4" Pizza Cutter with Plastic Handle

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Keep up with all of your pizza orders with this 4" pizza cutter with a plastic handle! An essential tool for any pizzeria, this low-cost pizza cutter is sharp and sturdy for everyday use. You can even use it at your bakery for cutting through cookie or dessert pizzas.

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4" Pizza Cutter with Plastic Handle

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pizza cutter handle great price sharp blade cutting cut nice
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    this pizza cutter slices the pizza so smoothly and the handle gives a perfect grip for cutting.the stainless steel gives the knife a sharp cut.hghly recommended buy.

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    perfect for cutting raw dough and finished pizza we use a rocking pizza knife for large pizzas and this 4" pizza cutter is perfect for our 8" pizzas

    from fattys Posted on

    This pizza cutter works great. The handle is large and solid. It makes for comfortable and smooth use. Very well made. Great value for the money.

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    This is a really nice and comfortable to use 4 inch plastic handle pizza cutter rolls really nice and smooth it works terrific really can't go wrong with it

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    That's a nice sharp pizza cutter and I like the locknut on it

    Just 4 inch pizza cutter is fantastic it's nice and big cuts through pizzas with these very inexpensive to Works great on fresh dough or cooked pizzas

    from REGARDLESS Posted on


    Works like a charm! This pizza cutter has a nice, sharp blade for cutting through thick crust pizza. It is ever so slightly loose. I wish the blade was a tad tighter. Nice ergonomic handle.

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    4" Pizza Cutter with Plastic Handle

    I have both the American Metalcraft and this generic 4" Pizza Cutter and like them both about the same. They are nearly identical. The blade edge is slightly different, but I do not notice a big difference between the two and I have been using both interchangeably for months. I recommend either (maybe whichever color you prefer).

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    Sharp and easy to use.

    The way this pizza cutters handle is shaped makes it really easy to push down and cut through thicker styles of pizza. The blade is nice and sharp. And it's very easy to clean

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    Great pizza cutter

    Works great when using to cut our pizza! I like the fact that it is easy to clean. The blade never gets stuck. great product.

    from Wonderland Montessori Academy Posted on

    This is a nice pizza cutter, the handle is easy to hang on to and the blade is sharp. In the photo and description it states the handle is black, but the one I received is definitely dark brown.

    Posted on

    Sharp pizza slicer.

    Thank you for your review, Laura! We have verified that this product is brown and have updated our content!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    basic pizza cutter, handle easily pulls off of the blade which is frustrating, but for the price you cant expect too much. Good entry level tool

    from Top Shelf Sports Lounge LLC Posted on

    Just used this for the first time last night and it worked great! There is a spot for your thumb to rest while cutting your pizza which makes it very nice. Looking forward to trying on quesadillas and other items similar.

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    When I ordered this particular product I was skeptical because of the price, but once we received them and began using them our skepticism was gone. My team loves this pizza cutter. I will buy more in the future as needed for both home and company use.

    from Domino's Pizza #5378 Posted on

    I love Pizza and this by far does the job. It is offered at a very good price. I also have friends who work at pizzerias who also use this.

    Posted on

    Exzcellent pizza cutter, blade is very sharp, for use after use, I use this to cut my Quesadillas and I have no complaints about it what so ever, Highly recommend.

    from Crocs Xtreme Italian Ice Posted on

    Excellent product at a very fair price. Restaurant quality item, no signs of rust or discoloration of the metal parts even after many uses and still sharp.

    Posted on

    The 4" Pizza Cutter with Plastic Handle works great for cutting pizza. The quality is very good as well as the price. I definitely recommend this pizza cutter.

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    If you are looking for low cost pizza cutters, then look no further than these. The size is perfect for large pizzas (but still works perfectly on small ones too) and they work exactly like they should.

    from Foodie Fiasco Posted on

    Good Pizza cutter with a much better price point than certain other brands. The shell seems to hold It's edge nicely also. Not recommended for cutting inside the pizza box due to size but works great for in house orders

    from mm clubhouse Posted on

    Perfect inexpensive pizza cutter. Nicely curved handle makes it easy to handle and get a clean cut. If you need multiple pizza cutters on a small budget, this is the one to order.

