I've used these for storing everything from sandwiches to soup. One of my favorite uses is storing and freezing liquids -- soup, broth, extra sauce...they hold up great!
    This freezer bag is absolutely awesome! The 8"x8" size is perfect for storing individual portions. The plastic is thick and durable and they are easy to seal with a tight seal. The price can't be beat. These have become a must-have for me.
    Great heavy weight freezer bag. It seals great and prevents my vegetables from getting freezer burn. Great price for a great quality product. This easily gets a 5 star rating.
    These bags are high quality and perfect for every possible need. They are much stronger than the store brand ones and a great deal when considering the quantity and price. Will be buying more of these in all sizes from now on.
    there bag is perfact for almost every thing we used for stored food ,material is very strong and the price is not expensive we are love it
    These are very high quality, with thick plastic and strong closure. No need for "name brand" bags any more. These are an excellent value for the price!
    These bags are great - as thick as Ziplock bags were over a decade ago before they started making the plastic thinner with each zipper “improvement”. The last Ziplock freezer bags i bought weren’t even thick enough for storage bags. So i bought these and never looked back!
    Perfect size for storage of food and non-food items. I use them to also store bathroom supplies and even use them for my bird seeds - no need to try and pour seeds from a giant bag and spill everywhere.
    I cannot say enough about these Freezer bags!! They hold quite a bit so whether your storing peppers or pieces of meat, you will have adequate space. I use them to hold my sliced peppers and onions so I have them cut when I need them.
    These bags are perfect for so many things. We use them for food storage as well as to hold our cookie bags at festivals and markets.
    Best freezer bag! Great quality, so thick and durable. Use them for everything! Will definitely purchase more in different sizes. Will not buy from the grocery store every again.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these freezer bags. The bags are much thicker and heavier than most of the store brand freezer bags I've bought in the past. I will definitely purchase again!
    4 Stars! Excellent freezer or regular use zip lock bag! Comes in 3 different sizes/ capacity! We highly recommend. And it's super heavy duty! We ll get it again!
    Awesome quart sized freezer bags! They work just as good as Ziplocs and they are affordable enough to use as storage bags as well as freezer bags. Such a great find! This will save us lots of $$ in storage bags!!
    These 8 X 8 bags are a great size for several things block cheese, bacon, lunch meats, etc. they zip up well and are quite durable.
    These 8x8 heavy weight seal top freezer bags are great for food prepping. They come in a pack of 100. Great for keeping vegetables fresh
    Quart size freezer bags! These are a thicker bag for use in the freezer. There are 100 bags in the item order and will definitely come in use. They can be used for dry foods as well.
    these are very heavy duty bags. they can be used for storage in the fridge or freezer but they also work nicely for short term sous vide cooking projects.
    I go through a lot of baggies at my house so i decided to give these a try. They GREAT! super thick and heavy. I like these better than name brand freezer bags from the grocery store. Buying them this way, they don't come in a box, but inside another bag instead, but that is the only downfall for me, and even that is more of just an annoyance when I need one quick. I have found i can fit 2 sandwiches (on store bought italian bread) in here perfectly, which is great for my husbands lunches! The superior quality is overkill for that application probably, but in the long run i will save money vs using 2 bags. A++++ Buying more in my next purchase!
    These Freezer bags are great! They are a bit taller than the commercial store brands but that's what makes it great. It saves a bunch of space in the freezer since it's not so wide.
    These heavy weight freezer bags are true to their name. They are super thick which makes them hard to tear and great for freezing and storing food. We order these often, and will probably continue to do so.
    Good quality zip bags! I like these bag better than brand name zip bags in supermarkets. They are very thick. Easy tonopen and close thight. Good for freezing food too.
    These freezer bag are great. very thick plastic and the price cant be matched compared to store brands. I will be buying again in all sizes.
    These freezer bags are the perfect size for individual portions. I like to use them to keep my products fresh in the humidity of Florida's farmers' markets, as well as to protect any frozen items. This fits a 5inch box perfectly for freezer storage.
    These bags are the absolute best ever. They are a nice thick bag that is more than suitable for use as a freezer bag, yet reasonably priced for every day use.
    I used the 8" bags for storing items for meal prep for a recent special event. It's easier to cut and store ahead of time and them open, dump and cook.
