Regal Ground Ginger - 8 oz.

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An essential spice for any kitchen, Regal ground ginger adds a rich, zesty flavor to baked goods, desserts, sauces, and more! Golden-brown in color, this rich, earthy spice is commonly found in Indian and Asian cuisine. This popular spice is derived from the dried, ground root of the perennial herb Zingibar officinale Roscoe. Ginger's flavor profile is a unique combination of sweet and citrusy with a warm, woody taste, and slightly spicy notes.

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Regal Ground Ginger - 8 oz.

4.9 stars from 90 reviews


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ginger great ground Regal fresh price buy flavor quality love
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    This is a great quality ground ginger at a great price. There are a lot of health benefits to ginger. Will definitely purchase this again

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    Ground ginger at a great price

    This Regal Ground Ginger - 8 oz. Has a great taste compare to fresh ginger. It work well in stir- fry chicken. I will buy again.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    I use this ground ginger to fill clear gel caps to make my own ginger supplements. This ginger from regal space is great quality and the price is unbeatable.

    from La Vie En Roshy Posted on

    I use this ginger to fill clear gel caps for ginger capsules.

    used this in holiday spice cookies, great sharp heat and beautiful color, works great in my asian dishes as wellas my apple and cranberry recipes.

    Posted on

    What a flavor!!!!! Really flavorful and 1/2 teaspoon has some bite to it...can only imagine what good baking for ginger cookies and cakes can be. What a delicious ginger root product...recommending to all my friends and sending to my daughter... Want to use in homemade ginger ale and other recipes.

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    Used to make sweet and sticky chicken strips and they turned out great! A nice, strong flavor and a good amount for the price as well.

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    Making sweet and sticky chicken

    This ginger comes in an 8 oz container made by Regal. This ginger is perfect for your Asian inspired dishes on your restaurant and catering menus

    Posted on

    I use ginger in just about everything, I love the flavor! This product was an awesome value buy and the quality was great. I would definitely recommend this product!

    from By His Grace Ministries Posted on

    I make a ginger soy sauce dressing for chopped salads. I love it and I go through a lot of ginfer power making the dressing. Buying the Regal ground ginier is great because it is always fresh tasting and it makes the dressing. I

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    This is exactly as described. A large bottle of ground ginger. No complaints. Seems fresh, plus it is a good price and delivery was quick.

    Posted on

    Love buying spices from ALWAYS fresh. And amazing prices. I use this for a variety of recipes. I esp love using it in my sesame chicken.

    from Honeybee Confections Posted on

    This is a must have spice in everyone's kitchen and regal makes a good product. It is ground very fine and tastes very fresh with a strong aroma.

    Posted on

    This is a substitute for fresh ginger. It has a nice strong flavor, learned that the hard way. Beside cooking with, I use it to make easy lemon ginger teas.

    Posted on

    I use these in all sorts of sausage making applications. It is a fresh product with a good strong ginger smell upon opening the package.

    from Hinckley's Fancy Meats Posted on

    I use this in a lot of Asian dishes. It seems to be good quality and the price was great. I would definitely buy this again.

    Posted on

    I love this ginger. It has a great aroma and little spice flavor. It is irreplaceable in Indian kitchen but I also like to use this one for preparing my tea.

    Posted on

    I am very pleased with the quality of this ginger. I used it in all my fall recipes and will continue to use where needed. Very happy with it!

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    This ginger has a great taste. We used it to make gingerbread men cookies, and they turned out to be the best ones we have made. We will be ordering more for sure!

    Posted on

    Regal Ground Ginger is Very good Quality. I didn't expect it. I will buy again. Shipping is very fast and package are perfect. Price is very good price too.

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    Great ginger for all my holiday baking, this tastes very nice in pies and cookies. Cant wait to bake gingerbread, now with no problem for my family!

    Posted on

    Very good item very good tast. Did not buy the big one just want to try. Not bad at all. Will buy the big one next time

    Posted on

    Spice treats are great year 'round but this is definitely the season for them in abundance. One can't make ginger bread, spice cake, or even great molasses cookies without a good ginger spice and much of it.

