Outbound QA Specialist 2nd Shift

Albany, Ga

Job Description

The 2nd shift outbound Common Carrier QA is responsible for maintaining and ensuring quality on outbound orders and transfers.  This entails auditing orders and ensuring any deficiencies are corrected before authorizing shipment.  Moreover, the QA specialist is responsible for reporting all errors through the appropriate channels in order to hold common carrier associates to company defined accuracy metrics.   The Outbound QA Specialist should have knowledge of product information, common carrier receiving procedures, and maintain a strong attention to detail and accuracy.   He or she will maintain a good safety rating and be held to the highest company standards at all times.

Standards and Expectations:

Professional Conduct – Each employee of the WebstaurantStore is required to hold themselves to the highest desired level of professionalism. Individuals that hold leadership positions are required to uphold this level of professionalism at all times given they interact with other professionals both internally and externally. Leadership personnel are also required to build and maintain productive working relationships with all employees to maximize efficiency and support the company culture of “Great Employees Only”.

? Communication

?          Know the various members of the leadership team and what their roles are.

?          Provide exemplary leadership to each associate within the distribution center.

?          Collaborate with the necessary parties in order to create a cohesive and productive workflow.

? Ethics

?          Leadership personnel must conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards and promote an environment that is free of negativity, gossip, or anything nonproductive to the work environment.

? Teamwork

?          Work as a leadership team for the good of the department’s and the distribution center’s goals.

?          Collaborate on ideas to improve operations.

? Responsibility and Accountability

?          Work to meet deadlines and metrics



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