Regal Ground Cinnamon - 8 oz.

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An essential spice for any kitchen, Regal ground cinnamon adds an earthy, familiar flavor to baked goods, curries, dessert sauces, applesauce, and beverages! Reddish brown in color, this woody, earthy flavor is warming to taste. The finer the grind, the more quickly cinnamon is perceived by the taste buds. One of the oldest known spices, cinnamon is derived from the dried inner bark of a tropical cassia tree.

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Regal Ground Cinnamon - 8 oz.

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cinnamon Great price quality ground spices Regal Flavor love baking
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    mmmm! Who doesn't love ground cinnamon! This 8oz container should last me all year. Taste is top quality and is fresh! Fit great in my pantry. Easy to stack and organize in containers they come with.
    Webstaurant sells fresh, good quality spices for a great price .. we have never been disappointed with any of the sspices we have purchased from Webstaurant
    Great price. Good Size. Great Taste. As a Portuguese bakery we have quite a few desserts made with cinnamon toppings. Always in need, Plan on reordering more.
    Great value! I purchased the 8 oz size which came in a 16oz container. At first I was confused why the container was half empty but realized it simply was the wrong size container. Not sure why it was packaged that way but either way its still a great deal!
    Love all the Regal Spices--- The Ground Cinnamon is a great consistency and very aromatic and flavorful! Use the Cinnamon in my Sweet Dip Mixes. My customers love them!
    This cinnamon is not only affordable but also very tasty. It has been a good choice to keep around the shop. We have attempted to use other brands and this one is so much better
    Amazing value for this ground cinnamon! It has a great flavor, and this 8 oz container will last us forever! What a great price! Will buy again.
    Wonderful cinnamon flavor and powerful smell as soon as you open it! The amount and price are so mu h better than even the seasonal sale prices at the local grocery.
    I love this cinnamon. When I put it in my homemade granola the whole house smells of spice. I also love the size of the container. It is about 4 times the amount of my local store for about a third of the price. A real value.
    Delicious quality cinnamon perfect for our cinnamon swirl fudge. Great quality and ground to a perfect consistency for easy measuring and mixing. The smell is great and great cap for sprinkling or measuring.
    this is another great valued regal spice that we use fot a number of our items we sell. we also like to add some in coffee grounds before brewing for a nice fall time coffee flavor
    It is good for apple and anything else and You will love it a lot and I do and I knew it is good love it
    Regal Ground Cinnamon - 8 oz. is a great item at a great price. cinnamon has a good flavor. I’ve used it Apple pie,strudel, cinnamon rolls, any fruit or dessert
    This cinnamon is exactly what i wanted - a large quantity at a great price! The aroma on this spice is amazing and Regal once again delivers!
    I do a lot of baking for our lodging guests, and a big hit is our cinnamon rolls. Quality ingredients matter, and Regal cinnamon hasn't let me down in quality or flavor.
    This ground cinnamon has a wonderful taste, not bitter, and is excellent for the price. I use it in all my baking that calls for cinnamon.
    Delicious and fresh cinnamon! I have never had spices so fresh tasting, it was as if they ground it specifically for me and to order. Will order again as soon as this runs out.
    yum yum yum! Cinnamon is so good to have in your kitchen! It can be both savory and be the best part of a sweet treat!
    I am very happy with the quality and value of the Regal Ground Cinnamon for my home baking needs. I have used several Regal spice products and am very pleased with the freshness and quality.
    This eight ounce cinnamon is the perfect size for our kitchen needs at work, but I would definitely use this produce at home as well. Recommend!
    Great amount for the price! Flavor profile is perfect for all of my baked goods. The lid fits my teaspoon and the shaker side is wide enough to let the perfect amount out!
    This ground cinnamon is a great quality. It's a smaller jar, and I use the bigger jar to fill it back up so it's easier when I am baking.
    Check out the Regal Ground Cinnamon - 8 oz. #10207033 when u wanna get a fun spicy sweet taste to any fruit or dessert dish works well on apples or 4 baking too thanx and God bless u
    This cinnamon is great, I’ve used it cobbler n sprinkled it on waffles, made both dishes taste just awesome, it’s also great on sweet poatoes
    real cinnamon. you can smell it from far. and its a really good price for the size, also the container is awesome you can pour through tiny holes or full spoon
    This cinnamon is just as good as getting it anywhere else and a fraction of the cost! Like all my other spices I only buy them here.
