Royal Paper EFC10 10" Paper Grease Filter Cone - 50/Box

Item #: 121100

This Royal Paper EFC10 10" paper cone oil filter is designed for use with 10" fryer oil cone filter holders. It's perfect for seasonal concession stands, snack bars, or sandwich shops that occasionally fry foods. The 10" paper oil filter cone is made from a 70 micron non-woven material with over-locking stitches for added strength.

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Royal Paper EFC10 10" Paper Grease Filter Cone - 50/Box

4.8 stars from 123 reviews


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    These paper filters work great for the grease. They are pretty thick considering and do the job as needed. I will definitely be ordering more.

    from courageous bakery Posted on

    These filters are great. I used to order them from my distributor for double the price at We run 3 busy restaurants and these work great to preserve our oil quality. We buy a high quality oil and with these filters we're able to get 7 days out of our oil. We filter and top off daily

    from Simple Twist Posted on

    HIghly recommend this grease filter product. It does the job very well. If your fryer does not have grease filteration system, this is a must have.

    from k town brunch and grill Posted on

    Works perfectly for us in the kitchen for bulk usage in filtering hot oils. Works best in high temperatures for optimum results around 215 deg.

    Posted on

    These paper grease filter cones are the perfect, inexpensive way to clean your deep fryer it daily. Filtering oil is the number one way to prolong the life of the oil.

    from Brothers Barbecue of Campbellsville LLC Posted on

    These are fantastic! Strong, durable just an all around great product. Very pleased with these cone filters. Do not hesitate to buy these cone filters

    from Badbobs BBQ Posted on

    good over all filters. the cones would at times collapse into the china cap but that may have be the amount of grease was being poured too quickly. Overall a good paper filter. We have moved on to an automated system.

    from Something Fishy Posted on

    Was this review helpful? These filter cones work perfectly for filtering fryer oil, they are sturdy and do not rip or tear easily, they are a nice size to collect oil debris from my fryer

    from TACO LOCO Posted on

    I am very happy with my purchase. The cones filter the oil so nicely and they are also very strong! I will buy more as soon as I am out of this. Highly recommended

    from Panzerotti Bites Posted on

    Filter cone with holder (not included)

    these paper filters are inexpensive and work great. We strain our oil every night with a china cap and these filters and it really helps to save the life of the oil.

    from TR Club Northern Posted on

    The Royal paper grease filter cones work great. Very easy to use and will order again. Very fast shipping and customer service was easy to work with

    Posted on

    Cheapest way we have found to filter oil for reuse. Am thinking about also trying to strain gravy with cracklings to remove the cracklings and see how that works.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    I like the sturdiness of these filters, but thought they would function better. I can get nearly the same results using a fine mesh strainer. Good filter, but not an excellent one.

    Posted on

    These have worked great for us to use and keeps the mess a lot easier to clean. They have a very simple look as well.

    Posted on

    standard paper cone filter fits wire frame perfectly similar to the one you'd get from the local distributor fair price and seems to catch all the fine particles.

    from fattys Posted on

    This cone is very good and helps save money on oil. It really filters the oil and takes all the garbage out. Love it a lot

    Posted on

    Oil filter

    Works great we use to filter oil for French fries after a day of use. Find it better if you dubble or Triple the filters

    Posted on

    These filter cones work perfectly for filtering fryer oil, they are sturdy and do not rip or tear easily, they are a nice size to collect oil debris from my 2.5 gallon fryer with room to spare. I find it easiest to attach them to the wire rack with 4 clothes pins to guarantee they do not fall inward or shift. Will be ordering again.

    from Jane doughs Posted on

    Grease filter cones do just what you'd think they do. Restrain unwanted grease from entering your food. Helps keep it just a little healthier. Good price for the amount.

    Posted on

    These paper grease filters do a great job and are not too thin like we have found with previous filters. Highly recommend for the price!

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    Good product. Fulfills a need. Does it at a cost effective price, even with shipping. I'm happy to report that this is a staple on my auto-reorder.

    from Roll'n Pin Posted on

    These filters are good for cleaning the grease so you can use again. I usually filter two 40 lb fryers with one filter so very sturdy.

    from Taste This Catering Posted on

    Good enough filter if you don't have a larger filtration system. The filter speed is pretty low so it can be a time suck but it definitely filters well and they don't tear like other brands I've used.

