Regal Granulated Garlic - 12 oz.

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Add extra zesty flavor to your entrees with Regal granulated garlic! Use this dehydrated seasoning as a quick and effective substitute for fresh garlic. Dehydrated garlic retains many of the same nutritional benefits as fresh garlic, while offering added versatility, a longer shelf life, and shortened preparation time. This ready-to-use granulated garlic has a pungent and spicy flavor profile that is sure to add something special to many of your signature dishes. These granules are larger in size than garlic powder, but smaller in size than minced garlic, offering a balanced texture that works well for a variety of menu items. No matter what you prepare, your customers will love the robust flavor of Regal granulated garlic.

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Regal Granulated Garlic - 12 oz.

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garlic granulated great flavor quality fresh price brand buy nice
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    I use fresh , dehydrated and granulated garlic every day. but when theirs no time to peal and chop , I always choose Regal Granulated Garlic. Its always been my go to garlic
    This garlic is great all around in any food you would like to put garlic into easy to use and have a wonderful taste A++
    We use some form of garlic in almost everything we prepare. This is just a bit more coarse than powder, and works great for adding that garlic flavor. Great value, as 12 oz is a lot!
    great price and you get 12 ounces of granulated garlic. tastes great in homemade soups. will order again shipped very fast. nice quality product from you
    very good granulater garlic powfervery comparable to the major brand variaties. we use it for many mixed drinks and all of our italian dishes we offer
    This granulated garlic is very fragrant and adds a nice flavor to whatever you're adding it to. We use it in shakers for a final touch to pizza and other dishes.
    This is a really high quality granulated garlic. The smell is wonderfully pungent and there is no caking or clumping like in some other garlic products.
    Good product good price. Seemed to be a bit stronger spice than what I’m use to using but it worked may renorder again. Happy happy
    Granulated garlic is a staple, especially for pizza and garlic knots! Great flavor, the grind is a perfect size, and even in small quantities the price is a deal. Highly recommended!
    Regal brand granulated garlic has great taste and is used in many of our catering recipes. We have found this brand to be most economical for us.
    Yummy! The granulated garlic makes a real difference in your cooking. The great garlic flavor really enhances your dishes flavor and depth. Love it in my soups.
    A nice quality granulated garlic for cooking multiple dishes. A nice way to season your vegetables or meat. The shaker bottle is great and makes it easy to use.
    Very fresh garlic powder, no moisture inside of the container and it had a great taste. Great value and quality for the price so I would definitely recommend this bulk item.
    Convenient, convenient , convenient! Great for use as a seasoning bottle for customers. And Webstaurant store sells it for LESS! And the texture, taste, consistency, color is always consistent. So much cheaper and better priced than Rest supply stores. We would purchase it again. We also recommend this product to you. Regal is a name you can trust when it comes to spices!
    I have finally found a garlic that I like without having to peel and chop fresh from scratch!. It smells wonderful and has a good strong taste. Very pleased and I will buy again.
    Not quite as fresh as the garlic we usually get from another retailer. It still has a nice taste to it though and would consider buying again.
    An excellent quality replacement for the national brand spices, or those supplied by your grocery supplier. And at a fraction of the price, the quality can't be beat!
    Great flavor granulated garlic as good as other brands. I cannot get over the quality of Regal brand spices for the cost. They are so much cheaper and are excellent. Thanks Regal brand for making affordable spices
    Granulated garlic is a staple in our kitchen. We use it to kick up the garlic punch at the end of cooking for soups and any liquid rich dish.
    I tell it like it is. This restaurant brand is not as power punching as the store brand ones. It is looks good on paper but the flavor is rather bland to my tastes.
    Great granulated garlic. We use this as an ingredient in nearly everything we cook, sometimes even in combination with fresh garlic. The garlic has lots of mellow flavor and really improves the flavor of everything it's used on including vegetables, sauces, pizza and in marinades.
    Love this granulated garlic! I use garlic in almost every dish and the Regal brand has amazing flavor, great for sauteed veggies. This is a pantry staple!