    I don't think cinnamon gets any better than this. I threw my previous bottle of cinnamon away...don't recall the brand. One could barely tell it was cinnamon rolls that I served. This is really a cinnamony cinnamon...the way it's supposed to taste I made some butternut squash soup
    This cinnamon is perfect for a high volume kitchen, food truck or cafe. This ground cinnamon is priced very well, however we have found some better tasting cinnamon elsewhere. That being said if you ware looking to save some money on cinnamon this is a good option.
    Being a Caterer I have to use alot of spices and have alot of spices on hand on any given day. The Regal Spice Cinnamon is a must have! From my rice pudding,sweet potato pie, and even candied yams this cinnamon is a life saver! The price is so awesome for the quality. I love it! Must have in my opinion.
    I love buying Regal spices because you can count on their freshness and quality. The color of this cinnamon is so vibrant – you know it hasn’t been sitting on a grocery shelf for some mysterious length of time.
    Good flavor and quantity for our small business. We use a lot of cinnamon so it lasted longer than expected. Ideal product. Highly Recommended for the size, price and quality.
    Our family uses cinnamon a lot so we go through a ton of it. Webstaurant's cinnamon has a good flavor and a great price. I wish I had purchased it from this store much sooner.
    A dire need for pumpkin pies, quality French toast, cinnamon toast and even apple sauce, the Regal Ground Cinnamon - 8 oz. #10207033 is a great item at a great price.
    We use cinnamon in quite a few recipes and we love how this cinnamon comes through fresh and strong. We will be purchasing more soon.
    The Regal Ground Cinnamon is excellent with sugar for a cinnamon sugar mixture. The taste is really good, I have no complaints as I am very happy with my purchase.
    It seems to be stronger in flavor than other brands I've used. But works great with sugar and in recipes plus my own spice mixes.
    I will never buy store bought cinnamon again after seeing how cheap this is and how good it tastes. It is identical to what you’d buy at the grocery store and comes in a nice large container!
    The Product was as described. Has a great shelf life and was extremely flavorful. Shipping was fast and the item was packed great. I will purchase again for my catering business
    I love using cinnamon every morning in my oatmeal and in my coffee. Absolutely delicious. This brand can fill up your whole spice cabinet with all that they offer.
    This is great cinnamon, it smells and tastes great. I think the 8 oz. size container is perfect as well, big enough that it lasts a while but not so long that the cinnamon loses it's freshness. Price is great as well.
    This is the best cinnamon I ever found at such a great price. Price aside, this cinnamon is really high quality. I could taste the difference in everything I used it for! Will definitely stock up on this!
    Good ground cinnamon for general cooking and baking. Should be used fairly quickly, as with all preground spices to ensure freshness and flavor of the product.
    I use cinnamon a lot in baking and love getting it here. They have great prices compared to the grocery store. No difference in quality either.
    I use cinnamon in a lot of ways when I make pies,breads, rolls French toast the list goes on and on I will be buying more in the future from WEBstaurantStore
    This is our first time ordering spices thru Webstaurant. Great value over shopping at your local retail market. Will look at other spices offered and add to my orders moving forward.
    This is a great quality cinnamon with an amazing price! I love to use this in my oatmeal, on baked apple recipes, and on toast!
    Theses spices are a real value, and they are on par with the quality of any spices you would find on the shelf at a store.
    I use cinnamon a lot in my baking. This cinnamon has a great flavor and nice dark color which makes your baked good like cinnamon rolls look extra delicious.
    Very Nice product. Good quality product. Very good price. My local source was much higher price. Always smells fresh. Easy to dispense and spray during use.
    great for baking, great for oatmeal, great for braised meats even. this cinnamon is super versatile, it tastes and smells fantastic and the price can't be beat. i can't recommend it enough.
    The brown cinnamon is a space that we use every single diner diner for our French toast. A great tasting product. Looks like we're going to have to get a larger size the next time we order
    We use Cinnamon like it is water. This a great quality cinnamon at an amazing price. You open the container and it is so fresh you feel like you are grating it fresh.
