Choice 3 Pack Kids' Restaurant Crayons - 100/Pack

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Keeping kids occupied as they wait for their meals can be tough, but this Choice 3 pack kids restaurant crayons is great for doing just that! Be sure to stock up on crayons in bulk so that you always have an entertainment option for your young diners. Each 3 pack of crayons includes one each of red, yellow, and blue. With 100 packs in each box, you'll have plenty on hand for the busiest of days. These restaurant crayons are non-toxic and lead-free to keep children safe.

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Choice 3 Pack Kids' Restaurant Crayons - 100/Pack

4.8 stars from 92 reviews


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crayons kids great price love perfect colors restaurant quality children
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    Great value with a great price. Kids like them and they get the job done. Couldnt ask for anything more from this crayon set. Perfect

    Posted on

    I found these to be most high quality crayons at an affordable price. The kiddos who come in our cafe love them! Can't go wrong!

    from MK Cafe & Catering Posted on

    Perfect little crayons for presenting with your kids menu. They're inexpensive and comparable to the national brand crayons. Great for keeping the kids busy and entertained!

    from MC Union Restaurants, Inc Stack Southern Bistro Posted on

    These are really great crayons for the price! Kids loved them, much easier than loose crayons. We received this package very fast! Will purchase again.

    from Mammy's Kitchen Posted on

    Great, cheap crayons to use in store for children. Hard to find another price lower for so many crayons. 3 colors to chose from which is plenty.

    from home address Posted on

    Nice little set of crayons.

    At this price point these Crayons are great. Although we don't get a tons of kids they are perfect for keeping around with some newsprint to keep Kids busy when they do come in to the bar.

    from Ventnor Posted on

    Crayons on the Bar

    Cheap but sufficient for our need. Would purchase again. Quantity and packaging as pictured. Price is fair for quality of product. Good for the kids

    from FTS Posted on

    We lose these crayons! They are economical for the time when someone wants a new pack of they are fearful of germs!!! And they also write very well.

    from courageous bakery Posted on

    Basket of crayons!

    We were looking for a cheaper giveaway for kids at our locations. Found these and were pleased overall. They aren't crayola but for the price and qty its really hard to beat. Would recommend to anyone looking for a kids giveaway.

    Posted on

    Great product for the price! The kids love them, and three colors are perfect. Just enough for them to be occupied and coloring while waiting.

    from Pinnacle Sports Grill Posted on

    they are inexpensive. only complaint is they do seem to break pretty easy. if you want single use crayons get these otherwise get a better brand

    from Sepsakos hospitality llc Posted on

    These crayons have been great. They work well for the kids and are much more affordable. I have found that 3 crayons is enough for the purpose of kids using them while they are dining

    from Spartans Posted on

    Kids love these crayons! Was not sure how good they were when purchased but they are great quality! Definitely would recommend to other businesses to use

    from Pinch Peel Pull Posted on

    We love how easy to pass out these packs are and the kids love them too. They do not break that easy and color decently. (previous art teacher.)

    from Pizza Inn of Wilson Posted on

    Crayons work well. It comes packaged in wrapping. Goes great with our kids menu. We appreciate the bulk pricing since we do go through quite a few.

    from Pho Tre bien Posted on

    For price and quantity, you can't beat 'em. But make no mistake - these aren't high quality crayons. They break easily, and they make fairly light marks compared to Crayola.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This 100 pack of choice three packs of Kranz is really nice I really like it very inexpensive way to give the kids something to color with while they wait for their food

    from Regardless Posted on


    Well packaged, just the right colors and quality for the kids (& price)! Great addition to your food establishment! No complaints here, parents love that these are given out!

    from Yachachix LLC Posted on

    These crayons work well with our kids menu...only complaint is they do seem to break rather easily...however I would say good value for the price.

    Posted on

    These crayons are actually surprisingly very well made. 100 packs of 3 crayons each are perfect for keeping noisy children busy on the go especially at restaurants!

    Posted on

    Crayon in use.

