Distribution Supervisor

Madisonville, KY

Job Description

Job Title: Distribution Supervisor                                                     Salary: $60,000

Location: Madisonville, KY

Reports to:  Distribution Manager

Job Description:

               The Distribution Supervisor will go through a training program that introduces them to all segments of our day-to-day operations from inbound to outbound.  The goal of the program is to assume a supervisory role in one of our Kentucky Distribution Centers. Once through the program, or at time of need, the Distribution Supervisor will be assigned a department and will be responsible for overseeing an entire shift department from supervisors to frontline workers. He/She should have extensive knowledge on the various inbound/outbound procedures and protocols while developing new techniques to increase production. The Distribution Supervisor will be responsible for ensuring all new employees receive proper training and current employees who need retraining are given adequate instruction. The Distribution Supervisor position is designed for intermediate level candidates who are interested in continuing a management career in the field of operations and supply chain management.

               The Distribution Supervisor will be responsible for monitoring the daily, weekly, and monthly metrics for their assigned shift; He/She will ensure all consequences of failing to meet the expectations are enforced by frontline supervisors. He/She will participate in maintenance hiring for their department to ensure all metrics can and will be met and communicating any needs to the Inbound/Outbound Operations Manager. The Distribution Supervisor will supervise anywhere from 10-30 employees and should have extensive supervisor experience. 

               Furthermore, the Distribution Supervisor will lead weekly and monthly meetings with their direct supervisors to relay all information passed down from the Distribution Manager, Inbound/Outbound Operations Manager and Director of Operations. These meetings will provide an overview of current metric standings, areas of improvement, personnel issues, and updates on quarterly initiatives. These quarterly tasks will be chosen by frontline supervisors from a list of specific directives that must be quantifiable data to back improvement. 

               The individual in the Distribution Supervisor position will be expected to train and work in every department of their team. As needed, he/she will fill the role of an absent Manager due to illness, vacation, or other obligation not allowing a manager to be present at work as needed. 

Kentucky Operations

The job duties of the Distribution Supervisor include, but are not limited to:

  • Directly supervisor up to 30 associates
  • Develop practical solutions to problems without sacrificing quality
  • Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly metrics within department
  • Achieve high performance standards while coaching, training, and developing employees on best practices of our culture and business
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment which is always adapting to better serve our customers
  • Analyze opportunities for growth, cutting costs, reducing damages and improving efficiencies
  • Continually improve productivity targets and process improvements
  • Handling any personnel issues
  • Enforce all safety procedures
  • Actively engage in MBWA (manage by walking around) and acting out our company culture
  • Maintain proper employment levels to ensure metrics will be met
  • Delegate quarterly initiatives and monitor progress of those initiatives to ensure they are being met
  • Conduct weekly and monthly meetings with direct supervisors
  • Develop continuous procedural improvements
  • Handle any carrier issues that may arise (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Work closely with the Inbound/Outbound Operations Manager



  • 2-5 years in a proven supervisory or management role
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment
  • Exhibit analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Passion for supply chain management and constant process improvement
  • Demonstrate maturity, responsibility and leadership ability
  • Willingness to work any shift, including weekends

Shift Hours:

  • Hours vary depending on department, so timeframes cover all shift times. Managers/supervisors are expected to be at work 15-30 minutes before the start of their shift to prepare for their day and only leave when things are complete at the end of their shift (all end of day tasks are complete to prevent extra work for the following shift).
  • 1st Shift 5AM-5:30PM Monday-Friday
  • 2nd Shift 3:30PM-2:00AM Monday-Thursday
  • 3rd Shift: 9:30PM – 7AM Sunday-Thursday
  • 4th Shift: 6:00AM-6:30PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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