Regal 5 lb. Plastic Spice Storage Container with Lid

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Perfect for repackaging your bulk spices into smaller, more manageable portions, this Regal 5 lb. plastic jug and lid combo takes the bulk out of wholesale purchases. Continue to reap the benefits of buying in bulk while maximizing your productivity by repackaging your purchase into this smaller portion container for everyday use.

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Regal 5 lb. Plastic Spice Storage Container with Lid

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containers container great spices store storage lid nice large perfect
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    These are very cheap and it shows. I tried washing it with hot water and it started to melt. Albeit, my sink is pretty hot but I was still shocked. You get what you pay for.
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    These regal 5lb containers are the same ones Regals uses for its bulk spices. We use these containers for storing large amounts of spices, pepper corns, and coarse sea salt. The sides are translucent so you can easily see what is inside.
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    This jug will hold two four pound bags of sugar. The lid screws on, and it has a handle, making it easy to shake after you have added the concentrate.
    these are great for storage purposes. We got several of them for dry storage items. They fit great in our shelves and cabinets, would buy again
    Great container! We use it for cinnamon sticks, and are able to keep a bunch in there without breaking them trying to get them into a small container. The wide mouth is great for getting things out when you need them
    These containers are huge! In a good way. Great for bulk items like rice or pasta. Makes the pantry super neat and organized! Awesome product
    We love these containers we use them for everything!! They are airtight and keep everything sealed and fresh! We use them for our baking ingredients and for our coffee as well!
    Great containers to for your bulk spices and herbs. Makes everything easier to use and keeps your shelves nice and organized. Plastic is thick enough to know these containers will last.
    We absolutely Love these containers. We use them for all of your housemade seasoning mixes and flour combos! At this price the are almost disposable and the handles make them great for up on a shelf!
    Great containers, we love these. They're very affordable, reusable, thick, durable plastic, no complaints whatsoever. We bought a few and now we're buying a lot more to hold all our spices and toppings, love it!
    We use these to store our many colors of sprinkles. Its nice to be able to see the colors and quantity available without having to open a box and look inside. The containers so have a slight smell to them for some reason. However, they are sturdy and lids work great.
    This container is great for mixing and storing spices. We use it to mix our bbq rub, then we use the container to apply the seasoning to our meats before loading them on the smoker.
    We use these containers to store puppy food and kitten food in. They work out perfect for our needs and holds quite a bit before we need to refill. It makes it easier than to walk all the way to the back of the house to get into the bag of food when it's feeding time. Great price and will def be purchasing more of these in the near future.
    We use a ton of these containers and have for years. They are very reasonably priced and we love the newer red tops that are more rounded, easier on your hands and have an opening that allows you to get a small amount of spices out without having to open the entire lid.
    These are decent. Not really great for a ton of things.. They are too awkward to pour from, not a sturdy enough handle area, you can’t pour from them into a smaller container, since the opening in the lid are everywhere.. To use anything you are storing, you have to just remove the whole lid. So its fine for a container like that, but even having a pop-top lid option doesn’t make sense.
    This regal 5 pound spice jar is really nice it’s very easy to store your house made spaces just like you store your store brought spices
    great large side dry storage container.. i keep my extra bulk sprinkles in these and they were perfect for me.. look nice lined up and dont take up a ton of space.. the plastic is nice and clear and strong.. definitely recommend for storage of all kinds of dry items
    I like using these containers for storing my homemade barbecue spices and rubs and it’s really great for that you can write right on the container with a sharpie marker
    This container is the standard for large quantities of spices. I bought it in conjunction with 25 lbs of chicken soup base to properly store the powder. The lid screws on tightly and the handle makes it easier to lift.
    Regal 5 pound plastic space storage container with lid is excellent for storing your special mix spices that can be housed for long periods of time. I recommend to purchase this item in bulk as you might have a number of seasoning combinations
    Great product we use these to organize our spice blends and anything else we can fit in it. I would recommend looking into a pack to help remove moisture as these are not 100 air tight.
    This spice storage container from Webstuarant has so many uses! I got mine to store cat food. The lid can be used as a screw open top and also has a poor spout. It keeps my bulk items fresher longer, stores easily, and keeps me organized.
    I am so glad I found these here. It is so much better than trying to keep it in the original bag it came in!