    Really good granulated garlic I like that I can get this in a small container, I will buy the big containers when making large batches of rubs but it is nice to have this little guy around for every day kitchen use.
    I have all the different blends of garlic from Webstaurant. I use the granulated garlic vs. garlic powder when I want less concentrated flavor, but still want it to shine through. It tastes great mixed with cornmeal on top of boli or pizza dough crust…just use a little egg wash first and then sprinkle it on top before baking.
    I am just amazed at the price on this garlic, you get 5x the product and is still cheaper and same quality for the garlic in the markets.
    just give it a little time to re-hydrate in your recipe and this granulated garlic tastes just like the fresh stuff. it's a really great deal here at webstaurant so i stock up. every regal product so far has been top notch
    This is a great quality granulated garlic feom regal. I original bought the garlic powder which I found to be a little finer than the granulated. Perfect for pizza
    I have started cooking with the Granulated Garlic more lately, as it resists humidity better than the Garlic Powder. Both are excellent spices, and give the desired flavor.
    I love this product. For some reason I can not keep granulated garlic in my house so I ended up having to buy the large jugs, and it's just and awesome buy.
    The Regal spice granulated onion smells like it was just granulated yesterday. I would definitely recommend it. Thank you for the very affordable price and I will continue to use this brand for years to come.
    Great quality granulated garlic. Same excellent flavor as the garlic powder, just with a coarse grind for texture. I like using both depending on the dish and both are a must have in any pantry.
    Garlic has to be my all time favorite herb. Not only is it healthy for you it also tastes great in many dishes. This product was high quality and a great value.
    What a great value for this. The garlic is as good as any you would purchase, and at a fraction of the price. Great stuff!
    This is my favorite bottle among all! I use it in every marinated dish. It makes the meat tasty and smell nice. It enhances the flavor of the juice with a little spicy--this is a plus!
    Upon popping the seal on this granulated garlic you are immediately greeted with a strong and pleasant scent. If you enjoy great garlic flavor this is certainly a great choice of granulated garlic. The granules give you greater surface area which results in a much more robust flavor profile.
    We use a lot of garlic in our home, so this was a decent amount at a great price. This is good quality as well. I would buy this again..
    This is very good garlic. It is used for pizza sauces, pasta sauces, hot breads, salads, and anything else that you could ever even imagine.
    Granulated garlic is great to have on hand if you don't have fresh or minced in the fridge. This is fresh and easily comes out of the shaker holes on the container. Good, robust flavor!
    This is high-quality granulated garlic. It has that very distinctive faux-garlic flavor that's irreplaceable on pizza and croutons. Bonus: This 12oz bottle costs just a bit more than the 3oz supermarket bottle.
    The granulated garlic is wodnerful, a nice strong scent, and doesnt clump up when added to warmliquids ilke ive beenhaving the problemwith with other products. it pours and flows easily.
    I am a big fan of this product. Sometimes difficult to find, I love granulated garlic. A little more course then garlic powder but much more fun than dehydrated garlic. This is a great buy for the money
    Very good item. Fast shipping got it in 2 days. Good flaver. Will buy again from here. Compare with other brand for the taste are the same.
    The flavor and aroma of this garlic is bold and fresh. It's great to be able to buy it from a restaurant store at this price for a home kitchen.
    Totally recommend this item the burst of flavor it adds is amazing without a doubt the best garlic I have had that hasn't been minced fresh
    I cant believe I paid so little for this large spic, I use it on chicken it gives it a really good flavor I freaking love this website
    This granulated garlic powder is very good quality. It rich is flavor and adds great garlic taste without make effort. I would recommend this product.
    We love this product. It's spicy and has a strong garlic flavor. I don't keep fresh garlic much, cause it goes to waste, so we buy garlic in granulated and minced to keep as long as we want! Soooo worth it!!!
    I'm very pleased with their granulated garlic. I find it great quality at an exceptional price! We're just starting this business venture and grateful to God we found This store makes a huge difference for us moving forward. Knowing now that the ingredients we need won't break the bank has added to our excitement in this venture!