    The 8" x 8" Heavy Weight Seal Top Freezer Bags are great for storing items that were purchased in bulk in smaller portions. The quality is excellent, they are very heavy duty. I highly recommend this product.
    Webstaurant has the best ziploc freezer bags on the market. They are super thick and high quality bags. Also the price is great. These quart bags are perfect for portioning food
    This is of thick and durable quality. i've used it for freezing and sous vide cooking without any problems. It also seals very well. I highly recommend!
    The bags are awesome!! they are so thick and close easy--lots better than other brands at the store and cheaper too--will buy them here from now on....
    We are using these to bag cheesecake bites, cookie dough bites and brownie bites for our store. They work well, great size durable and no more freezer burn.
    sturdy and a great price is all I gotta say for the Heavy weight seal top freezer bags, you get 100 sturdy, welly built freezer bags for a great price!
    Thicker freezer bags like these are good for so many different situations from storing smaller size meats in freezer, fruits and vegetables or even for sandwiches and snacks for lunch Great price and quality.
    We purchased these to use for samples of our confections for our wholesale accounts and they are perfect! The seal stays secure and thr quality of the bag meets our standards.
    These plastic bags are great! They helped me to cut costs from my budget as we save and store a bunch of individual pastries and other items in our freezer to keep them fresh. I won't go with another bag after trying these and cutting down on the money I was spending elsewhere.
    We find this bag to be perfect for long term freezer storage commercially and for home. It' reduces freezer burn and eliminates the possibility of tears.
    This is a good quality freezer bag can be used for various application, for the price and quality you cant go wrong with this bag.
    These bags are thick!! I use them to freeze meats and fruits and they hold up to the cold without any frost. Also I had no bones piercing through.
    These freezer bags are great for storing items such as croissants. This bag is also quite very durable. The seal holds more pressure than I expected before bursting open.
    These are excellent bags. Very heavyweight for the price of what storage bags would cost. The are also a little larger than a quart bag. love them.
    We will definitely buy these 8x8 freezer bags again due to there quality and price there perfect for sandwiches or for storage in the freezer.
    These bags are extremely heavy duty. They are easy to close and very secure when they are filled and sealed. I dropped a full bag on the floor by accident and there was no leakage at all. I have not seen any freezer burn on any of the meats we froze in them. You can store anything you want to protect from moisture with confidence that it will be protected.
    These bags seem durable and well sealed with the option of being reused if you want since they are such good quality. They zip liquid well and cereal and fresh veggies without any dripping as we tested them. They also don't rip or puncture easily as some zip bags do. Great deal!
    Perfect size, great price, super heavy duty ! I freeze meat in them all the time with NO issues, will continue to use and reorder when I run out.
    I saved so much money buying these bags. They are good quality and a little larger than those I get regular retail. My only issue was finding a good place to store them but get at them easily since my normal come in their own box. I just keep them in a drawer and it has worked fine for me.
    These are awesome heavy duty bags - they have replaced any big box store brand I have used in the past. I can even rinse them out and use them again. Very strong and durable.
    They are not as durable as the ZIplock bags brand BUT they are 1/3 cheaper. It works the same way nonetheless. Price is cheap, Customer satisfied!
    These Bags are Very Good Great Quality a must in my house I wrap everything and go right to freezer. No Leaks Like the cheep ones.
    These are very sturdy - they stand on their own if you're filling them with dry goods. They're even washable. The best part is that they save so much space in my freezer! Instead of the maneuvering 2lb containers, I just nearly stack these. They both freeze and defrost significantly faster too. The only negative is that the seal, while very secure, doesn't always align immediately.
    These are great and I use them all the time. They are of good, solid quality, Much heavier than the typical store-bought common variety. I am very pleased with these.
    I really like the thickness of these bags, and the size is nice. I just wish it had a double zipper closure. I double check each bag after filling, sometimes it takes a couple of tries before it's sealed correctly.
    These seem to be high quality bags. They are fairly thick. The seal is very good on them but I wouldn't mind if it was wider to make it just a bit easier to close. The first bag I used had a small leak but the others don't seem to have that problem. The price for 100 of these is an excellent value.
