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Spring Cleaning the Smart Way

There's something liberating about the thought of "spring cleaning" - of taking time to sweep away the remnants of the previous year and to make a fresh start. The thought, however, quickly loses its luster when it comes time to actually drag out the mop and get to work. Fortunately, some pretty innovative items have been born out of our distaste for this necessary evil, and with just a few simple products, you’ll spend less time cleaning up and more time looking after your customers.

Rubbermaid FGQ65200GR00 HYGEN Green Microfiber Dusting Mitt with Thumb

Until they design a Roomba that can clean a commercial kitchen and everything in it, messes will happen and will need to be taken care of, but you can still make the process easier for you and your staff.

For dusting, polishing, and cleaning just about anything you can think of, give yourself a helping hand with these Microfiber mitts. They combine the cleaning power of microfiber with a convenient mitt design to knock out dirt and make cleaning a breeze. Microfiber sanitizing cloths are another great way to take care of small messes in your kitchen/prep area for several reasons: 1.) they remove stains much more effectively than your average cotton cloth, 2.) they can be washed and reused up to forty times, and 3.) they work more efficiently with sanitizers compared to other microfiber products, saving you money on both water and chemicals. Both the sanitizer cloths and mitts are also color coded for easy identification, so you'll never have to worry about leaving what's been on your windows on your prep table.

And while we're on sanitizing, try out this QuikSan Sanitizer and Disinfectant from Noble Chemical to make short work of minor cleaning jobs. Perfect for sanitizing virtually any hard, nonporous surface, this ready to use solution comes in a handy quart-sized bottle; just point it, spray it, and you're done. No wiping, no mixing up buckets of sanitizer, and virtually no harmful microbes left over when it's done its work. And for the rest of your janitorial needs, be sure to check out Noble's full line of quality products

32 oz. Noble Chemical QuikSan Sanitizer and Disinfectant - Ecolab® 17771 Alternative

When it comes to cutting down on routine maintenance, CFL light bulbs are a huge time saver because they last much longer than typical incandescent bulbs (up to 8,000 hours), meaning you spend less time perched precariously on a ladder trying to change them, and more time helping your customers. If that weren't enough, switching to a CFL setup can also save you some serious green on your electric bill; our handy CFL Savings Calculator can show you just how much.

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