Regal Fancy Oregano Leaves - 2 lb.

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An essential ingredient for any pizza shop or sandwich shop, Regal oregano will add the perfect spice to any Italian dish! Pale green in color, this pungent herb has a warm and slightly balsamic, bitter taste. Derived from the mint family, oregano is unique in that it becomes more flavorful when dried than when fresh. Regal oregano has a hint of rosemary for enhanced flavor and aroma.

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Regal Fancy Oregano Leaves - 2 lb.

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oregano great leaves price dishes fresh Regal Fancy flavor quality
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    Love the bulk sizing, price is awesome and the quality/taste is up there for being dried oregano! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone working in quick service or full service restaurants.
    Great value for a good spice line of products. I would recommend this product to anyone using large quantities of spices, regularly and frequently. Buy regularly
    Love All my products from WebstaurantStore! The quality and price of the Regal Fancy Oregano in Bulk can not be beat! Spices are always fresh! Get compliments for my mixes when I use your products. Very aromatic!
    Great for flavor. I use it on my pizzas, soups, salads or whatever you can think of. The bottle can also recycle. Thanks webstaurant s
    Fantastic product. Large quantity at a great price. We use to use another company for spices but have switched to Regal because of the extremely competitive pricing and the availability of bulk quantity. I would HIGHLY recommend all restaurants switch to Regal products!!
    This is a great dried oregano. i have used it in many Italian and American dishes from marinara to gumbo, It unfortunately is a noticeably different flavor if used in a Mexican dish. Find some Mexican oregano for that authentic flavor.
    The regal fancy oregano leaves are excellent for our stews. The fragrant leaves are very nice and really make our dishes taste wonderful. The oregano is amazing to say the least.
    Not bitter as much for taste as other brands I've bought. Nice texture and great price. Use it a lot with basil to cook with.
    Another high quality item by Regal. If your looking for a great flavor then this is your choice. Stores great and value in unbeatable. Highly recommended to any avid user.
    We use a lot of oregano as part of our spice blends that we make in house. Good flavor, fresh and keeps well. This item ships free with Plus, so that is an added benefit!
    we will never order oregano from our supplier again! the price is right and the quality is great. we are very pleased with this product.
    Great product, poor container design. The lid has large slats in it to dispense. But they are not large enough to insert a measure and too large to shake out with any amount of control.
    We go through alot of herbs and spices being a pizzeria and I have been very happy with Regal products. They are inexpensive and taste great.
    From the moment I opened the lid if my Regal Fancy Oregano leaves I was olfactorally seduced by the aroma ... I thought I was standing in as field of fresh oregano ... It will be a staple in my dishes and sauces from now on.
    I use this oregano in almost all my preparations, really good quality and flavour, also you do not find sticks as in other oregano brands
    Great full oregano leaves. We prefer this type of the herb instead of the finely ground type. We will continue to reorder this product as stock gets low!
    Regal fancy oregano leaves are fresh and flavorful. We use oregano in many savory dishes (salads, dressings, soups, and sauces). None of our distributors offer oregano leaves in this large of a quantity, and certainly not for this great price!
    The fancy oregano leaves are delicious and great for making premium style pasta sauces. Great flavoring agent and really fresh quality leaves packaged really well.
    Really love the fancy oregano leaves for making our sundried tomato pesto. Really adds a nice touch of flavor and love the color and smell.
    A great quality oregano that is perfect for making our loaded French loaf bread. The leaves are very fresh and do not turn to powder. A nice bulk buy for this herb.
    A nice quality fancy oregano leaves that is great for our pasta dishes. The oregano is fresh smelling and really adds a great deal of flavor to our dishes.
    The fancy oregano leaves are perfect for making our home made marinara sauce. The oregano leaves are a great quality and very pungent. A great spice for cooking all dish types.
    Excellent product at an excellent price. The oregano has a strong aroma but blends well with dressings, Italian and Greek dishes and Mexican dishes (when Mexican oregano is not available). We normally purchase the 20lb. bag of this oregano at an even more phenomenal price!
    Oregano is one of those spices that I keep finding more and more use for. We love it in a sauce, on salads, sandwiches, or as an added ingredient in dips. Great product and value!!!
    This oregano is perfect for what we need. It seasons very well and tastes great. We have no problems with it and the price can't be beat.
    These great quality spices are on par with the national brands, and they arrived fresh, and are a fraction of the price of the grocery suppliers brand!
    I've grown to appreciate the flavor of oregano. Pasta or pizza and marinara sauces just are not the same without the addition of oregano. Delicious.
    Oregano has more culinary range than most other herbs, so we end up using a lot of it. This variety is both fragrant & flavorful, so everything from Mexican chicken to Italian pasta to Greek veggie skewers gets (at least) a spoonful. It’s a great value on a very versatile herb.