    Great and easy product for kids to use. We offer the crayons to every kid that walk in with a coloring book and parent seem to appreciate it.

    from Cactus House Midtown Posted on

    These choice 3 pack kids' restaurant crayons- 100/pack are perfect little packs with the three primary colors. Each color draws nicely and are the right size and weight for children to use to color in shapes and pictures. The write neatly as well. The packaging allows a consumer to see the colors and items inside nicely. It's a great price for the amount of products you get.

    Posted on

    100 pack of crayons

    Easy to give out to kids, they can take them with them.. Great colors as well. Great price for them too! I would recommend it.

    from Shuckers Posted on

    my customers love using these crayons,it comes in the perfect three colors and for the price you cant beat it.high recommended for child friendly restaurants.

    Posted on

    A nice set of 3 crayons from Choice that is perfect for keeping the children entertained at dinner. The crayons last a long time and color great.

    Posted on

    This was a great buy for our restaurant! These crayons lasted forever and it was much cheaper than buying from the local stores! We use them for handing out with our kids menus.

    from The Mill Stone Manor Posted on

    Good, I would recommend to other customers , and I would purchase this item again, individual wrapped are perfect for kids , good colors ,

    from brants burgers Posted on

    Good crayon at a great price! They break fairly easy but since they are given to children and really only intended for the one time use they do the trick. Would recommend.

    Posted on

    These crayons are perfect for kids menus. Parents will love that the kids can stay occupied with coloring. As for the crayons themselves, they work like a charm. Usually the kids keep them, which is ok for the price.

    Posted on

    This is a fantastic three pack of kids restaurant crayons really impressed with how nice they are I like that they're all individually wrapped in their own packages I got them on sale a few weeks ago and save a couple dollars

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Perfect to give out with some placemats

    Great price and very sanitary. We used to reuse crayons but in recent years customers are wary used crayons. this is a great option at a great price

    from bridgemans Posted on

    Kids love these and they help keep them busy while their families can enjoy dinner. Such a small price to pay to have the parents want to come back. I order these along with the Play Time Interactive Placemats. They are affordable and kids are happy

    from Mad Mikes Burgers Posted on

    I love these crayons. First of all, before we ordered these we were buying big Crayola boxes and rubber banding 3 or 4 crayons together. So of course some of the kids were getting random colors that no one wanted, and every time we ran out someone had to run to the store. These keep all the kids happy with good colors, the packaging looks more professional, and because of auto reorder I never have to worry about running out. Thanks Webstaurant for making my life easier!!!

    from Austin's Firegrill and Oyster Bar Posted on

    These crayons are perfect. They are cheap and a good quality for the price which is great since majority of them just go in the trash.

    from Verdon Restaurants, LLC. Posted on

    This product is excellent! Our restaurant does a large amount of children's meals and we use these constantly. Parents are always happy that these crayons keep their children occupied throughout their dining experience. The kids love them so much that they started drawing on one wall in our dining room that has turned into an excellent art piece for all of our customers.

    from Barnaby's of Aston Posted on

    Great crayons for children's use. The packaging wife this item is perfect for our establishment, and kids we're very pleased with them. I loved the price and were shipped as promised by the webstaurant store

    from Castillo Real Mexican Cocina & Bar Posted on

    Perfect for a restaurant. Great price where a little kids can take some Kranz home with them. Keeps them occupied at the table waiting for food to come out

    from Lake Street Diner Posted on

    Kids color crayons

    If you are starting a restaurant like me. You don't want to spend a lot of money in this things. This is ideal for me because comes in only 100 box and give me and idea how customers like to have some kids stuff on table

    from Julio G Azpurua Posted on

    These Choice 3 Pack Kids' Restaurant Crayons are a great value and an easy way to add something special to a guest's experience. Highly recommend this product.

    Posted on

    These Individual packs are amazing! Mess free and easy to store. Perfect for any restaurant looking to give out crayons along with their kids menus.

