Finest Call 1 Liter Premium Grenadine Drink Mix

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Made with cherry and pomegranate juices, Finest Call Premium grenadine is the perfect way to add a delicious splash of cherry flavor and deep red color to your most popular cocktails. For a non-alcoholic treat, add Finest Call Premium grenadine to cola to make the perfect cherry cola. Since it can be used in many popular drink recipes, including Tequila Sunrise, Mai-Tais and more, make sure your bar is constantly stocked with this Finest Call premium grenadine mix!

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Finest Call 1 Liter Premium Grenadine Drink Mix

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I Love this syrup. Its the best for all your favorite cocktails. I use this for tropical sunrise cocktail. It is totally worth the price!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    We use this a lot. From making a cute Shirley Temple for our little guests to making whiskey sours for the adults. And don't forget the cherries!
    Works great as a convenient mixer. Works well when layering drinks. It also comes in a convenient bottle size. Its ergonomically friendly and feels good in the hand.
    Much more reasonably priced than the brand we were buying from our local distributor. There’s no need to unscrew the cap each use or insert a pour spout into the bottle and risk it spilling because of the handy closing lid. Not nearly as sugar sweet; the flavor is much better.
    Very happy with this product. We have used different grenadine mix in past and this container is by far the easiest to pour and has a lid on it for easy storage.
    This is an excellent grenadine for mix drinks and kids shirley temples. I really like how it has a bar spout on the top of the bottle
    The grenadine drink mix is great and makes for a wonderful mixer to have at our bar. The bright red color really enhances the appearance of our cocktails.
    A great product we use for Shirley temples and other mixed cocktails. Easy to pour spout make this a great product for behind the bar.
    Super affordable grenadine drink mix! Bought for my wedding for our DIY bar for Dirty Shirley Drinks! Was a huge hit with everyone and lasted nearly all night
    Finest Call 1 Liter Premium Grenadine Drink Mix is just what the name says the finest! We will be ordering more for the bar our clients love it.
    Finest call products are great, I was tired of my local suppliers being out of grenadine every time I tried to order so I ordered this on a whim and found it to be a premium product at a much better price.
    Purchased this Finest Call drink mix for my wedding and it was super delicious and worked well with our bartender's recipes. No complaints from our many guests!
    A must need for any bar, and thanks to Webstaurant's quality cocktail mixer and reasonable price, I have fully stocked my bar with this cocktail mixer and all the others offered! Cocktail mixer is a great size which sells for way more and a smaller version in local retail stores! Always packaged with precision and shipping times are fast, and most of the time delivered before estimated delivery date!
    We really like this grenadine with its easy poor spout. We also really like that it helps keep the bar clean and not so sticky
    This grenadine is a welcome addition to any bar looking to add flavor to a drink. It has a smooth taste and is an economical choice.
    I purchased these mixers for a wedding and they shipped right to my door. I would recommend as the prices are great and the product as well.
    The Finest Call Premium Grenadine 1 Liter is a great grenadine. We love it. The taste is phenomonal, the color is vibrant and its nice and smooth. The bottle is shaped perfect store with other mixes or bottles of liquor. The built in pourer is awesome and is one of a kind. I always choose Finest Call brands because of the built in pourers alone! If you havent tried it, i highly recommend you do!
    This is a quality product for a very good price. It’s basically the same as roses grenadine but comes in a much bigger container for cheaper. Will continue to purchase
    We have been using finest call grenadine for years now. It is the only brand that we use when it comes to grenadine syrup. We love it!
    This a very cost effective bar staple. useful in Shirley temples and other cocktails grenadine is just one of those things you need to have. The 1 liter sized jug fits on a speed rail and is easy to use.
    Simple grenadine at a great price. Adds a nice color and flare to any drinks, whether it be soda or mixed alcohol drinks, great price!
    The finest call premium grenadine syrup is delicious and really makes for great tasting addition to any drink. Fun for adding a pop of red color.
    The Finest call premium grenadine syrup is great for adding a fun flair to all drinks. My kids love when I add it to their sprite.
    The grenadine syrup is perfect for adding color to cocktails. A great way to make quick and easy Shirley Temples. The syrup is a great thickness and wonderful price.
    finest call has always made good quality mixes at a great price. all of their mixes are a must have in any bar that you operate!
