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  • 0.62 gallons per rack
  • 19 1/2" chamber height
  • Energy recovery system for greater efficiency
  • 208V/3 phase
  • Right to left operation
  • 202 racks per hour

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Hobart Advansys Dishwashers

Hobart Advansys Dishwashers

Imagine a warewasher line that thinks like a computer. That thinks like a service technician. That thinks like a hybrid vehicle. That thinks you should never have to think about warewashing again. Introducing Advansys, the most advanced warewashing system to date. It combines everything customers love about Hobart warewashers with everything they'd love them to be. And now, it's available in 3 Hobart warewasher lines. The Advansys ventless door-type warewasher, the Advansys CLER conveyor-type warewasher, and it's an option on the FT900 flight-type warewasher. What's so exciting about Advansys? Well, imagine if you could take the steam that's normally vented out of your warewasher and turn it into energy that you could use. Magic? No, it's Advansys, Hobart's exclusive energy recovery technology that captures the water vapor instead of venting it, and condenses it to heat of the incoming cold water. If the concept of energy recovery is a little too abstract to excite you, then how about saving up to 3200 dollars a year on energy consumption? That's how much you could save with the FT900 flight-type warewasher when you choose the Advansys option. With the Advansys CLER conveyor-type warewasher, you can save up to 2047 dollars annually. And the cost savings may be even greater with the Advansys ventless door-type warewasher. You can save up to 1500 dollars a year in energy costs in existing kitchens. And by eliminating the purchase of an installation cost for the ventilation system, you can save up to 5000 dollars the first year in a new kitchen. Imagine that! To learn more about how Advansys technology is reimagining warewashing, go to www.hobartcorp.com/advansys.

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Imagine saving thousands of dollars a year on energy consumption. With Hobart's exclusive Advansys technology, you can! Watch this video to learn more about how Advansys is right for you.

