Choice 2 oz. Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

Item #: 127P200C

Help control portion size and costs thanks to these Choice 2 oz. plastic souffle/portion cups! This polystyrene cup is great for salad dressings, condiments, sauces, samples, and more! The sturdy polystyrene construction offers durability with the convenience of a disposable to save time that would otherwise be spent on dish washing.

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Choice 2 oz. Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

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cups great Portion cup Perfect price dressing sauces salad Quality
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    Good quality and durable portion cup. Seems durable enough for heavy sauces and condiments. We will utilize them for salad dressings for take-out orders and catering needs.

    from Diced LLC Posted on

    I really like these choice brand to ounce plastic soufflé portion cups I bought a single sleeve to try am out now I got the whole case showed up very fast no damage to it at all and it's a great price he's a really nice

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    These are great 2 ounce portion cups

    They work great I'm happy with them

    This cup price is cheap but not strong enough if compare to other brand that I used before. Anyway we still can used it to put sauce for our customers.

    Posted on

    I used these for jello shots! They worked perfectly and I will be ordering more to use again. They were available at a great price!

    from Spiked By T Posted on

    I LOVE these containers. Wide opening allows for dipping anything into sauces and dips. I even use them for sampling products at times and for seasoning.

    Posted on

    Good cup for whatever you want to put in them. They don'y crush easily when trying to secure the lid on them. Priced well and durable.

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    These 2 ounce portion cups from choice are a great option for an economical portion cup. Perfect for sauces, dips, or other condiments. Full case of 2500 cups is a great value.

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    Are use these cups for homemade salad dressings for when I prepare my salads to go. As well as for cold items when I meal prep so that I can heat my meals separately and have my side items fresh.

    from La Vie En Roshy Posted on

    I love these cups for salad dressing!

    Best price of anyone. Souffle cups are working just as i had hoped. The box was in pretty bad shape, but the product seemed to be fine

    from Street 24, LLC Posted on

    These are quality portion cups, and combined with the Choice lids create a fantastic seal. Nothing leaks ever. Perfect for salad dressing that separates and needs a shake.

    Posted on

    I use these little cups to put dressings in for my salads. It gives just the right amount. Coupled with the lids they are great and easily stackable.

    from Candie's Kitchen & Bakery Posted on

    this choice 2oz plastic portion cups are great for dressing and sauce for togo order. seals very well with the choice plastic lid. great value

    from Yamato Posted on

    I ordered these little cups with several other items which made the shipping cost minimal, making these cups a great value! We use them to portion sides of ranch for our pizzas and you don't want to spend a lot of money on something that ends up in the garbage! But you also want them to be a sturdy cup with lids that fit well. That is exactly what you get with these cups.

    from Jane doughs Posted on

    These portion cups are amazing! Good price for a good quality product. I did not have a single broken cup in my shipment. I will definitely be buying them again.

    from Twisters Pretzel Factory Posted on

    I LOVE these portion cups. I like the fact that I can place them inside my salad container and they don't get crushed. I also love that they are clear enough so that I can see my small beads that I use for my jewelry making without taking off the lids.

    from blue orchid Posted on

    These souffle cups are perfect for a side of gravy/dressing for a small side salad. They are a bit too small to be used for dressing for a full-sized salad, but work great for anything smaller!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    We use this container for take out orders in our restaurant. Great product and received no complaints about leakage. We pack sauces on this container. This product is in our regular order list.

    Posted on

    This portion cup is great! It's good enough for putting dressings on the side for our subs and salads. I've found these to be less expensive than anywhere else I've ordered from.

    from Triple K & D Enterprises Posted on

    These 2 oz souffle cups are perfect, whether you're going to make jello shots, or serve ketchup or dressing they are everything you could ever want.

    Posted on

    These are great to give out samples to the customer or to use for measuring portion! Durable and not flimsy. 2500 cups will last a long time!

    from bully boba Posted on

    Love these portion cups.. they are the perfect size for dips.. or even sprinkles.. if you are having a cookie decorating party.. gets everyone the perfect amount

    Posted on

    The 2 oz portion cups are the best very good quality we use them for our condiments will be ordering a case the next order and they have fast shipping

    from Kendralockeconcessions Posted on

    I purchased the Choice 2 oz. Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 125/Pack for home use but they are definitely restaurant quality. We use them for snacks and condiments. The price is very reasonable as well. Highly recommend!

