4" x 6" Candy Bag - 100/Pack

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Perfect for packing gummy bears, cookies, cake-pops and other tasty treats, these high quality polypropylene plastic bags are just what you need for your restaurant, bakery, or market! These bags are perfect to showcase your creations in due to the clear plastic, which makes it easy to see the contents of the bag. They are sold in a flat pack, meaning each bag is individually separated and ready to go!

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4" x 6" Candy Bag - 100/Pack

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    We use these for our cake pops and cut them down a little bit. They are durable and a nice clear plastic. Will order again!

    from Miss Lucille's Cafe Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    We use these bags to package cookies or brownies for our catering order; They are a really great size and a wonderful price. Will be buying again!

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    These 4"x6" candy bags come in a pack of 100. They are perfect for little candy treat bags. They are just the right size for snacks

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    The 4" x 6" Candy Bags are a really good deal. I purchased them for our Halloween party as I am going to fill them with treats. I am very happy with them and will definitely purchase again if needed.

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    Excellent for Halloween treats.

    Great bags for packaging my drop and decorated sugar cookies. The bags expand on the side in case you have a bulky item but I love how they will lay flat for my decorated sugar cookies. I also just bought a heat sealer and the bags work great with them. And the price is the best.

    from Cakes + Cookies Posted on

    You can fit multiple drop cookies in the bag. I tied these with a ribbon

    Great little bags for cake pops or small treats. Cant beat the cost on these little bags. I will be sure to keep these in stock for all my small treats!

    from Sugar Rush Posted on

    Very clear!

    I'm really pleased with this 4 x 6" see-through plastic candy bag I can fit two of my homemade chocolate salted honey candies in there so I can give them out to customers for the holiday season

    from P2B Posted on

    Perfect size to fit two of my homemade salted honey chocolate and candy in

    These were great baggies! I put two cookies in each one. Great quality- I liked the thickness of the bag. The clearness really made my product pop!

    Posted on

    Perfect for pairing and selling french madeleines! These little bags make the cookies look adorable, and are great quality! They keep the cookies very fresh!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    I love these bags. They are perfect for most of my cookies and for all of my cake pops. Keeps the bag from being overly big and distracting!

    from Courtney's Cakes and Sweet Treats Posted on

    Perfect treat bag!

    These candy bags were the perfect size for wrapping cake pops with room to tie a ribbon. I'd imagine bagging cookies would also work with these!!

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    These larger candy bag worked very well and I have no complaints. It fits in any sized hand and does not feel slippery like other brands. I would highly recommend this candy bag one hundred pack and would really like to see additional sizes and shapes in the future. Well done!!

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    Heavy duty candy bag but smaller than I expected. Reader error because the bag size is clearly listed in the description. I would order again.

    These bags are the perfect size for packaging up a medium-sized or a few small cookies. I like that they're not the stiffer/crinkly kind of plastic but the softer kind, which I think makes for a nicer customer experience.

    from Monsoon Sweets Posted on

    I use these bags to package my cookies for sale in gourmet markets. They're the right size and make for a nice presentation.

    these bags are the perfect size for cake pops! Also great for small snacks, candy, nuts etc. great to use for parties and school functions.

    from Marsha Martin Posted on

    Cake pops covered with the 4x6 candy bag.

    Sturdy great quality clear bags come packed in packs of 100 for ease of use. Always use Webstaurantstore to purchase these in bulk. They are the perfect size for cookies and treats to package as favors!

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    Crystal clear and crisp packaging!

    Perfect for decorated cookies! They heat seal nicely and keep cookies fresh. There is also a larger size (4 3/4 x 8 1/4) for over sized cookies.

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    Exactly what i need and at an awesome price! I use these for my cookies. The bags heat seal very well. There's a small perforated hole that you can pull off the bag that holds these, allowing you to easily dispense the bags one at a time, while leaving the others neatly contained.

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    Shown here with 2 home baked cookies that are 2 1/2" and an Oreo as a size reference.

    These bags are great of packing all sorts of little candies. The size is perfect for treat bags for children's birthday parties. Tied off with a cute colored ribbon.

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    Works well for packaging cookies individually.

    Great for marshmallow pops and other chocolate like items but failed to survive my hard candy hearts and ended up tearing. But to be fair my hard candy was pretty sharp.