    Posted on

    These crayons go great with kids menus

    Choice 3 Pack Kids' Restaurant Crayons - 100/Box this is a nice crayon set for the money. the kids like them a lot. Buy in bulk

    from desalvo's Posted on

    This is a great product for the children in a restaurant. A must have for them to have something to do. Durable and they can even take them home. They will love it. Small things equal better business.

    from The Diner Posted on

    These crayons are very durable. Kids love the variety of colors and the crayons are washable on our table surfaces. I would highly recommend this product and will continue to order as needed.

    from Fudge Street Cafe Posted on

    Great colors for those that are mandated to have coloring books in your restaurants. These are great and saved me a good bit of money from where I originally buy them. Economical and efficient.

    Posted on

    These are great for the kids who come into the restaurant! The colors are bright and they keep the kids busy allowing their parents to enjoy their meals.

    from West Ave Posted on

    Great Crayons! They are individually packaged with the three main colours. Crayons themselves have a wrapping on the outside which makes them much more durable, especially when handled by kids. Would highly recommend.

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    These are a great value. Very competitive price. I appreciate the quality of the wrapping for these crayons. The kids that visit our restaurant are very please with them!

    from Bay Pointe Inn Posted on

    Great product if you do not have someone to monitor the amount of crayons that go to the tables. if you have someone to do that, bulk is cheaper.

    Posted on

    These crayons have been great with out kiddos. They don't break easily and I've been able to re-use them. Parents love them. because they are non toxic!

    from Habibi, LLC Posted on

    This 3 piece crayons are nice to keep the little ones entertain and can be reusable to take home to use at home or at school.

    from Grace Omaley's Posted on

    Not a very good quality of crayon. Many of the tips were broken upon opening. The crayons stick together and soften easily. Good for one time use only

    from Stealth Management Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We're sorry these crayons have been sticking together. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    They are very practical and sturdy, children love them and dads too because you can carry in your pocket without you remove a lot of space :D

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    We purchased these crayons to use as give aways at our local fair. They were economical, and worked great for our purposes. The package was large enough that we could attach a label with our contact information to the crayon packet.

    Posted on

    I serve families on a daily basis, and didn't have any thing on tables for small children to occupy themselves with. Having crayons and placemats has impacted our families for the better. Any establishment serving families would be better off with these on the tables.

    Posted on

    These were amazing! The kid's were so excited to each receive their own little packet. The price is unbeatable and the parent's were very thankful. I will order these again and again

    from The Meyersville Inn Posted on

    Cheap, and perfect for my coffee shop. Meets my need to keep the kids happy while mum sips her latte - without breaking the bank! ;)

    from The Whole Bean Coffeehouse Posted on

    Crayons that cant be beat for the price. Granted they are a little less quality compared to some, but this was a great idea to use for Samaritans purse boxes! We are able to package many boxes and include these for the less fortunate. Also, our kids love to use them to draw and color with.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    For the price you can't beat them. There for kids so we weren't too concerned about quality, but were pliantly surprised. The individual packaging holds up great and doesn't allow crayons to go loose.

    Posted on

    These are a great, inexpensive way to give children something to do while they wait on their food. You can give the entire pack or open and give 1-2.

    from Fernando's Italian & American Cuisine Posted on

    Good quality crayons at a great price point! I've been paying so much more through other vendors, so happy to find them here! I would definitely recommend purchasing this product!

    from Verdon Restaurants, LLC. Posted on

    This product worked out great for our restaurant, we have coloring sheets for the kids and the three colors work perfectly for a white coloring sheet

    from Duck's Nest II Posted on

    Great product at a great price. They are going to be thrown away anyways so why spend 3 times as much through our local supplier.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    The Crayons are just what i wanted. Love the prepackage. Grandchild love these colors. Would recommend these Crayons to anyone who has a Restaurant or Diner

    from sideways Posted on

    These are a great value! It helps keep little hands busy, which allows parents to dine longer. We have been very happy. My only complain is that the little plastic wrappers end up all over the floor.

    from Cod & Capers Seafood Posted on

    They were good for the price... but did not color as brightly as other crayons. If you do not have super picky kids they will be happy. But our little ones mentioned it to us a couple of times.

    from joses mexican food, inc. Posted on

    These are great - come prepackaged in plastic. Perfect for the kids so once they get messy you aren't putting old ones back next to new ones.

    from backwater Posted on

    Basic good crayons, not the best youll find but very affordable and good enough for everyday use in our restaurant. Would buy again for sure

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    These children's crayons work very well for what they are designed to do. Obviously, they are designed for one time use and do not have the quality of a name brand, but for entertaining children in the restaurant, they get the job done very well.