    Posted on

    A great cup perfect for holding dips and sauces in my lunches. Perfect for measuring out small amounts of foods as needed for keeping a strict diet.

    from TRW Posted on

    These are great little containers to have in stock. Perfect for condiments on the go, love the portion options. Price is wonderful, fast shipping, we will keep these in our inventory.

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    Received these in time for my restaurant business. Compared to what I can find locally, the price I got from webstaurantstore still was pretty competitive. Quality of the product is pretty well.

    from Human house Inc Posted on

    Purchased one pack of these for sampling cups at a soup swap I hosted. Worked perfectly with the 1 oz stainless steel ladles. Thank you.

    Posted on

    We use these these little souffle cups for people who want to take our mini cupcakes on the go. It is very convenient for us. The material is very sturdy and does not feel cheap.

    from Sweet Buttons Posted on

    Choice 2 oz. Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 125/Pack I'm sure you know this is a good way to serve condiments but I also store my heirloom seeds in them very helpful and easy to label

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Fantastic product. Some of what I do with these cups: 1. Condiment use. Great for hummus, ketchup, salsa, ranch dip, or anything that you don't want spreading all over your plate. 2. Art projects. Better than a small paint palette that I would have to clean. Perfect for finger-painting. 3. Cookie decorating. I use these to hold various colors of icing for holiday cookies. 4. Portion control. Holds a handful of peanuts, candies, olives, raisins. When the kids were small, I served detestable veggies in these cups to show them how little they had to eat. 5. Pot-luck dinners and chili cook-offs. People love "tasting" and this cup is the right size for a sample.

    from Glenmac Posted on

    Great quality. You can't go wrong. They are the same quality of cups you can buy from any restaurant supplier but they're far more affordable on Webstaurant.

    from Marcus Grill Posted on

    We used to buy these from local retailers. But this is a lot cheaper. We mostly use them for salad dressing and wing sauce. Thumbs up.

    from Express Meal Services Posted on

    These two ounce containers work great for our salad dressings. We use them for our salad bar in our cafe. Great for lunch crowd fast on the go.

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    These souffle cups are perfect for small portion mixing! I use them all the time for mixing vanilla icing with food coloring. Great for kids and adults! I even keep some in my kitchen for sides of ranch, BBQ sauce, and ketchup for dipping.

    from Chef It Up 2 Go Posted on

    These are as good as the cups I used to use from my broadliner. We use them for dressing and small condiment sides. The price is much better - even with shipping I save a ton. i can recommend these wholeheartedly!

    from Blueberries Posted on

    These 2oz cups are just the right size for me. I found the quality to be great as well . This is a very good buy!

    from SHARON Posted on

    Really cute little cups, we used them to give samples of our baked goods. We did switch to the clear cups which are a little nicer.

    Posted on

    best price i have found anywhere... ordering the lids with it so I know its the right ones. I have goofed in the past at stores and gotten lids that didnt fit..

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    These cups work great for holding sides of mayo or any type of dressing. The 2 oz size is perfect. Very sturdy cup, and you get a lot for the price.

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    small but durable. these little portion cups seem to hold up well during packing and travel. the lids fit very securely on them which is always nice, so nothing leaks.

    Posted on

    We are very happy with these little cups. We use them for pickle pops, and we purchase the lids from here also. They don't bust when frozen.

    from Caribbean Ice Posted on

    These cups are the perfect size for the slushy mix we make. It is larger enough for a generous portion, but it isn't to large to be inconvenient in my hand. I like that it is a wide cup and not just a deep 2 oz cup.

    Posted on

    These do exactly what we need them to do. We go through so many portion cups and at this price it saves us tons of money. They work perfectly fine and we have no complaints!

    from Banfield's AC Posted on

    Nice portion cup with reasonable price. I bought this 2 oz portion cup to put dumpling sauce. It was a bit too big for my usage, but the cup itself is nice.

    Posted on

    WOW. A must buy. If you are thinking of 2oz cups that will hold up well and do they job for the price, think of these.

    from NY PIZZA PIE LLC. Posted on

    Economical cup is sturdy and heat resistant for nacho cheese, sauces, etc. Great value at 2500 per case giving you 100 more cups than our food service suppliers at a fraction of the cost.

    from eagle supply co. Posted on

    I love these little containers. Nice quality and holds up to multiple uses. They are the perfect size for packing up sauces or peanut butter for kids to take in their lunches.

    Posted on

    Once again, an excellent product purchased from Webstaurant Store at a fraction of the price that I would have paid from my national food provider!

    from Opa! Restaurant Group Posted on

    Great price and quality. Even with warm sauces, the cups retain their shape very well unlike other brands. Be careful not to microwave though, shape will warp.