    A lovely brand of oregano leaves that is great for flavoring our pasta sauces. The herbs are so fresh and really taste like they came straight out of the garden.
    Fragrant and fresh smelling when the jar is opened. I use this herb in a wide variety of applications at the meat shop. Good product.
    I love these regal fancy oregano leaves. They add the perfect flavor to my home made spaghetti sauce. Always fresh, and I love having it in this quantity as well!
    A very high quality oregano that is perfect for all your Italian dishes. We use it in our house made pizza sauce so the large bottle makes it easy to scoop out. The lid also fits on very tight helping to keep it fresh.
    We use these oregano leaves in many of our dishes! Great bang for your buck and the container is perfect for keeping your kitchen organized.
    Such a great regal brand fancy oregano dried leaves versus great price for this 2 pound container I really like the lives they put on them really nice tight fit happy with my purchase
    Good product continuously order based on taste and price. This line is good and the cost is low including shipping. Need to check these out
    The Regal fancy oregano leaves are great for our small pizza business, they have great aroma and flavor, they come ina huge package and great price!
    These spices and seasonings are just as good as any we have gotten anywhere.. the price is great. We are able to get large containers for what it was costing us for small ones..
    Regal is a name you can trust! Price is right too! This review is about oregano leaves 2 lbs container! Used in many Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. We use it for making pizza and pasta sauces. We recommend and gave it 4 stars !
    WOW! I can not believe how inexpensive this crushed oregano is compared to my other provider. I save money even after paying for shipping!
    more than happy with this product quality. It is a bit of a space taker though. I saved my smaller containers and filled them up with the bulk supply
    You cant beat the price of this product. Webstaurant far beats our national supplier by almost half. The quilaty is what you would expect of dried herbs.
    Great product really fresh and I use this all the time in many recipes that I prepare for my business. I recommend this to anyone in the industry
    Oregano is a great spice. It enhances pizza sauces, pasta sauces, breads, tofu, and so much more. It is great in soups. It adds quite a bit of flavor to an otherwise bland broth.
    Save money by buying the Regal Fancy Oregano Leaves in Bulk. Product has a great flavor and aroma. This product works great in our Dip Mixes.
    Oregano is my favorite Italian spice. I use it in all of my its,Ian dishes and sprinkle it in Greek frenchfries with lemon and warm feta-- delish. It complements my Greek salad as well as tossed salad and home made subs. Great value, sturdy clear container highly recommend.
    This is a great price for a great product. I buy it frequently and would definitely recommend over purchasing from a box store. Great spice line.
    The Regal Fancy Oregano Leaves smell delicious when they arrive and are priced better than our food distributor. I recommend this product, we use it in many catering dishes.
    A Great value for the money! We make a lot of pizzas so go through this pretty fast, and this is just the right size.
    These oregano leaves are fresh, flavorful and so healthy. We are delighted with this product. The container is sturdy and well sealed. There is even an option to pour it out through little slats if you want to shake it carefully instead of scooping it out. Oregano is wonderful in curry, soup, on fish, in salads and more. It not only tastes wonderful, it adds antioxidants, vitamins, iron and sugar inhibitors (great for diabetics!) to your dishes.
    I buy this much quantity is because i cook a lot of Italian dish. At this wonderful price, i can afford using more this fragrant herb in my own recipes like spaghetti sauce, soups, and salads etc. I poured out a few ounces of this herb and put it in a small spice container and it just lasts. The herb does not get old taste. I only love this inexpensive wonder herb. thankyou very much.
    OK I needed these to make a specific blend I can't name lol kidding I got a recipe for Emerald Essence so I needed these to be well preserved and this Oregano have a neat not overly pungent taiste, so it did not take the flavor over
    This fancy oregano is wonderful and at a great price. We use it to season many different dishes and would recommend to anyone else who uses oregano.
    I love this brand. They have such great quality!! These has exceeded my expectations. I will be ordering again in the future. I highly recommend this product.
    oregano is one of my favorite herbs. Opening the product for the first time the smell was enough to have me sold. I use it for just about everything I can! lol
    definately a great product at bargin price. nice flavor and stability. great for all dry herb uses for flavor. would definately purchase again and reccomend
    It is the small things on the plate that have big impact. A Cesar salad without a crouton is not salad at all. Our book contains a recipe named " Croutons that don't suck" and Fancy Oregano Leaves are a critical component of it When costing out even the little things its nice to rely on this ingredient.
    This Oregano from regal spices is a great product. The texture is nice and the flavor is amazing! We use this in our rubs and also to cook with, it ships fast and arrvies undamaged.
