9 3/4" x 4 1/4" 12 Cup Coffee Filter (Bunn 20115.0000) - 1000/Case

Item #: 121CF12

Brew the perfect pot of coffee every time with this Bunn 9 3/4" x 4 1/4" coffee filter. Made using an environmentally-friendly elemental chlorine-free bleaching method, the durable, heavyweight paper construction allows proper water flow while also preventing coffee grounds from passing into your brew. These 12 cup decanter-style coffee filters can be used with a variety of coffee brewers, including Bunn C, S, R, O, VLPF, VPR, VPS, and VP-17 decanter style coffee brewers.

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9 3/4" x 4 1/4" 12 Cup Coffee Filter (Bunn 20115.0000) - 1000/Case

4.9 stars from 132 reviews


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coffee filters great price Bunn filter grounds maker fit perfectly
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    Very necessary part of our operation. Shipped in a nice small box. Stacked up nicely to minimize needed storage space. Works well when brewing coffee as to not let grounds into our coffee urn. Great value!
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    Good Bunn coffee filters. Standard style large brew coffee filters that do an adequate job of filtering out oils and other solids. Better quality could certainly be made, but holds up just fine for most applications and price makes it attractive.
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    I must admit we do not use these as intended. We use them in our microwave. They are the handiest for covering plates (because of their size) and in some cases using them alone to microwave alone on top of. They are very versatile and strong. I have used them a filters for other items around the kitchen. I would be lost without them... The only reason I don't use them in my coffee pot is because they are too big ( I knew this when I purchased them ) I needed a coffee filter of this size as the traditional home sized coffee filter couldn't meet all those extra needs I had uses for. Thanks
    These fit nicely in our coffee maker. They hold up well and keep their shape in their bag. No tears or leaks and is perfect for the amount of coffee we make.
    Good quality filters at excellent price delivered at your door. I used to order from my food supply company but then I found this website for a lot of my supplies.
    I bought a new Bunn coffee maker and these are the best filters for the price. They will last me quite a while. They have a high rim so there is no runover when using a pourover maker.
    The liners are a great fit for my coffee machine. The only problem that I have sometimes is I end up with grounds in my coffee because the filter seems to bend a little.
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    Great filters for use with any 12 cup coffee brewer. Good price especially given the quantity in the case. A bit tough to separate but sure that is the case with all of them. No complaints here.
    these were way too small. they are made for a regular small machine. not a big industrial one. probably perfect for an office. but not a coffee shop
    Best buy on coffee filters and live up to the Bunn pots. When I shop at the big box stores and see customers going to buy these or other items I purchase, I tell them about this site and the great items I have purchased and the savings. I love this site.
    You cannot go wrong with Bunn coffee filters. They hold their shape and filter well. Other filters can be too flimsy and don't allow the true flavor to come through. Bunn is the original and still the best. The box has 2 packs of 500 each.
    So glad I bought these.. They work great in my commercial bunk coffee maker. I was using store bought standard size and coffee was not drinkable great price too
    Good filters that are way cheaper than the name brand stuff. They don't stick together either and they're easy to separate for when you need to reload the coffee grounds quickly.
    These filters arrived quickly and in perfect shape. The box is compact for storage and protects the filters well. The filters are good quality, good thickness and hold up well. The price is great.
    These are great filters for the money. Nice tall sides help keep grounds from overflowing. No off-tastes in the coffee from the filter. We use this in our 2.2Liter airpot brewer.
    These are great. We use them with our Bunn Coffee Maker. They never break and are very sturdy. We love the product! We would definitely recommend.
    What can I say about these amazing coffee filters? They are far superior to any other coffee filter I have ever encountered. I will continue to use them forever.
    We do not even use a Bunn coffee maker but these are the best filters I have been able to find! I never have any grinds make their way into our pot. Great product
    This is a basic coffee filter. It works great and doesn't fold over. Just make sure your well will work with this filter before buying. Priced very well!
    Excellent product, Very good Quality, I totally recommend it, I use it for my Bunn Coffee machine. it fits perfectly. I am so happy with this quality filters.
