Regal Garlic Powder - 8 oz.

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Add extra zesty flavor to your entrees with Regal garlic powder! Use this dehydrated seasoning as a quick and effective substitute for fresh garlic. Dehydrated garlic retains many of the same nutritional benefits as fresh garlic, while offering added versatility, a longer shelf life, and shortened preparation time. This ready-to-use granulated garlic has a pungent and spicy flavor profile that is sure to add something special to many of your signature dishes. This powdered garlic has a fine, flour-like texture that blends into certain recipes more uniformly than larger granule sizes. No matter what you prepare, your customers will love the robust flavor of Regal garlic powder.

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Regal Garlic Powder - 8 oz.

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great Garlic Powder Regal price Spices flavor fine fresh quality
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    The Regal Garlic Powder is fantastic. It's a fraction of the price at the local grocery store and the quality is just as good. I highly recommend buying this for your kitchen. My only regret, I should have bought the larger size!
    Absolutely love this product! It is a very fine powder and mixes really well into sauces, stews, and seasoning mixes. Gives a great garlicky flavor with minimum product.
    We use garlic in some form in almost everything. This powder is great. It has a nice taste, perfect texture, and is priced far lower than anything I have found locally.
    Love All my products from WebstaurantStore! The quality and price of the Regal Garlic Powder in Bulk can not be beat! Spices are always fresh! Very Aromatic! Perfect for mixes. A very nice texture of powdered garlic
    very good price. we use this in just about everything taste really good. we will be ordering more of this soon, now that my kids kinda take some home with them.
    Great flavor and a great sized bottle for cabinet use. I prefer the smaller sizes in quantity to retain freshness and these are great for just that! You can shelf 4 bottles and know they are fresh when you open them.
    This is a much better deal than the garlic powder you can find in the grocery store. I was so happy to add this on to my last order. I just used it the other day in my enchilada sauce and it was great.
    great value and great price on this Regal Garlic Powder .I use on everything. Maintains its freshness and adds great flavor.i will most definitely be buying it again.
    I love how fine the garlic powder is. Its great and full of rich garlic flavor. I will continue ordering the herbs / seasonings that i need directly through you guys year round !
    This product was great! I use it in practically all my dishes, and it made them a definite crowd pleaser! The price and quality were out of this world! Thank God for WebstaurantStore!
    What a great product. Very happy with the flavor and balance of this garlic power. Not too overpowering and has a genuine taste to it. Not too dried out like some other garlic powders i have used.
    Great garlic powder for a terrific price. Just the same as you’d get at the store with a much lower price point. Interchangeable and economical!
    Great spice for home made chili. Chili is a great asset to the hotdog cart for the nachos and chili cheese dogs. People love it
    This garlic powder is great for adding at the last minute. It's very fine, so it dissolves and disperses it's flavor quickly. Will definitely buy again.
    These Regal spices are perfect for any our business! They rival the national brands in quality, and come in for a small fraction of the price! We use the garlic powder in our Quiche. No complaints here.
    While there is no perfect substitute for fresh garlic, this powder garlic is about as close as you’re going to find. It has a strong yet not artificial taste. It is also very fine, making it blend easily into any dish.
    With a husband who was a CHEF over 25 + yrs he used a lot of different spices in his sauces,& cooking. The taste is fantastic and stores very nicely. The price for this size is amazingly low. Check out all their other herbs, & spices from WEBSTRAUNT. You'll be glad you did.
    I can't really explain why but I think it cakes up to easy in sauces and whatknot. Also the 8 oz container is always a little smaller than what we need.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I've noticed that Regal products are above average quality, this isn't supermarket shelf spice. It's really fresh and even looks slightly different, as if more wholesome.
    tastes great and works great. Exactly as expected. Well worth the price. Should last a while. Seal wasn't 100% but it was taped shut so nothing leaked
    This garlic powder is very good as with nearly all Regal brand spices I have tried. Next time I am going to buy the larger size.
    Regal Garlic Powder - 8 oz. is great for different recipes. Also a great price for 8 oz compared to anywhere else you get it at.
