Regal Ground Cayenne Pepper - 10 oz.

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A key ingredient in hot sauces and great for cooking, Regal ground cayenne pepper will kick up the heat of anything you make! Sometimes labeled as "red pepper," cayenne is ground from a blend of several particularly hot varieties of dried red chili peppers. It has a characteristic bright orange and red color and fine texture. Its extremely hot and pungent flavor will add plenty of zest to barbeque, meat marinades, and buffalo wings!

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Regal Ground Cayenne Pepper - 10 oz.

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    Love the Regal Brand of herbs and spices. You can't beat their quality and exceptional value. The Ground cayenne pepper has a wonderful bright red color, indicating it's freshness. Great kick, not too spicy. Just right!

    from Vacation Rentals Inc Posted on

    Good bulk spice, packs a good amount of heat. This goes in a lot of our soups and cafe items or when we have catering gigs. Packaging could use a revamp but overall the product is a good value for the price.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    Very, very fine grind on this cayenne pepper, which makes it a bit difficult to use in my opinion. Other than that it has a great taste and huge amount for the price.

    Posted on

    very good price and product was of good quality.this is very hot pepper need to use small amount at a time.this size will last quite a while

    Posted on

    Use sparingly for a little heat or generously if you like to feel the burn. This is a large bottle so it will likely last a while and the best by date recommended using within about 2 years. Overall I consider this a good quality spice and I use it often when making hummus and as a general "pepper" when seasoning any dish.

    Posted on

    Great value in a large bulk size for multiple uses in the kitchen and beyond! Add an extra spice to your favorite recipes including hot sauces, tacos, and chicken.

    Posted on

    Love Cayenne!

    great little addition to kick up a sauce! dissolves easily in liquids!

    Decent ground cayenne with medium heat and body. This is a large amount for any kitchen that does not regularly use cayenne. I recommend this product.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Love this size of the Regal gound cayenne pepper. It gives the perfect kick to certain dishes. Great flavor and it always arrives so fresh!

    Posted on

    Very flavorful, perfect size for our spice rack. Was expecting them to be a little larger, but the size met our needs in the end. Flavor packs the right amount of kick for recipes requiring it.

    from Farm To You LLC Posted on

    The regal ground cayenne pepper is a quality product that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good spice to add to the pantry

    Posted on

    These is a great value for the quantity and a good reusable container as well. The lid has two sides so you can dip a tiny spoon in or use the other side and sprinkle it.

    from Frank-Lee Delish Posted on

    Great tasting product. One of many spices that we have purchased on here that we keep in stock at a restaurant. The price point was great

    from Lake Street Diner Posted on

    More of the same from Regal spices, they don't seem to disappoint at all. The price can't be beaten, the quality of the spices is as good as any other.

    Posted on

    I am just a big fan of all the regal seasoning. Great price, awesome product. I use this when I am making my BBQ rubs. Just adds a perfect amount of heat.

    Posted on

    This cayenne peper is a great addition to almost any dish...including chocolate. Good sturdy flavor...none of that cheap washed out taste. Great value for a strong and fresh product.

    Posted on

    Classic cayenne pepper in a larger container. This is very finely ground so you need to be careful how much you are adding. adds great flavor to a lot of dishes

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Fine pepper

    Look no further if you need to add some heat to a recipe. This will do it without a problem, and without any off tastes. Use this in pretty much anything.

    Posted on

    This cayenne pepper is great for giving a bit of heat to a dish without totally overpowering it. Good quantity for the price too.

    I'm a stickler when it comes to spices but this cayenne pepper has a high enough quality for me. The price is also great. Not every spice from Regal is up to my quality level but this one makes the cut!

    from Overstuffed Deli Posted on

    Great product! Arrived exactly as described, with tape ontop to avoid opening while shipping. Will continue to order spices through Webstaurant - happy with price and selection.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    Cayenne Spice in packaging.

    Plenty of heat from this staple item. I use this on everything from breakfast scramble to jambalaya. It is so versatile and a steal at this price.

    Posted on

    This ground cayenne pepper is excellent as it is bottled in a 10 oz container by Regal. Add a nice kick to your favorite dishes

    Posted on

    If you love heat in your food without being totallt overpowering than this is the spice for you! Add this to anything, eggs, ground beef even chicken!

    Posted on

    If your looking for a little heat and pepper flavor this Cayenne pepper from WEBstaurantStore is great nice kick but not overwhelming, super for Mexican dishes awesome price.

    Posted on

    This is my go to spice for adding the spice! it has a great clean flavor and adds a lot of heat for a little bit worth. Great in pretty much anything.