    Posted on

    Good product and a very good size for dressing, shredded cheeses and so much more. Its sturdy and has so many uses in the restaurant business.

    Posted on

    I work in a senior building and these are the right size for tartar sauce, bbq sauce, sweet & sour sauce & many more ways to use this product.

    from Cannon Falls Senior LLC Barry Roeber Posted on

    Great small containers! Crack easily when you put pressure on them but serves the purpose for one time use. We use them with the matching lids for salad dressing with my husbands salads.

    Posted on

    These cups are amazing! They will hold any sauce/ liquid you pace inside of them, and they are durable! They don't easily crack when pressure is applied, and they will hold up to the job! Great cups! I will buy again!

    Posted on

    Fast shipping. Not to big of a box. Taste great.. they are perfect for my Asian business. Couldn't be happier with the product. Definitely recommend

    Posted on

    I order this all the time for my sauces, dressings and condiments and it has never let me down. i like that the cups are sturdy and translucent so I can see what is in them easily.

    from purple diamond catering Posted on

    We use these types of cups for our salad dressings and they do just that. Perfect size for what we need them for and with 125 in each pack, it's a great deal.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    These are your standard plastic souffle cups, we use this to put our sauces in - and they are good quality, perfect size, and the lids snap into place tightly so that nothing leaks.

    Posted on

    These plastic cups are a perfect size for serving smaller portions. They help cut down on costs and can be used for many different things.

    Posted on

    We used these at a fundraising dinner for salad dressing, made things much easier and kept things moving. Sturdy and tight seal. Will definitely use again.

    from My Garden Posted on

    Thin and light but they get the job done. Useful for condiments or even makeshift ingredient bowls. I do not like how they were packaged though. All the cups came in one, lone single stack. But maybe I'm being picky.

    Posted on

    I really like these for use in my kids lunches. I send hummus or salsa and now we don't have to worry about the kids bringing the containers back home since these are disposable. The coordinating lids fit well.

    Posted on

    Love these and use them at jome for snack portions for my daughter. I use them for salad dressings for my husbans and also assortwd toppimg for his salads.

    from Kizzykuisine Posted on

    Great size and quality for serving sauces or condiments. I use this 2oz size for serving condiments to customers. Don't forget to purchase the lids for this portion cup.

    from Sharon W Posted on

    These are basic ordinary 2 oz portion cups at a great deal fits great with the choice 2oz Lids. No complaints about them from me

    from home Posted on

    Just a perfect size cup for a dressings or sauces! We use this one together with the additional lid on customer demand. It's durable and looks great!

    from Tom Posted on

    perfect for additional sauces and dressing. I use these cups to serve ketchup and cheese on the side for an additional cost which equals to more on the bottom line.

    from pashays Posted on

    These are really good price for how many you got. I really like these because we put all of our condiments and then when we are meal prepping and I use them for a bunch of different things in my baking business as well. I highly recommend them they are great and affordable!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    This is a sturdy little portion cup. I use these for handing out samples or mixing small quantities of substances in classes. They hold up really well, and can be gripped firmly without crushing the cup.

    from Kendal's Bees Posted on

    Awesome! Awesome! Perfect size for our Jell-O shots. Worked well with the portion tops. No spillage prior to freezing. Also used for M&Ms and gummy bear portions. The children loved having their treats displayed.

    Posted on

    Webstaurant shipped in a timely fashion. Had an issue with order, customer service handled it professionally on the spot. Products were great value for money. Would definitely buy from them again.

    from optional Posted on

    The souffle cups are great for serving dipping sauces out of our dessert trailer. The 2 oz size is the perfect serving amount for dipping an order of our deep fried pretzel bites.

    from Creme de la Creme Cakery Posted on

    Loved these to go cups they are perfect for portioning items out and fits in most to go container ! I'm always buying from this site for now on

    from Residential home Posted on

    We have a bunch of these on the food truck for various things like syrup, cream cheese on the side, mustard or other condiments on the side. Couldn't make it with out these.

    from Brown Bag Bagels Posted on

    These little guys are great. We use these for our salad dressings. Easy to snap on the lid. We also use these for smoothie and soup samples. We will continue to buy this product for its quality.

    Posted on

    I use these cups in my art classroom to store paint, beads, beans, etc. They are the perfect size and there are lids to go with them!