    These are perfect for holding our sausage making spices for our wild game processing business. They arrived quickly and they look really professional and clean. We are very happy with this purchase!
    About average of lightness n slightly thinner than wanted but will do for not so heavy spices to fill or only fill half way is nice.
    Really good build quality and very light. I use this for bulk cereal storage and the pour spout is perfect for my use. Also have used it for a little indulgent jar and it keeps them safe from crawlies around the house. Very affordable and has a lot of uses.
    The Regal storage container is excellent for storing our instant potatoes. It is just the right size and doesn't take up much space in the pantry. I highly recommend and would definitely purchase again if needed.
    I love that I have the option to purchase these storage containers. Any time I make a large quantity of a custom spice blend or rub I can easily store it in this tub.
    Decent 5 lb container for spices and herbs. A bit big if you're not using a ton of what's in it. It's nice to have an affordable solution to store them that is even across the board. Not a perfect seal, but good for high volume turnover.
    These containers are very durable, both the container and the lid. We use these for double kitchen to store our own house made blends and rubs, but also to hold smaller quantities of spices we buy in bulk (salt, sugar, etc) so that in the kitchen we can grab one of these containers as opposed to pulling out a 22 quart Cambro every time we need salt or sugar.
    This is a high capacity container, but the plastic is quite thin and I don't have much confidence regarding its longevity. The handle is hollow and the seam runs down the middle of it so I worry that it's going to split in my hand when I pick it up, especially if I have something relatively heavy in it. It's rated for 5 pounds but I think that's more of the volume capacity than the weight capacity. It's cheap though, it has that going for it.
    These containers are great for storing seasonings to keep moisture out! I use them to store different seasonings to keep them dry & from clumping!
    These containers are perfect for mixing cotton candy concentrates with sugars. I use 4lbs of sugar to my concentrate and then shake. I like that there is a good amount of space to shake and mix everything really well.
    I love the smaller container for herbs and spices and was excited to see this size to be used for snack i buy in bulk. I will be using this to store the cajun snack mix. Pictures to come!
    These plastic containers are a must if you are creating your own rubs. They are very affordable and pretty heavy duty plastic. I would highly recommend this product for any catering company or restaurant.
    This spice storage container is the perfect size and keeps your products fresh. Good price as well we always try to keep a few in our kitchen!
    This large container holds a lot of spices or dry items and works well for baking mix or even for sweetener or flavoring packets to keep them fresh and easy to store!
    I ordered this 5 pound spice container for our large seasonings that my hubby makes for our meats for our catering. The quality is nice and sturdy.
    I make a lot of spice blends and meat rubs in large batches and these containers are perfect to store them in. The lids fit tightly and my spices stay fresher longer as they are less prone to go stale.
    This Regal 5 lb. Plastic Spice Storage Container with Lid is great for mixing different spices together. Very large nice plastic material. Great price for the product.
    I use these to store ingredients that come in large bags. I transfer some of the content into these, making for much easier transport and make the product stay fresher longer.
    These containers were awesome. The lids are nice and tight fitting. I used them to store sprinkles, chocolate chips, spices and nuts in my pantry. While they are not air tight they do a great job and are sturdy. Will buy more.
    These containers are fantastic! I use them to mix and store sugar floss for my cotton candy. They are easily stored and the openings are large enough that I can scoop directly from the container! The price point is perfect!
    Great for spices salt, peppers, garlic, good size, it comes in different color lids to make sure kitchen use the right container for the right spice
    I purchased this storage container to put the tempura batter (also purchased from webstaurantstore, which is fantastic) in. The 5lb bag fits perfectly and the cover seals nicely. I will be ordering more of these to keep my dry goods fresh and to organize my pantry.
    These containers are perfect for storing pantry staples. They keep flour, sugar, cereal, etc fresh and spill-free. Plus they fit perfectly on my pantry shelves and keep it orderly.
    Not only are these great for spice, they are great for organizing a garage or craft room. great for little kids toys and crayons as well. we use these for everything including our business
    These superhuge containers can hold lots and lots of ingredients. The lid has two compartments which allows less wastage as well as protecting you from pouring too much at once in batch.
    Nice container to hold 5 pounds of product. That does depend on the weight of the product. I can fit 10 pounds of peanuts in a jug and a half, for example. The side walls are a little thin on these, but not bad considering the price.