    We have used these in every coffee machine out there. You get better extraction with the large filters and the flavor produced somehow seems more smooth.
    these coffee filters worked out great for our commercial 12 cup machine. price was very reasonable and we will be ordering more in the future.
    They are a great price and fit our 3L Bunn coffee maker perfectly. They come in a compact box that doesn't take up much storage space.
    These are perfect! They are not too small which is the case with some filters. These are strong and sturdy. No worried about getting grounds into your fresh coffee.
    I use these cup coffee filters daily and the quality of the cups reserve the moisture perfectly. The coffee stays preserved within the filter and is highly recommended.
    Love these filters, quality is good, they seperate easily, hold their shape well out of the packaging, and wet grounds wont tear through them when removing from the filter holder. I bought them to fit my Avantco Air Pot coffee brewers model C15. But I’m sure they fit many other brewers. Check your owners manual or the specs listed on this website for size. We say buy them by the case. Jeff
    Great coffee filters. Works great in our Bunn coffee machine. Awesome price for the amount you get. Great value these will last us for quite awhile.
    Great filter, great packaging, great price. This holds up really well for brewing and doesn't make a mess when it's time to go to the trash can. Can't ask for any more!
    We use these filters in a grindmaster pour over brewer(3L), and our grindmaster plumbed in brewer. In both cases they work well and produce great coffee!
    I love using coffee filters for multiple tasks. Of course filtering coffee, but they work well absorbing grease off of your food. I've even seen them used to line chip baskets.
    I didnt realize how much my sales reps were over charging me until I started to compare prices on here to them. so happy with these filters and the price I paid.
    These are really great coffee filters. They are very durable and don't tear easily. They allow water to drain through them freely while keeping coffee grounds contained. I love it.
    Our coffee distributor was dropping the ball a lot with our filter deliveries, so we sought the aid of Webstaurant.com and had some filters delivered from them. Super-fast delivery and good product for less than what we were paying from our distributor. They saved our behinds!
    Prior to finding the webstaurant store we were buying filters at the grocery store. They were always too small.. These fit perfectly and meet all expectations.
    the coffee filters came quickly and were not damaged at all, they also fit in my daughters home Bunn coffee maker, I will order them again.
    Great filter. Plenty in the case to avoid having to reorder too soon.. Has a nicely formed shape to fit in decanter, will buy again.
    The Bunn 9 3/4" x 4 1/4" 12 Cup Coffee Filter fit my 12 cup coffee maker perfectly. No issues with coffee grounds going all over or in my coffee. They work great.
    These coffee filters are very functional. We use them every morning at our restaurant for making our coffee and we've never had any issues with them.
    These work just fine with our Bunn airpot brewer. Sometimes we use two at once to give grounds more immersion time. Seems to work out great.
    Great filter for our commercial sized Bunn coffee maker. Much cheaper than other sites. Works great, what more can I say! We love Webstaurant store.
    Surprisingly this size coffee filter is a special size I cannot buy it locally in any restaurant supply store. I was very thankful to have found this at a great price on this website.
    Holds the coffee grounds in place instead of in the coffee pots. Provides nice pot of coffee. The size fits perfectly into our machine. Nice filters
    I am very pleased with these coffee filters. Some many for the price and the perfect fit for my coffee maker that I purchased from the Webstaurantstore. I will order more soon to stock up.
    Shipments and orders came very quick, well packaged, good prices,never had an issue! been buying from the webstaurant store for years never had a bad experience!
    These are you regular coffee filters in 1000. They do the job. And the price is excellent. Why get it anywhere else. Get it from the Webstaurant store.
    Great coffee filters. Good price, good product. Keeps your coffee machine running smoothly and easy disposal of the used grinds. Hard to separate from one another, but it's a small price to pay.
    We've been using Bunn filters for the eight years that we've been open. They are both high in quality and cost efficient. We highly recommend for commercial coffee brewing.
    These fit perfectly in my Avantco coffee makers. However I only gave them 3 stars as they often collapse and then I have grounds in my coffee. I have tried using two filters at a time, and I have also tried moistening the filter before the grounds are put in. Neither method has proved fool proof. So once a week or so, I have coffee with grounds in it.