    Posted on

    So much flavor in this brand. I use ginger for both baked goods and Asian dishes. It's great to be able to buy it from a restaurant store at this price for a home kitchen.

    from CMV Posted on

    With the holidays coming, you can never have to much ginger on hand. This one is cheaply priced, but has a nice aroma to it and works well in our recipes.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    This ginger powder is very pungent and paks great strong giger flavor perfect for ginger biscuits and all recipes that require good quality ginger product.

    Posted on

    Ginger is so expensive at our local restaurant supplier or club. Love the sturdy container it comes in & easy to pour spout. Will buy again.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    In case you need a little ginger, Regal brand and Webstaurant has it covered. Great quality at a great price. You will not be dissapointed.

    Posted on

    This review is about my eight ounce Ginger it's delicious I'm going to make stir fry with ginger and chicken and broccoli and onions thank you webstaurantstore there such a great deal on this ground 8-ounce Ginger

    from home Posted on

    Regal is known for it's great spice and seasonings. This ground ginger from Regal is perfect meats and vegetable seasoning. Definitely should be in everyone kitchen.

    from Tracey-ann Posted on

    This ground ginger is perfectly sweet, perfectly earthy, perfectly tangy, perfectly spicy. It is exactly what you need when making pies, curries, Jerk,or anything really!

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    The Regal Ground Ginger is an excellent buy, as are most of the Regal spices. The Ground Ginger blends well with other spices to create great rubs, seasoning blends and of course excellent in many baked goods.

    Posted on

    We've purchased the ground ginger from webstaurant many times and we are always pleased with the quality. The clean bright flavor is not too astringent and is always fresh.

    from Burrito San Restaurant Posted on

    With the accompaniment of marjoram and oregano leaves, this makes for a tasty powered up marinara sauce for pizza. The usual canned sauces really lack flavor and this with some other spices really give it flavor and boost my enjoyment experience. I've dabbled a little bit in oriental cooking and this seems to help me learn how much to add. Strange enough a little bit with eggs also hits the spot.

    Posted on

    I use a log of ground ginger and this is a great brand. Since using Ginger in bulk buying the 8oz last me a while. The container is nice and sealed for freshness.

    from Our Store Posted on

    Ground ginger is best to me in my pies I'm sure you get that not to many ppl don't kniw ginger I also use ground ginger in my asian stir fry

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    This is delicious ginger with a gentler taste and rich color. I've had some ginger before from webstraunt that had a strong flavor, perhaps it was just a different batch. This still tastes wonderful you just have to use a bit more of it in recipes. Be sure to taste the one you get to see how much you need to add or subtract to get the taste you desire as different batches do differ in flavor, but all from webstraunt tastes good--this batch is just not as delicious as the last i got.

    Posted on

    I ordered the Regal Ground Ginger in order to use it in dressings and dry rubs. I use it mainly for raw meat rubs, including salt and pepper, to season them before grilling them, and it works great. I also use it to mix in salad dressings to give it more of a ginger flavoring. The product has a great taste and is fresh. I definitely recommend it to anyone...50-star product!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    We love the Regal Ground Ginger. We use it in a ton of our dishes for our food truck. Webstaurantstore provides it at an amazing price, and it is shipped quickly!

    Posted on

    Item arrived damaged and I contacted customer service and they were very helpful. They shipped the product to me without any extra charges and shipping was very quick. But the item still arrived damaged.

    from I Baked It MySelf Posted on

    The price of ginger in the grocery store is through the roof. This product is an amazing value and the quality is superb. I will continue to buy.

    from Culinary Creations Posted on

    I love to add ginger to most of my poultry dishes. The regal ginger smells fresh out of the container and tastes really good in all my dishes.

    Posted on

    Ginger is fresh, doesnt clump, the container is strong and importantly the lid thingies close all the way (some spices you buy dont, which leave them exposed and lose freshness). I particularly like the 8oz size as they stay fresher even though you pay a little more rather than in bulk.

    from FITfoodNJ Posted on

    Not a spice that I use that often however I make a Ginger Soy Marinade Glaze and dipping sauce and this is truly the best ground Ginger I have found another Regal Great.

    from jobabyllc Posted on

    This is an excellent product. It is very fresh and superior in quality to the ground ginger I have purchased at the grocery store. Great value!