    This the perfect size for my kitchen. It is something you need but not all the time. The price is good to. This is some thing that does not have to sit on shelf for months.
    Good quality cinnamon, even better price. A good alternative to name brands for a lot less cost. We have used this for all our breakfast pastries.
    The Regal Ground Cinnamon is very good on applesauce or mixed with sugar for cinnamon toast. The price is very reasonable and I am very happy with this product. Definitely recommend!
    I should probably buy this in larger quantities. My kids love cinnamon and sugar on anything. It really is one of the great flavors we were given to work with.
    Perfect for delicious dessert recipes and onerous types of decadent dishes. This cinnamon comes in a 8 oz container by Regal company and I recommend purchasing I'm bulk
    I love how perfectly ground this spice is and in the perfect sized container. Perfect addition to any pancake recipe or to add a touch of sweet spice to any cup of coffee.
    This cinnamon is great. Cinnamon is just as good as buying an expensive cinnamon from anywhere else. Webstaurant provides the best products and the most competitive prices.
    This is an amazing deal. You get a half a pound of super fresh and aromatic cinnamon. Product arrived fresh and sealed and ready to use, It is ground very fine.
    Regal brand ground cinnamon is by far the best smelling and best tasting cinnamon that I have ever used or tried. This cinnamon is a must have if you have even the slightest affinity for any type of dessert that calls this specific spice.
    This cinnamon is great. For a small set up like mine, it's the perfect size. The price was cheaper than my local restaurant supply store, and it has the shake and pour type cap which is convenient.
    Love this cinnamon. I use it for everything, since cinnamon is such a great topping. So good for oatmeal or smoothies, and at a great price.
    This Cinnamon has a wonderful flavor, color, and scent. Perfect size in a very durable container. This Cinnamon is the best for desserts and entrees
    Rich in color and flavor, this cinnamon is a great value. This is the perfect size to have at home for all of my cooking and baking needs.
    I love the durability of this container. The quality of the spice is tops and I will continue to order as needed and highly recommend.
    This cinnamon is a wonderful addition to many desserts. This was of good quality, and the price was very good as well. I would purchase this again.
    Great product! I love ground cinnamon and use it a lot. This container came in 8 oz. it's very fresh cinnamon. I use it for baking cooking even toast!
    This ground cinnamon is great for any baker. Great aroma and strong and satiating flavor. It is also great for you late or other coffee
    Great product and price. The size is nice and the presentation is excellent. Product arrived intact. No regrets will order more and recommend to others.
    Nice, finely ground cinnamon in a larger sized container that you'd normally find in a grocery store. The price and product are both great. Good deal.
    This is a great product. It is finely ground and works great for what we need. The packaging is a good design as it has two openings on the lid.
    Webstaurant cinnamon is delicious! This is nice and fresh and a good convenient size for a kitchen spice wrack. It is handy for adding to pies or yogurt or smoothies or any baking. Cinnamon is not only delicious but also it contains antioxidants, noninflammatory, and helps with alkalizing the body. It also is a sugar inhibitor and helps people with diabetes to keep sugar levels from spiking.
    This cinnamon is really outstanding. It tastes fresh and doesn't lose its flavor at all over the course of the year. My kids love it and my wife uses it almost daily in something or other.
    This is great in almost everything. It's especially good for baked treats, in hot cider, sprinkled atop apples or in applesauce and even a bit on cooked greens for a slight and healthy sweetness to something savory.
    This is a great quality cinnamon at a very low price. I love regal spices! They always have excellent products. It's wonderful to be able to buy it from a restaurant store at this price for a home kitchen.
    This is a great value based cinnamon for those who need higher volume ingredients or for those who like to save by buying products in bulk for the home!
    I'm really glad I tried this! Can't beat the price or quality. It smelled really strong so I scaled back when following recipe, but it still turned out great. Will order again
    I use cinnamon a lot in my baking, and this cinnamon is a great quality product. It's exactly what I need for my cinnamon cream cheese icing.
    Got this regal ground cinnamon to try out so I got this 8oz one. I am pleased with it its just like any other kind
    Like the other Regal ground spices I have purchased through Webstaurant, the cinnamon is great value for the quantity, great aroma, and great taste in the finished product.
    This is great cinnamon! Tastes better than any other I've purchased. Will buy again for sure! I definitely like it in bulk, such a time saver!