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    Good price for individual candy bags that can also be used for small baked goods. Fast shipping and good price as long as you combine with other items to hold down shipping costs.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    Perfect size for decorated cake pops and campfire size marshmallows along with any small item the needs to be package for a great presentation. Gave my product a great look. Will purchase again.

    Posted on

    Decorated cake pops

    These worked great for a party we had. They held cookies and candy nicely. Super clear and a ribbon works just fine for keeping them closed.

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    These bags are the perfect size for single servings of roasted nuts or homemade candies. I tie them with a cute bow and watch them sell at the farmers market. Great quality and price.

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    These candy bags are perfect for small baked goods, or as the name implies, candy! They're pretty durable, so you don't have to worry about them ripping.

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    Love these cookie bags! They work great will all the different size cookies I make. They are also perfect for the sealer I also purchase!

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    Love these cookie bags! They work great will all the different size cookies I make. They are also perfect for the sealer I also purchase!

    I like this item a lot, it's not too big and not incredible small, although kinda small it's perfect for candies, bread crumbs, left overs etc.

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    lovely items made of a strong material, even when I twist them tight and secure them with ties they still keep their shape and have yet to have any get holes or be damaged. Nice item!

    Clear, a good size for smaller piece. I got these for party favors and bags of small cookies. They worked great! Will definitely purchase again next time I hand out edible favors!

    from Alice A. Posted on

    I love these for my smaller treats. Keeps my work looking professional, neat & easy to transport. Perfect for chocolate covered marshmallows, cookies, oreos & of course goodie bags. Highly recommended!

    from Sweet Mama Cakes Posted on

    Perfect for packaging my sugar cookies. I hear seal these and cookies stay fresh for up to 3 weeks. They make my product look more professional.

    Posted on

    Great bags for a great price! I usually buy these at a local store for twice the price. These work great for cookies! Seals nice with just a piece of scotch tape.

    from NE Food Services Posted on

    I loved these! Very easy to use for my dog treats and other small treats. I need to order these perfect little bags again soon.

    from frontporchbakery Posted on

    I originally wanted this bags for cake pop but where to big for my taste but they worked out great for sugar cookies and rice crispy

    from OH POPS Posted on

    We use these bags to portion out our homemade peanut brittle and cookies it is the perfect packaging for this. And at a great price!

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    Perfect for cookies!

    I absolutely love this product! These 4 x 6" candy bags are great for kids parties or even meetings! Great for candy shop as well may need to invest in tie for the bags though.

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    I bought these bags to use to make cookie favors and they work well. Sometime I heat seal the bags and they work well with that as well.

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    We use these little bags to bag up our chocolate covered espresso beans. They are the perfect size. We staple them shut on the top.

    Posted on

    these bags are quite small, but as long as you don't need to give a giant portion of something, they work out great. i use them to give out samples and they're pretty much the perfect size.

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    I purchased these to make individual snack bags for my grandkids for the different holidays. They are the perfect size for small candies, cookies, etc. I purchased the twist ties to use along with this product. This is a product not readily available anywhere else.

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    These bags are great quality love the convenience of the hole in the center of the package a real winner were really excited to have these bags for our cookie business

    from sweetart Posted on

    Great way to package and display our products! These bags are our go to bags when it comes to packaging individual decorated cookies, at a very affordable price! Works great with our bag sealer too!

    from Sweet Sentiments Posted on

    The quality of these bags are great, especially for the price. They are a great product, but not useful for what I originally planned. They don't have a lot of "give" to them.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    these bags are perfect for cake pops and bagging smaller cookies. these came nicely packaged and easy to use. the bags are easy to open also

    Posted on

    treats in bags

    I love this treat bags.... they are just the right size and the price was outstanding. I would definitely recommend this product to all of my treats making friends.

    from K&K Custom Creations, LLC Posted on

    Great quality cello bags. They're soft and a little dull - not as crisp and shiny clear compared to another place that I bought from.

    Posted on

    I purchased these bags for some homemade Pecan & Salty Caramel Candies. The bags are heavy duty. Very clear & seal amazing. At the end give my goodies a beautiful presentation.