    This finest call 1 L of grenadine was a great deal it taste like grenadine just as delicious as most other Grenadines great for Shirley temples and other mixed drinks great in my pineapple upside down cake shots
    Finest call premium grenadine comes in a 1 L bottle. Create the best top shelf drinks when infused with vodka tequila or other types of liquors. It's sweet and tart flavor is definitely memorable
    As all of the Finest Call products, the value is great and the taste is as good. Bottles come in plastic so you don’t have to worry about breaking glass.
    Love it! Take your mixing skills to the next level. The flip top spout makes it easy to pour and is so convenient, A must have for your bar.
    I love adding grenadine to my sprites. The added color and flavor is great and my kids love it too. The finest call has some of the best grenadine ever and I love their bottle style.
    Webstaurant always surprises me in how they provide these items at such a discount over usual vendor prices. Finest Call quality speaks for itself, and now it can be packaged well, and delivered for half the price of the usual vendors!
    Super convenient bottle with dispensing top already on the bottle. Great product! Great value! Superior taste! This bottle makes mixing cocktails very easy and convenient.
    This is the grenadine we use at our gastropub because it is high quality, and the lid that comes with it prevents sticky messes. They come very well packaged so they don't spill and leak.
    This tastes amazing and the easy pour spout makes it easy to incorporate into any bar setup. I has also lasted me much longer than I expected. Definitely will order again.
    This is the perfect versatile grenadine. It's not overly sweet but it gives an amazing color and cherry taste to our cocktails. Some customers like it so much that they just put it in a soda.
    My children feel just a little more special when they can have a kiddie cocktail. I add it to sprite zero and they love the taste too.
    Grenadine in a liter, cheap. saved a buck or so. it was ad on for a big order. shipping dint go up at all so I ADDED A COUPLE BOTTLES AND SAVED.
    Another good product from Finest Call. Of equal quality as the premium brands available from the distribution companies, and at a fraction of the cost.
    I absolutely love this product! This finest call premium grenadine 1 liter tastes absolutely amazing! This grenadine should definitely be apart of your drink mixer collection.
    Grenadine can be used in alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Its a staple on my bar! This is the best value that I've seen for this amount of product. Will be purchasing again!
    Finest Call Premium Grenadine 1 Liter since my brother uses the complete line of FC Premium... Yet I love Grenadine esp in my OJ (yah I drink a lot of OJ)
    Great price, excellent product, and a all around must buy for your favorite party goers and bar companies that use alot of grenadine for there mixtures.
    Perfect Addition to any bar very comparable to Rose's Grenadine, use this product for shirley temples and other mixed drinks, Great product and reasonable price!
    We bought this syrup to stock our bar. The bartender reports the spout pours easily with no drips and spills, keeping the area clean and reducing waste. The syrup itself is tasty and gives a nice colour to drinks.
    We love use this whole line of products at our bar/restaurant. This is great to use in a Shirley Temple and as a mixer. Can't beat the price!
    I have been searching for a good quality grenadine syrup forever finally I layer eyes on this one and oh boy I must say that it did not disappoint
    Every bar needs grenadine! I even like a splash of it in plain coke. This brand is delicious and it's a great value. I highly recommend.
    Grenadine is a must have bar mixer! We use it so often in our bar. This grenadine really does the trick for Shirley Temples and all other favorite drinks!
    Yay!!!! I have the expensive drink i love at restaurants now in my very own home!!!! And so much cheaper! Thank you so much webstaurant!
    Great product! Very versatile, can use to make many kinds of drinks. This is a great price and I love the spout which makes it very easy to pour.
    Great product for the value! I couldn't believe the price compared to others I have found. This product is a great Grenadine, and lasts a long time. Would definitely order again.
    I love cherry Coke or Pepsi but alot if bars and restaurants do not have them avaulable so they use Grenadine. Now I am hooked
    A great tasting syrup and this has multiple uses, the box stores sell this for almost an additional 50%, pick up a few bottles as you will go through it pretty quickly.
    Great mix and a lot cheaper than our local supplier. I love how you can mix and match. Really helps to be able to try new stuff.
    Finest call grenadine i use a lot of this for making cocktail or sometimes i use this grenadine to out in lime soda thats comes out the flavor perfect
    Wonderful consistency! The quality is amazing for the price! Add it to any drink to add vibrant color. Definitely will be again, I would recommend to anyone!
    We order this all the time to put in our drinks. We add it to our sangria and even our mimosas. Which adds a great touch
    You can't beat the price and the quality of this Grenadine. It is the perfect size and the plastic bottle has come in handy on more then one occasion.
