Regal Chili Powder - 5 lb.

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Add some spice to your signature menu items with Regal chili powder! A decadent blend of premium chili peppers, salt, garlic, and other spices, chili powder will add a dash of zesty flavor to any dish you choose. This flavorful blend is commonly used in Mexican and South American cuisine, or even as a unique addition to Indian cuisine. Whether you use it to spice up your hamburgers, or bring some heat to your stews, this flavorful spice is a must-have addition to any kitchen.

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Regal Chili Powder - 5 lb.

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This Chili Powder has a very strange smell and taste to it. We tried it in several of our recipes and just couldn't get it to work out for us. I do not recommend it.

from American Taco Company on

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1 out of 1 found this review helpful

BUYER BEWARE, this is the darkest chili powder I have ever seen. All the chili powder we have gotten from Webstaurant since COVID has been unusable for our restaurant needs. It is so dark it changes the color of everything to mud and doesn't taste great either. I am stuck with 125 pounds of this awful spice, do not find yourself in my shoes.

from some BBQ place in Georgia on

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top notch Chili, always high quality at an unbelievable price with great flavor that lasts an extremely long time. Highly recommend any spices, we use for all our soups, pastas, and main course dishes and always are very pleased with the results. Great for tacos, Chili, as well as other dishes. We use in many soups and other stuff too.

from Old World Baking Company LLC on

This Regal Chili Powder will not disappoint. Rich in flavor with a nice dark color that makes a delicious chili. My go to for making chili.


this chili powder spice is excellent. great flavour and pricing. we will absolutely order again and will recommend it to others that are looking for quality product.

from Taylor Morrison on

Good, solid flavor chili powder. Our recipes now call for Regal. Any cook or chef will tell you that not all spices are the same. I'd definitely make a test batch before converting.

from Albert Sanchez on

Meh. This chili powder is curiously dark and adds kind of a muddy color to foods. Sure, it adds that “chili powder” essence to your recipe, but I think they got some ratio off with this stuff.

from Three Ponds on

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WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Chili power is a key component in adding spice and flavor into our food. We love this chili powder, and recommend it to any business looking to spice up their food.

from Godfathers on

This Chili powder is rich in color and flavor. It's darker than the standard Chili powder and was perfect for our texas steak chili as well as our traditional beef chili. I also add it to our meats for tacos. Delicious!

from Weekly Fresh on

We bought this for our vegan food business. we are very happy with the purchase. This is a money saving option for us. The quality is very comparable with the more expensive version in other stores.

from nirvana kitchen on

Price is great. Flavor average chili powder. The color is very dark like coffee grounds. The darkness of the chili powder alters the apperance of many of the dishes we use it in.

from Route 66 Taco Company on

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This is one of my favorite spice purchases for my kitchen! The balance of spices in this is perfect; I don't need to add anything extra for basic chili!


Great seasonings for the price. The quality is excellent with no complaints. Will purchase again. Love shopping with Webstaurant. You can find anything here for all your needs!

from The Pump on

Chili is a staple in our house. There is many chili powders and chili seasonings out there, but the ingredients in this one , taste like each ingredient is fresh from your garden. I love it.


This is good chilly powder, but be warned... it’s a bit on the spicy side. It has cayenne pepper in it, so it’s definitely a but spicy. Otherwise, good flavor.


Fast delivery and great packaging. I make a lot of chili and also use it on my hot chocolate and baking recipes such as brownies and cakes.


This chili powder has good flavor and the container size is very convenient. It's a bit darker and has less brightness in color than other options we've purchased elsewhere, but that hasn't been a big deal. Overall satisfied.

from Taste and See Catering on

The price is good, but the product isn't really that similar to the McCormick chili powder that I'm used to. Nothing wrong witht the product, just be aware it might not be what you're used to.


Best price I've found on Chili Powder. We use a bunch because of our house made chili sauce. Great product at a fantastic price. Will continue purchasing here because of the fast free shipping as a plus member.

from Wieners Gone Wild on

This is a great product at a great price. Not too spicy and exactly what you would expect for bulk chili powder. I will happily purchase this product again!


We use chili frequently in our meat items. This container is good for bulk use. It's a good quality chili. The container is sturdy as well.

from Muscle Maker Grill on

find me a better deal on chili powder, I challenge you! we use this as part of the spice mix in our home fries, but it's also great as part of a rub!

from blackberry river baking co on

Very flavorful with a nice deep red color. It is of high quality and seems to keep well in storage. I will buy again in the future.