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    I loved these! I had ordered more after ordering this one! Great for packing cookies, candy, treats! Great quality and huge bargain on this website!

    Posted on

    These are the perfect size for my brownies. They will also fit two cookies with enough room to fold the top over and tape closed. Great product!

    from Sugar Fix Now Posted on

    We use these larger bags to wrap up cake pops. The popular cake pop looks great with these bags and a nice smaller ribbon tied around it. It catches people's eye.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    solid, good weight to them, not too super difficult to open like some brands. We'll keep using these bags, the price is solid for the quality

    from Meal Prep Grind Posted on

    These are used for our individual packed pastries near the register. Perfect size and quality for all our baked goods. Cheapest place to purchase them are on this website!

    from SSC Posted on

    Prefect size to seal cookies & choclate cover Oreos & cherries to sell at our booth & it worked for big sugar cookies as well for bake sale!

    from The Garden Steakhouse Posted on

    Great little bag. Didn't work for what I intentionally purchased it for. But for such a great price, I figured I would keep them and find something to use them for. Well good thing I did, they worked perfect for my chocolate covered Oreos.

    from TeeSpoon Posted on

    These are nice sturdy bags. They definitely hold more than the 3 x 5.5 bags, but if you have smaller or delicate pieces you're putting in you may want to use the smaller bags to limit sliding around.

    Posted on

    This is an amazing deal! Great quality item for the price! I will buy again! Thank you! I Will recommend this company to my friends!

    Posted on

    These bags are great! We package a lot of grab and go items with these bags. Makes the chocolate covered espresso beans sell a lot faster.

    Posted on

    These are great for all kinds of treats. They are sleek and good quality for the price. I thought they would be thin and wrinkle easily but they are a bit thicker than I expected so it eliminates that problem which is great.

    from ashleys cakes Posted on

    Used to wrap sugar cookies and other treats

    these bags are the perfect size! very happy with the quality of them. i will soon be using them to package up a few cookies and brownies! :)

    Posted on

    These 4x6 candy bags are so perfect for my candy--just tie a bow on it and people love it--The bags are air tight and they aren't flimsy like others I have had--I will of course be back for more


    We used these for cake pops and they worked great. it's a thicker bag than the typical ones used for cake pops so the quality definitely made our pops look more elegant.

    from FINLEY'S BAKERY Posted on

    I purchased these to wrap up guest soaps and soap samples. Thick and strong, yet good clarity and plenty of room to tie the top once item is inside. Will definitely buy again.

    from The Vermont Soap Barn Posted on

    We only bought a few to see if they fit our needs, and the do, so now we will order in bulk, thank you once again for great products.

    Posted on

    Fantastic quality bags! The plastic is thick and very clear. They are the perfect size for small favors or individual decorated cookies. I will definitely purchase these again!

    Posted on

    Favors made using 4"x6" candy bags.

    Great for candy, and small treats. Bags are very clear and good quality. These are good to have handy for treat bags. the amount of bags you get is well worth the price.

    Posted on

    I am a baker, and I love these bags!! They are perfect for cookies and cake pops! They are durable and nicely made! These are a must have!

    from Sweet Cake Creations Posted on

    Perfect bags for wrapping my sugar cookies in and other small treats like rice crispy treats, brownies and candy. Sturdy material also, nothing thin and flimsy

    Posted on

    You cannot beat the price for these bags! I use them all the time when I want to package a small treat, whether it's candy or a few cookies. I even use them to package gift cards...Versatile and cheap!

    Posted on

    I orders these 4x6 candy bags to individually package decorated cookies. Since purchasing, I've also started using them to cover cake pops. They work perfectly for both.

    from That Cake Place Posted on

    The cookies and cake pops are covered with the 4x6 candy bags. I did buy clear rubber bands to close.

    These are great for cake pops, cookies, candy favors, chocolate lollipops and anything else that needs to be covered. I like to use them with silver ties and sticks from webstaurant.

    from Cakes by Ashley Posted on

    I bought these bags for use with an impulse sealer that I also purchased on Webstaurantstore.com (8” manual impulse bag sealer - Item #915PFS08), to be used with in-home arts and crafts projects. They are perfect for packaging items (arts and crafts, baked goods, etc.) with an air tight and water tight seal. I am very pleased with this purchase!