    This Regal garlic powder is great, The 8oz size is nice if you don't use a whole lot of it. It has a great flavour that doesn't overpower the food.
    Cant go wrong with Regal brand spices.. Bought just about every spice they make and can honestly say have not been disappointed with any yet
    This product is great to add to your recipes. It has a great scent of garlic, a little strong, as it should be. It’s great to mix with butter for garlic toast too
    Great little bottle of garlic powder. it tastes the same as if you got it at Gordons or anywhere else yet the price is terrific. This small bottle will last us a while as well.
    This is a great spice and cheaper than others in the market, we use it almost for all of our products and just a few quantity is needed for a big flavour.
    Garlic powder is a great for many different things such as stocks, soups, rubs, and in a brine. The powder needs to absorb moisture not to use the powder as a topping to a dish. This is a very well priced product and it is something we always have on hand.
    Lets face it... from Bbq rub to stew, garlic powder is a staple in any kitchen! Regal Spice garlic powder gives such strong garlic flavor I just need a little. But its a great buy for the amount that you need. Great to have quality products.
    Wow! 8 oz. of great flavor! Great for sprinkling on hamburgers for the grill or just using to spice up any kind of meat. Yum
    Used less than I normally do with other brands. Very fresh and flavorful. But use it in a lot more recipes than I used to.
    I had never used this eight ounce Regal Garlic Powder seasoning in the past and I continue to be satisfied with the taste. The taste is exactly as expected and the fine consistency is the perfect addition to any lasagna or ravioli recipe. I will order again and would recommend.
    The Product was as described. Has a great shelf life and was extremely flavorful. Shipping was fast and the item was packed great. I will purchase again for my catering business
    The regal garlic powder is a good quality spice. Price is great and convenience of having it delivered is awesome. I buy all my spices here
    The Regal Garlic Powder - 8 oz. is a valuable and necessary item in anyones pantry or restaurant kitchen and a little bit goes a long way.
    great spice and a lot cheaper then our previous brand we used. we use for almost all our italian items like sauce,pizza to name a few.
    This garlic powder is very finely ground, and smells and tastes great. I think the 8 oz. size container is perfect as well. The price of the garlic powder, and other spices from the Regal line, is very competitive-will definitely order again.
    The Regal spices are high quality. You can tell by the smell and taste. I use them as the ingredients in my homemade BBQ rub and I have never been disappointed. I always get plenty of compliments about my BBQ when I use my rubs containing the Regal spices. I highly recommend them.
    Excellent quality spices for a fraction of the price. These spices are as good as the national brands, or those provided by your food supplier. Packaged properly and nice and fresh when delivered.
    This is a standard spice in our kitchen cabinet.The texture is super fine, which allows a better opportunity to hand mix this in without clumps. I recommend this garlic powder .
    Great to get garlic flavor into almost any liquid, especially dressings. Be careful to keep this in a dry area as it tends to dry out and clump really fast.
    This garlic powder is so robust. I find the grocery store brands have less flavor. I love garlic and this is definitely the best next to fresh.
    This Regal garlic powder is a perfect size for cooking, and it dispenses so easily. It adds the best flavor to so many dishes. I love having it in my pantry!
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    The shipping comes in perfect, they box it well where there are no damages. You cant beat the price of the basil. We start of with these small containers then bye the bigger ones so we can wash and refill. Great company- we order here a lot. It has a fresh taste and smells amazing.
    WHen they say powder, they really mean it. Other places I've bought garlic "powder" was actually garlic granules (which I also like, both have their uses). This is such a fine powder you need to be careful not to breathe in too deeply around it. Great for topping popcorn though.
    although i tend to lean towards granulated garlic more, this powder works really well and dissolved very easily which is nice. it's delicious and fragrant and like all regal products ive gotten so far, a real winner.
    The Garlic Powder is just what you'd expect, however in our kitchen it tends to clump from humidity a bit. This is probably more the fault of our kitchen than Regal, but I find myself dumping chunks into our mortar and pestle to pulverize back into powder. Otherwise it is good stuff, very fine, cooks and mixes in great.