Been using this particular spice for two years now in both our dry rub and our baked beans and they both turn out wonderful. Will continue to purchase! Great price for the amount you're getting also!

from Voodoo Smokehouse on

Quality product, not as fine of a grade as we needed for some of our cooking applications! Price is economical, would order again if it was finer!!

from Papa Rock LLC on

I came back to looks at spices this time I am sure glad I did! the Regal chili powder is the best. Everything arrived fresh. Packaged extremely well.I am very satisfied I have another order I will be putting in soon !


Just as good as the name brand chili powder. Customers love this I know our homemade chili. We also use it to add some spice to a few sauces. We recommend to all.

from Fernandos llc on

What a nice value - it is very dark so we needed to get used to the change in our seasoning mixes but that is not an issue, excellent value for a good product. We save 30% or more over other foodservice vendors.

from Burrito Loco on

Chili powder is just as good, if not better, as any of the other we have ordered through any of our other distributors. Will be buying this from now on.


It is good for all Indian curries. Used it for a month now. Not so spicy as normal chilli powder (Indian brands). Gives required spicy and colour.


This chili powder has great flavor. The Regal brand costs us less than half of that of other brands we have previously used. Great product, great deal!

from DW on

Spice up your recipes with this product. It is well mix and gives great flavor to all of our homemade dishes. The 5 pound container's price is unbeatable.

from Rick's Roadside Cafe on

I use Regal Chili Powder in an entire line of spice blends and it provides the perfect touch. When I first opened the jar, I was very pleased with the aroma and the freshness.

from A Seasoned Chef Spice Blends on

We use a large amount of Chili Powder in our establishment. The quality of this is comparable to other more well known brands, and the savings realized by switching to this product are outstanding!

from NT on

Vibrant colors and a strong aroma. Regal Spice has yet another quality product for a great price. Especially if you are buying spices in bulk.

from Galaxy Rune on

I like this chilli powder because it is mildely hot. I like the color because it gives food little red color, which is popular in Indian food.


I'm not sure where these spices originate from, but they are hands down the best spices I have found. The price point can't be beat either. Definitely a winning combination.


We used the Regal chili powder for our house made hot dog chili. It gives a good flavor for the chili. We will definitely buy again.

from Riverside Pizza on

We love this bulk sized chili powder! The dual functioning lid works perfectly to measure out the right amount of spice. Will continue to repurchase.

from Beans in the Belfry on

Love the flavor of the chili powder! It puts our chili flavor over the top! It’s amazing how good quality spices can enhances our foods.


Excellent product. We use this for our sauces and rubs with great success. We also use it to finish off dishes such as elotes off the cob.

from Beast and Bottle on

Great Spice at a great price, shipped fast with Plus Shipping service, We use this in our Chili and it tastes great. We will definitely be buying more of the spice mixes from now on. thank you

from Public House Quechee on

I definitely found a new place to buy all my seasonings!! It saves me so much money from ordering from the food distributor or even from buying form the bulk stores around my area.

from DADDY D'S BBQ on

chili powder ... we purchase a lot of our spices through webstaurant. we have found that for post of the spices, it is a large savings, when compared per pound to food distributors.


The last batch of chili I made was around 3 gallons. We used this chili powder along with cumin and other spices to create a southern flavor that was out of this world!


I love the regal brand seasonings! The chili powder tastes great in our homemade soup! I love the larger quantity as well. Highly recommend this product!

from MK Cafe & Catering on

Don't have to use as much. Little thicker texture n not as fine powder. Will recommend to anyone. Also neighbor tried it and likes it better than store bought.

from Forever On The Go S&S on

Regal branded spices tend to be a higher quality spice but for an amazing price, no matter what spice it is. I would recommend Regal for any of your spice needs.


The chili powder has a delicious, rich, and savory taste. It adds a nice salty combination to proteins, veggies, and desserts. Highly recommend this spice.


great product. the taste and grind of it works great for chili or any soups or seasoning mixes. great price for the amount you get. fast shipping

from Christopher's cafe on

The regal chili powder is great and the best quality on the market. A great bulk size and makes for easy measuring. The powder adds a slightly spicy kick to our stews and dishes.