    The Cinnamon was delivered sooner than expected. It was surprisingly very fresh. Thought I'd try using it in my Dip Mixes because the price was very reasonable compared to what I usually pay. Will definitely buy again.
    Regal is known for it's great spice and seasonings. This ground Cinnamon from Regal is perfect cakes and recipes seasoning. Definitely should be in everyone kitchen.
    Regal's ground cinnamon is really nice. It is extra finely ground, which I like because I hate the grittiness which is sometimes left behind with ground spices.
    Even in the smaller bottles, the pricing for webstaurant spices is a good value. If you can't afford the space for the larger bottles or are using this for home use, get these instead. You won't be dissapointed.
    I've had great results with almost every Regal Spice so far - equal or greater quality than supermarket brands, but at a greatly reduced price. I mixed this cinnamon with white sugar in almost equal amounts and coated raw balls of Snickerdoodle dough. It provided extra anti-stick insurance and terrific flavor. I've also mixed this into oatmeal, cider, and DIY apple pie spice mix.
    The Regal ground cinnamon is a good value for the size, Plus the container is easy to store, not a lot of extra packaging for the size.
    We use this cinnamon daily in our bakery. A lot of our desserts contain cinnamon, and the price of cinnamon at our local supply house as risen a lot! Great size, good quality, good price!
    I was a little skeptic to try this cinnamon because the price was so low, but wow I was so pleased. It has a good flavor and I did not have any problems with it clumping like I have with other economical ones.
    Not all Cinnamon is a like and that has been proven in our kitchen. We truly love the flavor and value you get with Regal.
    Regal ground cinnamon is a very good quality for a very good price. I will definitely be ordering this product again in the future for sure.
    For the price you definitely get more then you would at the grocery store. The quality is good as well. Makes it easier to order online and have it delivered.
    The Regal Spices Ground Cinnamon is the perfect compliment during the holidays when I bake cookies! The cinnamon adds a wonderful fresh flavor of cinnamon to my cookies, and other dishes. For anyone looking for a fresh tasting cinnamon spice, this is a winner!
    Item arrived damaged and I contacted customer service and they were very helpful. They shipped the product to me without any extra charges and shipping was very quick.
    Ording spices through is the most cost effective means out there. Less than half the price from our weekly food providers. Can't beat the flavor of this cinnamon. Exactly what we were looking for
    Ordering our dry spices through websteraunt has made our kitchen so much more efficient. It is so easy to add spices to an order & save on the shipping. The quality in the spices has always been great!
    This cinnamon is great in both savory and pastry applications. It can be mixed with sugar and sprinkled on donuts, or put into a mexican mole.
    This ground cinnamon is a great buy! We go through a lot of cinnamon in our house (baking, cinnamon toast, etc.) so we can use a larger quantity. It has a nice color and aroma and it tastes just like the brand I normally buy at the grocery store. I recommend.
    This is very fresh fine ground cinnamon with an excellent flavor. It was exactly what I was expecting and I will buy it again in the future.
    Great product. The cinnamon is perfectly potent for a cinnamon lover like me, and the container is convenient for long term storage and for daily use. The price can't be beat.
    This cinnamon has great aroma and flavor. It also has a long shelf life of over two years, according to the best buy date on the bottle.
    Great size bottle, since I use a lot of cinnamon. Smells great. I like that it was packed in a bag, since some of the spice snuck out during shipping - the bag kept it from getting all over the other items in my order.
    Very high quality fine ground cinnamon 8oz. we use the cinnamon in our specialty baked goods, scones, over coffee, etc I would recommended and will buy agaain
    It comes in a nice container, which makes it easier to dispense. I tastes just right. I really like the strong flavor of cinnamon. It tastes great with drinks too.
    This season is very good and the price is great, make sure you pick up a few bottles as you will go through it pretty fast.
    This ground cinnamon is very pungent and tasty. The container is much larger than what you would get at the store, a great value for the price.
    This is a great price and a great size. Our main supplier only had 5 lbs of cinnamon which would take us 5 years. Don't miss out buy now!
    Absolutely fantastic price for this much cinnamon that's this quality. It's definitely fresh. Was a little worried about buying spices online, but I can see now that won't be a problem. Has two sides on the cap so you can vary the amount you need. Overall, great price!