    Posted on

    These cones are made of a durable paper that holds the oil well, they don't buckle when filled and strain the oil nicely and quickly

    from Ale House Bar & Grill LLC Posted on

    What a great product. Save money on oil and filter 1-2 a day. We currently use a vito but on Fridays after fish we filter with these cones and then use are vito machine.

    from bjames llc Posted on

    this paper grease filter works parcfect and helps save a lot of money when you use it to clean all the waste from the used oil, I love it.


    These cones work great, they are really durable! This order was shipped promptly and received undamaged. I would definitely order these grease filter cones again.

    Posted on

    They work great if you have the time. Depending on how dirty the oil is will depend on the time needed. The warmer the oil the less time it will take.

    Posted on


    These are a daily essential if you do not have a mechanical shortening filter. We use them every morning and have them set up on Auto Ship so we never run out.

    from Duckies Bar & Grill Posted on

    I don't love these filters, but they will get the job done. First I drain the fryer through a regular strainer into a large pot to remove large crumbs and food items. Then I insert one of these filters into i china cap strainer and place it over the fryer. Lastly, slowly pour the used, still hot, fry oil back into the fryer.

    from Giant Pizza Posted on

    Don't get me wrong, these fryer cones worked great. I just wasn't thrilled with the slow pace of the oil going through, as well as how many times I had to change the filters (about 2 to 3 times per batch). Still 4 stars.

    from Magnifique Posted on

    These filters work great, we use these daily and would definitely recommend and plan to reorder. Great value, too. Helps keeping our fries tasting so good!

    from Rock N Grill Posted on

    Royal Paper Grease Filter Cones

    This paper grease filter cone is definitely worth your money. Buy it today. We filter the grease while it is still hot and this filter is the best

    Posted on

    These filter cones were great and truly get the job done. Very durable as well for doing a dirty job. We highly recommend this product.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    Finally found these. There are other versions out there that are not as good. The grease doesn't filter through them and you end up using 2-3 before you are done. More product used for less return. These are great filters.

    from Tabatha Family Tree Posted on

    Help keeps your oil clean, This paper grease filter works perfectly very durable will not rip or tar when draining oil from fryers single use.

    from The Chatter Box Food truck Posted on

    Using this product makes filtering the fryers much easier. In the past we used a china cap and some large coffee filters. This combined with the filter holder makes the whole process much easier

    from mm clubhouse Posted on

    These filters work great. No longer do I need to use a funnel and a coffee filter to filter my counter top fryer oil. Making cleaning quick and easy

    from Fragrances on the run Posted on

    These cones work better than expected! Another great item at a great price from Webstaurant Store! I will certainly buy these again and again. Simple to use.

    from Opa! Restaurant Group Posted on

    Great Product. Really helps us in maintaining our fryer oil. The value is good, and we are pleased with this brand! We have been using this method for a while already.

    from Bay Pointe Inn Posted on

    It's a necessity, it works well if you drain your Fryers every night,even every other night but the product stands up well doesn't break down real timesaver

    Posted on

    Not bad, good rate of filtration, however it does take 2 filters to get a 50lb deep fryer properly filtered. The cones also sit nicely in the cone filter holder the top will fold over if draining the oil too quickly.

    Posted on

    I've been using these for a couple of years now in my sports bar, Best price filter on the market and works as well as any brand I have used. Plus it's bargain priced, Don't waste your money on expensive filters when this one is just as good.

    Posted on

    I bought these to drain and save the oil from a turkey fryer used on Thanksgiving. Felt bad spending the money on peanut oil and just tossing it out. These have worked great and I would highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    These didn't work well. We tried using them when the oil was hot and when it was cold. They need to be more porous. The oil doesn't drain through it well.

    from Carolima's Catering & Events Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Sameka! If you are looking for a different filter that would better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I was looking for a way to recycle my cooking oil because of the product that I cook/fry which makes oil while cooking. These filters are great for that purpose, especially when used with the filter holder that Webstaurant sells. Great product highly recommend.

    Posted on

    These paper filters are an excellent value. They are cheaper here than I can get locally. I'm very pleased with them. I will be reordering.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    These grease filters work as well as any and are a sure fire way to keep your oil in good condition. This is a money saving item in the long run.

    from Freddy T's Restaurant Posted on

    I used these in conjunction with the oil cone filter holder and the MirOil oil 6 gallon utility pail to filter and store my deep fryer oil overnight. Worked like a charm. The filter paper is pretty thick and holds up well against the heavy oil being poured onto it. At no point did it look like it was going to tear or buckle under the weight. Filtered the oil well, was able to strain out all the crud remaining at the bottom of the fryer.