    Posted on

    Great Pizza Cutter. Simple and effective for cutting any type or size of pizza and very reliable. Just be careful cause the blade is sharp!

    Posted on

    This pizza cutter worked very well. It holds up well after many uses. I purchased this for home use but it's being used at the business.

    from J Fontaine Catering Posted on

    These cutters are fantastic!! They're big enough not to get lost in the clutter and fit well in your hand. Sturdy enough to eliminate wobble. Cleans up well and stands up to the abuse of a commercial kitchen. No melted handles or loose blades!

    from Celebrations Posted on

    This 4 inch pizza cutter with black plastic handle that's exactly what it's designed to do. Well crafted and designed it well moving nicely and smoothly freely through any pizza pie. With proper care it will be around for a while.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Color didn't match the description but a great quality pizza cutter. It is thick and durable and for the price, cannot be beat. Must have for any home or business.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    We only use this style of pizza cutter and this one is one of the better ones we've used. The handle is solid and it doesn't seem to rust at all.

    from Muncheez Pizzeria Posted on

    Standard, 4 inch pizza cuttee. It is very easy to use, it is also very sharp, very durable. And very inexpensive as well. I love it

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    This pizza cutter has a comfortable grip, nice size and solid construction. The blade is thick enough to cut through thick pizza doughs, but sharp enough to cut cleanly.

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    This is a great pizza cutter for home use. I've got a couple plastic ones and this is more sturdy and sharper. The handle is large and comfortable.

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    Great cutter for high volume use. Large cutting with make cutting large pizzas fast and efficient, nice grip hand doesn't get sore even during a long shift of cutting more than 100 pizzas. Works well cutting garlic cheese bread too.

    Posted on

    Excellent pizza cutter for a very economical price! It has a light weight, but sturdy grip for the wheel, and glides with ease. Perfect for other uses for cutting dough also!

    Posted on

    Great value pizza cutter! Quality is great and blade is just a right size and stay always sharp! It is really durable product. Highly recommended!

    from Tom Posted on

    These are one of the nicest pizza cutters I have seen. They are actually sharp and are very nice to cut pizzas or any type of dough

    from Sweet Candy Finds Posted on

    Very sturdy and makes it easy to cut through thick pizza crust! I also use this to cut strips of fondant and with the sharp blade, I always get a crisp, clean cut.

    from Sweet Creations Posted on

    Recently decided to switch to the wheel cutter. This gives a better and more even cut than other pizza cutters out on the market. High quality as well.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Pizza cutter with a grip.

    This pizza cutter is a very good product. I use it just about everyday on more than just pizzas and it has stayed sharp, thanks!

    Posted on

    Perfect for any pizza place. You can never have enough pizza cutters in your place. Works like a charm. Quality built. I am thinking of ordering a few more.

    from What's Brewin' Posted on

    This 4 inch pizza cutter with a plastic handle is a great all around cutter. The 4 inch cutter easily cuts through the deepest dish pizza. With a plastic handle I throw into a dishwasher for easy clean up.

    Posted on

    These pizza cutters are awesome and what a fantastic value! They are better than the cutters they sell at Papa Murphy's and less than half the price! We use these in all of our vacation rental properties, they have held up great and I highly recommend them to other vacation rental owners or managers;

    from Vacation Side Travel Posted on

    4" Pizza Cutter with Plastic Handle this handle contors to the hand and being that I have sufferedwith carpal tunnel in the past this gives me a bit more comfort and piece of mind

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    This pizza cutter does its job. We bout 4 of them thinking that they'd probably break pretty soon but we haven't had to open up the rest yet because it's done its job wonderfully. Haven't got to the point where it needs to be sharpened or anything yet. So far, so good. And we have backups just incase.