    I love this cinnamon! It has a great flavor and buying it in bulk is great for bakers like me. It is a great value.
    Cinnamon had good flavor. Sometimes it can be weak for some reason. Really liked the small container as is proved to be useful in transporting.
    Great item for less. I love Cinnamon and use it daily and wow the money I have saved. I recommend it to everyone. And it even won my mother over.
    These cinnamon spice great for bakings and some dinks too like i make some home made horchata from scratch great authenthic flavor pure cinammon powder
    Since the spices are sold by weight, it's hard to get a good idea of how much cinnamon is in 8 oz. We got more than we expected and we are thrilled with the price.
    This is a great value on cinnamon. We use a lot of it during the holidays and you can't beat the value for the quality. Will definitely be re-ordering more!
    Great deal on the cinnamon. Easy to access and measure various amounts using this big container. Lots of product for a great price. Will definitely purchase again.
    I was thinking one day , I purchased this Ground Cinnamon from WEB.COM the fresh smell and it had a grand taste.I called a local grocery store just being nosey and they told me there cheapest brand ( theirs) for 4.5 OZ was $ 5.29. I hung up the telephone and thought how can people of all ages afford these spices at these prices. Makes you wonder why the store bakery department charges so much for their bake goods.So my husband built a huge hutch for spice and herb over the counter top and granite top, the bottom is two white cabinets we bought at a hardware store, in the middle between the two cabinets we added a stainless steel fridge and a wine cooler. So we have the best kitchen I ever dreamed of. We have on a shelf just spices and herbs. So far we have over 20+ spices that he uses to make dinner and sauces he freezes for later. Everything we use comes from WEB.COM. thank-goodness for them and their excellent prices and shipping.WE will NEVER buy spices and herbs from anyone else ever again. (From 2 - retired 63 yrs old.) Read Less Read More
    We use cinnamon a lot around the house and business. The cinnamon here at webstruant is one of the best in flavor. Lot's of buying options for bigger or smaller portions so they should have just what you need. I recommend this cinnamon.
    Cinnamon gets used a lot in our kitchen. You absolutely cannot beat the prices offered on this site and this is just another example. A great quality spice in very convenient quantities.
    These Regal spices are great. I've purchased several and will continue to buy them. I use a lot of cinnamon, so this larger size is more economical for me. What's not to love?? A fabulous product at a great price!
    This larger quanity is just the bottle we needed. The quality is in the product. The price is the new we was looking for. Thank you.
    The cinnamon has a wonderful aroma and matches very well with other brands. The only difference is the price and when you use cinnamon like I do, the clear winner is the regal brand. Just ordered the 5lb jug because I was so pleased with this product.
    I use cinnamon for many things, especially baked goods for the holidays. I put them in cake and pancake batters, as well as with sugar as a garnish for churros. This cinnamon is warm, fragrant, and just the right spice to warm up your pastries.
    This ground cinnamon is as good as or better than the name brand product I was using before. It is great for adding a little more flavor to a variety of dishes, and this is a flavorful spice, so a little goes a long way.
    This cinnamon fills all of my expectations for cinnamon. It mixes well in any dish that needs that sweet, spicy flavor. The price is great, too.
    This is a great product for a great price. The cinnamon tastes wonderful; it appears to be just ground cinnamon and nothing else, such as sugar or other fillers, this is great. It comes in a handy dispenser with a nice top and contains eight ounces (226.8 grams) net weight, which is a perfect amount for a family of two. Finally, the price is so very reasonable. This is a must purchase if you love cinnamon in your cereal or yogurt every day!!!
    Regal ground cinnamon is a nice spice to use in our smoothies. easy to use and store good price too. has a nice fresh flavor.
    I love Regal Ground Cinnamon! Not only is it delicious, it is very aromatic as well. Gives my snickerdoodles the best flavor. I won't go back to other brands again!
    This is very good cinnamon for the price. I use it mainly when baking cinnamon rolls for customers and employees. I highly recommend it to everyone.