    These coffee filters were just what I was looking for, I had a hard time finding them locally at a decent price, I would recommend these they are sturdy and fit perfect into the Bunn Coffee Maker
    These do exactly what you need them to do, filter coffee grounds, and boy do they do it just fine. They're a great price, they're sturdy, and they keep the grounds out of the coffee.
    Coffee filters are a product I shouldnt have to worry about, and I dont with this place. Always quality. Always a great price. Thanks Webstaurant!
    This is a great product. We use this with our Bunn 38700.0011 Axiom DV-TC Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer, and it fits perfectly. This is exactly what we needed.
    Great product and a great price. We have had nothing but success with our purchases from Webstaurant. They have always promptly fixed any issues we have had.
    I have an industrial Bunn at home and none of the filters ever fit properly. These are exactly what I needed and so glad to find a source for them.
    What a great value! The price is great on these coffee filters. They fit in our 12-cup coffee maker great, and we haven't had any problems with ending up with ground in the coffee.
    These coffee filters were perfect match for the Bunn coffee maker I purchased, they are the right size for the coffee maker, Tip- make sure you only use one filter as they get stuck together, you can tell by the thickness.
    These filters are the perfect height. I had some that were smaller and often grounds end out coming out one side. These filters are a great value!
    These are perfect for our brewer. The price is reasonable and they work great. I will definitely order these from webstraunt every time I need them.
    We use these with our Bunn CW series brewer. They work great, brew excellent coffee, and are packaged really well. They can be stuck together occasionally, but it's really minimal and easy to deal with.
    This order was shipped and received in a very timely manner. I compared prices elsewhere and Webstaurant bet everyone's prices hands down. Superior service! I will order again from Webstaurant!!
    Great filters for the price - we use these in our drip coffee machine and, admittedly, with glass cleaner to clean our display case to a streak-free shine.
    These filters are exactly what we expected. They definitely do the one job they are supposed to do. We brew about 2-3 pots per day so we won't need to restock for a while, but I would certainly advise those looking to stock up on high quality filters to go with these! Great value too!
    These filters work well for my commercial bunn coffee brewer. They fit nicely and I never have grounds escape! I will continue to purchase these!
    These coffee filters work very well with our three burner Bunn Coffee machine. They separate for quick coffee making with ease. I would recommend these.
    Good coffee filter for the money. The only negative is that they can be extremely hard to separate from one another and the can be a real pain when your in a hurry.
    Awesome filters that fit our rim just perfect! No worries about it falling below the level and getting grains in our coffee. Sturdy and excellent filter for long lasting use!
    Great value and fits perfectly in the Avantco airpot brewer. They are a little thin and can take a little work to separate them so you don't grab two at a time. That's a small issue and doesn't really affect the performance.
    I use these daily. I like the size and the fact that they are problem free. I gave five stars but they are sometimes stick together.
    We worry about the coffee and not the filter, but both are important. Since switching to Bunn filters, we find that we don't have grounds in the coffee and the customers are much more pleased with the product. Besides the quality...the PRICE is great!!
    These filters fit my commercial coffee maker perfectly. I've never had an incident where they didn't hold up. I bought a ton and am still using the pack I bought when I opened my bakery over a year ago.
    Just what we needed! We'd been told elsewhere that this size wasn't made any more. Thank you, Webstaurant, for saving the day!! We will order again!!
    Perfect for large commercial sized coffee pots, my only complaint being that the filters are a bit thin so it's a good idea to use a couple. But, the brand I was using before kept leaking coffee grounds into the pot and this one doesn't so it seems to work just great.
    We use these for our Bunn coffee machines. Fits well, keeps the grinds in, sturdy, and works as a giant cupcake/muffin liner as well. Can also be used to strain spice mixtures and other liquids such as tea.
    We use these everyday and like everything else you can't beat the prices here! 1000 to a case so nice not having to reorder very much.
    Very fast shipping from Webstaurant. These filters fit my Bunn Commercial coffee maker perfectly. I shared with my son because it will take forever to use 1000 filters.