    Posted on

    Cayenne is one of my favorite spices to use when cooking. This bottle is a great price for the size, and gives great flavor to any dish you throw it in. Highly recommend.

    from Sana Food Mart Posted on

    Cayenne is a must in most if not all my dishes. The taste and price are awesome and it gets the job done. This works better for me than fresh hot peppers where I may use too much and can't eat the food.

    Posted on

    This has a nice fragrance to it. It's not just heat. It actually has some flavor. I use it quite a bit in Tasso and other charcuterie applications at the shop.

    from Hinckley's Fancy Meats Posted on

    Regal Ground Cayenne Pepper is great, it comes fresh and I use it in many different ways. I use it in chili and my favorite hot cocoa.

    Posted on

    I love this 10oz of ground cayenne pepper spice! I use cayenne pepper in almost everything! This spice is pretty fresh and potent! You don't need much it goes a long way!

    Posted on

    This great cayenne pepper will give a nice little kick to your meals! Perfect texture and aroma make this product just great! I would recommend this product!

    Posted on

    This spice adds really good heat and flavor to dips, sauces, soups and main courses alike! A little goes a long way, so this container will last quite a while.

    Posted on

    Good product. Great value. Added the prefect amount of spice to our in house special recipe for our fried chicken breading. We Will buy again!

    from Anaheim Jacks Posted on

    Cayenne pepper is great to give a bit of a pick up to many dishes. It's just that litta extra something to go from mild to at least medium. A little dash goes a very long way.

    Posted on

    Good amount of cayenne for the money. The small size containers allow for ease of spice use, and is not over bearing to move around like the large containers.

    Posted on

    The Regal ground cayenne pepper was a excellent value for its low price. I noticed no difference in quality to other brands. We currently use it all the time and love it

    Posted on

    Cayenne pepper is wonderful as an noninflammatory and immune booster and helps fight illness and infection and arthritis and many other things and this tastes fresh and spicy. It's great in anything, in my opinion, and has a nice texture mixes easily into soups, veggies, curries, yogurt and applesauce

    Posted on

    Fantastic nice and spicy ground Cayenne pepper taste good as Nd at a great price too thanks WEBstaurantStore I'll be ordering more spices soon !!

    from home Posted on

    This ground Cayenne pepper measures up in heat, texture, taste, and color with all of the other brands that I have had. Would recommend for sure.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    We started buying spices from webstaurant about a year ago and we've never had a bad batch. The small bottles are perfect to try them out or if you're tight on space.

    from Burrito San Restaurant Posted on

    The price for the buck is very wonderful. If you often use this hot pepper, you may consider buying this large quantity. Or if you cook various dishes, you may want to "invest" in this bottle - it just lasts for a long time. The bottle is so well in sealing that the spice won't get old. I am so glad i bought this.

    Posted on

    Bought this and a few other spices to make my own Blackening spice mix. The cayenne pepper is awesome! Love the smell, the flavor it adds to dishes and especially the price!! :) Will buy again

    Posted on

    We have tried several brands of Ground Cayenne Pepper. When we compared flavor and cost, Regal came out ahead every time. Highly recommend the Regal brand.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    This is the best pepper ever. Great value and exceptional taste. I use this in my lemonade cleanse and it has left me 12lbs lighter in 3 days.

    Posted on

    I love using Regal Spices Ground Cayenne Pepper in many of my chili recipes and other spicy dishes, to include pastas. This cayenne pepper always tastes fresh and makes a great addition to several other spices I use, to inlaid the Regal Crushed Red Pepper. I recommend this pepper to anyone looking for a fresh product to use in their kitchen!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    I think every kitchen needs cayenne in some form. It's perfect for giving something a little kick. As with all Regal spices, this stuff is cheap and tastes great.

    Posted on

    This pepper was another good product sold by the Webstaurant store i Used it for the preparation of my buffalo wing my family really enjoyed them and my husband said that the pepper really packed a punch.

    from melecious dsserts Posted on

    The cayenne pepper is a vibrant color and flavor. I use it in many favorite dishes such as tacos, nachos, chili, and stir fry dishes.

    Posted on

    Big on flavor. Small on price. Only regret I haveis not getting the bigger size. I use it for sauces and bbq rubs. Far superior to other products out there. Definite reorder

    Posted on

    This an excellent quality spice that I use daily in my spice rubs and seasoning foods. It fits great in a container with all the other spices for convenient storage.

    from AJ'S Smoke Shack Posted on

    I am a big fan of cayenne pepper but it can get quite pricey at nearby grocery stores. Whenever I order things from Webstraurant, I tend to get various spices as well. Good quality, great price!