    The seasoning is very flavorful. I am also glad that I am getting different seasonings but from the same manufacturer. I am also going to try many more.
    This is a lot of garlic powder for the price! It is a fine powder vs a more granulated product. Has a top that allows either spooning it out or shaking.
    This product is awesome. Large quantity low price. The best part is how fresh it smells when you open the container. Great flavoris imparted with no bitterness.
    This clearly states garlic "Powder" so be aware that it is very finely ground. It's almost like dust. I was used to the garlic granular texture from other brands. Works well in the recipes and is very potent.
    This garlic from Regal has a fragrant aroma and great taste! I’ve purchased other spices from them before and the packaging and value is great. They provide great quality and nothing is ever bland, discolored, or not as described. I use a bit of the garlic powder (it’s very fine, so don’t go overboard) with oregano on top of homemade pizza and boli. It really kicks the flavor up a notch.
    Excellent flavor from this garlic powder. I use it in many recipes that need some extra seasoning, from pizzas to tacos. The grind is much finer than some other "powders" that I have found in grocery stores. It also seems stronger than the others. The amount you get for the price is great as well.
    If you are looking for a way to spice up a meal or sauce without having to mince or cut garlic cloves, this Regal garlic powder is the way to go. It has every bit of an authentic taste as cloves and it dissolves very easily.
    Garlic. What doesn't taste better with garlic. You can double the garlic in almost any recipe and it will be better (in my opinion). This product does not disappoint.
    Looked "everywhere" for fine garlic powder and everything I found or tried was granulated. This is truly a fine powder...a little goes a long way, it tastes great and the package is HUGE and lasts forever. It does have a shaker top but like I said, it's a very large package, so I transferred some to another empty spice jar, so that I could leave the big bottle in the pantry and keep the little bottle handy.
    I found this Regal garlic powder is indeed that, a powder. The garlic powder I get at the grocery store is more of a granule than powder. This has a good flavor and long shelf life.
    Utilize this garlic by Regal for seasoning your favorite meats and pasta sauces. Can be combined with other ingredients for best the best food recipes
    This garlic powder is a great deal to buy in bulk and have on hand, but not too large where it may go bad and become dry and crumbly before you can use everything. Good flavor!
    Fantastic taste. We use garlic powder in many of our recipes and the granules are on par and taste fresh. Weve bought many Regal spices, but this is one of the best!
    Very nice fine garlic powder mixes in well with any recipe. Nice flavor and the fineness if the product will not have you chewing on any large chunks!
    Regal garlic powder is 4 stars! A must have for any pizzaria. The price and quality is good. Would recommend . We got t from here, Webstaurant store!
    regal garlic powder is quality , well packed and of course well priced , from regal product you always get what is shown , 8 oz is perfect sizing also
    Regal spices are the goto spice in my kitchen. The size of these containers is great for household use. Spice arrived fresh with good aroma and flavor. The quality for price make these such an amazing value.
    Good flavor, easy to use, good price.I have used this in several dishes and the taste is wonderful. It is cost effective and cheaper then buying it in the supermarket. The taste lasts. I would recommend it.
    Garlic powder has so many uses. I've used it in homemade taco seasoning, ranch seasoning, soups, meatballs and many other dishes. I especially like to mix it with melted butter and salt to brush on top of fresh rolls or breadsticks. Better than some restaurants, if I do say so myself!
    I love this spice! As soon as I opened the 8 oz container I can smell the wonderful garlic aroma! I can't wait to use this in all of my Italian dishes!
    I just recieved my garlic powder and it is very fine ground. It has a great aroma that you smell the moment that you open it. It is a good product for the price.
    We order a lot of regal spices. This garlic powder is among the best. Great taste and flavor used in a lot of our recipes on a daily basis. The 8 ounce bottle was offered at a really nice price.
    Taste just like a fresh garlic! It also has perfect perfect texture so it is quickly became part of your sauce or soup! Price is great too!
    This garlic powder was a great value - better priced than anything I could get at the grocery store. It smells and tastes strongly of garlic - no loss of flavor and easier to add to soups and sauces that garlic cloves.