    The Granulated Garlic was delivered sooner than expected. It was surprisingly very fresh. Thought I'd try using it in my Dip Mixes because the price was very reasonable compared to what I usually pay. It was very flavorful. Will definitely buy again.
    I knew this granulated garlic would be of good quality, as it was coming from and I was not disappointed. It has a nice, fresh taste.
    We originally bought the granulated garlic in a small bottle as a test. We wanted to make sure that we were happy with the quality. Well we were very pleased with the freshness and the clean bright flavor. We now purchase granulated garlic in bulk but these containers are perfect for a small kitchen or if you have limited storage space.
    I wanted to order garlic powder, but I ordered this by mistake. Luckily I gave it a try because I think this garlic has better flavor than regular garlic powder. It seems to be closer to the real fresh garlic without the work.
    This garlic is fresh and fine ground. It is not as strong as garlic that you would grind yourself or even some of the granulated garlic that i have tried in the past, but still a very good flavor. The garlic can be used in every savory dish you wish or sprinkled on meat or seafood or tofu dishes or pasta to add extra delicious taste. Can help replace salt if used instead.
    Good garlic flavor and never adds bitterness some granulated garlics can produce. The aroma in the finished product is very much like having used fresh garlic.
    I love garlic in everything. It tastes great and it is good for the immune system. The regal garlic smells very fresh out of the container. The prize is great!
    It's granulated garlic, not much to say here. It tastes like every other granulated garlic I have used. This is one of my go to seasonings, and with the money I saved ordering from here I will buy it again.
    We use garlic in several ways. We put it in soups, stews, pasta sauces, stir fry dishes and more. If we have run out of the minced fresh garlic we hydrate the granulated garlic in a small amount of hot water, wait a minute and put in our dish. Remember to add garlic at the last minute or two. You don't want to burn it. You want the garlic flavor to shine.
    We love to use fresh garlic and a garlic press, when we are all out we go to the powdered case and utilize them...This is a great quantity and great value.
    Excellent value for the amount of Granulated Garlic you get. This is much cheaper and a larger quantity than anything you would find in the grocery store.
    This granulated garlic seems very similar to other garlic i have purchased. Good value and good flavor. Using with my currys, baked chicken, & grilled meats.
    This is my favorite granulated garlic! It smells and tastes amazing. 12 oz for this price is a fantastic deal. I will definitely buy more from here in the future.
    I use granulated garlic in almost all of my savoury dishes. Buying it in bulk is great for me and it is very fresh coming from the webstaurant store!
    Excellent quality and used on daily basis in my rubs and seasonings. Fits in with all my other spices nicely and great handling size. Great price and quality.
    I had being a Webstaurant costumer and I always order my granulated garlic Regal from them. The product with out pretentious, add a lot of natural garlic flavor minus the byproduct usually found normally in packed goods. i would definitely recommend it
    What can I say? Where else will you find 12oz of Granulated Garlic for this price? Garlic is a staple for us. We will never be without it. And why would I pay double for a lesser amount when I can get it here for a great price?
    This Garlic Spice is Awesome I have bought it a couple of times. I put it in almost everything, it gives great flavor to my meat and meat sauces. I can't get enough of it. I recommend it to everyone.
    We use Regal Granulated Garlic often in many dishes. Wonderful quality and value. Nice spice that never seems to harden in the container. Pourable and easy to use.
    Regal spices are always fresh, great tasting, with a large assortment & best of all great price! Thank you Webstaurant for offering a great product!!!
    We have a lot of friends who completely hate garlic in their meals. I made with the help of my husband Stuffed Pork Chops. The old receipe calls for three cut up garlic cloves. So I went to our new spice rack and picked out Granulated Garlic and added that to the receipe instead.The smell ,you could not tell the difference from the fresh garlic to the spice one. We continued to mix all the spices we purchased from WEB.COM and continued baking. We served all 6 of us and the two that hated cut garlic we told them what we had added. They was 100% surprised, but also commented on the fantastic taste. The price is delightful .