    I love these bulk spice containers. Fermin proof and are so cheap to buy! I use the 5 pound containers to store a variety of toppings I use on my caramel apples.
    i love these plastic container, i use this to store cereal in it and it can help me keep it for a long time vs leaving it in the plastic bag.
    Great product! I buy instant potatoes in bags so I don't always have containers for them. These are great! They work perfect. Highly recommend for instant potatoes and spices! :)
    You can't beat these for the price. Easy to handle, they fit a ton in them (well not a ton...but 5 pounds), and the lids come with a nice seal on them that is removable. I'll definitely be buying more of these!
    We use this to hold/pour our sugar into our portioning dispenser and this looks much better than pouring directly from a 10lb sugar sac. I am sure it will protect our sugar from moisture that a opened sac doesn't protect you from. A must for bulk sugar.
    Love these storage containers! We use these to hold our chocolate chips, cocoa powder, graham cracker crumbs and so much more. We will be placing another order soon
    This is a product review for " Regal 5 lb" spice storage container. But before I start, I just want to say, I'm so glad to have found webs store and that we love to shop from this place. And the cust service is A plus. And back to the review! This container is great for portioning spices from bulk. Really saves money! 4 stars !
    I love these containers they are perfect for my dry ingredients like herbs and dried fruit and the price was almost half of what my other suppliers charge!
    Excellent replacement for spice containers that have been broken. We needed a replacement pepper container that had been dropped but I wanted it the same size as all the other spice containers on the rack, and this is the exact size we needed and fits perfectly. The shaker lid on the top is a nice touch as well.
    Great large container! The built in handle makes it much easier to use. Also, with the container being clear it is nice to be able to see what product is inside! Would highly recommend!
    This is definitely the big one. It is though good when buying in bulk. Having the proper storage and easy to use is always helpful.
    A wonderful, heavy duty container perfect for storing many of our toppings. With a terrific, lid with an opening for a scoop or pour option, you can't beat the quality and the affordability this product offers!
    Perfect for when you butnspices in bulk and need an easy way to store them. Not limited to sources however, you can store a number of things in here.
    We buy a lot of spices at Amish bulk stores and needed larger containers for whole grains that make up our special breads. These work perfectly and present a professional look when stacked together on a shelf in the kitchen.
    These storage containers are great for storing dry, bulk items like pasta, oatmeal, etc. The handle is helpful for pulling them out of the back of the pantry and pouring directly into the pot. Because they have flat sides, you can fit them snugly side by side without wasted space.
    I ordered a couple these to store my ingredients in, they worked out fine and the price is right, will order a few more since the fit in my pantry perfectly.
    Perfect container with airtight lid for storing my bulk pretzel salt that I ordered in a ten pound bag for making soft Bavarian pretzels and home made bagels at home. Stores compactly in my pantry has an easy grab handle. Highly recommend for storing bulk spices in the home chefs kitchen.
    Awesome containers that can be used for anything from rice to cereals..pretty strong plastic compared to other containers ive seen. Easy to wash and reuse.
    These are the ticket for storing mixes or ingrediants. Sturdy see thru to view whats inside and just the right size and thew handle is easily used to pour.
    The best container in the world is this, it is certainly one of the most perfect creations of the world by size, shape and color we love this
    You cant really beat the price for these containers, i bought them to store the candy sprinkled I also purchased from webstaurantstore. I like that they are very clear and have a handle. I am including a photo, almost an entire 10 pound package of sprinkles fit. There is a little that doesnt. The 5 pound chocolate sprinkles fit just fine.
    Nice sized containers. They're a bit flimsy, but I expected that given the low price. I won't be using them for heavy items, but they'll do just fine for storing spices and oatmeal!
    Good container. Not fantastic but not bad either. Plastic walls are thin and have some flex to them. Definitely not 100% airtight or watertight. I'm using this large one to store some cereal.
    We like to buy bulks of our seasonings, so we purchased these extra containers to store them. Great purchase! Also good to have back ups just in case we bring in a new product or one of our other containers crack.
