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Gifts Under $25

Give the gift of great coffee by buying a french press for any coffee connoisseur!

Not only do these products have an attractive design, but they can help you make a superior cup of coffee. See Details

$16.99 /Each

Serve moscow mules and other cocktails in these copper mugs.

With modern designs and sturdy constructions, these copper cups are perfect for any amateur bartender. See Details

$19.99 /Pack

Sample many different styles of beer using these rustic beer flights!

Holding up to four beer glasses, these flights are perfect for beer tastings or parties. See Details

$18.99 /Each

Take your spice game to the next level with a professional mortar and pestle!

Best of all, using a mortar and pestle allows you to get the perfect coarseness and texture every time. See Details

$14.99 /Each

Gifts Under $50

Keep your favorite cook on point with the ultimate knife sharpener.

This sharpening stone features diamond abrasives to sharpen any blade material with strength and precision. See Details

$38.99 /Each + Free Shipping

Lemonade, punch, and pre-mixed cocktails somehow taste better out of a hammered glass beverage dispenser.

Perfect for parties and picnics! See Details

$39.99 /Each

Create mouthwatering grilled steaks, burgers, veggies, and more on a pre-seasoned cast iron griddle.

Plus, since this griddle is pre-seasoned, you can start cooking right away without spending hours seasoning the surface. See Details

$37.99 /Each

If they love jerky or dehydrated fruits, give them a food dehydrator so they can make their own!

It's cheaper and more delicious when you make it at home. See Details

$48.99 /Each + Free Shipping

Gifts Under $75

Chefs can perform their art wherever they go with this garnishing tool set.

Zest lemon on top of a fluffy cake, peel vegetables for a savory stir fry, and more with these handy tools. See Details

$52.99 /Each

A vacuum packaging machine is perfect for the meal prepper in your life.

Not only can you use these products to save food for later, but they're essential when cooking sous vide! See Details

$55.99 /Each + Free Shipping

Wooden serving boards will turn your friend's charcuterie plates into professional-looking dishes.

Hopefully, they'll invite you to their next party so you can eat some of the starters they display on it. See Details

$65.99 /Each

Chefs can roast a savory rosemary chicken dish or bake sourdough bread with ease in this dynamic Lodge enamel dutch oven.

This versatile, attractive vessel provides even and multi-directional heat to the food inside. See Details

$66.99 /Each

Gifts Under $100

Take your bartending skills up a notch with a classic soda siphon.

Save money by making seltzer from scratch. Plus, the vintage design will look amazing on your bar cart. See Details

$79.95 /Each + Free Shipping

Inspire your family's chef to whip up crepes filled with sweet nutella or spinach and brie with a durable crepe pan.

These pans are perfect for creating fresh and fluffy crepes and other delicate breakfast goodies. See Details

$92.99 /Each

Pop delicious buttery popcorn with this popcorn machine, and make the TV room feel like a movie theater.

Because movies are better with fresh popcorn. See Details

$89.99 /Each + Free Shipping

Give your favorite chef the gift of versatility this holiday season with a knife set.

Dice onions, debone fish, carve turkey, and more with these ergonomic knives. See Details

$98.99 /Set

Gifts Over $100

Turn the backyard into your loved one's own Italian restaurant by gifting them this grill top pizza oven and accessories.

Using only a grill and your chef's favorite pizza dough, this innovative oven produces restaurant-quality pizza in minutes. See Details

$259.97 /Each + Free Shipping

Encourage the home baker in your life to whisk away with the help of this countertop mixer.

From producing creamy mashed potatoes to classic chocolate chip cookies, mixers just make life easier for your favorite chef. See Details

$339.99 /Each

Grind spices fresh to bring out their full flavor potential by using a spice grinder!

A spice grinder is the perfect gift for any home baker looking to take their creations to the next level. See Details

$155.00 /Each + Free Shipping

Meet your sweet tooth's needs with a whipped cream dispenser!

Top off sundaes and hot chocolate, or create unique sauces and toppings with a whipped cream dispenser or whipper. See Details

$112.99 /Each

Bring the coffee shop right to their kitchen with a professional espresso machine.

Perfect for the coffee connoisseur in your life, this machine produces expert-level espresso without overcrowding the counter. See Details

$1295.00 /Each

Give your next-level baker a hand in the kitchen with this commercial countertop mixer.

This mixer's bold, bright color makes it as attractive as it is useful for creating mouthwatering desserts, breads, doughs, and crusts. See Details

$559.00 /Each + Free Shipping

A professional mandoline is the time-saving prep tool every chef can use.

This incredibly versatile tool includes interchangeable blades to help your loved one julienne and slice safely and efficiently. See Details

$123.99 /Each

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