    Posted on

    These small portion cups are a great size to sauces to go with to-go orders. They also work well for portioning out toppings for DIY decorating kids or even craft kits.

    Posted on

    These Choice 2 ounce plastic soufflé cups are so convenient and versatile. We use them for all of our condiments in house and take out.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    I use these for two things... Jello Shots & Condiment Cups. These are the perfect size for both. I always tend to buy a couple packs at a time since I love to have some on hand at all times. ;-)

    Posted on

    Perfect size cup for our drawn butter at our Lobster Clam Bake. I buy the lids that go with them and we pre fill the cups and have them ready for our guests to grab as they get their clams and lobster. Very please with the sturdiness, the price and the count you get.

    Posted on

    These cups are awesome. Perfect size for Jell-O shots. Great price and great quality. Quantity of case is a plus. Keeps from having to place orders often.

    from J & M's Sports Bar Posted on

    Terrific for holding salad dressings, condiments. I also use these when doing meds. I put out several weeks worth of one type of medication in each. When done I use the sandwich bags and pour into them. Now our pills are ready daily and easy to take with us.

    from WC CANDY Posted on

    These are perfect for our dressings and for jello/pudding shots! I used to get them from our local supplier but they are much cheaper through webstaurant!

    from Knott's Corner Posted on

    These cups are awesome! They are large sized so can be very useful for many different things. We use these most often for our adult gargoyle and crested geckos. We use them as their food and water dishes. These 2oz cups fit into most feeding ledges you can buy, and once in the ledge they never tip! They are cheap enough that you can use them once and toss them, however they are also very sturdy! They can easily be frozen and thawed out with no issue, I don't have to worry about the cup cracking. We will definitely be using these for as long as they're available!

    from American Made Exotics Posted on

    Best I have ever used I would recommend this product to people who is starting a business it not spill proof every sturdy and I just love them

    from HUDSON KITCHEN Posted on

    Great for dressings and sauces. We use these for items on our to go list. A great buy at a great price. Grab some today.

    from Gramma Brauns Hometown Market Posted on

    We use these for customers who like to take their toppings on the go. The size is perfect and works well with the matching lid.

    Posted on

    We used these for a cupcake decorating Pta event. All the candies needed to be separated for individual use and these were the perfect size!

    Posted on

    Wow! surprised with the quality. They are thicker than other brands I used to get. No leak no break. I will buy them again. Highly recommend!

    from Imsabai Posted on

    I bake and make treats and these cups are perfect for the Pudding Shots that I make. Its a perfect portion for sample sizes. I love them and will be ordering more!!

    from Candy By Me Posted on

    I use these for salad dressing and condiments. They were great and are solid and durable, perfect size for a single serving of most dressings!

    from Serving Grace Cafe Posted on

    This the perfect cup for giving out samples. Great for measuring and very sturdy. It's strong and easy to handle. A great buy all around.

    from Irie Caribbean Kitchen and Bakery Posted on

    These are a little less expensive but j think going forward I am going to opt for the black ones as they are a little nicer.

    from backwater Posted on

    These little cups are the perfect size for the reserving sample sizes of frostings and fillings for our wedding cake consultations. They freeze well. I've never broken one or had any issues with leaking.

    from Enticing Icing LLC Posted on

    These cups are a must in any restaurant or home. They are essential to have on hand for to go orders or packing lunches. Great for salad dressing and sauces.

    Posted on

    Pretty standard portion cup. Works as expected, pretty sturdy, and has a great price. Love the fast shipping with webstaurant. Would definitely buy again and recommend.

    from Dinner's Almost Ready Posted on

    The cups are perfect they are sturdy for dressing, condiments, etc. They are much cheaper in price than wholesalers.

    from Duck's Nest II Posted on

    This portion cups are awesome for keeping salad dressing inside meal prepping containers. 2 oz is a great size for that. Cups are strong and the price is great.

    Posted on

    Perfect size little souffle cups for our power shots to go! These are also great for tastings and once paired with the lids they can be packed to go.

    from Just Juice 4 Life Posted on

    These cups are the perfect size when giving out samples to our customers. They hold up well. I took away a star because they came in damaged. The bag was ripped and even I picked it up, half of the cups fell to the floor so I had to discard those. Other than that they're good.

    from Good Doggy Posted on

    We portion all of our salad dressings and use the 2 oz and 3 oz cups. I was buying a more expensive brand until I found these and I was spending a lot more money.

    from Mantua Corners Bar & Grille Posted on

    Easy to use and perfect for portioning to-go products. We use for lemon curd, cream and also salad dressings for our take out business. Quick delivery.

    from Tea by Two Posted on

    This product is perfect! It is so much cheaper than the leading competitors. Product compatibility feature is a very useful tool so the lids go great with this.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    These cups are convenient, and are perfect for ketchup, salad dressings, or for customer samples. They are disposable and can be ordered in different colors.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    These are very handy to serve along the buffet line with salsas, make for easy individual servings. They are also brilliant for portions of cheese or nuts for meeting breaks.

    from st joseph church Posted on

    Two thumbs up for these convenient little portion cups! Excellent for condiments, sauces, toppings, etc... you can even use for small snacks for kids lunches!