    Posted on

    Great, great pizza cutter. The reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because of the handle. Mine came with a dark purple handle. Not a black one. They did refund my money, but just know, this could happen to you to!

    Posted on

    First day using this cutting quesadillas it came apart. The nut and washer went on the floor and went down the drain. That didn't work out well.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    Perfect for Quesadillas

    Thank you for the review! We really do with this pizza cutter would have worked for you, Lawrence. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This pizza cutter works great for such a low price. blade is sharp and a perfect size. I like the simple sleek look of the black and silver.

    Posted on

    I like the big wheel on pizza cutters. This one is a little nicer than you would expect for the price. I have only used it for about 25 pizzas but seems fine so far.

    from Freddy T's Restaurant Posted on

    This Pizza cutter works Great! We use it quite often... and it cleans easily, too! The was a good price for the price and recommended

    from Mrs. B's Simply Relax, Inc Posted on

    Used the 4" Pizza Cutter with Plastic Handle to cut a turkey sandwich. The cutter was shipped very fast to my home. Very easy to use, great price and a nice product.

    from jwhitten31 Youtube name Posted on

    The handle is ergonomical with a non-slip grip. The blade rolls smoothly through the pizza the first time and may not leave scratches on the surface of the pizza pan. I suggest pinning it to an above surface holder on your wall due to its large size and potential to bite you. The price is somewhat fair for the quality and utility of this item.

    Posted on

    Excellent quality - works just as well or better than some that are 5 times as much. Being ergonomically correct helps when cutting multiple pizzas.

    Posted on

    Absolutely amazing! Super sharp, you barely have to use any pressure at all. It cleans super easily and the handle is really tough and fits nice in the hand

    Posted on

    This pizza cutter would be just fine for household use, but doesn't stand a chance in a busy pizza parlor. It becomes full extremely quickly

    Posted on

    These pizza cutters are great and are a very reasonable price. We use them to cut our gluten free pizzas to keep them from getting contaminated

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    Great pizza cutter that has stayed sharp so far and is super easy to clean. Fits perfect in the hand and feels safe while using it. Great option for the price that has the option to remove the blade when they finally get dull.

    Posted on

    A very nice and very sharp pizza cutter. For the money it is a really nice cutter. They make all different kinds but this one is great.

    from NY PIZZA PIE LLC. Posted on

    Very durable and stays sharp after many uses.

    This pizza cut was perfect for using at our high volume pizza restaurant. The bigger blade makes it less likely to get burnt from the hot cheese

    Posted on

    A simple, and inexpensive pizza cutter. The handle might not be the fancy type, but the blade is really that matters, and it does the job just fine.

    from Vamcomplex USA Posted on

    Good size cutter for thin crust pizzas, not so great for really deep dish. Rolls smooth and not too wobbly. I will be using this often!

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    Came with very sharp edge. Well constructed with screw and nut, not a rivet. Have been able to resharpen the blade to extend useful life.

    from Pizza Inn of Wiggins Inc. Posted on

    Does the job- it's nice and large and swivels around circles very easily. It makes sizing pie crust very simple and quick and results in a clean looking product.

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    This is a great pizza cutter for the money. Great quality, I've had it for about a year now and it has held up well. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

    Posted on

    This 4" Pizza Cutter is exactly what I expected! It's edges are very sharp, and cut dough, as well as cooked pizza crusts, with ease. The packaging was safe, and easy to open.

    Posted on

    This is a great pizza cutter for the price. Although very cheap, it worked just as well as the more expensive ones and still going strong after a year of constant use.

    Posted on

    Love it so far! In addition to cutting pizzas, we also use it for our little kids so they can easily cut up their pancakes or French toast into bites (so it doesn't take us parents forever to cut up all their plates for them). Or, same thing for Mexican Pizzas (pizza on a tortilla). I have used it for cutting long strips of pie dough for lattice tops...It even works on spaghetti (cut up for toddlers) if you put the spaghetti on a plate! It's easy to hold, durable, large enough and sharp. Awesome!