    I love using garlic powder, especially whever I make roast potatoes. This garlic powder tastes very fresh, and is a great price for the amount you recieve.
    Very fine so a little goes a really long way. Great garlic flavor too. I love it in just about anything lol. It's really good in dressings because it mixes really good because it's so fine :)
    These garlic powder has a great taste. We have been using it as a substitute for fresh garlic and have been loving how much time it saves.
    Like garlic salt, garlic powder is necessary for adding that wonderful garlic flavor to dishes without adding any unnecessary moisture which fresh garlic could. This though doesn't also add more salty flavor, unlike the garlic salt.
    The Garlic Powder was delivered sooner than expected. It was surprisingly very fresh. Thought I'd try using it in my Dip Mixes because the price was very reasonable compared to what I usually pay. Will definitely buy again.
    Very good tasting Garlic powder. I usually buy another brand but this was just as good or even better! Great price for the size of the container.
    I'm very pleased with this garlic powder. It hasn't caked on me like other garlic powders I've purchased before. It has good flavor and sprinkles over my taco meat easily when I make tacos every week.
    We use garlic powder for a few recipes. This is a ton of it and it's a great price and excellent quality. We will buy more.
    This garlic powder is great! We use garlic powder all the time, so it's nice to have it available in large quantities. It tastes delicious and goes with everything!
    What a great deal on this 8 ounces of garlic powder and very well ground up it's going to be delicious on my chicken because Americans love chicken
    I'm very pleased with their garlic powder. Bold and flavorful at a great price! We're just starting this business venture ture and grateful to God we found This store makes a huge difference for us moving forward. Knowing now that the ingredients we need won't break the bank has added to our excitement in this venture!
    Regal is known for it's great spice and seasonings. This Garlic Powder from Regal is perfect meats and sauces making. Definitely should be in everyone kitchen.
    Are used to buy boxes of kosher salt, but this is just as good of a product and significantly cheaper than what I was paying. From now on I will be buying this
    Although I grow a lot of my own garlic, I have to keep it on hand. We sure use a lot of it. Super fresh and strong flavored.
    I love all of Regals dried seasoning! The garlic has great flavor, and a nice size container so I do not have to worry about running out all the time.
    I use garlic in almost every meal. Bought this to make my own Blackening spice mix along with some other spices, Regal spices are excellent quality, and fast shipping!
    This garlic powder is just as good as the pricier, name brand garlic powder, at a fraction of the cost. I will absolutely be buying all of my dried herbs and spices through Websturant Store from now on.
    Garlic Powder is one food ingredient that we use a lot and when we found Regal's brand at a price that met our food cost, we could not pass it up. Highly recommended in both flavor and cost.
    I really like the fact they have multiple sizes of herbs and spices, both small and large. The small size here, I buy for my personal kitchen. Less than half the price of grocery stores
    8 oz size ideal for home use, convenient lid has pouring section and sprinkling section. The Regal Garlic powder is incredibly fine, incorporates well into anything. It has a milder taste than granulated garlic. One positive is that it does not make your breath smell as much as the granulated stuff!
    Wonderful product. It arrived expertly packaged. A very good quality of powder with wonderful flavor. Would definitely order again. I highly recommend this product to you!
    This garlic powder is fabulous! It is a very, very fine powder that practically melts into salad dressing leavingno geainy texture. And the smell is fantastic, very fresh.
    Excellent taste, Good Value for the price. Will Purchase again. Fine texture smells great and had the right amount of taste for the use we needed
    The family loves garlic on everything! I can use it for pizza crust, black bean burgers and soups. It is also like a flour that can be used as a filler. I don't get a strong aroma of garlic but it is so versatile.
    I use garlic powder in my homemade spice blends such as taco seasoning. It is better than any other brand I've found availiable. I will definitely recommend it.
    So happy I got this garlic powder. I use the garlic powder for a chili recipe and taste wise it's great and comes at a great price.
    Nice flavorful fine grounded powder. You can basically add this to any/all meats also great for mixing with butter and topping garlic knots. Very tasty.