    Posted on

    These work great for filtering our fryer grease on the days we don't change it. We have been very pleased with the quality and the price cannot be beat.

    from Barefoot Bar & Grill Posted on

    Needed it to filter my fryers so I looked on here and they had it along with the holder this place is great it's a one stop shopping store they have everything thanks

    from REX'S CALZONES Posted on

    This grease filter cone paper is very good. Does what it is supposed to do and comes fifty to a box. We would purchase this item again.

    Posted on

    Arrived well. Packaged well. Priced well. We reuse them for a week and then discard it. Have worked well. Washable too. Would purchase it again.

    from Curry Village Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Product works as described. We hace not found any issues with leaks etc. Overall the product is very easy to use and with minimal mess.

    from Best Western Plus Windsor Hotel Posted on

    These paper grease filters are great! When paired with the paper filter holder, it does an outstanding job filtering the grease! We will be buying more for the price they sell them for.

    from Toni's Depot Posted on

    I really enjoy having these and they certainly extend the length of our fryer , and duck fat fryer oil. Came quickly and stores small and easily. Now I just have to keep hounding the staff to use them!

    from West Edge Restaurant & Lounge Posted on

    These work perfect and are a must for anyone who has fryers. We use them to strain our grease to prolong the life of our oil

    from The Rabbit Patch Posted on

    Combined with the cone filter holder this purchase has saved me so much money. Rather than completely changing the oil in my fryers every other day we can filter the oil and use it again. What a great purchase!

    from Sandy's Country Cottage Restaurant Posted on

    Now these are a must if you have a home fryer. we do and what a life saver, filters the grease and through rest out in paper filter, price is great also/.

    from Retired Psychologist Posted on

    We use a lot of these grease filters to filter our grease they are sturdy and a great value would recommend this product for your restaurants.

    Posted on

    These filters work great with the cone filter holder. It makes filtering the oil from my small home fryer so much easier. Now I don't dread cleaning the oil because I don't have oil all over the place using these paper cones.

    from Home use Posted on

    Very durable and works great! Withstands high temperatures and does not melt or rip when filtering 350 degree oil. I would highly recommend this product to any restaurant

    Posted on

    These worked great in for our Auto Fry Fryer. We filter our grease daily and these filters do the job! I would recommend these filters for their recommended use.

    from Trexcon Inc Posted on

    The paper grease filter cone is very easy to use. It does a very thorough job of filtering the oil and collecting excess material that doesn't belong in the oil.

    from Miami bites Posted on

    If you dont have a lot of oil to filter these work great we use them in our concession trailer 2 or 3 filters will take care of our 40 lb. and 70 lb. fryer.

    from Ranch House Kitchen Posted on

    I filtered my fryer oil for the first time ever the other day, I cannot believe what this filtered out after only one day of use. This product is going to be a great tool to keep my oil fresh a lot longer!

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    It's been many years since I was in foodservice. Upon returning went for these filters and work like expected. The filters need to be turned inside out and doubled but do a fantastic job. I even tried a second filtering with new filters and minimum sediment could been seen.

    from Mr. A's Beignets Posted on

    We love using these to drain and strain the fryer. It helps us be able to get the most use out of our fryer oil and stretch it longer.

    from Kitchen 519 Posted on

    I love these filters. They have saved me hundreds of dollars in oil . When using they are stiff enough to keep there form and make the job very easy. Thanks

    from Rayzor's dawg house Posted on

    I've used these type of filters for years and they're great. They catch event the smallest particles. You may need to switch the first one out depending upon how dirty the oil is. I recommend getting the holder unless you have a cone shaped chinois.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    I am Very surprised at the strength of the grease filter cones. Other brands I have used ripped while filtering the grease I have not had one issue with these. Will be my filter of choice from now on

    from Funky fresh food truck Posted on

    Decent value on these. We don't do a lot of frying so this will be fine. If you do a lot of nasty stuff you might want something else.

    from backwater Posted on

    Good, heavy quality filters that fit perfect in a cone filter holder. Best of all, they do not fold over when hot oil is poured through them!

    from Scarletts Posted on

    10" Paper Grease Filter Cone 50 / Box This is an excellent product. I would recommend to anybody. Strains well and is very durable. Buy it for the price.

    from desalvo's Posted on

    Really really good item! We use it to strain tea leaves with a metal cone filter. Also great for filtering oil. It is study. Just remember to flip it over before use!