    Posted on

    These bags was the best choice I made we use these bags for candy bars there just perfect so people don't over fill there bag. They don't even break so good and better then cheap store store bags

    from Cindy Posted on

    These bags worked really well for party favor bags. They fit the bag toppers perfectly. I found the quality to be comparable to the Wilton or Michaels brand ones which I had previously been using, and the price is great.

    Posted on

    Bag with topper for party!

    Perfect size for any treat. Easy to close with twisty ties - which come in many colors making each package fun. not too thin, not too thick

    from Gateway Brew Posted on

    These are perfect to individually wrap cookies in. We also put candy in them and tie with a bow. Great size and keeps the food fresh always!

    from Polka dot bakery Posted on

    These are perfect for my individual brownies! The heat seal beautifully! Best of all, my item is kept fresh, and they have an air tight seal when I use my heat sealer. Great, sturdy bags, at a great price. Will order over and over.

    from Yummvees Posted on

    I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from Webstaurant.com. These are the perfect size for whoopie pies, rice crispie treats, brownies, or individual cookie packaging!

    from Treat Yourself To Sweets Posted on

    Perfect size for any type of treats, small size keepsakes or tiny bit size cakes. These bags are going to serve as little treasure sacks.

    from tmbevents Posted on

    4" x 6" Candy Bag 100 / Pack We use these bags for our hand decorated cookies. We have also used them for wrapping other candy products. They display the product well.

    from hermans bakery inc Posted on

    High quality bag. This size is good for packing candy, chocolate, and I also used to pack some cookies (around 2-3 pieces). I love this bag. recommend people buy this, and I will order again in the future.

    Posted on

    Sterile and pre-packaged candy bags are the way to go for treat bags AND packaging snacks for kids lunches. These are on the cheap and hold a decent amount of product. Very happy with this purchase!

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Used the 4" x 6" Candy Bag 100 / Pack to hold sliced up zucchini. Glad to just be able to grab the bag of zucchini out of the fridge and use. Great for a quick snack or to use for cooking.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    These bags are great. Very study, good quality and great price. It works well for cake pops, brownie pops or snack bags. A must have for your baking supplies.

    Posted on

    Great product! A little too big for wrapping normal shaped cake pops( about two tablespoons), but could probably do well for specialty orders of shaped pops.

    from Sugar and Spice Bakery Posted on

    Great little bag! I bought these mostly because they were cute and it turns out that I use them the most. I can but a small muffin in one and have enough room at top to fold down and seal.

    Posted on

    I use these bags for all my treats like chocolate covered oreos chocolate-dipped peeps Rice Krispie Treat cake pops lollipops their great size great quality and then I'll definitely keep watering

    from Stella Cakes Posted on

    Bags are beautiful. Using them for candy bags for Easter for the crew!!!!They are the perfect size. Quality for the price is excellent.Would highly recommend

    from Custom Plumbing Services Inc Posted on

    I was able to fit a bunch of candies inside this bags. Used them for party favors and they turned out great. Tied a ribbon to some and labels on others. Super cute!

    Posted on

    These candy bags are great. They're affordable, clear, and durable. I have used these for truffles, and it's a good size for 6 truffles. They are also good bags for candies or nuts. They are too large for pops though.

    Posted on

    I use these bags to package all of my Cakepops and will soon be using them to package my Rice Krispie treats as well. They are strong and are a very generous size. Very happy with my purchase.

    from CakePopsByL Posted on

    Valentine's Pops!

    These are a great value and wonderful for packing candies and cookies. They can be used with a heat sealer as well or just tied with a twist tie.

    Posted on

    Sugar Cookie Packaging

    By far the cheapest poly bags I ever found. I wish they had bigger sizes in smaller quantities. I have used to pack small pieces of candy, crackers, and even party favors.