    Posted on

    i paid less for this 8 oz jar than I would have for the tiny jar with the red lid in the supermarket. The Regal is better! It's pungent and fresh, integrates into dough and frosting, and dissolves into oil for homemade curry.

    Posted on

    Wow this ginger is amazing! I'm so glad I started ordering my spices from you they smell so much fresher from the store & a better price. Love it in curries.

    from na Posted on

    At Blended we use ginger to give our smoothies a healthy kick 1 tsp to our Orchard Greens Blender to get the toxins flowing out of the body. This is 1 of our top 5 drinks and people go nuts over it. The value of this product is also great and helps us keep our cost low. Thanks Webstaurant!

    from blended llc Posted on

    We use ground ginger only occasionally, but this spice from Regal is flavorful and fresh. The price is well below what we were paying locally for a smaller quantity and same freshness level.

    from Brian Posted on

    I definitely prefer this ginger to one I last bought from my grocery store. It's very fresh, like all of the other Regal spices I've purchased. Great buy.

    Posted on

    I use this when making gingerbread men or ginger cookies. Some people like to use fresh ginger for those but I personally prefer this over fresh since I don't need to worry about grating ginger finely.

    Posted on

    Have used this in cookies already and have added it to candied yams. Just today added a pinch to my cup of coffee. Great way to start off the holiday season

    Posted on

    Ginger is great in autumn-themed baked goods like molasses cookies, and in Asian cuisine. I use this powdered ginger in place of fresh in stir-fry.

    Posted on

    I go through a lot of Ginger when making rubs. This container size was perfect for taking a long to an event in case I needed to make up rub on the spot.

    from Taste of Texas BBQ Posted on

    Very high quality for less than name brands. It compliments my spice cabinet wonderfully. I cook alot and I always need more this saves me tons of money.

    Posted on

    These ground ginger have a strong flavor of fresh ginger i use this for making teryaki sauce and sautéing veggeis they give a good flavor for my dishes

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jay Posted on

    Very good ground ginger, particularly for the price. We use it primarily in cookies and sometimes in chai when we're out of fresh ginger. We've had bulk ginger in the past that had very little flavor but the Regal tastes fresh and has a nice bite.

    Posted on

    Finding ground ginger at a reasonable price in my area has been a challenge. Since it's by weight, we got more than we anticipated and we're very happy with the amount and the price.

    from Big Mike's BBQ Posted on

    This is a great product. The value is very good, especially for the quality of the ginger. We use a lot of ginger in the fall and being able to order in these sizes helps us save time and money.

    from The Pie Hole Posted on

    I have been experimenting with cookie flavors, and ginger has been high on my list. The regal ground ginger is such an amazing value in a great container. It's the spicy kick my cookies needed. Compared to super market prices for an itty bitty jar of ground ginger, this product is absolutely fantastic.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    Ground ginger adds just the right kick to my cranberry oatmeal cookies!

    I put this ginger one tbsp. in a cup , stir and drink. The taste of this ginger is truly a added spice to your pantry for tea or general use for receipes.

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    I use ground ginger in my Island Voodoo BBQ rub for a Jamaican jerk type twist. This ground ginger is great in texture, flavor and cost. Thanks Webstaurantstore!

    from Burgo BBQ Posted on

    No complaints here. I use it for spicing up couscous, and I can't find any fault in taste. It's definitely good bang for the buck.

    Posted on

    We use ginger for all of our curry recipes and we go through a lot. This is a great value for a good quality spice.

    Posted on

    This is a fantastic product- and a great price. This is something that will last you a while. We use this in our carrot cake, and spiced cakes- and of course gingerbread! Has a great taste!

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    Good quality spice. Jar is sturdy to hold the product. Lid closes tight. The best part is the price. I have not found bulk spices at a better price than here.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    This ginger is great for baking or cooking. It is fragrant and spicy. The container keeps it fresh and is sturdy to nothing spills or goes stale.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    The Regal Ground Ginger is a great spice at a wonderful price. We use this ginger in all our pumpkin baking with excellent results. We will be ordering more!