    Posted on

    Can't beat this cutter for the price. There are replacement blades available, but at this price, I just buy a whole new cutter when these wear out. We have a thick crust pizza, and it cuts just fine, all the way through, without any issues.

    Posted on

    These pizza cutters are a great size and the design is very easy to hold and use. Unfortunately, we have found that these are not very durable for a high-volume pizzeria setting. They make work very well in a home setting, but we would not advise for use in a professional kitchen.

    Posted on

    Super item at a super price, purchased one awhile back, well made durable plenty of cutting left, us it often had to get another one.

    from Station Mill Properties, llc Posted on

    This was a good cutter . A lot more stable than I thought it would be. And it was sharper than I thought. Glad I gave it a try

    Posted on

    Great cutter. It has a nice grip and looks good. I would recommend this product to anyone and definitely plan to buy more in the future.

    Posted on

    We cut a lot of pizza and these cutters are perfect. They are strong, sturdy, and great quality. We have been using them for a while and have not had a problem.

    from oc brewing company Posted on

    I bought 2 of these so we have a backup for our pizza house. We were excited to get some new ones, but were disappointed that these don't cut as well as our older one. We still use these to cut our garlic knots, but when it comes to cutting the pizza it just didn't get the job done as sufficiently.

    from Giordano's Pizza House Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that the pizza cutter you bought is not suitable. We suggest American Metalcraft's Black Handle Pizza Cutter instead as a sharper solution.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I was completely surprised when I received it: high quality and sturdy with a great price. All products available on online cannot compare with it. It is far better than what I have expected to get. It will last for years to come. The wheel does a great job with cutting, cannot complain in any way. Strongly recommend it. One thing I do not like is the label on the wheel. I cannot get rid of it cleanly and completely. Please put the label on the black handle or on the plastic bag. It is best to put it on the plastic bag. Thank you.

    from Sine Nomine Posted on

    LOVE this pizza cutter. I used it on a homemade pizza and it cut beautifully. The only thing is that I wish it came with a cover to protect the blade but I just lay it down flat and make sure it's not rubbing against anything to make sure it doesn't dull overtime.

    Posted on

    nice cutter for the money. removable, replaceable wheel is a plus! good thickness on the cutter arm...sturdy and stainless. large diameter wheel is the way to go...that's amore!

    Posted on

    This is a nice heavy duty pizza cutter, unlike the flimsy ones that you can purchase at chain stores. You still will have to push down hard, but the bigger roller makes it easier.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    Works great and is easy to clean. Handle is shaped well for large and small hands. We noticed an improvement in handling from our previous cutters.

    from Prairie Fire Oven, Inc. Posted on

    4" Black Handle Pizza Cutter. This is a quality cutter that I am proud to use to cut and serve my artisan pizza. It looks great, feels good in the hand and cleans up nice in the dishwasher.

    Posted on

    Super great price on a great pizza cutter....cheap enough if someone takes it you will not cry,,,good enough to use all the time,,,, a great buy!!!

    Posted on

    definitely good quality but the cut is not great. You need to wheel back and forth over the pizza to really get a good cut.

    Posted on

    Average quality. The handle is ergonomic and it is easily cleaned. The issue is the blade is not that sharp and I often have to resort to knives.

    Posted on

    Very good quality pizza cutter. Have several in our restaurant and customers have asked if they could buy them from us for use at home. That's a great compliment for the cutter!

    Posted on

    These pizza cutters hold up very well. They are easy to wash and very sharp when it comes to cutting the pizza we have really enjoyed using them.

    from Coffee County Board of Education Posted on

    Wow!! Very good price.. Amazing product.. these pizza cutters are top of the line why go anywhere else.. At the store price is 4 times this much.. Will definitely be a repeat customer time and time again.

    from Saucys Pizzeria Posted on

    Standard pizza cutter, works well for our flatbread pizzas and it also takes plenty of abuse. It is going to be exactly what you thought it would be.

    from Chomps Posted on

    This is a great pizza cutter. It does not wobble when going across a crisp crust. The handle is comfortable and the roller is sharp.

    from Fire Kissed PIzza LLC Posted on

    Nice size. This pizza cutter works very well. The blade is safe to the touch yet cuts through the dough with minimal pressure. I would highly recommend it.