    We use these daily for our Bunn Brewer systems, work great, and cheaper than any online supplier, and cheaper than our food truck or daily deliveries. Thanks Webstaurant.
    The filters work fine and are a true value. They are a standard size and will fit most coffee makers. They will do the job affordably in your business.
    We have had no issues with this filters. They work well in the coffee brewer we purchased and we will continue to use them in the future!
    I really love these and I am actually guilty in taking some of these home with me to use in my own personal coffee maker at home. They're almost like one size fit all and all you need is a stapler and you can actually make your own tea bags out of these if you want to.
    These coffee filters are wonderful. We've been using them for a few weeks now without any problems. No ripping or taring very easily removed for clean up.
    These coffee filters are fantastic. The price is great and about half of what other vendors are charging. Not only do we use them for Bunn coffee machines but also for cleaning glass since they are so reasonable.
    Its a Bunn 12 cup coffee filter - pretty simple, but a must have. Comes in a 1000 piece case which will last and at a very good price.
    These coffee filters serve their purpose- haven't had any problems brewing coffee with them and haven't had any coffee grinds leaking through. Will order again
    These filters are wonderful. The price is less then other food suppliers. We haven't had a single filter break when brewing our coffee. Its a the perfect thickness for large coffee brewers.
    No explosions nor tears. These filters hold heavy grounds and I never have to worry about bursting filters. Great product. Ridiculously low price! I'm not even going to start typing out the many craft opportunities these filters possess...If I only had the time.
    Thick enough to hold up and the right size for a commercial Bunn machine. Great price and quantity. The filters don't fall apart and serve their purpose well.
    Great price! This are perfect fit for my bunn s brewer, no more need to pay the food companies way too much for filters! Thank you
    These are the recommended filters for Bunn coffee makers, they fit perfect and deliver great tasting coffee every time. they also happen to be the best price.
    These coffee filters are perfect for commercial coffee makers that make 12 cups or under. We go through so many but with 1000 in each case, we found that this is definitely the best value. And they're light so they ship cheaper too :)
    Bought with our Bunn coffee brewers. Fits perfect and the box contains more than expected. Coffee flows at a rapid pace and doesn't fall apart.
    I use these coffee filters every morning and they are great. I have never once had a problem with them which combined with the excellent price has made me a repeat customer.
    These filters are great and I have yet to have one fail on me. These are perfect for all of your bun twelve cup coffee makers. Webstaurant's price makes them even better. I also use these to filter stock through to clarify it.
    I was looking for a place to order a small box of filters for our new Curtis Brewer. These are perfect for our new coffee business and fit perfectly in the brew basket.
    Such a great price on these and they last for a long time. Great quality for our coffee maker. Will definitely be ordering again soon.
    9 3/4" x 4 1/4" 12 Cup Coffee Filter (Bunn 20115.0000) 1000/Case are very reasonably priced. They fit very well in the holders and keep grounds from falling through.
    Just the right size for my coffee brewer. It was a companion item when I purchased my VPR series and it works, thanks a lot!
    These coffee filters gets the job done right the first time, unless you havent train employees enough to know how to replace them. They are cheap and works wonders.
    This is another one of those "staple" items that you can buy in bulk and save. The quality is excellent and the price beats "wholesale club" prices by a mile.
    good size filters, fits the coffee maker excellent. filters do not sag during brew, therefore no coffee grind in the pot. great price on the filters.
    Fit perfect in my machine and was shipped without being crushed. Will order again and again, can't beat the price. held up to wet grinds.
    Coffee filters work well - no grounds make their way through and they produce a good cup of coffee. Other brands were too small for our commercial brewer; these fit just right.
    What can I say. These are coffee filters. They filter coffee, and fit the described Bunn machine as advertised. However, they also work well to strain yogurt and make kids crafts. I do wish Bunn had a non-bleached filter available. Those, I would give 5 stars to.
    These filters are pretty basic but that doesn't mean they don't do what you need them for. If you have a Bunn machine that works with these I would definitely purchase these.
    Great buy for coffee filters. We use them with the Avantco coffee maker sold on the site also. Perfect fit for that model. Brews great tasting coffee with these every time.