    Posted on

    This simple 3 pack has worked out great for us. They are fairly easy to open - and the crayons are very durable. A great value!

    from Boneheads Wing Bar Posted on

    When our organization needed "goody bags" to give out at a business showcase, we found these crayons were perfect. The price was right compared to other site that I researched.

    from Fenmore Hills Hotel Posted on

    Love these! These were perfect for our kids table at the wedding, kept the kids busy while the adults enjoyed the reception will order again

    Posted on

    Quick easy and the most cost efficient group of crayons. Don't use just a basket of single crayons because this pack gives one of each color needed.

    from oc brewing company Posted on

    Great kids giveaway. We printed a custom coloring book page for kids to entertain themselves after enjoying their dessert .Kids loved them and they're great quality and value. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    These crayon packs are great for our customers kids. They are reasonably priced and great for the one time use since kids tend to break them often.

    from Shamrocks Pub n Grill Posted on

    these were perfect crayons for our kids meals, very affordable. used in boxed or bagged meals with a coloring sheet. seemed to hold up well in the high heat also

    from Lisa's Lunchbox Posted on

    perfect size for kids! not a lot of waste, and most take them home with them. easy to clean up after also. highly recommend these.

    from green diamond junction Posted on

    The crayons are great! Very affordable and come wrapped in plastic. We have used these for quite a while and we love them So much cheaper than other places!

    Posted on

    Nice set of crayons used in our restaurant for kids to color sheets of paper while waiting on their food to be delivered. The packs help keep the three crayons together and help us not have to deal with broken crayons like we used to do.

    Posted on

    Crayons shouldn't cost an arm and a leg - and before we purchased these, they did! These crayons are good and are nicely packaged individually. You can't beat the price, either!

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on


    other than being economical and conveniate the kids pack crayons helps to prevent the spread of germs from colds and flu by being indivdually wrapped.

    from jean's on the river Posted on

    Crayons come very handy when running a busy restaurant. They keep children calm and entertained which gives us time to prepare their order without any upset children!

    from Rubix Cube LLC Posted on

    They are so much more cheaper than what i have found on other retailer stores that sells crayons. They are sold at a good price that its simply irresistible to not buy.

    Posted on

    I purchased these for my wedding reception tables. For a long time I have been considering doing something fun involving Macaroni Grill, but the prices just weren't going to allow for it. Thanks to Webstaurant Store I was able to make something I really wanted happen. I know my guests will love coloring on the table with these amazing prepackaged crayons.

    Posted on

    We had always gone to the local discount store and grabbed a couple of boxes of crayons to hand out to the kids. While shopping on I came across the 3 pk of Kids restaurant crayons. I was amazed at the price for the amount. The best thing about it though is each packet has the exact same colors and they are prepackaged. This meant less time spent grabbing for colors and switching them out because the child wants another color.

    from El Gallo Restaurant Posted on

    These are great for my restaurant and church! I like to use them for gift bags too! Kids love to use them and I like because i can just throw em away!

    Posted on

    These crayons work perfectly in our diner. They are the best value around and work great. Tested many times by my 5 year old...she thinks they are the best!

    from Cruisin' Diner Posted on

    When I told my brother about the success of our kids night, he decided to do one at the country club he co-operates. They chose to use these because of their waterproof wrapping. Turns out they had just as much success as well did. When I went and saw these crayons, they really were pretty neat.

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    We just bought these for the children bible study camp this summer at our church. The kids are always fighting for colors and it causes conflict so we used these packs to prevent that from happening again, plus they like being able to take home their own crayons too.

    Posted on

    These prepacked crayons are great for coloring books and activities for children! The packs are so convenient it makes these a must for keeping children quiet!!

    Posted on

    These are about the cheapest crayons you can find out there. These ones are nice because they come in a little pouch that the kid can bring home after if they would like.

    Posted on

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