    I recently ordered a variety of Regal spices and the granulated garlic was one of them. The Regal brand does not disappoint! All of the spices have a lovely aroma and seem very fresh. I use granulated garlic often when I cook and don't have fresh garlic available, so this is a staple in my pantry. Great product at an awesome price!
    What's there not to like? The price for this brand is outstanding, and it's just as fresh as the more expensive brands. A great value!!!
    I was surprised at how much flavor this added to my food. This will become a staple in my home cooking and catering business cooking.
    The Regal Granulated Garlic is a great alternative to garlic powder, in my opinion, packing a little more garlic punch. It is also a great deal for the cost.
    I recently switched from garlic powder to granulated garlic in my BBQ rubs to give them a little more texture. This granulated garlic worked out perfect. It has great texture, flavor and cost is on point.
    Dont let the low price fool you, this is quality stuff. Very tasty, and a good value. Since finding this website and trying the herbs and spices here I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else.
    This was my first time ordering this product. I must say that for the price l was not expecting much quality. I was EXTREMELY happy when I got this, the garlic smell was very strong, even size granules, and has very good taste. My very picky eaters at home who by the way hate garlic, ate their food today with no complaints.Love this product and will keep buying. The prices does not compromise the taste and quality of the Garlic. OH and one other thing, it's not salty like other products out In the market.
    I love this product. It works great in ANY dish from soups to main meals to even breakfast dishes. It tastes fresh and not like store bought spices, that have been sitting on a shelf.
    I was a little skeptical when I ordered this product. The price was so low and the quantity was large. I received the garlic and immediately put it to the test. It passed easily and will be kept in my kitchen.
    excellent item - use this in many of our recipes - the item was shipped quick and easy into Canada - no hassles with importing
    I use it daily. Love to sprinkle it in corn muffins and love it on fried eggs at breakfast time. No fresh garlic around and want garlic bread? well this works just fine!
    Great quality garlic for a really low prices the smell and taste is just as great as the brand name product but you spend less money. Highly recommended!!!
    Regal Granulated Garlic 12 oz is a must have in any kitchen. The price can't be beat and its useful in so many dishes. I recommend this product.
    Super price here for a reasonable sized amount of granulated garlic. I love this for use at home and much prefer it to garlic powder as it has a better flavor and more texture.
    These spices being sold by Web are super and trust me the big outlets can't beat the prices. The only difference between these spices and the name brand ones is PRICE.
    This is a great product by regal brands. Much cheaper than most other brands and the quality is just as good. I will always get my spices on this site
    Regal Granulated Garlic 12 oz. is great for every dish that needs a kick. We do not like the garlic salts and enjoy having a lot of fresh garlic on hand this is perfect.
    One thing I found out if I use recipes that calls for Granulated Garlic . Regal knows what you need. From experience tried a variety of Garlic and when I get a smooth tasty Garlic my dish will taste good and that is what I got using Regal Granulated Garlic brought out the flavor without putting some off taste in my food I would say Buy Buy Buy keep it stocked.
    The regal granulated garlic is perfect for cooking. The price is right and the taste is great. Will continued to purchased from your website. Great product.
    I use garlic salt in a lot of my cooking. This garlic salt is very flavorable and I love the container it is in. Definitely a good value.
    I go through garlic like it's water -- and this stuff is great! But it in bulk, because you can never have too much garlic. Especially at this price.
    This is a great product by regal brands. Much cheaper than most other brands and the quality is just as good. very inexpensive and a good value.
    I am very pleased with the quality of Regal spices. This granulated garlic was finer-grained than I was expecting, it is more like a garlic powder. But the flavor is excellent and soooo much cheaper that what you get at the grocery store!
    I love this little spice, we've never had to rehydrate, we put it directly in our sauce, marinades and mixes.You can't tell the difference between this and fresh garlic and this lasts so much longer.
    What a great spice to have on hand!!! Good for making sauces! Great for when you dont want to mince up fresh garlic! Excellent for marinades!
    Fantastic product. Regal has the best granulated garlic i have ever used. The smaller size here is what I use at my house for personal use. Rehydrating has never been an issue for me, as ive never felt the product has needed it. Great price, great taste.

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