    I recently tested food storage bags for odor containment and these were by far the best. The second and third were UP&UP and Glad Food storage bags but they still did not compare to these bags for odor containment. The zipper is too narrow in my opinion and I would like to see a double zipper but these bags are still the best.
    High quality freezer bags. Sturdy and not flimsy like other bags. They don't break and easy to seal. We constantly to have stocked in our kitchen.
    Must have essential in anyone's kitchen. It has so many uses for me. From storing foods to storing crafts. The bags are strong and so is the seal.
    When they said heavy weight, they meant it! I'm going to have a hard time going back to standard ziplock bags after being spoiled with these. This size, for reference, can hold a standard 12oz disposable bowl inside with breathing room - perhaps not the most professional packaging, but very convenient!
    These plastic zipper seal bags from Webstaurant are great quality. I liked the gallon size so much that I ordered the quart size, too. These are perfect for the freezer.
    Great quart ziplock bags. Great weight. Great price. The only minor disadvantage is the packaging. Instead of a handy box like the retail version, you get these in a ziplock bag. But really the weight of these is so top notch that you will want these over any retail bags.
    We have a full service deli, and use these bags for all of our sliced meats and cheeses. Customers love them because they are more sturdy than what most grocery stores have, so they don't rip after a day or two. Highly recommend.
    These Freezer bags are HEAVY DUTY! Significantly stronger than consumer bags. I do wish that there was a section provided for writing a label, but that is my only minor complaint.
    I was absolutely impressed with these freezer bags. You can tell as soon as you touch them that they are a heavy weight bag. They also seal very easily.
    Another essential item from Webstaurant at a great price. The thickness of these bags makes it great for freezer and also general storage. Love the size of these to store items in the freezer: stocks, compotes, etc.
    I was really impressed with these heavy weight freezer bags. They lock pretty well and they truly are heavy duty. I would recommend them over the "brand name" bags.
    These Heavy Weight Lock Freezer bags are a fabulous deal. They are very sturdy, never leak, and sometimes I even rinse them out and re-use.
    For the price, these simply cannot be beat. I've been using them for freezer storage of bags of frozen vegetables for my morning omelets, and recycling them until I deem them "worm out". In four months I've tossed one bag-- they're super durable! Noticeably stronger than store-bought name brand bags. I'll never go back.
    These are the best bags I have ever used! They are thick, hold up to months in the freezer with things stacked on top of them. These are the only ones I will use now!
    ok so nothing is perfect,, these are nice bags, however a few of them just split on the seems while I had food in them. it was messy but I will buy them again.
    These are the best zip lock bags I have ever tried. It puts the competition to shame. I store my baking ingredients in these bags and never worry about the seal or the freshness of the ingredients. I use these both for my home and business. I will never purchase a zip lock bag from a retail store again......
    These are perfect freezer bags. I've had to use two bags from other brands in the past if I wanted to prevent frozen meat from getting freezer burn, but I don't have to worry about that at all with these. They're also easy to wash and reuse since they're so durable. Really happy I bought them.
    These are of great quality and fit 2lbs of blueberries perfectly for freezing. We will purchase again as they are way cheaper than in stores.
    these are very nice and sturdy quality of 8" x 8" Heavy Weight Lock Freezer Bag - 100 / Pack great use for freezing some meet to freezer very nice to have this
    These bags are great. I love the size and sturdiness of them. I do a lot of cooking and storing leftovers in the freezer. These bags stack nicely in the freezer. I just write on the bag with my sharpie and I know exactly what's in my freezer.
    This is a great heavy duty quart bag. They work perfect for the freezer but also green store the best in these, they stay fresh for a lot longer in the fridge than a lot of other bags I've tried.
    these are the BEST freezer bags that I have every used. I will never buy them anywhere else again! Great product for a GREAT price!
    Fantastic bags. Ones bought in the stores are not as great as these. Fisherman's can use these and other sizes after they fish this summer.
    Super good price on these basic but very sturdy freezer bags. We use them over again as well for dry storage. Good seal and handy to have.
    Very pleased! Sturdy material, good size, perfect for what I will be using it for! Labels aren't necessary but are very handy... I'll be buying more, no doubt!
    Nice heavyweight zip lock bag. Just the right size also. Great value for 100 bags. Used these for a catered event to put leftovers in. No worries that the bag wouldn't hold. Worked great!