    Great price compared to local competitors. My family loves garlic on everything. Goes great with spaghetti sauce, potatoes, and my BBQ rubs. Would be five stars if i could get the great price in a 16oz or maybe a 24oz package.
    This garlic was had a lot of flavor. Greatly enhanced the rub we made with it. It is sold at a much lower price than local store. Will be purchasing this item again.
    I found this product took bit of getting used to, i usually use granulated garlic, this is powder, not like the grocery store powder garlic. If you are looking for a powder garlic as you may find at the grocery store try regals granulated garlic. as always the flavor is good.
    i bought this to put on my pizza and some of my pasta dishes you can make garlic bread with this is'a not to sality but has a generous garlic flavor
    This garlic powder is definitely finely ground. This makes it a little harder to sprinkle, which I like to do for garlic bread. However, I have found that mixing it with melted butter works well, even better then sprinkling. The taste is very good, and the container size is perfect for mid-sized families or small businesses.
    The garlic powder was excellent. Great texture and aroma when making my Parmesan chicken dish. Great addition when I run out of fresh garlic in my kitchen.
    We knew we would like this garlic powder because we like all the Regal spices. This is perfect for us because we need garlic flavor that is not bitter but is shelf stable and easier to work with than fresh garlic.
    A spice pantry staple, for sure. Outstanding flavor and consistency, wonderful for dips, sauces on the fly, cheese tortes where you want a distinct garlic note without adding texture.
    Use in marinades, gravies, barbecue sauce and spaghetti sauce. i use is item for my dishes. Also for my 5 sauces that i make for my company.
    I use this garlic powder in burgers and making sausage mostly. It stores really well and goes a long way. It definitely has an intense garlic flavor.
    I like the convenient packaging these spices come in, large and small opening to control amount you need. Great price and great quality with good aroma.
    Garlic Power is packaged in the 8oz container which is extremely convenient. It is a very soft and fine powder substance as opposed to being grainy.
    This garlic powder is fragrant and finely ground. We like it on our baked snack mix. It's also nice to have on hand to make a super quick, flavorful sauce when you don't have an onion available. I suggest running a piece of clear tape over the label. It isn't stuck well not made of water resistant material so kitchen wear can be rough on it.
    Great product. I can't believe the price!! I used to pay so much more for a very small amount of this from the grocery store.
    Awesome value as always. I strongly recommend getting this garlic powder. The amount you get is outstanding compared to any grocery store you might try to buy this in.
    A great quality garlic powder for a great price. It adds a nice garlic flavor to any dish without having a weird artificial taste some powders have.
    This garlic powder has a great texture and very easy to dissolve in any recipe. It's very reasonably priced also, as is everything with Webstaurant.
    This is a great quality spice at an even better price. We use so it much that we have started buying in the five pound size. Even better value!!
    The Regal line products are great. We use the Garlic Powder for a chicken rub at my brother's family restaurant. And this price is unbeatable. I've stopped buying the retail one for my at-home cooking and buy this now.
    the regal line of spices has yet to be beat in my book. always fresh and just the right bite to all the products ive used. great value, we love it and will keep using.
    Regal products are quality and this Garlic powder is no different, the aroma is enticing and this powder spices up my dishes, without overpowering your senses.
    This spice is not so common but great for adding in ground meat mixtures! Add to your favorite sausage recipe and see the difference! Good for sauces too!!!!
    The Regal garlic powder is high quality spice and has a very good flavor. We use it in just about all our recipes and it was a good value.
    I have been using Regal spices and blends for almost 2 years now. They are an integral part of our menu ingredients, including our signature items. Always fresh, top quality, and consistent. Can't beat the price.
    We use this product in soups and it has a nice, fresh flavor. It blends in nicely. In general, this is a high quality spice.
    I was a little afraid of trying a new brand of spice but you cannot go wrong with the Regal brand.Use my Regal spices daily. Good buy.
    Garlic powder works great in almost anything, and no kitchen should be without! You will not know the difference between other brands, but you will save a ton of money.

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