Regal Coarse Sea Salt - 8 lb.

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Regal coarse sea salt is perfect for a variety of cooking and garnishing applications! While regular table salt is mined from underground salt beds and refined, sea salt comes from the evaporation of ocean water. Similar in flavor to table salt, Regal coarse sea salt is a healthy substitute that contains trace amounts of valuable minerals that are otherwise stripped from table salt in the refining process! Plus, coarse sea salt is less moisture sensitive so it resists caking, making storage easy and hassle-free.

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Regal Coarse Sea Salt - 8 lb.

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    We bought this large amount of Sea Salt for Thanksgiving to make a bribe for the turkeys. It came in a easy to carry and pour container. We will be purchasing this again in the future.
    This sea salt is way better then the name brand. I use it on soft pretzels primarily. A must seasoning in your kitchen for those special menu items.
    this is a great quality coarse sea salt to use in a standard salt grinder. It's much more inexpensive to purchase here than at a grocery store
    Great salt the crystal are really corse but I enjoy that my wife doesn’t when she cooks so if your a person that don’t like really corse salt you may want to get the one that ground.
    This is your typical sea salt. Great product for use in commercial settings, unless you cook a lot at home. It comes at a great price especially with free shipping with plus.
    This regal Sea Salt is delicious! I love the taste, course ness and how it doesn’t taste like chemicals. It’s a great brand and they take pride in what they sell! Try this salt!
    Very good quality rock sea salt. You can use this large tub to refill smaller containers, or even for large batches requiring a great deal of salt ingredient.
    The quality of this brand is amazing. It's always consistent. The flavor is great, its afforsable, and love the packaging. The packaging has a great label and the handle is great.
    Nice product but was a bit too coarse for my need. Great for use in sauces where it can break down but not the best for fries.
    We like this coarse sea salt because the salt crystals are big enough to be seen after coming into contact with a hot, frosted donut.
    This is a good price for a pretty good quality salt. I would reorder this for the restaurant again, even though it's not the best packaging for salt
    this is a great product - just coarse enough to put in a grinder and has just the right sea salt taste we like - this goes so well on all our food - perfect amount perfect price
    The container really comes not full like the picture but it is 8 lbs. Not sure why they don't use a smaller container. I wanted a courser texture and this is perfect
    A nice coarse grain sea salt that is great for adding to our baked goods. Love the sweet and salty combinations. Great for our dipped chocolate caramels.
    The Regal coarse sea salt is perfecta and great quality. A great salt for sprinkling over our dipped chocolates for an added salty finish. The salt is packaged wonderfully.
    Hen I first tried sea salt, I was hooked! But.....locally, the price was just too costly. I was so pleased when I accidentally discovered I decided that at the outrageous prices we were paying for spices, we had nothing to lose. I now can buy quality spices in bulk for a fraction of the cost.
    This coarse sea salt adds amazing flavor to so many dishes. It garnishes beautifully and it is such a great buy for the size! I use it almost everyday!
    This is great sea salt, very coarse in an easy to use convenient container. There is a bit of wasted space on top, but the price wouldn't be the same without it.
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    not impressed with this salt. not what i would call coarse salt. Instead sending back I used on sidewalk for ice. that was the only use we could think of. even the goats wouldn't touch it and they'll eat anything!
    Sea salt adds a unique and wonderful flavor profile to just about anything that you add it to. The trick is the add the sea salt after you’ve cooked the food. Regal brand sea salt made frying plantains a breeze at my most recent event. I will certainly keep this on hand going forward.
    We use this coarse salt for out Bath Salt recipes. It's great because it doesn't cake together, but still dissolves fairly quickly in bath water.
    Great taste and texture with this coarse sea salt. Definitely more coarse than kosher salt, this can add a unique texture to sweets or just make a great addition into a dry rub.
    this is a good bang fro your buck. we use it on our fresh cut French fries and we use it in making our Italian sausage.
    This is a great price for a great product. I buy it frequently and would definitely recommend over purchasing from a box store. Great spice line.
    I like texture to my salt. This one is good for savory foods, especially breads. It is also good for sweet items, such as salted caramel ones.
    This is a really nice, coarse sea salt. You can tell that it is a very nice quality when looking at it, and the taste is right there too!
    The Regal Coarse Sea Salt is great for refilling a salt mill. It works well as a seasoning by itself or when mixed with a blend.
    Very good value and great size and flavor for our soft pretzels, we bake them, butter them then sprinkle this on top and its delicious
    Great product for salt grinder or cooking. Price is right, quality is right. Highly recommended for any professional kitchen or good for restaurant for table service.
    I like this product so much, I now order it in bulk 8 lb. containers. It stores well and doesn't cake up when kept in a cool, dark storage facility.
    Quality sea salt. I gave it 4 stars because it came half full. They could have easily put up to 15 lbs of salt. In this container. All things considered it is a good buy.
    I purchased this coarse ground sea salt for use in my small home apothecary business - for use in small-batch salt/sugar scrubs and the like. First off, the price is uneatable. And the grind size is perfect (larger than table salt but smaller than many other coarse ground salts on the market). I will definitely purchase again.
    Great regal coarse sea salt. Love the taste and the flavor it adds to our cooking. Nice easy to pour handle and long shelf life.
    The Regal Coarse Sea Salt is conveniently packaged for quick dispensing in a fast paced kitchen and a perfect coarse grind for optimum flavor. We will certainly order it again when necessary.
    Regal Coarse sea salt is great, We bought the 8lb and it was a very good buy for the money. We will be buying this product again.
    We love the stay fresh packaging and price of this salt. We use this salt in our sea salt bagels and our customers LOVE them.
    Great commercial size sea salt. Standard commercial container with easy to pour large quantity spout. Very economical compared to gourmet food outlets or grocery stores.
    I use seas salt every single day at my restaurant and at home. No one can beat the price at a dollar per pound. I will definitely not hesitate to purchase more when needed. I do wish they have an extra coarse option though. Thank you for the price.
    I'm very pleased with this sea salt, the best I've ever used. The grind size is perfect and I like the easy pour container as well. Thank you Webstaruant.
    This is the best sea salt we have used. The container is nice and stackable and it makes it easy to pour with the handle.
    I use this salt in almost all my cooking and I also use it to make my season salt in the smoker, With this item you can buy 8 lbs. for slightly more than I can by 1 lbs in local stores and still less than the restaurant suppliers in my area. will be ordering more soon.

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