    Posted on

    These bags were the perfect size for my frosted Sugar Cookies! I used these to Individually wrap each cookie for a wedding, and it allowed the guest to take the cookie home as a favor! Good quality, affordable and would buy again!

    from decorated. By Di Posted on

    These clear plastic bags are great for wrapping up any kind of small item that is food. It's good for candy mints or cookies. I like to tie them with a decorative twine.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    Candy buffets are now all the rage at weddings. These bags make for an economical but nice presentation. As always Webstaurant Store comes through with great products at great prices.

    from Inne of the Abingtons Posted on

    These bags are so cute and very useful. They make the product show through look so nice and crisp. Easy to close and make pretty too.

    from na Posted on

    Great bags perfect for packaging baked goods. Easy to seal with a heat sealer too or looks great tied with ribbon. Nice clear bags as well.

    from TRW Posted on

    Looks super good with a bag topper

    we use the candy bags for our cake pops and our chocolate pretzels at our licensed home bakery. Great product and very well priced also.

    from Creative Cupcakes by Judy Posted on

    These candy bags are great for individual cookies that are about 2" in diameter. We like to use them for our 3" x 3" brownies and bars.

    from Sugar Defined Posted on

    These little bags are perfect for my small cookies!!! They tie easily and I have not had any split / tear on me. Definitely buying more sizes!

    Posted on

    These were the perfect little bags for treats! I have used them for many many different things! I used them for goody bags for parties, candy bags for weddings and cake pop wrappers! They're the perfect size!

    from Coco's Cupcakes Posted on

    These are perfect for portioning out small snack sized candy packages or little finger snacks. Beautiful clear, crisp finish and way nicer than party favor bags. Even better, THEY CAN WORK WITH VACUUM SEALERS IF ARRANGED JUST RIGHT!

    from RMCS Posted on

    Great quality bags - generous sizing for either a single larger cookie or multiple smaller. I use it with the impulse sealer to individually wrap favors, etc.

    Posted on

    single cookie display as favor

    Happy to have this plastic candy bag very useful for any kind of use parties this is hard to get to some other store im great i foind this here at webstaurant.com and so thank you

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jay Posted on

    What a perfect little bag to put goodies in. I have filed these with jelly beans and given them out at Easter time, but with Halloween coming up, I think I'll use them as goodie bags.

    Posted on

    These work great for cake pops and decorated sugar cookies. Our customers love that we will prepackaged treats for party favors. Plus it beats having to run to the local craft store.

    from Sally's Piece-a-Cake Posted on

    Ton of bags! This is a great price!!! We use the bags for protein cookies and balls! We love the size and the value! You can't beat the price!

    from 956 FIT FUEL Posted on

    Prefect for cookies and protein balls!

    I really like these bags. I recently used these for an event to package some brownies. They're airtight and my brownies weren't stale after two weeks after the event. Will definitely buy again.

    from Buttercup's Confectionery Posted on

    This is a photo of the blondies a week after the event. The packaging still hoed up even after falling out of the box I packaged them in and falling into the street.

    These candy bags are amazing.. The quality is perfect. I have use them for my cake pops, Oreo pops and an assortment of treats that I make and they were absolutely perfect.

    Posted on

    I love these treat bags. They are perfect for my candy and cookie creations that I make on a daily basis. I will continue to buy these again and again.

    from Christy Lynn Creations Posted on

    Really great candy bags! Looks great to wrap candies or cake pops for any event. I usually tie them off with a little ribbon and they look adorable.

    from S3 Confections Posted on

    I Love these bags they are perfect for heat sealing my decorated cookies !! I will be ordering more of these bags very soon. They really make my cookies stand out.

    Posted on

    These bags are nice nice for medium sized cookies, cake pops, and other small to medium sized treats. Larger cookies don't fit too well. The quality on these is decent. They are somewhat flimsy, but then again, they aren't supposed to support tons of weight or bulk.

    Posted on

    Butterfly cookies for a little girl's birthday.

    I was worried at first about buying these because of their size, but after receiving them i am in love with it. They fit my cookies perfectly. What's better is you can really see the product inside. Tie on a pretty bow and they are ready to sale like hot cakes!

    Posted on

    these bags are perfect. We use them for key chains made for our charity and fundraising events. Maybe overkill, since they are food grade, but we also use them for the homemade chocolate treats for customers

    from The B and B By The Bay Posted on

    These are my "go-to" bags for my sugar cookies! They are the perfect size for most my cookies (sometimes they're too small, but most the time they're great). I love how they lay flat.

    from Bright Bites by Lauren Posted on

    I used these adorable bags for my customized sugar cookies. These are the PERFECT size for party favors and small gifts. I'll be using them for my cake pops too!