    This is a very oregano leaf. It's a great value for the money and we will be buying it again when we need more. We highly recommend.
    Ordering our dry spices through websteraunt has made our kitchen so much more efficient. It is so easy to add spices to an order & save on the shipping.
    I use a ton of oregano! Ordering quality items in bulk really saves me time and money plus ensures my spice blends will be great! Very pleased with my purchase!
    VERY FRESH!!! Amazing price and quality with fast shipping. We have used this to refill our 16oz containers several times. Good staple to have indoor cabinets.
    The potent smell and taste of this dried oregano makes a dish taste better. The aromatic blend adds to a the sauce, stew, or special meat that one is cooking. I use this container to refill smaller bottles for a more accurate measure.
    We use Regal Fancy Oregano Leaves in several of our house made dressings and seasoning blends. Good product with great flavor. Definitely recommend for restaurant or household use.
    At first we were a bit concerned about quality, since the price on most Regal Spices and Herbs are so low... but rest assured, their line is amazing, great flavor and a super value!
    I like this for a just plain good product and has a great flavor. it also works well as an ingredent in my italian spice blend I like to keep on hand.
    We use this oregano in numerous recipes and dip combinations. It is fresh, tasty and the closest thing I have come across next to drying herbs from our garden. Buy tis oregano and you will be buying again!
    I make and can my own pasta and pizza sauce using fresh tomatoes from my garden. My secret ingredient is oregano and lots of it. By using Regal oregano i am make to make great sauce at an affordable price. This is just at good at the small bottles from the grocery story but at an affordable price for large scale production.
    Great value oregano, not as pungent as i had hoped but its great for pasta sauces and to souvlakis. you can see it doesn't fill the container because its shipped by weight not volume
    I love Webstaurant for the prices of the spices that they have. It is convenient to buy spices in bulk and saves us a lot also.
    I like the price and the oregano leaves are decent. The smell is nice and strong, but I did notice that the smaller container I had bought from a different store before had a better taste. The color of the leaves is also not the rich green I was used to.
    We are very happy with thjis Regal fancy oregano and the price can't be better than what we find at Webstaurantstore. We would recommend this product.
    great product quality perfect amount and convinient container. i recoment these oregano for menudos and pozoles also great in italian meat balls, pastas and sauces
    excellent product - grate value for the money - shipping was quick and eazy - I ordered from canada & no problems with shipping and customs
    This oregano comes very dry and smells extra fresh, which is ideal for making a dried sausage such as Sopressata! I highly recommend this herb.
    What a nice fragrance when the oregano was opened. Good flavor at a great price. (It's not quite as uniform, and it has a few more bits of stem than the supermarket brand.)
    Very good quality oregano. I use it to make pasta and soup. Love it. The best price I can find anywhere. Shipping was fast and shipping fee is reasonable. Would recommend this to anyone else.
    This is a great price for 2lbs of oregano. I make a lot of pizza and always found my shorting the amount of oregano I wanted to use do to the overpriced nature of spices at the store, not anymore. 2lbs fills 1/2 of a large container.
    Fresh quality dried herb. Great for soups and italian dishes. Resealable container. A third of the price from my previous vendor, and for greater quality.
    This is a great product. It has a strong oregano flavor that holds up well when put in braises or stews. The price and resealable container is also great.
    This oregano is very nice in quality and flavor. It pairs well with basil, and is also good in many Hispanic dishes (such as black beans and rice). Tastes great sprinkled over tossed salad as well, and adds a little pizazz!
    We use large quantities of oregano in our italian dishes. We have not found a better deal on this anywhere else for the quantity that we go through.
    This is absolutely an unbeatable price for a dried spice. Oregano is a great addition to any type of red sauce, for pasta or even topping pizza.
    I don't know if this makes sense- but this Oregano tasted more "oregano-y" then the ones you purchase in the store. I'm pretty sure that means it was REALLY fresh when purchased! I will be getting more for sure!
    It is an unbeatable price if you compare it to anywhere else. It can even double up the price if you look at local grocery store.
    Great Product, and an even better price! This oregano is no different than the stuff we were paying twice the cost for and did not even get as much!! No brainer
    This is incredibly cheap for a bulk oregano. this has a really nice flavor for such a low price. i deffinetly reccomend this for places that go through a lot of oregano.
    Love theibig bottle of Oregano, use this spice for soups, chicken, pork and even on the meatloaf. Fresh scent right in the bottle and cant beat the price.
    Oregano is not one of the primary spices of our spice cabinet but we have had nothing but when we do use it we have had excellent luck with this product. Great value and fresh taste, highly recommend!
    I make pizzas frequently on a weekly basis and this has always been a staple in my pantry. Great value for the quality and quantity of oregano.

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