Regal Onion Powder - 9 oz.

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Give your most popular mild or zesty foods an extra pinch of flavor with Regal granulated onion! Use this dehydrated seasoning as a quick and effective substitute for fresh onion. Dehydrated onion retains many of the same nutritional benefits as fresh onion, while offering added versatility, a longer shelf life, and shortened preparation time. This ready-to-use granulated onion has a pungent and sweet flavor profile that is sure to add something special to many of your signature dishes. This powdered garlic has a fine, flour-like texture that blends into certain recipes more uniformly than larger granule sizes. No matter what you prepare, your customers will love the mild flavor of Regal granulated onion.

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Regal Onion Powder - 9 oz.

4.8 stars from 84 reviews


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Onion Powder great flavor price REGAL Spice spices onions fresh
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    Having this Onion Powder has been a life saver. Being a texture person im not really a fan of biting into Onion raw or cooked, but I do enjoy the flavor. REGAL Spice Onion powder really gives me great onion flavor. Also the price is amazing.

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    Onion poweder by Regal spice. A MUST HAVE at my house!

    a must have ingredient in the kitchen for sauces, gravies, dressings for a concentrated, savory flavor. it's slightly sweet which makes it nice for dips and spreads

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    add more flavor to stirfry

    The regal onion powder is an excellent value. It tastes great and is super fresh. I like to refill my smaller bottles with these or they are great for when cooking your measuring spoon will fit in through the top.

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    I love the strong flavor of this product. It did harden up rather quickly once I opened it-I suggest that all spices that are packaged in this type of plastic container be transferred to glass jars. Certain types of plastic containers are not well suited for powders of any kind as air can easily penetrate and cause them to harden. I used this product after it hardened to see if there was a change in flavor or strength and I didn't notice a difference. So, next purchase I will transfer immediately to a glass container :-) because after all, I do like this product and the price is perfect!

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    We use it weekly in our catering kitchen and like the size. Regal is a great brand! This one is a bit disappointing, after a few weeks is actually hardened up

    from Tatering Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry this onion powder did not meet your expectations. If you have questions about your order, please contact our Customer Solutions team as soon as possible!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very nice onion powder. I really like the Regal brand of spices. They are very economical, fresh and flavorful. I am purchasing all my spices from Webstaurant now.

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    Regal onion powder is my absolute favorite. I use onion powder a lot and this regal spice has always stepped up with fresh spice and great quality. Very fine powder.

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    This 9 oz. onion powder is a great size for the price. It is a great seasoning for hamburger or any kind of meat etc

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    I had never used this nine ounce Regal Onion Powder seasoning in the past and I continue to be satisfied with the taste. The taste is exactly as expected and the fine consistency is the perfect addition to any onion soup recipe. I like how easy this spice is to order and will continue to do so. This would be something I will continue to order.

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    Great addition to any soup!! Good smooth powder and clean onion taste.

    Regal Onion Powder is excellent for creating homemade soups, stews, & marinades. The onion powder has a robust but mild flavor like fresh onions. I recommend this product to all chefs and caterers.

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    It's a good bulk spice for the price. We use this for our stews, soups and other food items where we don't want visible onions but need the flavor.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    This onion powder is very finely ground, it smells and tastes great but is somewhat susceptible to clumping in the container. I like the 9 oz. size container and the price of the onion powder is very good.

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    This onion powder is priced very well compared to other stores. The quality is not as good as some other onion powders we have purchased from our local spice store but it does the trick. Onion powder is great to have on hand for roasting, braising, and making dry rubs.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    The lid provides two type of pouring options.

    Excellent quality spices for a fraction of the price. These spices are as good as the national brands, or those provided by your food supplier. Why pay more?

    from MC Union Restaurants, Inc Stack Southern Bistro Posted on

    So if you like onions, you are going to like this product. Easy to use for adding more onion to something without the tears of cutting up an onion.