    I use these bags for pretty much everything. I love that they do not appear "cheap". They are pretty good quality and I like to pack my cake balls in these, put a little ribbon on them and viola!

    from Honey B Posted on

    You see the difference in candy bags, the smaller one (the one to the right) is the 4x6.

    These are the perfect size for individually wrapping single cookies for party favors. They fit a standard cookie or two smaller, with room at the top for tying with coordinating ribbon~

    from All in the Details Posted on

    Individually wrapped cookeis for party favors

    Great little bags, and not just for candy! They don't feel cheap and flimsy, I use them for homemade cookies and lolipops. Will be buying again!

    from Katy M. Posted on

    Another great bag to use for your larger cookies/favors/samples. The bag makes your products look so professional. I have received a lot of compliments on the bag and people want to know where I got them.

    from Sugar Fix Bakery Posted on

    These are excellent quality bags and just the right size for favors. I will be using them to package cotton candy as favors for my wedding.

    Posted on

    These bags are great for my cake pops and portion sizes. They give a professional look and the price is the best on the internet.

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    We used this as packaging for our cookies. It's the perfect size. Well made and not thin. It's priced very well too. This is a good buy.

    Posted on

    These candy bags were so easy to use. Instead of taking the cake pops off the styrofoam cone I was able to just insert the bags over the pops, pull them out and tie!

    Posted on

    We decided to order these bags over the smaller version size based on what the other reviews stated. They fit cake pops better that have decoration that can be delicate. Also we are able to package two or three balls in this size candy bag.

    from Jazzy Petite Treats, LLC Posted on

    These are the perfect size! Great for anything from cookies to truffles to chocolates! Great price too! Will be reordering these as often as possible!

    from Sweetheart Treats Posted on

    The 4"x 6" candy bag is a nice size for packaging several cookies for bake sales. There are lots of different baked goods that package well.

    from Legends Salon Posted on

    Absolutely love these bags. No seam on the front or the back. Comes in a nice bundle and packaged well. Can't wait to order another size! Exactly what I was looking for.

    from Colie's Cakes & Pastries Posted on

    Gluten Free butter cookies

    These candy bags are great quality & a great deal! I used them for some marshmallow candies I made for Christmas stocking stuffers & added a cute label. They were exactly what I needed!

    Posted on

    I'm so happy i bought this bags they are soo cheap compare to the ones they sell at micheals also bigger. i used them for cake pops, cookies and alfajores they are great.

    Posted on

    We used these bags for packaging cookies at the school bake sale. They will only hold 1 or 2 cookies each. You could easily use cheap baggies instead but I am glad we didn't. Good quality and crystal clear, perfect for making things more presentable. The same bag sells for $5 per 100pk at other stores. They were worth every penny spent!

    from Elementary School Bake Sale Posted on

    Nice big bags great for packaging up snacks for our concession stand. They are nice thick bags that don't rip easily. We use them a lot.

    from Poisson Home Repair Posted on

    big enough to be heat sealed in the middle to hold two cupcake toppers.

    I like that this bag doesn't have a gusset so it lays flatter and designs show better. It is also the perfect size for large sized s'mores pops.

    Posted on

    The bag is clear to show the cookie design.

    wow i fell in love with this website!! It literally took less than four days to get all my items shipped out! thank you so much!

    Posted on

    I make a lot of cake pops that are larger in size. The typical, smaller bags that you see in the store just do not work because they graze over the pop when the bag is slid over the top and this can mess up not only the pop but also puts a smear on the bag. These work great because they have lots of wiggle room to clear the pop without actually touching it.

    from On A Stick Creations Posted on

    The perfect bag for a larger cake pop

    I use this bags for my decorate cookies for delivery. They work out awesome, the sealer work beautifully with this bags. No more fighting ribbon for my bags.

    from Sweet Southern Cookies Posted on

    These are nice little bags for small amouts of candy. I was looking for something for a wedding candy bar and these are just not big enough. I wil save them for Christmas when we make candy, they are a great size for small bags of chocolate.

    from thetammster Posted on

    Keeps special cookies nicely bagged, and showcases cookie art crystal clear! They also have most sizes for a more tailored fit. I also use it for party favors, so economical!

    from Winky's Kusina sa Eskina Posted on

    Individual packaging for cookies, less mess and stress!