    Posted on

    The 2oz portion cup is the perfect size for condiments or samples. Its sturdy enough to hold liquids and the clear view makes its easy to see whats inside.

    from Go cheez Posted on

    These cups are economical yet professional looking. They are moderately transparent so you can see the level of the contents in the cup. The lids (sold separately) fit securely so they can be stacked. They produce a good snapping sound when you close the lid so you know it is secure.

    Posted on

    I use these to give out samples of hot coffee to our customers. I was a little worried about the heat affecting them or warping them, but they hold up perfectly. I'd say it's the right size for my samples as well. It's got a wide rim too so the coffee can cool a little before they try it. I'll definitely stick with these.

    from Birds of a Feather Coffee Company, LLC Posted on

    we love these they work great for 1/2 the cost of our suppliers. we use them for all our dressings, tartars & beans. The lids snap on easy too

    from Station House Family Restaurant Posted on

    The cup was too small to take and easy going to carry with me where ever I needed to take it with me. So I like it .

    from Karthik Posted on

    These portion cups are the perfect way to package something small. We use them to package juice shots or sometimes salad dressing, nuts or maple syrup.

    from Green Gypsy Juice Posted on

    We use these portion cups to package our juice shots!

    These work great for samples, dressings and individual size portions of cream cheese frosting for our cinnamon rolls. They are what you'd expect and are good quality.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    We use these for home use, from dipping cups to candy in the lunch box. I love having them on hand - keep them in the pantry at all times!

    Posted on

    These work fine, thy are not as sturdy as a dart solo cup but are priced so much better. We use these for give away cole slaw sides. I'd be weary of filling with sauce since they crack from time to time

    Posted on

    Great for condiments

    Great cups i use them for when I do wing night for my blue cheese and ranch dipping sauce. I also use then for my garlic sauce for tostones.

    from Where's the sweets Posted on

    These are perfect size for ranch, ketchup, or any other sauce on the side. they are durable and the lids fit snuggly so you don't have to worry about spills

    from The Rabbit Patch Posted on

    Love these soufflé cups! We use them for dressings, samples, butters, sour creams, everything! The only difference I've found between these and the more expensive brands are these are slightly thinner, but definitely hold up. The more expensive brands of lids fit these as well.

    Posted on

    Perfect size for single serving take out dressing containers. The cups are not flimsy and are clear enough to show our ginger dressing well. Thank you

    from StreetSide Sushi Posted on

    I love these little cups. Perfect for salad dressing and sides to go. They lock nice and right to prevent leaking. Very awesome product! Will get again

    from Reverie Caffe Posted on

    Very sturdy product! Does not give when handled. Seals and never leaks. We have schools, nursing facilities, day cares, restaurants and bars that use these regularly. You won't be disappointed in the quality.

    from Your First Source For Supplies Posted on

    These are great for customer samples, they are packed great, and easy to separate. Great quality, will definitely buy again. Love this site for our concession distribution business.

    from Summer Snow Entertainment Posted on

    Perfect portions control for complex items on the go! You can itemize all ingredients for a recipe or simply have some sauce to go available.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    These two ounce cups work great for dressing for side salads, ketchup, and other condiments. We get the lids to go with them and haven't had problems with leaking. Lids #127PL200

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    Great portion cups! They are the perfect size for ketchup and salad dressings. You can control how much you give your customers without wasting product!

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    We use these at our school for our massage cream. They are the perfect size and the lids fit tightly so there is no spillage.

    Posted on

    I bought this to give away samples with, and this is the perfect size. I have used this for other cake decorating options, so this is a handy thing to have.

    Posted on

    We love the great prices we get these for. Even with shipping costs we were paying twice this price everywhere else we have gotten them from.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    You can also use the Choice 2 oz. Polystyrene Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 125 / Pack to serve vitamins. Instead of giving to someone with your hands or with a napkin, you can easily use the 2 oz portion cups.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    These are great for own snowball samples. we give out free samples to our customers in these cups to help promote our products and to get customers back.