Very cost effective without being cheap on flavor. I like the large container, don't have to keep running to the store for more. A good addition to any kitchen.

from DogOnIt Hotdogs on

This product is used for our Hawaiian style poke recipe - we like the color and flavor that brings into our marinated sauce, highly recommend!

from Gramber LLC (dba Happy Bowls NYC) on

Good quality chili powder. Nice and dark. Still very aromatic, and with bright flavor, so hasn't been just sitting around. will definitely reorder. good price too

from salt yard on

We bought this chili powder because it was half the price per ounce than the product we have been buying from a club store. We use chili powder in original recipe BBQ rubs and had high hopes for this. Unfortunately the texture (more course, not so much like a powder) and flavor (less full and less spice) are nothing like what we have been using, which would change the final product too much so we cannot use it as intended. The two stars are for the price, not the quality.

from Psycho Pig BBQ on

Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Another great quality and good priced item from Regal. Has a great spice flavor to it and is easily incorporated into sauce recipes. We will purchase this again when this order runs out.

from Panola Pepper Corporation on

This is a good milk chili powder i would recommend getting all your spices from webstaurant store as they are half the price than elsewhere and just as good of a product

from Jd reardons on

super bold and fresh flavor which really adds lots of flavor to your foods - we put just a pinch on our eggs in the morning and it's so tasty - we thought we would have enough buying 5 lbs but after adding a pinch here and there to our foods we were out in no time

from jack c on

Love the regal chili powder and its bold taste. It is wonderful and perfect for our chipotle southwest bagel spread. We love the flavor and so do our customers.

from Round Bagel on

Nice, standard chili powder. Has good flavor. We are happy to be able to order bulk herbs and spices from Webstaurant! Will buy again as stock gets low!

from Ivory Road LLC on

Regal chili powder is a must have in our catering kitchen. We use it in chili, sauces and rubs. Five pound jug is perfect for our needs. Thanks for another great product!

from Griffins' Catering on

A great bold chili powder that is delicious and tastes great. A wonderful seasoning for our Mexican dishes and Southwestern cuisine. Adds a great bolt of heat to the dishes.


The chili powder is great. Super bold and very fresh. Really enhances to flavor of our buffalo chili. A great spice blend and saves us money.


The chili powder from regal is great and such a great price. We usually have to buy in the single small jars at the stores locally so this saves us a lot of money.

from Country Fresh Snacks on

A great bulk container buy from Regal that is a great quality and perfect for our kitchen. The chili powder is smoky flavored and is great for our chili nacho dip.


A nice bold spice that is great for making our cowboy chili. The chili powder is bold and spicy and is a great quality for the price.

from Pittman's Country Market on

Football season means lots of homemade chili in our neighborhood. The Regal chili powder is a great value and an exceptional product. It gives the chili just the right amount of heat to warm you up!


I love having lots of chili powder in my pantry. I love homemade chili and the key to making it taste authentic is chili powder.


A great quality chili powder at an unbeatable price. I love the great taste and smell of this chili powder. It makes some of the best chili.

from Price Proudce on

This chili powder is perfect! The same consistency and grade as the powder from farmer bros at a fraction of the cost! Easy decision to make the switch!

from Circle S Saloon on

A really nice chili powder that is great for making amazing chili. The powder is bold and flavor and with just enough spice to kick up the flavor.


I love using chili powder in any Mexican dish as well as in my favorite seasoning blend for burgers. It adds a wonderful warmth to all of my dishes.


all the regal spices are in my opinion just as good as the brand named a fraction of the cost of the brand named ones


We've been using this product now for almost two years and have had no issues. We didn't have to adjust our chili recipe when used in place of our FSP's product and have had no customers suggest they could tell the difference.


Excellent quality spices for a fraction of the price. These Regal spices are as good as the national brands, or those provided by your food supplier. Why pay more?

from MC Union Restaurants, Inc Stack Southern Bistro on

A real find and very good deal. Our product have a fair amount of this in it and the price makes it very competitive in the market.

from PaPa's Rub and Seasoning on

This Regal brand chili powder has such a great taste and is always fresh. I love being able to buy it in this quantity also!


The chili powder by Regal spices is strong and flavorful and helps make the perfect pot of chili. The large 5lb container makes is easy to season our large pots.


I typically grind my own dried chiles when I make a big pot of chili but you can't beat the convenience of having it pre-ground.