    Great bags that are perfect for individually wrapping cookies and small hand pies. Allows us to display these items to sell and keep them fresh.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    These bags are great, sturdy plastic. I use these to bag up my brownies and other bar confections then seal them with the heat sealer also available on this site!

    from Dancing Cats Posted on

    Perfect size for large cookies, we use them for favors, no grease marks, grease is contained. presentation is clear so people can see what they are buying.

    from Sugarpie Bakery & Cafe Posted on

    Candy bags used for cookie bags

    We have been very happy with the strength of the candy bags. They never split down the sides like other candy bags. They are a great buy.

    from Vinyl Cafe Posted on

    Great bags! They are easy to dispense through a removable circle in the packaging (will upload a picture of that separately). So clear! They show off my creations very well!

    from Aunt Ange's Posted on

    These are good bags for portioning jelly beans for Easter. They work well for brownie bites and other baked goodies. Great 4 x 6 size and high quality material.

    Posted on

    These bags are very durable. Strong strength doesn't pull away from the sticks and works well with alost anysize cake pops we have amde here @ Yummy Treats & Creations! I love the price as well you can't beat a price lie that.

    Posted on

    These are really good candy bags. We use them for a variety of things from our cookies to slices of our home made breads. They are very sturdy.

    Posted on

    These great candy bags will let you pre package just about anything in them. Economically priced these are a great buy for any candy store and other uses.

    Posted on

    We purchased these candy bags to try them out and they seem to work well for our chocolates by the piece. The quality and thickness of the plastic seems to hold up well.

    from crumbs and cream Posted on

    These four by six inch candy bags are a much have for the business. I used to package cake pops and cake balls. I really like these bags.

    Posted on

    I was doing candy buffet for my wedding and was looking for cheap candy bags, I came to this site and they had the best prices. You cannot beat their prices anywhere

    Posted on

    Very nice and clear.Great see through. I used them for different baked goods such brownies and square baked goodies,doughnut twists and other.Very easy to use.I recommend these.

    from Tedy's Mix Posted on

    Doughnut twists

    I really like these bags. They are perfect for parting gifts or favors. I use these for cookies are mini desserts. Very cheap price for the quality.

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    Used these bags for favors at a baby shower. They were the perfect size to hold the cookies we gave out. We sealed them with a sticker and they looked great.

    Posted on

    Baby shower favor - cookie and a scratch off lotto ticket (also wrapped in one of the bags).

    These bags are perfect for candy of all sorts! They are great for offering cookies or other baked goods too! They are easy to fill and even easier to close!

    Posted on

    This is the perfect size back for my 2 ounce cookies. I simply slide the cookie in and fold the remaining underneath and seal with a sticker. The bag is very durable and perfectly transparent.

    from Kim's Bake Shoppe Posted on

    I really enjoyed the rapid shipping!!! My order was shipped and at our door within 3 days!! I will never order from a diffrent supplier!

    from OMG SWEETZ Posted on

    These are very clear and can be used in so many different ways. We used them for small cookies. We have already purchased more! A+++

    from shopaholic2shopaholic Posted on

    I brought these candy bags after searching at Michael's. These were not only cheaper, but I got two times more for the price I would have paid.

    from F.L.Y. Women Ministries Posted on

    We purchased these along with the ties (which we also rated at 4 stars)Loved the price and they worked perfectly for our Easter Egg Hunt. Actually ended up ordering more!

    from The Outlets At Hershey Posted on

    perfect bag for two extra-large gourmet cookies, I used these to wrap cookies for a gift for hospital workers...tied w/ a ribbon ,looked sooo professional!

    Posted on

    This candy bag was perfect for medium sized cookies, and it works with the 8" impulse heat sealer - has great presentation, and a standard shipping label fits across the front perfectly as well!

    Posted on

    Nice quality bag, though I do wish these came with a self sealing tab. I use these for cookie favors for my wedding bakery business.

    Posted on

    These are wonderful bags. I did not put candy in them. Instead I put decorated sugar cookies. It was a great product presentation and way to sell the cookies. I will be purchasing more.

    Posted on

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