Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 Liter Tin

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Pure and healthy, this extra virgin olive oil is a smart addition to any commercial kitchen! Its light and delicate taste is perfect for finishing focaccia bread, whisking together salad dressings, finishing pastas, and making croutons. Made from pressed olives, this olive oil can be used to add a Mediterranean flair to your menu, with recipes like antipasto platters and chickpea hummus.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 Liter Tin

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oil olive great price extra flavor quality taste buy recommend
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    This was the first time I tried this brand of extra virgin olive oil and I have to say I was extremely impressed. It has a very good flavor to it and has made each dish that I have prepared taste even better! I would highly recommend this product!

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    The extra virgin olive oil is a great quality oil that is perfect for making our oil and vinegar salad dressing. The olive oil has a great flavor and very tasty.

    from Price Proudce Posted on


    from Cyberlink Posted on

    fantastic product.. excellent flavor and a real bargain for the price.. I have been using this product for the past 2 years and will continue to use it in the future..

    from TGV Wild Game Processing Posted on

    My first time trying this brand of extra virgin olive oil and I LOVE IT!! I ordered two containers the first time I tried and will be placing another order for more.

    from Tasty Eats By NiNi Posted on

    Extremely high quality olive oil, comparable to the very best national brands. Not overly pungent, or peppery, this oil performs better than most more expensive brands!

    from Catch Bar and Grill Posted on

    This is high quality Extra virgin olive at a reasonable price Great flavor I use it many itailan dishes and soups I will definitely buy again from WEBstaurantStore

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    This Pegasus Olive oil from WEBstaurantStore is a fantastic tasting oil not overpowering but robust flavor GREAT for Italian dishes and soups but the uses are endless great price for quality Olive oil

    This is a good quality and inexpensive olive oil and ideal for cooking. Due to its mild olive flavor, I would not recommend it as a finishing oil, where you want a stronger olive flavor and aroma. As with everything we purchase from WebstaurantStore, it is a great value. While the manufacturer's name is not visible in the photos, it is made by Castella, a company that makes good products.

    from John C. Posted on

    This is a high quality olive oil. It has lots of flavor, texture and color. We use it a lot for homemade pizza dough and it adds a special gourmet touch.

    from Sprinkle Idea LLC Posted on

    Pegasus makes a excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil . I would recommend this to everyone . You can do a lot with This oil . Fry , cook add it to salads all very yummy and delicious .

    from Jack hermiz Posted on

    We use this extra virgin olive oil for a lot of our cooking. It is offered at a great price and is a must have in the kitchen!

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    All catering operations need to have olive oil on hand. This oil has an ok flavor. We typically use it for cooking and roasting but not for finishing. We would suggest a higher quality oil for finishing dishes during service. The price is very attractive on this 3 liter tin.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    This oil isn't great for finishing plates but works well for salad dressing.

    The oil is reasonably priced and ships very fast.

    You can not get a better savings than buying in bulk from Webstaurant. Grocery stores don't even carry this size and they charge three times as much, if not more. So grateful to Webstaurant for being reliable - always great taste and exceptional performance!

    from j4jcline Posted on

    You cannot get a better savings than buying in bulk from Webstaurant. Grocery stores don't even carry this size and they charge three times as much, if not more. So grateful to Webstaurant for being reliable - always great taste and exceptional performance!

    Best olive oil available and the price can't be beat. We use this in sauces, dressings, and on the flat top. Excellent flavor and value.

    from Bouncing Log Cafe Posted on

    Great tasting olive oil with an easy to use dispenser top. The value is great and I've used it for cooking down veggies for our signature soups as well as for our olive oil/vinegar/oregano salad dressings. absolutely no complaints and I'm a big snob when it comes to olive oil.

    from Overstuffed Deli Posted on

    Love the pour spout and the cap that seals the spout- easy to use

    I love this olive oil. Great price and it comes in a beautiful tin to boot. This will last a long time and is very economical.