This chili powder is a great basic need for all of your cooking. The container is also very nice to be able to reuse and keep fresh!

from Vault catering and events on

Such a great savings and on a 5 lb. container and the taste is just as good if not better than getting it at our distributor. Great value...we are very pleased!

from The Mill Stone Manor on

This is the only chili powder we use in our homemade chili. It adds such a great flavour without being too overpowering. Would highly recommend.

from Amish Market Square on

THis chili powder it an excellent quality and flavor. We use it for our housemade chili and southwestern soups - and it has not disappointed us. The price is right and we will reorder it as needed.

from Big Eddy's Deck Bar on

Best deal I have found on this product and quality too. I reorder every time I need it. Would recommend this to every one that uses chili powder. not the hot kind though

from great lakes grinders on

This is a great, consistent product at an affordable price. I wholeheartedly recommend it to you! I use it throughout my BBQ restaurant and I've never been disappointed in it!

from Jimmy G's BBQ on

A concern with buying chili powder in large quantities is that the quality might not be up to par or that the seasoning will not be strong enough for a quality customer experience. This product far exceeds expectations and is an excellent addition to an kitchen supply!

from Scarbrough Industries on

You cant beat the price of this product. Webstaurant far beats our national supplier by almost half. The quilaty is what you would expect of dried spices.

from Shanimal LLC on

Chili powder isn't just for chili but it is good in it. This is especially very good in tomato based pasta sauces and even good in the oil based ones.


Talk about value, we use this for our fillings on Taco Wednesdays and the price and quality just can't be beat. I would reorder but I don't think I'll have to for a while

from Cairo City Grill on

Regal's chili powder is comparable to other seasonings we receive but the 5 pound container lasts us a long time and is cheaper than from our distributor.

from Bradford Catered Events on

We use this in our batch recipes five times a week and for a fraction of the cost compared to Sysco/GFS, and no loss in quality. This literally saved us over 50% in food cost for this item.

from Guadalupe Restaurants Inc. on

I used to buy name brand chilli powder at my local store. I ran across this and figured I could save a substantial amount of money by buying in bulk. The value is excellent and the quality of the product is as good as the name brand.


Regal brand is absolutely great! I use this to make Chili and it's always a hit! Affordable and great tasting, you can't get much better!


We make a lot of Chili for our clients and Regal Chili Powder is Great!!! The flavor is spot on and our client can't get enough of our Chili.

from PROJECT: feed me on

I bought this to use in my Chili's for the upcoming fall season. A strong, fresh chili powder flavor. Definitely will buy this stuff again

from FITfoodNJ on

The regal Chili powder is great. The 5 pound size is a great price. I use it when making chili, plus put some in my rub mixture for pork butts. A great flavor.


Regal Chili Powder by far exceeds expectations. The flavor is fantastic and the price definitely helps when keeping costs to a minimum. We would recommend this product to everyone.

from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated on

Obviously I used this today Chilli powder by Regal I made my chilli I will add a picture later and this chilli powder was very pungent I'm noticing I get to use far less seasoning when using the regal blends... I figured it when I unpacked the boxes by the scent emanating from the box as I opened it, my spice cabnet is not very noticeable as you pass it lol the chilli powder gave a great savory note to my chilli today Thank you very much websteraunt for the quality products

from PowerQuee Media on

This is a spicy chili powder. It does not take much at all. The price is great as well. We make homemade chili and use it to spice up a few other dishes.

from Fernando's Italian & American Cuisine on

We just love the Regal seasonings we get from webstrauntstore. The price is great. Way lower than if we bought it at the local store or our food distributor


The price is great for the large amount but when I started using this, I had friends complain that the food tasted a bit too spicy for them. I ended up switching back to my old brand.

from Good Doggy on

This chili powder was one of three webstaurant spices that made a chili worthy two medals. I love this in my BBQ dry rub mix as well. You can not beat the price.



from little pigs bbq on

Regal's chili powder has a nice, deep color, which is perfect for our needs. I would like to taste a little more cumin, but that's a personal preference. Unlike most store bought brands, Regal's chili powder does not taste like cardboard and we appreciate that!


This chili powder is awesome, it has a great texture and the flavor is amazing as well. We use this in all of our rubs and sauces and we also cook with it. It ships fast, dry and undamaged.

from the lone star bbq co on

Excellent chili powder. It's great in comes in a 5lb container. We found it to be a good value for the money. We do recommend this.


Probably the best deal I can find on chili pepper. Like some of the other spices I get from this website, i m quite satisfied.

from BDGrilling, Inc. on

This chili powder has a really great taste and for this quantity at this price, what's not to love? The container, with handle, is also very convenient.