    Great quality for a bag in this price range. Very durable and the bags seal very well. No problems with tearing or leaking at all.
    These 8x8 freezer bags do their job well. Heavy duty, no brand logos, cheap and and simple! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a smaller sized frozen food storage solution.
    These freezer bags are better than any brand name out there. They are very heavy duty. They seal nicely and stack wonderfully. I would recommend then highly.
    Excellent small freezer bags. Very good strength, and they seal well. I also use them to make corn tortillas in a home tortilla press. I cut off the top, cut the bag along the sides, and keep the seam intact. The freezer bag is thick and durable enough it doesn't crease or stick to the masa. Works much better in the press than plastic wrap.
    A very good quality freezer bag with thick plastic material. The only issue i have is that the seal is flimsy and not like the double press and seal that I am used to.
    These bags really hold up well in the freezer. The heavy weight bags are so good that you could probably even wash and reuse them again to store the same kind of product.
    these bags are sp much better than the zip bags you can buy retail. I have froze 2 servings of chicken in these and they stayed fresh with no freezer burn. If I had used regular bags, they would have to go into larger outside bags to keep as long and as well. Great product
    These bags are cheap and more durable than the typical grocery store brands. Haven't experienced any punctures, holes, or leaks since I've switched to these bags.
    I am a freezer cooker/baker. These are the nicest bags I have used. I have 2 full sized stand up freezers and like to cook in large batches, however I felt more secure for a long time using plastic containers as I put a lot of work into my creations. There were too many "accidents" with store bought "freezer bags" and I just didn't want to take the risk any more. At this point my cabinets are filling up with my plastic containers as I am finding myself replacing them with these Heavy Weight Freezer bags. I love the different sizes and the zip lock really LOCKS!!!! Thanks for putting out a great product!!!
    These bags are of as good if not better quality than brand name bags. I use them to store all of my vegetables that I freeze.
    These are by far the best freezer bags I have ever used!! The sturdiness is unsurpassed by any other bags offered. I even ran them through the dishwasher with no problems.
    These bags are a great bag! I use them to freeze leftovers meats and baked goods, like cookies. They're also good for freezing berries, which can be used later in smoothies.
    These baggies are great for everything I use them for freezer items snacks and as lot of other things they lock tight and the food remain fresh or crunchy
    These freezer bags are fantastic! They are just the right size for small items and single serving portins. They are very sturdy and do not tear like major brands sold in most stores.
    These bags are much stronger than the store bought brand and the size is larger than I expected I would recommend this product again and again.
    These bags are actually thicker than I expected. Sometimes companies say "freezer" bags and they are not up to the job. These are perfect and very acceptable to markers.
    Love these bags ! The thickness of these bags says it all. It zips perfectly and food stays fresh in the freezer. I also use them to portion out snacks. They stay fresh too.
    These 8"x 8" zip lock bags are great for the freezer and to portion out. Very strong really hold up. very pleased with mine as always.
    These 8"x8" Zip lock bags are about like the quart bags you get in stores. But store bags do not compare to the thickness of these. very happy.
    the plastic bag 8 x 8 zip lock 100 pack heavy weight freezer bags, thay are great in quality. you just beat the price. thanks webstaurant.
    These 8"x8" freezer bags are very good quality and you can't beat the price. These make hefty bags look cheap. I always make sure I have plenty on hand.
    The Plastic Bag 8' x 8" Zip Lock Heavy Weight Freezer Bags sold in packs of 100. With it's extra thickness it even works in freezer blasters. I love these bags and the price.
    These are fantastic heavy weight freezer storage bags. To me, they feel heavier than the store brand and I love the fact that you get 100 at a time. I have been using them for some time and continue to reorder them in all sizes. These are a huge find. Thanks Webstaurant!
    Great quality great price, this bag is way to save food while portion each individual bag for fresher food per cooking. I bought food in cases & bulk, but using this bag for freezer is way to go.
    I buy a lot of bulk items because it saves me quite a bit of money. These bags seal well and are heavy weight enough for both the freezer and the pantry.
    No write on labels, BUT these would cost 3 to 4 times as much at the grocery store & to top that off they work just as well as Zip Lock Bags!

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