    Posted on

    This ginger has come in handy when the fresh ginger wasn't available. It taste great and has great health benefits also. Because of the powder form we have experimented with various additions into other dishes.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love ginger and use it frequently when I bake. I finally decided to buy in bulk, and was ecstatic to find a site where I could get quality ginger for a low price.

    Posted on

    Ginger is another one of those spices where fresh is just so much better but as far as potency for dried goes, this is a very good quality. Excellent for dry rubs, dips, sugar blends and any recipe where you want more of ginger's flavor and less of its bite.

    from October Catering Posted on

    This ground ginger totally meets my expectations. The strength of this is in-line with previous purchases so I will definately buy the Regal ground ginger again.

    Posted on

    I like to packaging of these spices with easy to use large or small openings. Has great taste and quality and awesome price for bulk use.

    from rancher feed and seed Posted on

    Fabulous product! I love it. It is so fresh. I can't say enough about the ginger, use it almost every day. It has therapeutic properties, try some in your chai, you'll love it.

    Posted on

    Ginger snapps to Ginger Chicken! This Ginger flirts flavor with everything that you could imagine. A lite peppery hint being a underlined necessary note that's just right.

    Posted on

    My husband is a huge fan of ginger and he absolutely love your brand. He has used it in soups, grilled chicken and dressing and marinades. He said your store is the only place I am allowed to order it from for now on.

    Posted on

    Product arrived exactly as pictured, sealed fresh. It's as potent as ground ginger gets, even in small amounts, so this 8 oz. size will go a long way. Great addition for baked goods, mixed in drinks, sprinkled over deserts, or used in teas.

    from David C. Posted on

    Very good ginger flavor with the added heat you don't get in other brands makes our baked goods special. The pricing on this spice make it a great buy.

    from cramer's valley view growers Posted on

    I truly can't wait to order from this wonderful site and you just can't go wrong nice huge selection of a variety of many items.

    Posted on

    I have not personally cooked with this ginger yet but this holiday season I did give a lot of it out to friends and family and I can say the the resulting cakes and cookies tasted so good! This ginger is very flavorful and at this price you can feel great about sharing. Thanks WEBstaurant Store!

    Posted on

    This ginger is so much stronger in taste, as I expected. I love this flavor spice with my teas and enhances my carrot cakes very well.

    from Chef TJ Dubs Culinary Arts Posted on

    Great quality ginger at a great price! I find it hard to find ground ginger in my area and when I do the price is double or triple what sells it for.

    from The Gingerbread Ladies Posted on

    I use ginger in a log to dishes and this product is my new choice for ginger. It has both a subtle flavor, but also the ginger kick in higher amounts.

    Posted on

    I'm looking forward to using this fresh-tasting ground ginger in tea regularly. A pinch goes a long way. Lemon juice, ground ginger and honey is a great natural cure for cold and allergies. This large jar is low in price.

    from Home cook Posted on

    This ginger has a nice fresh flavor and aroma. I use it regularly for carrot cake muffins. Comes at a great price for 8 oz.

    from Honey House Nebraska Posted on

    Great product and value regal ground ginger ina eight oz. container. Perfect for at home cooking and baking. Also fits inside of a standard cabinet.

    Posted on

    So fresh and tasty! There are so many wonderful ways to use ginger. It can be used in any type of baked good, to add a little more depth of flavor. It is also great in sauces and marinades, and even sprinkled over fruit salad.

    Posted on

    There is no better supplier of herbs/spices than Regal Spice Company. I have bought from many different suppliers and none compare in terms of taste, wholisticness, and most importantly price. This Ginger has been no exception. It is a great product filled with taste. Since this Ginger is so good I have found myself cutting back on the amount normal recipes call for. Great buy!!!

    from Great Harvest Bread Company Posted on

    Put these great spices on your shelves ! Even for a Small Label name the flavor and quality pack a real punch and save on your wallet !

    from JONABELLA CATERING Posted on

    This Regal Ground Ginger is excellent for making pies and holiday desserts!!! Great price and large size is perfect for home use! Will last for months!!!

    Posted on

    It is great to find spices in bulk here that I know professional kitchens use. The shipping was timely from Webstaurant as well. I would definitely reorder when it comes time

    Posted on

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