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    Useful to have on hand to quickly dissolve onion flavor in liquids, such as salad dressings. Tends to clump if left open or going over a steaming pot.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    This is some very good onion powder. The texture of the powder is so light and it incorporates well into any sauce. The price is great and flavor is even better.

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    I really like this onion powder it has a good smell and great flavor, some other brands I have tried are almost chemical smelling. The small jar is nice since we do not use a lot of onion powder and it won't be sitting on the shelf for months.

    from Screaming Eagle Posted on

    I"ve been looking all over for a good onion powder that wasn't so heavy, I'm glad I decided to try Regal onion powder its one of the best out there

    from A SLAB AND MORE Posted on

    like most of the regal spice products i've used, this onion powder is very fragrant and tastes good. it does clump up and get kind of hard quickly, but you can regrind it easily enough. all in all a solid product

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    great for dips and soups

    We use onion powder more than any other spice probably. This onion powder is great, however we do find that it is susceptible to humidity and will clump inside the container. It knocks into powder in a mortar and pestle, but that is the only thing one can say about Regal's onion powder, it stirs and mixes in great otherwise.

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    The seasoning is very flavorful. I am also glad that I am getting different seasonings but from the same manufacturer. I am also going to try many more.

    from Maraq Gourmet Soup Shop Posted on

    This is a nice quality onion powder by regal. It is a very fine powder not a granulated powder and almost has the consistency of a baby powder. Tastes great

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    Tastes great

    I love this onion powder. It is so easy to use this to flavor dishes. My 11 year old hates onions and this is how I get the the flavor in there without him even knowing it's there. Highly recommend.

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    Onion powder is a necessity for seasoning our meat. This onion powder is a great product. It is fresh and fragrant with a low price.

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    Finally a larger container of onion powder. Now I wont run out whenever I need it because I have so much on hand. The little containers ran out to quickly.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Follow recipes and this taste great.

    This is a very finely ground onion powder, much finer than most. No chance of biting into chunks with this, and it seems to make the taste stronger too. Perfect for any dish that needs a little extra flavor.

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    Regal onion powder. This is a very finely ground powder that will work great for adding some extra flavor to a variety of dishes.

    I love using this onion powder. i don't seem to have the clumping problem i have had with other brands from stores and distributors, and it gives great flavor for only a small amount.

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    I am so happy to have found this here and for such a bargain price. I have to watch my salt intake so I make a lot of my own spice mixes to be able to control the amount of salt in them. I go through Onion powder like water.

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    I love this onion powder! And you can't beat the price! This is the best tasting onion powder I've ever had. It is way better than the expensive name brands. It is very fine which I love. It also has a subtle sweet flavor to it which reminds me of sweet onions like vidalia. This powder is my secret to all my recipes. I even like to just top it on salads, pizza, pasta, anything and everything!

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    Very finely ground onion powder that works well for soups and foods where you want an onion flavor but without actual pieces of onion. This is a good amount for a great price.

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    Onion powder

    Perfect for seasoning fish and pork for special recipes that requires this special onion powder made by regal. This seasoning is great as it comes in a 9oz bottle

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    Unlike onion powder I've purchased from other retailers, this hasn't clumped up on me. It's also a nice strong flavor. Well worth the price charged!

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    Excellent quality product, equivalent to the premium brands in stores and discount club warehouses for just about half the price! I highly recommend the Regal brand of spices. We use them in our restaurant, almost exclusively!

    from Catch Bar and Grill Posted on

    Great tasting onion powder. Product is nice and fine and doesnt have an overpowering onion flavor. It adds a very subtle flavor to whatever dish you are adding it to.

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    This is great for saving time to use as a substitute for any dish where the onion would normally go through the blender such as certain salsas or soups. It has a nice flavor.

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    A great price on something that I use a lot of. Dissolves nicely in whatever I am cooking. Best one I have used to date.