    Posted on

    I love this EVOO- stores great and the flavor is delicious. Not too strong and does not taste like it is processed. I highly recommend!!

    Posted on

    Works very well and at a great price and I would recommend.

    If you’re anything like me then you tend to go through a good bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the course of a year. I’ve found that the only way to keep a decent amount of EVOO on hand is to purchase it 3L tin cans. This is extremely useful if you use EVOO especially on a daily basis. The flavor of the Pegasus EVOO is rivaled by none.

    from Smofried.com Posted on

    If you’re anything like me then you tend to go through a good bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the course of a year. I’ve found that the only way to keep a decent amount of EVOO on hand is to purchase it 3L tin cans. This is extremely useful if you use EVOO especially on a daily basis. The flavor of the Pegasus EVOO is rivaled by none.

    When we got it, the tin was a little dented due to shipping, but didn't effect the product at all. This product is so much cheaper than buying from the grocery store for our large family, and the taste is pretty much the same.

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    I cannot say enough about this olive oil. It taste great, the price is fantastic and I love it!! I buy olive oil quite often so to get it in bulk at such a great price and the spout on the can makes it easy to pour into smaller containers.

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    Extra virgin olive oil at this price point is hard to come by. I was very pleasantly surprised with the taste as it would have made sense at twice the price!

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    The perfect olive oil in use.

    Very delicious olive oil here. I keep a smaller container to fill this into periodically because this is a huge amount! No need to buy more for several months!

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    The olive oil is always good for your health. This is the first time we use this brand. It was very good will buy it from here again

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    Let's try

    Very good product! I am so glad that I chose it over the other two. Very pleased and will buy it again without reservation. Smell nice and stastes good!

    from My Hang V. Huynh Posted on

    Great real olive oil blend from several countries. This oil tastes great and the price shipped is far better than I can get local. A great buy.

    Posted on

    The olive oil is nicely priced, 3 litter can is perfect, not too heavy and not too little, great for pizzas and salads, definertely recommended !

    from PIZZAONEAVON LLC Posted on

    This 3 Liter tin of olive oil comes in handy when I use it in almost every meal in the kitchen. I use it to refill a container I have that is much smaller to make it easy to use. A simple funnel and this product save me a ton of money!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Greek Imported olive oil for this price impossible you think no of course not here , quality is perfect , price is almost 3 times less than any ever

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    Great, great buy on extra virgin olive oil. I use this for both soap making and cooking and the price just can't be beat, nor the quality. Nice basic olive oil.

    from The Vermont Soap Barn Posted on

    Extra Virgin Olive oil purchased for soapmaking.

    i received a different brand than listed on the site, but there is a disclaimer stating this might be the case. the oil itself is mild and slightly peppery. it works great as a multipurpose oil

    Posted on

    This container comes in a classic olive oil container. The design is awesome to have as a decoration piece. Also the oil is perfect for salad dressings!

    from Scarbrough Industries Posted on

    Great extra virgin olive oil. Full flavor and nice and fresh color. We also like a packaging and price. We would definitely recommend this product

    Posted on

    Price and quality is unbeatable. Olive oil is the best. Will definitely re-order and recommend to others. The taste is great also only with the price.

    Posted on

    This is a very nice olive oil and the price is excellent. I will definitely be ordering this again and have told my family about it b

    Posted on

    Delicious olive oil. The can is pretty large for a home kitchen so I use a smaller bottle that I keep in the kitchen and refill as needed. It has an easy to use spout to pour it into other containers.

    Posted on

    This is very good I make Salad Dressing And Fry My Chicken no after taste a pure flavor. It takes heat just fine so frying tempts are higher with out burning.

    from Home Use Posted on

    Excellent quality and flavor! I only use the best ingredients for my baking and this is a great buy...As always with Webstaurant products it arrived promptly! I would recommend this olive oil.