We use a TON of Chili powder in our smoked meat rubs and enchilada sauce. The container size stores easily and the price cannot be beat for the quality received.

from Brian on

Good quality product, standard chili powder blend, mildly spicy but not too hot. Highly suggest trying this for bulk needs where general chili taste is required


Great bold flavor when you need it. it is a great price even with the shipping it saves me money over the delivery companys. i keep and extra one on hand so i don't run out.

from youth with a mission on

This is a great value! Great price and the flavor is outstanding, very fine quality with nice brown red toasted color - brings any rub, sauce or soup to life, really happy with this product.

from Raid My Pantry on

We use this Chili Powder in our taco seasoning, fajitas, soups and a few dip combinations that we make! we LOVE the taste and the smell of this product! You will not be disappointed if you purchase it!

from Frisco H. on

Regal Chili Powder is a good product we use it all the time the 5 lb. container is easy to access and measure good price from the Web.

from Ranch House Kitchen on

I have yet to receive a bad product from the WebstaurantStore. This is my all in one stop shop being as they have everything I need and some. Buy with confidence and know you are getting a great deal here.

from Burgo BBQ on

we have used this regal chili powder for mostly making tamales and sometimes we add it to our beans. the thing is when we use it for our tamales it changes the color of the tamales from a light tan color to a real dark brown color we have tried using less in our mix but them we lose flavor. we have never had this problem before,. the flavor is the same but they are so dark now we have changed back to our old brand, the thing is that I don't think the flavor is bad it just don't work for our needs. Now we just use it for chili and for making beans just to be able to us it up


We appreciate your review, Ray! If you ever have any questions about the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Great size and excellent packaging. A must have for any size restaurant, home or anywhere else where you utilize a lot of product quickly. Allows large batches to be made quickly and easily. is the only place I trust for all my spice and baking needs.

from Galactic Confections on

This is an outstanding value for chili powder and you really can't pass it up. The flavor of this stuff is outstanding and on par with the far more expensive powder you would get in smaller quantities elsewhere.


has a nice kick. another great spice by the webstaurant store. we use this spice in our homemade bbq sauce and adds a nice flare.


Flavor and quality are excellent. I won't mention the competitor we were using before we found this, but this one has it beat for a much friendlier price.


this Regal bulk chili powder is a great tasting value product. it lights up our chili and customers really enjoy the flavor. it shipped fast and priced to sell.


I really like this seasoning its flavorful and is not overly salty like all other chili powders on the market. It also tastes great and you can put it even on vegetables as a seaoning


I purchased this to replace the overly expensive old bay. Taste just like old bay. Buying this in bulk really saved me a few dollars.


Good quality, great tasting bulk chili powder. This powder gets used a lot in Mexican dishes. I have nothing bad to say about this spice.


Great for a variety of uses. Good quality, we use for bbq, chili. and sauces. Great Mixture, not too much of any one ingredient, and not too salty.


I really like the regal bulk chili powder.It is a great price and has a great chili flavor. I love using it in chili and my taco meats.

from Sweet Treat Kitchen on

Very good regal chili powder. it has just the right seasons. very tasty and good quality.what better way to make chili, and the buy is good

from nitas place on

Regal Chili Powder (5lbs) is nothing to write home about, but the price is right, and the container is convenient. Its adequate tasting and fresh.


This chili power adds that extra kick to our chili! Great spice blend that also tastes good in soups and anything you can think of!


Very salty! The only use we have found for the Regal Chili Powder is in beans or other extremely bland base foods. We have to use other brands for toppings on meats and eggs. The price is right but the product is disappointing!


We appreciate your review, Carl! If you ever have any questions about the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This chili powder is heavy on the dried chilies and lighter on the black pepper and cumin notes. I find this preferable as the higher concentration of dried chilies will yield a greater depth of flavor.

from Uncle Tony's Pizza on

From what I have used, this is a nice and high quality product. The 5 pound container is great for storage and it is a great price as well.

from Johnson and Wales on

Regal chili powder is an affordable and good quality that you would want to have in yout kitchen. Especially when making mexican and indian cusine.


Mexican dishes require a lot of chili powder but im glad i have this 5 lbs chili.. making kimchi will require you lbs and lbs of them, what better way to make kimchee while at the same time pay for the lowest price


Good product but very salty. The SECOND ingredient is salt. This is not the case with other brands of chili powder. Sometimes you can adjust the salt in the recipe but we make enchilada sauce and it is just too much salt.


I have had excellent luck with all Regal spices especially when ordered from WebStraunt. The prices are amazing, shipping is prompt, and the product is excellent, every single time.

from Breads, Buns, n' More! on


from ANDY on

Regal seasonings are the some of the best I've used. The Regal is fresh, top-notch quality.

from Morton Pub on

What a wonderful price. The price is the best on the market from this webstore. It is great product, I use this to mix my spices for marinating. Love it and will buy more.

from Kajun Burger on

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