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    I use these filters with a 10" fryer oil cone filter holder. Filter the oil very well. Price is very good for the 50 filters.

    Posted on

    These are great filter's, cost is less thru the Webstaurantstore site than I can get locally.Great price for a great product, will be ordering more on my next order.

    from Fire Ant Grill & Q Posted on

    A highly durable oil filter that we use daily. We have had a hard time finding these locally and since we do a lot of shopping with webstaurantstore, we were glad to stumble across these.

    from BDGrilling, Inc. Posted on

    Great product. I would recommend it. We use it for our oil to prolong the life. It also works well for cooking when a fine strainer is needed.

    from Cocina Mexico Posted on

    great price & great value - shipped to canada & with freight & exchange still way ahead of what my costs were locally will order again

    from mike rawluk Posted on

    Awesome product , great quality, and great prices. Definitely recommend this product. Speedy delivery when purchased . Great restaurant company to buy this product from!! Thumbs up!

    Posted on

    Great price on these. We filter our fryer every day and these are very affordable which helps maintain the quality of our oil for a longer period of time.

    Posted on

    Have purchased these before.. well made product and cheaper than I can buy locally even with shipping. Webstaurant has kept me as a customer and will continue to do so.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    These are very good-quality filters and are very inexpensive. They make straining / filtering used fry oil quick and easy. The filters have enough extra length so that they can be folded over the top of the filter holder so that they stay open. They are much stiffer than you might expect; they're not like typical, consumer-market coffee filters. Why only four stars? These filters are only well-suited for filtering out large particles. A good deal of flour settled to the bottom of my storage bucket after the oil had been strained through this filter. They may perform better with an oil filtration additive.

    Posted on

    Awesome product!! Just as described and fits my needs to perfection, perfect for a small business mobile food unit. I will be reordering this in the very near future. Thanks!

    from Lil Johnnys Crab Shack Posted on

    Great filter cone paper. Use this with the manual filter cone holder and the tiniest particles did not seap thru.Recommend turning the paper inside out if using the cone holder it will lay better and not fold over.

    from STANS CONCESSIONS Posted on

    if you want to keep the fry grease clean and save money on oil this is for you. fry oil keeps costing more so saving the grease is a must do. great value

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    A crucial part of our operation; its a product that we expect to stay put in the holder and do its job and it does. No complaints.

    from October Catering Posted on

    10 "Paper Grease Filter Cone 50 / Box qualities are equal and less expensive grease paper I usually, use an economy for me. I recomande.

    from Cantine Jaloux Posted on

    The perfect companion to the fryer oil strainer basket! This is a must-have in any kitchen that has a fryer. I used these 35 years ago in my first restaurant and it makes my life so much easier to strain fryer oil. Captures everything and leaves the oil clean and see-thru.

    from Sunset Grill Posted on

    We used this in conjunction with cone filter holder and they work lovely, a very tough material that can even withstand hot liquids around 150 degrees, it really catches all the small particles.

    from Green Zone B & G Posted on

    I bought same thing 10" Paper Grease Filter Cone 50 / Box from other company, they charge us much more per box, this is a great price here, thank you!

    Posted on

    These filters are great. They feel very thick and durable but at the same time oil flowed quickly. Also comes with instructions. They are well worth the money.

    Posted on

    These paper filters are great, a bit pricey for paper, but they are very high quality. They take very hot temps with no worries,. They fit the 10" metal holder perfect.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    We seem to go thru so many of these and you just throw them away, so if you are looking for a good low cost solution these fit the bill.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    I used these filters when i am pouring the grease in my fryers. I have a concession trailer and do alot of small events so i reuse my oil. this works great

    from Vision Ministries Posted on

    These filters are strong and do not tear. They stay in place and catch all but the smallest debris. Great when used with the filter holder. Price is great, as usual.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    These are excellent product for the price point, they work well and do a great job filtering oil, these are a must have when using fryers

    from JK Concession Service Posted on

    Great product holds up well to filtering. Nice to be able to filter the oil and then just throw the filter away for no muss no fuss.

    from TRW Posted on

    I purchased these, along with a holder, when I got a fryer at home and there was too much fat to strain through coffee filters. I'm so glad I found the proper equipment at a low price! btw- The holder doesn't take up much room.

    from Mimi Posted on

    We're from the south & we fry everything, so I have a "built in" deep fryer which is not real easy to clean. These cones make the job easier & saves money by keeping the oil clean for re-use.