Hobart CL-e Series Dishwashers

Hobart CL-e Series Dishwashers

The following operator training video for the Hobart CLe ware washers is a supplement to the instruction manual that came with your dishwasher. If you have any questions concerning operation, please consult your manual. CLe ware washers by Hobart are a semi automatic rack type dish machine that moves the dish racks from one end of the machine to the other, exposing the ware to progressive wash and rinse zones. The CLe ware washers are available in a medley of optional lengths, sections, and features which will provide for your specific needs. All CLe ware washers have a microprocessor control module with digital temperature display. For the purposes of this video, we will be using model CLPS66E. The following information will apply to all models. A few of the design features include the integrated pump intake screen will keep debris out of a pump. The door activated drain enclosure automatically seats the stand pipe when the door is closed, establishing the correct tank water level. When the drain lever at the front of each tank is lifted, the stand pipe is raised, draining the tank. The auto-position rinse arms will consistently be properly seated, providing a consistent sanitizing rinse pattern. Auto-fill will fill the machine automatically and maintain the proper water level after the door has been closed and the power turned on. The auto timer starts the wash system when the first rack enters and shuts off the pumps and drive motors after the last rack exits. The machine will restart when a rack is slid in or the start key is pressed. The slope screen and liftout basket collect food debris and maintain cleaner wash water. The door interlocks prevent machine operation while an inspection door is open. If a door is opened while a machine is operating. The pumps, conveyor, and final rinse automatically turn off. After the door's closed, the machine must be restarted by pressing the start key or by inserting a rack. Other design features and optional equipment are detailed in the operator's manual. The operation of your CLe ware washer is a simple process. Make sure that the dishwasher is clean and that all parts are in place. Install the stand pipe and integrated pump intake screen in the prewash tank. Install the upper wash arm and the lower wash arm with all end caps. Install the slanted strainer pan and lower the deep collection bucket. Hang all curtains according to the appropriate curtain diagram in the operator's manual. Close all doors and lower the drain stand pipe and integrated pump intake screen. To begin filling, press the power button. Note if your machine is equipped with gas heat, refer to the starting the gas heat dishwasher instructions in the operator's manual. Water temperatures in the tank and the Hobart built in electric booster heater. The rinse is regulated by solid state thermostats. The control is preset at the factory and no adjustments should be required. The digital display on your ware washer verifies proper water temperature during operation. After the machine has filled, start the pumps by pushing the start key on the key pad, or inserting a rack in the machine. The machine will operate only if the tanks have filled to the proper level and all doors are closed. Press the stop key on the key pad if you wish to stop the conveyor, pumps, and final rinse. Pre scrap dishes thoroughly to remove large food particles and debris. Note. Never use steel wool on ware that is to be loaded into the dishwasher. Load dishes into the racks. Do not stack dishes one on top of another as water must have free access to both sides of every dish. Stand plates and dishes up edgewise as shown. Cups, glasses, and bowls should be inverted in open type or compartment type racks. Silverware and other small pieces may be scattered loosely over the bottom of a flat bottom rack. Note. Do not attempt to wash large items such as pots, pans, and trays without first checking to make sure they will fit through the machine opening. Notice: Do not allow foreign objects to enter the dishwasher, especially metallic contaminants. When a rack has been loaded, slide it into the machine and start loading another. The operation of the dishwasher is semi automatic. When a rack enters the machine, the pumps and conveyor automatically start. Each rack moves through the prewash, wash, and rinse zones, then out onto the clean dishtable. The rinse lever is activated by the dishrack when it is present in the rinse zone and automatically shuts off the final rinse water when no rack is present. Allow dishes to drain and air dry before removing the ware from the rack. The standard conveyor well feature will allow you to stop the conveyor in order to wash heavily soiled dishes for a longer time. When the dish rack reaches the wash chamber, push the dwell key on the keypad to stop the conveyor. To start the conveyor again, press conveyor dwell button on the keypad. An overload mechanism shuts off the conveyor drive motor if the racks jam, or if the load becomes excessive. After the jam is cleared, push the start key on the keypad to restart the dishwasher. All tank temperatures display on the control readout when the machine is in operation. When the ware reaches the rinse zone, the final rinse temperature will display. If the tank is accidentally drained before turning off the power switch, the float control, low water protector switch will automatically stop the tank heat. When the proper water level is returned, the tank heat will automatically restart. Notice: Do not use the low water protection as a power on/off switch. Press the power key on the keypad to turn the machine off when not in use. The dishwasher is equipped with a microprocessor control module to allow greater precision for cleaning your ware, maintaining required tank temperatures, and other advanced functions. Some of these functions are customized to suit the needs of your kitchen operation. All customization is performed through the on screen menu using the up, down, menu, and start enter keys located on the keypad. Note. The parameters can be changed at any time the display is active, whether the machine is operating or in idle mode. To enter the parameters menu, press the menu key from the main screen. You will be prompted on screen, asking if you wish to exit the menu. Press the up or down key repeatedly until you reach the enter security code screen. Note. The manager code is necessary for entering the paramteres menu. If the code is lost or forgotten, it can be reset by Hobart service. Press the enter key to indicate that you want to enter the code. You will now be prompted with security code on the top line, and a single digit and three asterisks on the bottom line. Use the up and down keys to change the digit of the security code to the appropriate value. Note. The default code is listed in the operator training manual, the code may be changed, however the new code should be stored in a safe place. The Hobart warranty does not cover resetting the code. Press the enter key to move to the next digit to the right. Repeat these steps for each digit. After pressing enter on the fourth digit, you will immediately return to the enter security code screen. The letter M will appear in the lower left corner of the display. Press the up or down keys repeatedly until you reach the edit parameters screen.Press the enter key. Hobart believes that the default settings that leave the factory are suitable for the majority of kitchen operations. However, there are cases where kitchen managers may find the need to change one or more options. The parameters menu allows these changes. The parameters menu is used for changing settings such as sanitizing mode, visual alert editing, changing manager code, editing communication setup and more. For a complete list, refer to your operator's manual. Warning. Disconnect the electrical power to the machine and follow lockout / tagout procedures before you begin cleaning. There may be multiple circuits. Be sure all circuits are disconnected. The machine must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each working shift or at least twice a day. Use only products formulated to be safe on stainless steel. Press the power key on the keypad to turn the machine off. Open the doors. Check the upper and lower final rinse nozzels to make sure they are free of lime and solids. Open the drains by pulling the drain lever or levers up. Remove the wash arms and the wash arm end caps. Push any nozzle obstructions into the wash arms, then thoroughly flush the wash arms in a sink. Replace the wash arm end caps. Before removing strainer baskets and pans, clean off any scraps from machine walls using a good hose with a spray nozzle. Flush all debris toward the strainers. Clear the dishtables and the dishwasher. Remove all strainer pans and strainer baskets. Empty the contents into a garbage can or disposer. Thoroughly clean pans and baskets in the sink. Notice. Do not strike strainer pans or strainer baskets on solid objects to dislodge debris. Clean pump intake strainer. Remove curtains. Thoroughly scrub, rinse, and allow curtains to dry at the end of each day's operation. Thoroughly wash out the interior of the machine with a heavy duty hose fitted with a squeeze valve and spray nozzle. Remove remaining soil with a cloth or soft brush and mild cleanser. Rinse again with hose. Note. Do not allow food soil to accumulate on the tank bottom. Return all strainer pans, strainer baskets, and the stand pipe to the proper locations. Install upper wash arms. Rest the rear extension on the rear hanger bracket with the open end of the arm next to the wash pipe. Slide the arm onto the connector piper and rotate the arm upward to latch it. Insert the lower wash arm straight onto the connector pipe, just so the clamp holds the other end. Swing the front of the arm down until level to fully position it. Leave the doors open and curtains removed while machine is not in use. This will allow the interior to air out and dry. Note. Opti-rinse nozzles should be replaced if they become clogged or if the spray pattern becomes ineffective. Periodically, lime may build up on the machine. After a set period of operation, the machine's control will display 'delime recommended.' The set period can be adjusted if your conditions need the number of hours to be reduced or increased. To delime the machine, follow the instructions on the delimer chemical container. The delime recommend display message will not clear itself automatically. To clear the message, enter the manager mode, and navigate to the clear delime screen. Clearing the message also resets the delime timer. Warning. Disconnect the electrical power to the machine and follow lockout / tagout procedures. There may be multiple circuits. Be sure all circuits are disconnected. When cool, check the vent above dishwasher every six months for obstructions. Periodically you may run into a problem with the machine. Knowing where possible problems occur is key to solving them. If the dishes are not clean, then check for a cause. Possible reasons include insufficient wash water due to drain obstruction, preventing proper drain closing. Missing end plug from wash arm, wash arm nozzle obstructions. Spotted silverware, glasses, and dishes can be caused by improperly loaded racks or incorrect final rinse water temperature. If the machine will not fill or is slow to fill, make sure that the doors are closed. A complete list of troubleshooting symptoms and causes are listed in your operator's manual. If symptoms persist after possible causes have been checked, contact your local Hobart service office. Note. Failure to follow use, care, and maintenance instructions may void your Hobart warranty. This concludes the operator training video on your Hobart CLe warewash machine. Contact your local Hobart office for any repairs or adjustments needed on this equipment.