    Posted on

    Great pizza cutters at a good price. We are a small brew pub and purchased multiple of these to use for mainly for slicing pizzas.

    Posted on

    This is a good basic pizza cutter. I like to use it when making dough and need a way to cut it cleanly. Its fast and efficient.

    Posted on

    You gotta get this four inch black pizza cutter. It's versatile as a pastry wheel as well. It cuts straight lines right through the pizza.

    Posted on

    The 4" Black Handle pizza Cutter is great. With its stainless nsteel blade and wood handle it works great cuts right through.You can't beat the price.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    Great pizza cutter. Out of the box it is very sharp and makes the job easy. The size of the wheel is perfect for cutting through pizza and other thicker items that may need sliced.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    This is your basic pizza cutter but it comes with much more than the basics! The quality is top notch and it is built to withstand a lot of use!!

    Posted on

    Very good item for the price.the blades are sharp and sturdy product.iam glad I bought this item and worth the money spent.will definitely recommend this

    Posted on

    I have 2 of these. I use one of course for slicing pizza, pancakes and other baked goodies. And the other one is dedicated only to my fondant work. It is a must have for all you cake makers out there that decorate cake with fondant, modeling chocolate, and marzipan. It cuts straight and clean and makes very neat edges.

    from Home Maker Posted on

    I never purchased anything from Webstaurant site before. After receiving the pizza cutter, I was surprised at the quality of the product. I will be shopping this site for all my restaurant supplies.

    Posted on

    Gave this pizza cutter as a gift - got great review from the recipient. He said it cuts very well and he was surprised at how easy it was to clean. Will have to purchase one for myself!

    Posted on

    Pizza night this Friday? Don't forget to whip out this perfect sized sharp 4" Black Handle Pizza Cutter. Not your typical pie cutter. It's very sturdy.

    Posted on

    This pizza cutter is the sturdiest and the longest lasting pizza cutter that I have had in the thirty years that I have been making pizzas.

    Posted on

    Aside from being a good size and having a sharp blade, the best thing about this cutter is the handle. It is shaped perfectly to fit the hand so that you're not forced to hold it at an awkward angle or hold it too tightly.

    Posted on

    This is probably the most durable pizza cutter you can find. Other ones tend to break apart over time. Not this one, the handle is molded to the frame making it really strong and easy to clean.

    from North End Pizzeria Posted on

    This pizza roller was an excellent replacement for our original roller, which had a really hard time slicing through our homemade pizzas. We love the size of the blade and the heft of the handle. It is easy to handle and doesn't feel flimsy at all. We were also delighted to discover that it was perfect for other situations too, such as cutting homemade croissant dough. This pizza cutter cuts very clean and I'm delighted with the results.

    Posted on

    This is one excellent pizza cutter. I was not happy with the pizza cutters that were sold in retail stores, so I knew that the best place to find a quality pizza cutter was here in The Web Restaurant Store. I did a small research and found that this model would be the best for me. The price is excellent and so is the quality: it feels solid and comfortable in my grip. Washing it is a breeze and the blade can also be easily removed with a screwdriver: most consumer-grade cutters lack this handy feature. This is the pizza cutter to have if you are passionate about pizza-making. I also use it to cut/portion dough.

    Posted on

    I was in need of a new pizza cutter. One of the first features I was looking for was a removable blade. Having the ability to replace the blade is an important feature I look for because of the usefulness of a pizza cutter and the high volume of use I get out of it. The other nice feature is the handle, it is comfortable, which is important for strait cuts.

    Posted on

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