    Posted on

    Once again this is only used for emergency. It has done the job time and time again, and will continue to do so. Need a cheap back up plan if your pump goes this is it.

    from Gator's Dockside Posted on

    These paper filters are made for the cone. they work fine ,and keeps alot of the junks out. it is worth the price. will recomend.

    Posted on

    This paper grease filter is great to have if you don't have a filtering system. They are very inexpensive and come in a pack of fifty.

    Posted on

    This paper grease filter cone is necessary for restaurants with a fryer. It is very important to filter fryer oil at least once a week to keep it clean.

    Posted on

    These filters are perfect. Much more inexpensive that others we've purchased and they're every bit as good. Filters the grease fine, and that's all we intended for them to do.

    from Fast Times Posted on

    Filters for the holder I bought works great , filters out the small particles so now my oil lasts longer and saves me money. Well priced.

    from Route 191 Diner Posted on

    These cones were both less expensive and less likely to collapse while filtering my fryer oil than the ones I could get through my main supplier.

    from The Kitchen Posted on

    i spent a long time looking for something to filter my cooking oil with and finally came across this cone filter. They work great when doubled to get even the finest of particles out of the oil.

    from Keith McGee Posted on

    I absolutely love these grease filters. If you double them up like the instructions say, they filter even the smallest particles out of the grease. I buy these over and over again. You will not find a cheaper price on these ANYWHERE!

    from Keith McGee Posted on

    Excellant filter for the peanut oil we use in ourclens the oil while filtering allowing extended use for additional fryings. fryer. When coupled with the filter holder it is a safe and convient way to filter the grease/oil.

    from Home Cooking Posted on

    It's made of high quality material.It won't break easily.Help to prevent the mess and spill. Easy flowing and catching all sizes of debris.Keep the oil clean for reuse.

    from Bangkok Place Thai Restaurant Posted on

    I have a small business with one large footless iron dutch oven with which I fry fried pies and this is the system I use to strain the oil. These are very good filters, sturdy and professional quality.

    from Babycakes Bakery Posted on

    Great filters, plenty of room for oil to filter. Oil is free of all food particles when done. Oil filters through at a fast pace. I warmed mine a bit before straining, then pour into a couple empty gal milk jugs, refrigerate until I need it.

    from Terrys Posted on

    these worked great to filter the oil every night and helped to keep the oil fresher and last longer. We use with the filter aid and saved on oil.

    from T & L Lewis Snacks Posted on

    I purchased a box of this filter...should have purchased 2! This is a great quality filter and I use it to filter over 2 gallons of oil each time I fry up chicken wings. Filter is made of strong material and it does its job in getting all the residues out of the oil.

    Posted on

    These filters work very well. They do catch all sediments left in the oil after cooking. They do hold up to the hot oil. I am very satisfied with the filter and price.

    Posted on

    love this product!!! in our bussiness we use alot of oil and as we know grease is messy.this helps us to filter our oils neatly and as clean as possible it helps us to be able to filter our oil so that we can use it longer. if you cook fries,fish or chicken then this product is a must.

    Posted on

    I order these very often, I can get them from WEBstaurant because they are cheaper than any where else I have found them. The shipping is quick and dependable.

    from Burger Barn Posted on

    Great filter material. Drains quickly and is large enough that it doesn't get clogged at the tip. I use the filter over a large bowl, which I then pour into the oil container through a funnel.

    Posted on

    These filters are great, easy to use with the filter cone holder. Makes straining oil from my small deep fryer very easy with no mess!

    from The Spotted Calf Cafe Posted on

    A very good quality filter cone for the money. If you have a deep fryer, these are a necessity for helping to keep your oil fresh longer.

    from morton pub Posted on

    Excellent product, fast shipping, and cost of the product is 45% cheaper than the closest competitor I could find. I would like to do more business with you in the future!! Thank You

    Posted on

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