    Regal 5 lb. Plastic Spice Storage Container with Lid we ordered a bunch of these to store our spice blends sugar flower and other food items
    It is light , convnent . I use them to store my herbs, and seeds for my hydroponic system . It is right there , easy to grab
    A great product for what you pay/ The lid comes with a protective seal if you do not wish to use it for pouring/The lid is a slotted pour so you have to remove the lid in order to get a scoop of anything out.
    Convenient, large container, great for home storage of flour, sugar and other dry goods. While the quality is great for the price, the plastic is rather flimsy and I personally would rather pay more for a thicker plastic.
    These 5 lb. containers are amazing! Not only do I use them for bulk spices, but my wife also uses them to keep baking items like sugar, chocolate chips and flour organized in the cupboard.
    Not a bad product, it does damaged fairly easy though and damages in shipping quickly. If you store with this or ship using this please pack very well.
    Currently using this product to organize different color chocolate. This product is amazing in size, price, and quality. I can hold up to 8 lbs of chocolate in these containers.
    Love these containers!!!! They are good size and very good quality for the price. Currently using them for dry spices, powders and nuts. Been using them for about 5 weeks now and no complaints so far!
    Great container for your spices, salt, sugar, grain, or cookies. Easy to wash and store in selves. Store any thing you like and label it. Reasonable price than competitor.
    We do go through a lot of spices in the hotel and having bulk spices this containers makes cooks job much easier. I just put a piece of painters tape for the name and have cooks return it for a refil.
    These containers are great for organizing the pantry. We use them for everything from different kinds of flours to snacks like pretzels, chips, and cookies. They seem durable (have had them for almost two years now and not a single one has cracked) and are a terrific value. For this price there is no excuse for a disorganized pantry!
    These spice containers are great for storing bulk spices for easy use. Buying in bulk saves money and these containers let you dispense spices in the amount you need for daily use.
    These are the perfect size to store my baking supplies so I can continue buying in bulk. They don't take up too much space and look nice on the shelf
    You can't beat the price and value of these containers. We use them to store our dessert toppings and other items. The plastic is thinner than other similar containers but they exceed our expectation and will order these again.
    Right price, right size. We use it all the time to keep spices fresh. They don't last too long but since they are so cheap we don't mind ordering more. Will buy again.
    We use these containers to house a lot of our mixed spice combinations! It makes life MUCH EASIER!!! They seem to be holding up well so far (we purchased them approx. 6 months ago now and they have been washed NUMEROUS times! Overall we are loving them!
    Some other reviewer said it look like it was one time use? I'm not sure why that would make you think that... For the price these think waaay exceed what they were meant for
    Love these!! Excellent price and great quality. We use these for several different things in the concessions. They're great for sugar and even cotton cotton mixes which makes it easier to access. Will be ordering more!
    Use these to hold my nuts for desserts. Handle makes it easier to grab and hold on too if contents are heavy. Keeps my nut fresh
    I purchased one of these for coffee storage at home. And will soon be ordering more for walnuts, chocolate chips, bread crumbs, and gram cracker crumbs. I will definitely recommend these. They are so versatile.
    These spice containers solved my dry goods storage issues! They are perfect for holding approximately 20# of flour. I have used previously ordered ons for more than a year with fresh results! They also fit perfectly in my pantry and I can grab what I need at a glance. This is my second order. Highly recommended!
    We run a food truck and these containers work perfectly for our spices. We purchased multiple of this item to interchange. Wished the cap was another color though but thats just a preference =)
    These are really worth having it in the pantry who regularly uses spices, whole grains, lentils. Very functional and adds beauty to the pantry.well made
    Really glad I chose to go with these items. They are great to keep spices in or premade batter in to keep Stocked on your shelf.
    I use this for storing salt that I buy in bulk. I add about a half cup of rice to prevent the salt from clumping. Works like a charm!
    I love this spice container! I have a meat smoking business and I use a lot of rubs. This spice container is perfect for storing my rubs. it is airtight and keeps the rub dry. I am able to make large quantities of rub beforehand and not have to worry how I will store it.
    The container is flexible and looks just like the picture. However, the lid has a aluminum attached to the inside, which makes it look like the container is one-time use container. I am not sure if I need to remove it. I tried removing it but it seems like it's attached to the lid. Also, the bottle is not so sturdy, and it feels like its going to fall apart if I wash them a few times. although i'm complaining about it, I am okay with it.