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    Sometimes you want fresh diced onions, other times you want some onion powder. This stuff is fantastic. It gives a strong onion flavor for dishes you don't want chunks of onion in. Also saves you the tears of chopping fresh onions! Great product.

    from Sana Food Mart Posted on

    This is a great spices for any soup or sauce. It has really powder like consistence so it is really nicely desolve. I would recommend this product.

    Posted on

    Onion powder is a staple spice in my house. I'm happy I can buy it in bulk here for a fraction of the cost of the local store. Great spice for meats and pasta dishes.

    Posted on

    I use onion powder in taco seasoning and "ranch" seasoning too. This onion powder was fresh and added great flavor to every dish I used it in. I would definitely buy this again.

    Posted on

    good quality product. saved a bit of money on it versus a grocery store. If you need onion flavor without the texture of an onion its perfect

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    Regional onion powder offers a nice flavor. It's 9 ounce bottle doesn't take up much space is the perfect size for our deli seeing how we don't use that much of it. That's come in handy for our lunch specials and was a great deal.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Awesome addition to dishes where you want some good onion flavor but don't want whole pieces of onion - perfect for spice blends and broth flavorings. Great value for the price!

    Posted on

    I love the quality of this onion powder. I use it everyday in my salads and it never disappoints. I would highly recommend this product.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    Great onion powder, I use it in homemade spice mixes, and sometimes in ranch dressing, good stuff and cant beat the price, online or in supermarket.

    Posted on

    Great product for a reasonable price. A true powder consistency with a well balanced onion flavor. Use the Regal Onion Powder and other Regal Spices in our Dip Mixes.

    from Momma's Secret Inc. Posted on

    One of the essentials in my kitchen pantry.. Flavor and quality is great and I will order again and again , and I highly recommend it!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    This onion powder has good flavor, but it did cake over time. So, now I have to get the powder out and use my mortar and pestal to crush it before using it. I've had this experience before with onion powder so it wasn't surprising to me (but the Regal garlic powder didn't cake).

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    I got onion powder from it came in the mail via FedEx it came rather quickly I am impressed thank you webstaurantstore more words

    from home Posted on

    Regal onion powder is great for adding just a little flavor to any dish. You would be amazed at what a little dry spice can do.

    Posted on

    Could not make my killer beef stew without the great onion powder from Regal spices. Like all their spices, the quality is top notch and the price is better than any other store.

    Posted on

    I like the small 8 oz handheld containers. Onion powder tastes fresh, not clumpy, definitely a nice buy. I but this frequently and will buy again

    from FITfoodNJ Posted on

    Small container ideal for people who cook often. Lid is great because it has sprinkler and full pour openings. Regal onion powder is a very consistent product, very fine and incorporates well into dishes. I have ordered this more than one time and it always is the same...very good.

    from Home use Posted on

    Wonderful product. It arrived expertly packaged. A very good quality of powder with wonderful flavor. Would definitely order again. I highly recommend this product to you! Great for the onion flavor without the onions.

    Posted on

    This onion powder is so fresh smelling! Way better than the grocery store and who knows how long they sit for! The texture is like powder which I like a lot.

    from na Posted on

    I put onion powder on most dishes to enhance the flavor. This regal onion powder is fresh. The prize and the amount in the container is great!

    Posted on

    I am in love with this onion powder! Most other brands I have found are more of an onion granual, witch gives a very different texture to salad dressings. This is an incredibly fine powder, that melts wonderfully into oils.

    Posted on

    I have only had this spice for a couple weeks now. But have used it a lot in my home made spice mixtures. It far better than other brands that state the are powder but are more like granules. I will highly recommend this product.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    We meant to order granulated onion so we were surprised when we received this. However, this onion powder is very high quality and we're glad we made the mistake and got this type. It's a lot of onion powder that is very fresh and tasteful.

    Posted on

    Onion powder is something that I recently started using liberally for dishes using sauteed onion as a base, along with garlic powder. It lends milder sweet flavor than fresh onion so I think I get the best of both worlds by using both fresh and powdered onion.