    Bought a case of these (1000 pcs) to go along with my new Bunn. They are made very well, and for use at home on my 12 cup Bunn unit, will last a long time. I don't see any difference between these and BUNN brand. I will go with these, and the money saved can go towards some specialty roast coffee that I will enjoy.
    Great filters.Fits our machine very well. Great price& services. Appreciate lots of info for your products. Like knowing the products are right for us.Thank you.
    we use these every day. 9 3/4x41/2 12 cup coffee filter .works well. dont break down. thay are very strong, perfact size. dont leve gronds
    The 9 3/4" x 4 1/2' 12 Cup Coffee Filter ( Bunn 20115.000 ) sodl 1000 Per Case. It is a great product at a great price and it dosen't break down like sme coffee filters. Well worth the price.
    this is a good product. doesnt break down like a lot of other ones. holds a lot of coffee grounds. good product for a good price.
    These filters are very strong and perfect for the pourover pump pot brewers. The size is perfect and they fit to the T. Can't go wrong for the price.
    these filters are the best I've found anywhere. I have used the commercial coffee makers for 20+ yrs, and have used filters from everywhere. These are by-far the best.
    These are the perfect coffee filters! Nice large size is great for brewing large quantities of coffee! They also cut costs drastically when you use them to polish sliverware/glasses instead of using costly napkins!!!
    Good sturdy commercial filter. was searching for the right filter and the webresturant had just what i needed for a good price. came in a strong strudy box and on time once i ordered them . will ordered again.
    While it took awhile to get the correct dimensions off of our airpot brewer, ordering the correct product did not! Wide selection and great value! Thanks again.
    Can't say enough about these bunn coffee filters. They hold up very well, and never break down. I have never had grounds in my coffee ever since i switched to these. And to make it better, the price here beats what i was paying for my old filters.
    This is a great price on harder to find filters. The filters are of good quality. I have no complaints and will buy from webstaurant store when I need again.
    Can not beat this price and quality. We use this with our Bunn VPR machine and it fits great and always works well. Packaged well and will definitely buy again. We can not say enough great things about WEBRESTAURANT. Truly my favorite place to shop for the store and home.
    Originally we were buying the official bunn brand filters for our coffee machine. These generic filters are exactly the same and cheaper than a brand name.
    Worked and fit better than the ones that we bought at "Walmart" and these were even cheaper. We used for coffee and to brew tea for sweet tea.
    Very durable coffee filter. I have tried many coffee filters and have seen leaks and rips. However I have not had a single lost pot to coffee grounds with these filters. They are very strong and provide the perfect drip rate for brewing coffee.
    These are great coffee filters for our Bunn maker - just the right size and seem to be extra tall from the others we used to purchase. Keeps the coffee grounds in the filter!
    Nothing unusual here. However, speedy delivery and condensed packaging to make stocking products easy is the key. Easy to open case and plastic wrapped filters. No complaints and will continue to order
    Cannot ask for much more out of a coffee filter. Durable, great price and are made by the same people who make our coffee maker.
    My friend has a very old Bunn coffee maker that has twelve cup capacity. Could not buy filters for the coffee maker in local stores that fit. Now there are no coffee grinds in the coffee from spilling over the smaller filters. Delighted.
    These are what you need for any commercial style Bunn coffee maker. They are great. No overflowing coffee grounds as long as you make sure the filter does not accidently fold over inside the holder.
    Great price! This is 1,000 pieces, can't beat the quality. I was hesitant on ordering this product because I thought they would be very thin but they are good quality.
    These are standard coffee filters. They make a decent brew and taste great! They are easy to use and are easy to dispose of. Sometimes the brew could be stronger but we aren't sure if it is the filter or the coffee pot.
    love this it fits great in my coffee maker! did not realize how many there were. I am set for a very long time! Thank you!
    A coffee filter is not just a coffee filter. These are made especially for the machine I use here. They fit well and are easy to use.
    Perfect fit for my airpot brewer! The filter comes just to the edge of the basket & that helps to prevent grounds in your coffee! Highly recommended!

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