    Posted on

    These are great for condiments and I use them for butter for bread and rolls. Don't try to nuke and no hot items they will do the slow melt....

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    We use thsee mini cups for our food truck to hand out extra sauce and mayonnaise. They are a great price since we go through so many in a short amount of time.

    from Louami's Posted on

    These souffle polystyrene 2 ounce cups suited my needs to pack salad portions. They were just the right size and were very sturdy for my needs.

    from Innovations Unlimited Posted on

    I use these cups for sauces for carry out orders. I bought the Choice lids and they work perfect together. Perfect portion for most dishes that needs a sauce.

    from Stix Restaurant Posted on

    I use these to-go ramekins for just about everything. They work very well as a condiment holder, of course, but they have dozens of uses: -store whole nutmeg (2 fit and still allow you to use the coordinating covers) -use when weighing small amounts of ingredients for baking -as jello shot cups (spray the inside with nonstick spray for the easiest removal) -mixing single-portion vinaigrettes (cover, hold closed, and SHAKE!) -mise en place zest, grated garlic, ginger, etc I use these outside the kitchen too: - pill holder -travel-sized shampoo/conditioner -fits most round eyeshadows (mine shattered and now leaks shadow everywhere. now it only leaks into the rammy) -tuck folded headphones inside Pretty much unlimited uses in every room!

    Posted on

    We use these cups for individual portions of bbq sauce. They seem to work just fine for that purpose. Study and withstand the heat of the bbq sauce as it first comes out of pan.

    from Hillbilly BBQ Posted on

    these are great Choice 2 oz. Polystyrene Souffle Cup / Portion Cup love this sizes for all the side sauces u need great well made easy to carry

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    We use these 2 ounce portion cups for our sauces and they work perfectly. We go through hundreds of these every day. Don't know where we would be without them.

    Posted on

    Here at Alicia's Homemade we FLY through these cups!!! We use them fro sampling sauces, hot meats with rubs and also homemade Mustards with pretzels!! You will LOVE the durability of the cups and also- Purchase the matching lids- we use them ALL THE TIME!!! LOVE this product!

    from Alicia's Homemade Posted on

    Just the right size for sauce on the size. Also a good size when someone asks for a sample of our meat so we can control how much we give them without appearing stingy.

    from Big Mike's BBQ Posted on

    Love the souffle cups. They are perfect for everything! I use these for coleslaw, potato salad, ketchup, hot sauce extra juice on sandwiches etc!!!! 5 stars

    from Chicago's Style 278 Posted on

    This case will probably last a while perfect for portioning out various things. They cups are nice and sturdy too, they won't crack easily. Great price too!

    Posted on

    great souffle cups for dressings or to go we don't have to worry about our staff trowing away non disposable ramekins this work perfect for us and the price is a great deal

    from sergio's Posted on

    These little cups are perfect for storing anything...leftover buttercream, fillings, cake crumbs, etc...the list goes on! We wouldn't do without these things in my cake shop. We love to see clients' faces when we give them leftover icing in these...they are as happy as little kids!

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    Love love love these portion cups! They're excellent for ketchup, hot sauce, tarter sauce and I've used them for salad dressing. Very neat and clean, sturdy, no spills and professional appearance. Awesome price as well!! Definitely ordering again when I run out.

    from Some Good Food Posted on

    Amazing price! We use these portion cups for many things such as salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, mayo. Highly recommended. Many uses for these portion cups. Good buy

    from Funky fresh food truck Posted on

    These are some really great portion cups. We use them to portion various salad dressings and hummus. They are sturdy, reliable, and easily stackable for storage.

    from Puzzles Bakery & Cafe LLC Posted on

    Great quality....unbelievable price! Even with paying to have the items shipped to us...we are saving BIG! All of our orders are always shipped right out and we have within a couple of days.

    from GRAND MANOR Posted on

    The 2 oz plastic cups are exactly as described and come packaged in sleeves of approximately 200 cups. These are the perfect size for distributing small samples of food or for serving sauces and dressings on the side.

    Posted on

    These 2oz portion cups are great for single portions of sauces, dressings, food samples, and more. If you have a portion control problem, using disposable shuffle cups and ramekins are a great way to get your staff to reel back the portion size.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    Perfect little portion cups. They work great for dry or wet product. We have used them for salad dressing, jello shots and bacon bits. I also use them at home for craft products like beads and small buttons. I will buy again.

