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Menacing Meals!

What’s more likely to make you sick: Chicken or spinach? Oysters or Tuna? How many people are poisoned to death by their food? Which pathogens are most likely to send you to the E.R.? The answers to these questions might surprise you. You can explore the hidden dangers of food, plus get a few tips for avoiding a foodborne illness below, with the WEBstaurantStore’s newest infographic.

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Menacing Meals Infographic

Thanks to our large selection of restaurant equipment, the WEBstaurant Store makes it easy to keep food out of harm’s way. Check out blast chillers for quick cooling, probe thermometers for accurate temperature readings, and hundreds of other products. As the web’s leading restaurant supplier, we know a thing or two about keeping up with your commercial foodservice!

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Posted in: Food Safety | Infographics | By Steven Ziegler
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