    What a great deal. The price is the best I have found! I use this to make our family tradition of cinnamon rolls for both Easter and Thanksgiving. I also use it inner ween for cinnamon sugar toast and lattes!
    we have a coffee/smoothie..bagel sandwich shop we use this a lot in our drinks, nice size and the product comes at a very good price
    I use a lot of Ground Cinnamon for everything from cookies to french toast, and Potica. This jar is large enough to last me a few weeks. It is very fresh and has a wonderful taste.
    How can you go wrong with this bulk item. I use cinnamon in so many of my recipes and this container lasts quite a long time in my kitchen. I love cinnamon.
    I have used many Ground Cinnamon. I have also found out Regal knows what they are doing with flavor & quality. I make a number of dishes from Cinnamon Rolls - pies - root vegies to the good ol Sweet potatoes. And I remember when I get Ground Cinnamon it is to flavor so and the look means a lot. I got it with this and I am getting more.
    As an owner of property with multiple apple trees and using hundreds of pounds of apples a year I use a lot of your standard apple flavoring spices. This spice has a great flavor with a low cost. Good for all your apple recipes. 8oz fills about 3/4 of a small container.
    We use a lot of Cinnamon and I was very pleased to find the 8 oz. Regal Ground Cinnamon at the Webstaurant store for such a great price!
    The regal ground cinnamon is perfect for baking and punch. The price is right and the taste is great. Will continued to purchased from your website. Great product.
    The quality of this ground Cinnamon is really good. The price is half of what you pay at Sam's Club I will be buying my spices here from now on.
    A very affordable ground cinnamon that is a very high quality. We use it from everything from breads and desserts to savory dishes. It adds great flavor.
    I use this product on my mini cinnamon rolls. I am pleased with the flavor and especially the price. I bought 2-one for me & one for Mom.
    It didn't disappoint. I use a lot of cinnamon. Pretty much in just about anything. So I go through this a lot and the price is really great for something like this.
    I love everything about this Regal Ground Cinnamon. I like the reusable container and the aroma. I use it for baked goods and drinks alike.
    A good price for online but better off going local to avoid shipping. If you are lazy like me though it is a good product and arrives quickly.
    The Regal Ground Cinnamon sold in 8 oz. containers. We use alot of our cinnamon sugar mixture, for cinnamon toast. The kids love it. the price is right.
    The classic ground cinnamon thats used for just about anything. THis is a must have product for bakery and home use that sold at a low price
    The best value in cinnamon out there! Excellent flavor and particle size. We use this cinnamon everyday and will be buying more soon. The package size is great as we can buy in quantity and it stays fresh.
    I have tried many different manufacturer's type of Cinnimon and this cinnamon blows the rest out of the water. No matter what you're using your cinnamon for, this is the brand you should use! Excelent stuff!
    Wow for the price. I bake often so I use a lot of cinnamon. I made cinnamon rolls out of these and they tasted really good. Thanks to regal ground cinnamon. Great price
    Regal Cinnamon is great, it has a nice strong aroma and flavor, the color is warm and adds a certain touch to our coffees and desserts
    Cinnamon is a must have for any baker!!! This large 8 ounce container by Regal will have you using cinnamon in everything from hot chocolate to even soup!!!
    We use this in many of our deserts as it adds a very nice zest to recipes, it also seems to really bring out the Christmas spirit in folks. This cinnamon is excellent, I certainly recommend it.
    Regal ground cinnamon is what I would reccomend for any recipes that require cinnamon. It has a great flavor and was very affordable on WEBstaurant.
    This cinnamon powder is just about what you would expect from anywhere that carry them. Nothing too specail about it and is fairly priced at.
    Good quality cinnamon. Package is easy to use for shaking cinnamon out of container or using a measuring spoon right out of the top without removing lid completely.
    Acceptable flavor for the price. Nice middle ground cinnamon. It is not one of your fancier cinnamons, but it works well for baked goods. I use quite a bit of it on cinnamon bread and rolls.
    The Regal Ground Cinnamon adds a great flavor to anything it needs to be added to. It compliments our desserts very well. An excellent spice.
    Great value and perfect with the Rice Pudding sold by Good size container and easy to store. Will be buying more spice through this site.
    It's great to have found basic cinnamon with good fresh flavor, texture and color. I will use this in no time and reorder--much fresher and more economical than in the local grocery.
    You and your customers will never know that you spent a lot less on your cinnamon - seriously. Compares great to national brands without the price tag though.

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