    Posted on

    These portion cups are great! I also buy the lids that go with them. They stack nice and neat, its easy to label lids with permanent markers, and when you receive it in the box they are bagged in one long row instead of two. Two issues we had with our old portion cups: 1. We paid an arm and a leg 2. The bags that held the cups would rip and all the cups would be on the floor So far I've been pleased with Choice products. Restaurant Manager, Elsa

    Posted on

    Best cups so far for take out condiments. with these cups customers will not waste as much as they do with bigger cups. I will be buying more of these cups when i run out.

    Posted on

    These soufflé cups from The Webstaurant Store were the best price and quality I could find. We fill them with mustard, hot fudge and other sauces for our guests.

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    Plastic Souffle Cup

    Perfect size soufflé cups. I use them for salad dressing for our lunches. Together with the lid, forms a tight seal that easily stands up to being tossed around in my kids lunch boxes.

    Posted on

    Great size for sides (dressing, bbq sauce, ketchup etc) enough to satisfy without tons of waste. Good quality product for a good price -- Bang for your buck!

    Posted on

    Perfect size for condiments in boxed lunches. Perfect for salad dressings on the side. Good quality, lids fit well. do not leak. Great value for the price.

    from The Savory Spoon Catering Co. Posted on

    This cup is preety good for us to give customers the sample drinks. Good size, the same quality as you can find in the market

    from Trinitea & Co. Posted on

    These soufflé cups work great for holding sauces such as, ranch dressing, hot sauce, marinara, and so much more! We also love to use the 2 oz soufflé cups for our gelatine shots!

    from Jim's Bar N Grill Posted on

    very good quality and great for storing sauces. we have so many sauces and its these come in handy all the time. perfect for all restaurants

    from Snowbite Posted on

    I rally like this soufflé cup. I use it for serve honey and dressings for salads like ranch, caesar. Choice is a good brand. If you have the opportunity buy it.

    from UVAVERDE Posted on

    These are great for anything and everything. From condiments, to portioned massage creams, to single serve dessert cups they are study enough but cheap enough to do the job. And for the price to quantity ratio they do their job very well.

    from ACSC, inc. Posted on

    I used this for tasting of health products at a health fair. This is perfect for just tasting and it goes really fast if you have a big event like the health fair or even event at home. I was really pleased when I opened the box. The picture online is exactly the way it looked when it arrived!

    Posted on

    great product! we use this every day for our sprinkle container since we pre-divide all the things that kids need for decorating! we love it!

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    We use these small soufflé cups for the granola with our yogurt parfaits. They fit just the right amount of product that we need them to.

    from UTNG MWR Posted on

    These are great for samples, on the go personal size condiments, and frosting shots! People at the market loved the concept and got the biggest kick out of them :)

    Posted on

    So many uses for the 2 ounce soufflé cup it would take years to calculate the options! This is a strong cup and I am very happy with my purchase. Choice is choice.

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    These are the perfect size for dressings, dips, cream cheese, butter, etc. My customers love the fact that they can have these things on the side!

    from Brewed Awakening Posted on

    excellent in size .. perfect to carry dressing for a salad .. we also use this for day to day sampling at our store .. highly recommended to restaurant owners.

    from Simply Greens Posted on

    I use these for salad dressing and sauces for my work lunches and they work perfectly. They are a great size and I've never had one leak on me.

    Posted on

    We get so many different uses out of this little containers! We use them to package our house-made items, granola/salad dressing/croutons. They're the perfect size for sides of dressing, jam and butter!

    from Atlantic Baking Company Posted on

    Great cups we use for take out. Never seem to tear or leak. They keep our drinks at the temperature we like. Definitely purchasing again.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    The price of the souffle cups were a great price. These cups were just the size I needed. They were also shipped with the lids in the same box. I will be ordering from this company again.

    from angie parker nails Posted on

    These ramekin containers are great for pre-portioning items such as dressings, ketchup, roasted red peppers, peanut butter, jelly, and marshmallows. The lids that are matched with these containers snap in place perfectly. I highly recommend these containers!

    from Isaacs - Ephrata Posted on

    these 2oz portion cups are a must have for any restaurant. they are easy to use, and stack nicely. we go through a ton of these and with this value you cant go wrong.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    2 oz container good to use with to go or stay in or even the house to put sauces or small kind of food like olive!