    Great tasting Grenadine syrup triple the size of the ones you find in the store and you pay less for this one ! GREAT DEAL!! Will buy again !
    You will not be able to tell the difference between this and a pricier bottle of grenadine in your drinks, There is no point in paying for a more expensive brand the taste of this grenadine is definitely comparable and it costs much less.
    I used this along with two other items I found on this site to create these miniature drinks. The skewers also fit nicely into the melon balls. All I had o do was clip the ends off. Definitely cheaper than the small bottle you get from WalMart!!
    We purchased this Grenadine as a potential replacement to other Grenadine, which we had been using for years. While the taste is noticeably different, many customers have stated their preference for this product. Given the price-point, we suggest giving this product a try.
    I highly recommend this Finest Call Premium Grenadine 1 Liter, We use it in the bar of our banquet hall, specially for those Tequila Sunrise.
    Love love love..... taste great and mix so well with all the liquor I've tried it with. And the price was unbeatable. Would recommend it to anyone. Great with cocktail mix.
    The grenadine syrup is perfect in every aspect: Color, taste, and price. I will never pay more for roses or other name brand syrups when this are just as good or better.
    we love these Finest Call brand products, the price is great and the quality is great....we have customers coming back for more, so we know it's worthwhile
    This grenadine is a fantastic value. Although not super flavorful, it is a must-have for any bar. It will add a splash of color, flavor and sweetness to your cocktails!
    This isn't very good grenadine. It seems more like dyed sugar syrup. It's good to color punches and cheap cocktails, but it doesn't have much flavor.
    Thank you for your review! Please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative if you are unhappy with your purchase. If you would like to try another brand, check out Torani's grenadine flavoring syrup instead!
    Can't get enough of the this sweet stuff. My little helper in making summer non-alcoholic drinks all year round. Spout makes pouring easy and less messy.
    An absolute must for Shirley Temples! Kids love having the extra cherry flavor in their favorite drinks and, lo-and-behold, it finds plenty of use in adult cocktails as well! Finest Call makes a number of good products and their grenadine is no exception.
    Finest Call premium Grenadine is absolutely the best. Has real natural flavors that just explode. This is the best grenadine product I have ever purchased. Thumbs up!!
    This finest call syrup can't quite match the taste a fresh, homemade grenadine, but it's a quality product at a cheap price. Use sparingly, it's very sweet.
    Hands down the best! Amazing price and great flavor! Used it to flavor the rims of ice shot glasses. A must have for any bar, professional and at home.
    My nephews like this grenadine in their "special" drink (kiddie cocktail). It adds the nice red color and fruity taste that appeal to the drinker.
    This was used to make Shirley temples for a family party. The kids (and adults) loved drinking Shirley temples in mason jars with some cherries! Taste was great!
    Tastes very good and doesn't water down when ice is added. Has a nice texture and consistency. I will definitely order this again. Mixes well.
    Wonderful grenadine. Makes a good shirley temple. This also tatstes very good when mixed with coca cola soda and garnished with two cherries. I recommend this product.
    oh man this grenidine is great taste the same as other brands and the price is awesome. i would be buying this again. i cant belive the prices.
    If you have drink service or any kind of bar, you need Grenadine. Do a Shirley Temple special! Don't waste your money on the off-brands, Finest Call is the best, hands down. Very reasonably priced, as well.
    Excellent tasting grenadine. We use this in making a variety of tropical cocktails including Shirley Temples, Bahama Mamas Singapore Slings and Tequila Sunrises. Just love the taste.
    This grenadine sure is some high quality stuff. The customers love having it in our shirley temples. It's definitely a hit with the kids! I recommend it to all restaurant owners.
    Finest call makes a very good product. It is a high quality grenadine for a bargain price. Great for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages at the bar.
    A splash of grenadine to your favorite cocktail will make it ten times better. Sherry Temple's are my personal favorite just add some grenadine with a little sprite and a lot of vodka
    A splash of Grenadine to lemonade is all my son needed for his red fishy drinks last weekend. Add a splash to make it red.
    Very good syrup at a terrific price. Our guests love the taste and our bartenders find the easy pour spout helps them do their jobs quickly.
    WOW, what can I say......This stuff is wonderful, and I always get great reviews when I use this in ANY drink. BTW, The price is AWESOME compared to buying this in a smaller bottle at your local big box store.

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