    Posted on

    This extra virgin olive oil tastes great. I use it in all my granola recipes. Also, it's in a metal container to protect it from going bad.

    from Just Granola, LLC Posted on

    Extra virgin olive oil is expensive to buy most places. This one is cheaply priced, but with out sacrificing flavor. Nice, light flavor to it. I was happy to see that webstaurant carried this, and it's well worth picking up a few

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Sir Clean recommend this extra Virgin oil for the quality and price, you can use to cook different food, the flavor is really good! We like it!

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    Bought this because of other reviews. I used it to make a vinegrette and am not disappointed. Also purchased a glass bottle for easy usez

    Posted on

    rather it's bread, cake ,or whatever you need extra virgin olive oil; you can't go wrong with this three litter tin from colossic brand products

    from tracey Posted on

    What a great deal on this 3-liter tin of extra virgin olive oil I really like it I ordered more next time thank you webstagram. Com

    from home Posted on

    Great product and a great value. We will use this product from now on and replace any other Olive oil we have tried. Get yours today.

    from Gramma Braun's Stores Inc. dba: Classic Rock Coffe Posted on

    We love that this extra virgin olive oil comes in this beautiful tin container. We use olive oils in many recipes for healthy cooking and flavoring at the table.

    Posted on

    The price on this oil is wonderful. Very smooth and agreat color and taste. Very nice packaging also and i really enjoy the look of it

    Posted on

    Smooth taste, beautiful color. For the money you can't pass it up, definitely 100% pure. My new go-to olive oil for sure! Must try !

    from FITfoodNJ Posted on

    Great price on bulk extra virgin olive oil. The flavor is great. We refill smaller olive oil cruets (also purchased through this website) and keep the jug stored in the pantry.

    from CMV Posted on

    as good a quality as i've used from regular purveyors at fraction of price. no difference in quality or performance. would purchase again without question

    from quinipet camp and retreat Posted on

    Great smooth tasting virgin olive oil. We use it in our dressings and everyday cooking in our restaurant. Saving about 15% per tin, so that a nice deal.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    What a great tasting Extra virgin Olive oil , I've been using this in all my spaghetti sauce' s and my homemade vegetable soup it has a smooth fruity flavor but not overpowering .

    Posted on

    Olive oil can get so expensive, the same tin is 22.49 at my local distributor! Even with shipping I'm saving a bundle here. Web restaurant store is getting so much of my business

    Posted on

    Tried the oil for the first time today and tastes really good. I like the mild flavor it doesn't over power the food. The price for the amount is great!

    Posted on

    This olive oil is very fruity and flavorful. It is great for cooking but is also high quality and delicious as a finishing oil or in dressings.

    Posted on

    Very subtle flavor and no bitter after taste that I usually get with other brands. Mostly use in cooking light things such as eggs and the occasional fish. Excellent grade and value.

    Posted on

    Excellent quality Olive Oil. We like to utilize the premium cold pressed olive oil and this is on par with it! Moreover, this is a great deal and the quality is superb. Thanks for the value.

    Posted on

    We've been very pleased with the olive oil. It worked seamlessly in our pizza sauce and has been very good in our pepper flake dipping oil.

    Posted on

    This is a great EVOO. The can is pretty weird, but there's a plastic spout that pulls out of it for ease of pouring, which is nice. Ordering more! We use it for all our cooking.

    Posted on

    great and awesome extra virgin olive oil i use this as all purpose for salads dressings and sauteing i gonna buy more when its run out

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    It taste like expensive olive oil. it is extra virgin so I know its pure olive oil. The price is half of a store price. I have used it for salad dressing, pasta, other cooking and also as a deep conditioning for my hair.

    Posted on

    if you are looking for a good olive oil to use in your day-to-day meal preparation that won't cost you an arm and a leg, then this is certainly a good buy and definitely of a good quality. If anything, it's of a much better quality than you would otherwise receive at this price-per-ounce.

    from Sparrow Properties Posted on

    Terrific taste! Be careful when pouring olive oil the first few times as it can get messy. I would recommend pouring into different container for everyday use.