    from Ramsey's Steak Grill & delivery Posted on

    These cups are perfect for salad dressings and sides of condiments. They are almost exactly half the price of the competition, and are just as good. Value- off the chart.

    from Dempsey's Posted on

    I use these for ketchup and salad dressing and hummus....I love the fact I can order by the sleeve instead of a saves me space in my small cafe

    Posted on

    Love these little cups. Can't go without them now I've tried them. They look really neat when packaging your outgoing orders. Small enough to fit inside food containers.

    from Topplez Corporation Posted on

    This product comes in very handy in storing small sauces, provide dressings/sauces to our customers. The size is perfect, too, where it fits nicely in other containers (e.g. salads to-go).

    from Moe & Anita's Pizzeria Posted on

    Taking a whole jar of dressing to work for your salad is not only too much to carry but also ruins the rest of the dressing, since it has to be refrigerated. These help me make sure I have just the right amount of dressing and eliminates the need to put a huge jar in my lunch box. I can use the space I save for other food. These are priced right. A pack of these at the local grocery store costs more. Why pay that when I can get these and the lids for less here?

    Posted on

    Love love love these portion control cups. Everything from takeout syrup to dressing, ketchup, etc. Great quality. I actually need to buy more of these.

    Posted on

    Great price! I do alot of takeout so these get ordered pretty often and I don't think I've ever had a price this good! Top quality item as well!

    from Union St Diner Posted on

    Great small cups perfect for portioning out condiments and toppers for our hot dog stands. Allows us to offer more toppings because these keep them fresh and bug free.

    from Poisson Home Repair Posted on

    I recieved my order quickly.I am so pleased with you all delivery always on time.I plan on using these cups daily.I have a family of eight and these cups are great for condiments holder.Thanks so much will be ordering more from you all!

    from Darnette's Posted on

    Don't forget to buy the Choice Clear Polystyrene Lid for 2 oz. Souffle Cup with it. This soufflé cup comes in very handy when you have to give the customer sauces or dressing.

    Posted on

    These are very handy for our home to keep portion control for peanut butter. I would recommend these to any homeowner or business looking for portion control.

    Posted on

    great for kids lunch boxes at school for salad dressing and small snacks. also use them for our gerbil food storage. the covers are great

    Posted on

    we operate a coffee/bagel shop.we needed a container to serve our to go options this is a perfect size study and easy for the customer to use

    from the bean bar Posted on

    Nice size soufflé cup that we use for dressing with our to-go salads. Good quality and no issues with dressing leaking or cups breaking easily.

    Posted on

    This is a great size souffle cup. I use them for salad dressing on to-go boxes. Strong and not leak. Re-usable. Fast shipping. Thank you!

    Posted on

    These souffle cups are perfect for condiments and sauces. They come in 2oz containers that are sold at a great price. They are pretty durable.

    Posted on

    In my culinary classes my advanced students run a small lunch cafe. We have used these repeatedly for condiments and sauces. They are very sturdy. I use them with Choice Clear Polystyrene Lid for 2 oz. Souffle Cup.

    from Jay High School Posted on

    These cups and lids look great for on a casual buffet and close/lock securely enough to travel without us having to worry about spills or leakages.

    from Broadway Brew Posted on

    I use these cups for sampling my popcorn. They are just the right size and are priced for disposal. They even double as a to-go container if you purchase matching lids.

    from Whatever Pops Up, LLC Posted on

    Again, as with the lids, you are able to buy smaller quantities and the lids fit perfect. They work tremendously well with our different sauces that our customers use for take out. Also, great for jello shots.

    from Harley B's Posted on

    I use these cups as prep cups, and sometimes to save small amounts of product. The plastic is not too thin, so it can hold product which requires a durable container.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    The cup functionality is good compared to the dart. I still prefer the clear soufflé cup best, just seems to have a better curb appeal.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    I have found this to be the most universal containers ever, combined wtih the lid they provide a functional container for ketchup and such. I use them for icing in my packaged cinnamon rolls for the farmers market. Some people opt to not ice their rolls and this gives them both options.

    from Apfel Farms Posted on

    These 2oz Portion cups are great for salad dressing or any type of dips. We usually serve 1 cup per order & that's plenty of dressing for the salad. Great buy!

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    I se these mainly for cupcake bouquets. They help make sure that the cupcakes will not slide off the top done. Just stable together, insert into a flower pot, fill with cupcakes, and decorate with some tissue paper!

    Posted on

    These 2 oz portion cups fit great in my Cal Mil organizer. These work great with to go orders or on the table for dressings.

    Posted on

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