    Posted on

    Love this onion powder. The price for 9 oz is so much better of a deal than what you would typically find at a grocery store. Great taste, great quality.

    Posted on

    Love this regal onion powder. Smells nice and fresh unlike some other onion powders I have used. I like to use this in my chili recipe and it comes out great!

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Big time onion lover here so my kitchen can not be without onion powder at no time. I use it on just abut everything. Sprinkle some over fried eggs and also ad a sprinkle of cilantro...yum yum

    Posted on

    Love this onion powder Its a very fine powder and mixes in liquid fast. I sprinkle this on chicken use in sauce, stew and on garlic bread. Great value for the price

    Posted on

    The Regal Onion Powder has so much more flavor that many of the others available. Makes a great substitution instead of using fresh onions in your dishes.

    Posted on

    Now that the summer months is ahead of us, most of use have to cheat when it comes to certain veggies in salads. I am one of them to a T. My husband, grandchildren and a lot of friends will not eat fresh ONIONS.That is hard to make macaroni salad,potato salad,cole slaw, Most like fried onions that does not even go into these salads. So I surprised them all. I sprinkled Onion Powder on the salads along with many other WEB.COM spices. They had no clue I did this till the end of that night .Then they asked for the WEB-COM for themselves, I wrote them the e-mail address and also told them they have the best CUSTOMER SERVICE people who work for them if they have any questions.

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    this item will be great in Use in salads such as potato, pasta, chicken, tuna or ham. also in other great things like sauces and more.

    from Zackey joe's Posted on

    These are top quality spices that can compare to any top brand. They are not second rate spices. The price is a steal. Plastic containers are not thin and lid fits securely.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    this is a great product. we do a lot of cooking and use a lot of spices. You can't beat the price on this item.

    Posted on

    I use this onion powder in everything. It stores really well and goes a long way. It is definitely a top quality grade onion powder.

    Posted on

    This onion powder is fragrant and finely ground. We like it on our baked snack mix. It's also nice to have on hand to make a super quick, flavorful sauce when you don't have an onion available. I suggest running a piece of clear tape over the label. It isn't stuck well nor made of water resistant material so kitchen wear can be rough on it.

    Posted on

    We use a lot of onion power for that perfect flavor. Regal Onion Powder 9 oz. is a good size container and has a very fresh onion smell and taste. good price.

    Posted on

    This is an awesome value considering how much you get for the price. It comes fresh and is so nicely packed. I highly recommend buying from here for any spices you need.

    Posted on

    This is onion salt is plainly much better than what you would get at your local grocery store. A very good bargain in my opinion.

    Posted on

    A high quality onion powder at a great price. Allows me to add onion flavor to dishes without having to have the texture of onion.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    The onion powder has a very nice texture. It doesn't clump like some have in the past. I'll be buying another to have one at home also.

    Posted on

    This is a great quality spice but with it only being available in the 9 oz size I wish there was a bulk quantity. Besides that there are no compliants here.

    Posted on

    We use the regal onion powder but especially in our homemade mash potatoes. this spice provides great season and taste. Doesnt taste to garlicy. Great price

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Regal Onion Powder is great for making sausages or even for making hamburgers! A Dash of it results in a creamier product with a hint of onion! Great price as well!!!

    Posted on

    This onion powder is excellent in my opinion, it seems to have a fresh aspect because the flavor is so true to what I like to see in a good onion powder. I recommend putting it on means, as it makes all the difference in the world!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    This is not your ordinary onion powder, It is much better than you will buy in your local super market. It gives steaks and seafoods that extra taste.

    Posted on

    In the soups that we use this spice in, it adds a nice, fresh flavor. We like that it comes in bulk and is such high quality.

    from Scratch Posted on

    The Regal onion powder is a good value.The taste and freshness and price is what makes this a good buy.Very pleased with quanity for the price.

    Posted on

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