    Posted on

    Very Nice Quality. This product is used in our pizzeria. It's cost a little more than the brand that we need to buy when we need too. But the Quality and taste is much better.

    from Uncle Tony's Pizza Posted on


    Posted on

    I was not sure what to expect, ordering this item, but I am very happy. High quality, fresh olive oil in a sturdy tin. I will order again!

    Posted on

    This is a lifesaver for my business. We love to use olive oil but it can be very costly. We came across this item and had to try it. It taste great and works as good as brands triple it's price.m

    Posted on

    I was skeptical to use this product at first, but the quality of the product proved me wrong. Its price is well worth every penny.

    Posted on

    I was skeptical since the price was amazing, but I trusted the reviews before me. I have to agree that this oil is amazing for the price!

    Posted on

    This Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets our needs just as well as the product we had been using, at a far better value. Great purchase!

    Posted on

    Quality product. This was purchased for personal use. The spout was prone to some spillage. The EVOO was excellent but when it was near the end of the container, there was a dark residue. I was happy with 98% of the container.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! Please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative if you are unhappy with your purchase.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Quality extra virgin olive oil at a terrific price. It is a bit hard to pour into a small container, so we pour into a small funnel also purchased from Webstaurant...my favorite supplier!

    Posted on

    Amazing price on this Extra Virgin olive oil. Cheapest you will ever get. Tastes great and comes in a nice tin can that has a spout that can be used to pour out easily like its own funnel

    Posted on

    A reliable product and an excellent price, we have had good experiences using Pegasus olive oil for our cooking and cleaning needs. The jug is difficult to pour the product from without spilling, but the olive oil is of good quality.

    from Low Cost Healthy Meals Posted on

    Buying olive oil in the store became grossly expensive. SAMs club had it in bulk but the quality is no where near the quality of this one I purchased from you. I will continue to use and purchase this from now on.

    Posted on

    The container I received the oil in was plastic w/ a handle ,which for me is better. The taste and perfume is what I buy the extra virgin olive oil for , both are great. I use it in hummus and finishing focaccia bread. A very good everyday price.

    from cramer's valley view growers Posted on

    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in a solid metal can. It has a handy plastic handle attached to the top to aid with pouring. The price for this product can't be beat, and the quality is great as well. Highly Recommended.

    Posted on

    This is a great blend of EVOO. It has a nice flavor for making salad dressings and emulsifications. Great price for three liters. Good to finish soups and pastas with.

    Posted on

    Olive oil has many great benefits. This is why I switched in the first place. But it is normally very expensive. I am glad Webrestaurantstore.com makes this accessible for us

    Posted on

    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in 3 liters. it is great, and adds that special flavor to salad dressings. We also use just alittle to some of our sautaed dishes. Well worth the price.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    The price for this extra virgin olive oil is unreal. I use to pay more for alot smaller container. The flavor of this oil is great for salad dressings

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    For the price, this is an unbeatable olive oil! Very flavorful, I cannot tell a difference between this oil and oil costing more at other stores.

    Posted on

    This olive is great to have around the kitchen. You can use it for some many different uses. From frying to making salad dressing. Plus its extra virgin so it has to be good.

    Posted on

    as olive oil normally goes you get what you pay for. but with this extra virgin olive oil its so not true, top shelf product for clearance price.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    I have been trying to find the bes deal on olive oil and i did through web restaurant. I will be buying from you from now on

    Posted on

    Huge olive oil. If you are making a purchase you my has well throw one of these in. Again great value compared to supermarkets. This is what the warehouse store use to provide but webstaurant is much better now and this olive oil is of great quality and even better quantitiy

    Posted on

    This is an extraordinary olive oil. great flavor, great price, great satisfaction. I use it for everything, from cooking, to a base for my sauces. I cant say enough about how much i love it.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the real deal! The flavor is phenomenal! Great to pair with fish! Great as a finishing touch on soups or salads and even better for making croutons!!!

    Posted on

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