    Posted on

    Love this product. It has the heat I desire. Great quality. It has won me over. Thank you for the excellent price and quality. I will definitely recommend to friends and family.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    This cayenne was a great addition to our rub. It added a good amount of spiciness. Was also a competitive price. I will be purchasing this again for my future cooking needs.

    from Hillbilly BBQ Posted on

    The texture and taste of this Regal Brand Cayenne Pepper are amazing! We use this in quite a few recipes to add some spice in them!

    from OliveTerranean Posted on

    The Regal Ground Cayenne Pepper is the best quality and flavor I have found. It adds so much zing to your meats dishes and sauces.

    Posted on

    Regal spices are always fresh & great taste, nice container size for kitchens with limited shelf space. Thanks to Websaturant for the affordable prices & shipping.

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    I really like the flavor of this cayenne. It has enough heat to add punch to recipes, which seems sometimes to be a problem with other brands. The lid options of sprinkle or spoon are very convenient. Just don’t confuse the two!

    Posted on

    HOT and fresh! the best way to describe this one. 10oz is the perfect size not to lose freshness in our kitchen. We make a lot of rubs so this goes a long ways!

    from Brian Posted on

    Everyone needs a little spice in their life so why not do it with cayenne pepper. I use this in all my BBQ rubs and it's great. It has great texture and heat that you just can't beat anywhere else.

    from Burgo BBQ Posted on

    Love this Cayenne Pepper, It is the perfect size and fits right into our rack spice holder, We use it in many recipes and you cant beat Webstaurants price

    from The Four Seasons Island Resort Posted on

    The cayenne pepper tastes like it should, and there's not much more to comment on here. Bought a smaller container to give it a try, but after seeing the spice is of good quality, I'll soon be ordering an extra 5 lbs.

    Posted on

    I add cayenne pepper to my dishes when I'm searching for that extra kick. However, sometimes it can get way to spicy. This has a great spice balance that delivers the perfect heat.

    Posted on

    Good cayenne pepper at a nice price. You won't run out too soon, and the quality is great. We have been pleased with all the Regal spices.

    Posted on

    We ordered this item to ship to Canada - the shipping was done quickly and with no hassles as the border - great value for the money

    from mike rawluk Posted on

    The texture and consistency of the cayenne pepper is just what you would expect! Great flavoring and quality. We use it in a number of our recipes. Price is consistent with large box retailers, but it's nice to have it available in bulk.

    Posted on

    Another loved spice in our household. Used on many of our dishes and in many sauces and stews. Over half way gone and will be replaced soon.

    Posted on

    The Regal line of spices are a great value. You get a lot of product for the money. I use cayenne pepper to kick up a lot of my Mexican, southern, or BBQ dishes. It works great in rubs for smoked meats. This will last a LONG time!

    Posted on

    We have used this in chili, to spice up grilled chicken and meats. It was a great price for the quantity you get. Definitely a staple in our spice cabinet

    Posted on

    Like many other products, Webstaurant Store has the best prices. Quality has been great - I try to get as many of my spices from here as I possibly can.

    Posted on

    This cayenne pepper is a great way to spice up Mexican dishes and also a nice way to give your guacamole some kick. Added some to fresh guacamole, everyone loved it. Good flavor and great price.

    Posted on

    This ground cayenne pepper is great! It's super spicy and packs quite the punch. It goes great in chili sauces and salsas. Also great for making a spicy fish taco rub.

    Posted on

    Regal makes a wonderful tasting Cayenne powder. This is a great size and very economical. Compare it to the famous spice maker and you can really see the savings without taste compromise.

    Posted on

    Even though Cheyenne pepper is best used in sparing amounts, we still go through quite a bit. Our foods aren't hot but we put it into many different items and since those items sell so quickly we usually make quite a bit. We have been using Webstaurant's Cheyenne pepper for a while and it has never disappointed us.

    from Great Harvest Bread Company Posted on

    This is a great spice to have around if you would like a kick to your food. This ground cayenne peper have nice flavor and great kick to it

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    This is a great seasoning to have around. We add it to our sauces and marinades. The texture and flavoring of the pepper is perfect. Regal brand is economical without giving up quality.

    Posted on

    This Fine Ground Cayenne Pepper is wonderful!!! Good for making spicy sausage and peppers or for adding a hint of red to your favorite cream sauce!!!

    Posted on

    This is a fine bottle of Cayenne pepper. Just sprinkle tiny amount of the powder into most dishes and it just adds that extra kick to them. Good deal.

    Posted on

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