    We love these spice containers.They are durable and open easily. They have been very helpful In getting our spices organized. We will be getting more.
    These are great for making and labeling your own spice mixes, and have an airtight seal so they won't get stale. I haven't seen them available anywhere but this site.
    This is a great container for if you are storing and creating your own seasoning, they are easy to keep up with and supper easy to store.
    These durable and clear containers are great. I often pour bags of grain (rice/barley) into these, as they keep the product fresh and easy to store & pour.
    Perfect size for nuts, spices, candy and any other dry storage toppings! These containers keep them extra fresh and make it easy to distinguish what product is which since they are clear.
    Love these containers! I ordered 4 of them. I have used them to make tea from powered tea. Now I use them for my pantry, for sugar and flour.
    Perfect size and shape for storage. I use these to hold BBQ rub. They aren't perfectly airtight, but they do a good job and all of the spices don't clump together.
    Ordered these to hold cinnamon sugar made in house. Very sturdy! These containers are exactly what we needed. Price was excelllent as well. Great buy!
    These large storage containers are durable but lightweight. We use them to hold wine additives, cleaners, etc. at our winery. The large mouth makes it easy to scoop out the contents.
    These are the best! They stack very nicely and hold a lot. We use them to store sprinkles and cinnamon and sugars. Very nice container for dry goods!
    I order this storage container for my 5lb baking powder i order here and it is awesome and I believe hold more than 5lb my container is only half full, it must hold 5lb liquid not powder so it great for my 10lb flour and sugar storage.
    This product is great. The size is perfect for many storage applications for our dry goods . The handle makes easy for pouring as well as handling the container.
    Exactly as described. Able to hold enough rub to last me about a week. Nice wide opening. No criticisms of this product. Will absolutely reorder.
    I like these containers. They work well for our spices and I like they are clear to see the contents inside. Great buy I would buy again.
    Very handy containers to have around any kitchen. We use them everywhere around Shop. We have all the container labeled but the clear containers make an easy to view what's inside them. At this price I highly recommend them.
    I love these containers! I use them everywhere around my house and bakery business! The handle is very convenient and the clear containers make an easy viewing of what's inside. I highly recommend them!
    Really nice containers, l had my doubts at first but l was surprised to see how nice and sturdy they are. The plastic is strong, the lids are really nice they work great. I'm using mine to keep salsa, dry goods, juice and even crayons. Can't beat the price anywhere else. I totally recommend these to everyone who wants a good product at a great price.
    This container is great for holding rice, lentils, heavier grains and flour. I have most of my grains and flours in glass bottles but after trying a few of these I am switching everything over. It's much lighter than glass, and even though they are made of plastic they are not flimsy, I have them filled to the brim with lentils and rice without an issue.
    because of the semi tropical climate in the Low Country it plays havoc on dry goods or foods in canisters these containers are light weight and seal well not to mention the economical price. A must in any condition where bulk food is used
    Great quality for storing your spices and other items. Would be helpful if a blank label was provided with each container. Otherwise perfect for storing
    I bought this container a year ago and I am still using it. I store my cinnamon in it and it always keeps my spices nice and fresh!
    I like to make my own spice blends and the spices i also get here are great and these work well to store them in. It saves me tying up my more expensive food storage containers.
    I ordered a couple of these to hold spices. Bigger than I expected, but ended up being perfect for our bulkier items like cinnamon sticks.
    I needed a replacement container when one of my other containers got cracked. This was a perfect replacement for nearly half of the price of others.
    This Regal 5lb plastic spice storage container is a great way to keep your spices stored and fresh. We buy bulk for our restaurant and this way we can keep a more manageable amount available at all times. It is also great for storing dry ingredients for our baking.
    My Regal Spice 5 lb Plastic Storage Containers arrived today and am well pleased with the quality at such an affordable price! These are excellent for storing spices, staples, sauces, etc. I was especially pleased with the iittle "reinforcements" at all of the corners/angles because if they were dropped, that is where you would expect a split to occur and this feature should help to protect them from that issue.Great Value Product!
    I make my own spice for the burgers at the bar and this gives me an easy way to store large amounts at a time. GREAT deal too!
    This Spice Container is very sturdy and is very good for holding spices or even small amounts of ingredients like cocoa or flour. Its durable and sturdy, so it can hold items well.

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