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Learn how to operate, clean, and maintain Hobart CL-e series dishwashers by checking out this quick video!

Width 57 3/4 Inches
Depth 31 1/4 Inches
Height 79 9/16 Inches
Conveyor Length 44 Inches
Amps 83.9 Amps
Hertz 60
Phase 3
Voltage 208 Volts
Booster Heater Included Yes
Booster Wattage 30 Kilowatts
Chemical Pumps Included No
Conveyor Horsepower 1/6 HP
Conveyor Speed 5.6 Feet Per Minute
Direction Right to Left
Energy Star Qualified Yes
High or Low Temp High Temp
Interior Clearance 19 1/2 Inches
NSF Listed Yes
Racks Per Hour 202
Type Conveyor Dishwashers
Wash Horsepower 2 HP
Wash Tank Capacity 23 gal.
Water Inlet Size 1/2 Inches
Water Temperature 180 Degrees F
Water Usage 0.62 Gallons Per Rack


The 44" Hobart CL44eR-2 conveyor high temperature dishwasher with 30 kW booster heater uses Hobart's Advansys energy recovery technology to capture excess exhausted water vapor and condense it to preheat the inlet water. This reduces energy consumption to save you money! This conveyor dishwasher uses just 0.62 gallons of water per rack, and can wash up to 202 racks per hour to keep up with the needs of your busy operation.

Top mounted microprocessor controls are designed for ease of use, and let you choose among a variety of wash modes while also displaying important status notifications. Large, insulated hinged doors enable easy interior access, and this 44" conveyor dishwasher's specially-designed wash manifolds self-align. They are also highly resistant to clogging for trouble-free operation.

Hobart's patent-pending "Opti-Rinse" system minimizes the amount of water and energy needed to heat the rinse water. Its unique spray pattern uses large drops of water for more effective sanitation.

It requires a 208V, three phase electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 57 3/4"
Front to Back: 31 1/4"
Height: 79 9/16"

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  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Energy Star Qualified

    Energy Star Qualified

    This item has been Energy Star Qualified by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy, making it an energy-efficient product.

  • UL US & Canada

    UL US & Canada

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in the United States of America and Canada.

  • Hardwired


    This product must be hardwired; it does not plug into a standard wall outlet.

  • 1/2

    1/2" Water Connection

    This unit comes with a 1/2" water connection.

Spec sheet Specsheet Hobart's Warranty Information Warranty

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Warranty Info

RESIDENTIAL USERS: Vendor assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications. The right is reserved to deny shipment for residential usage; if this occurs, you will be notified as soon as possible.

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