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Getting Your Restaurant Ready For The Big Game

Tomlin or McCarthy? Polamalu or Matthews? Roethlisberger or Rodgers?

For dejected football fans like myself, whose Philadelphia Eagles have long been eliminated from this year's championship chase, the more important question is this: Pizza or wings? From bars and restaurants showing the game to pizza parlors offering once-a-year discount specials, Championship Sunday promises to be a profitable yet hectic end to the weekend.

There are many things you can do to be well-prepared for the mad rush that awaits you. You'll probably already be increasing staffing and stocking up on your most popular ingredients, but the buck doesn't stop there. From WEBstaurantStore.com to you, here are five items that will make your business run smoother than ever come the big day.

Dunnage Rack

Dunnage Racks

If you're expecting increased business volume, it only makes sense that you need to be prepared with more storage space for your increased stock. Our collection of affordably priced dunnage racks give you exactly what you need to store all of that extra flour and pizza sauce while taking up minimal real estate!

American Metalcraft Pizza CAR Pans

For an idea of exactly how much of an impact The Big Game has on pizza shops, look no further than Pizza Hut's estimate that the company will fulfill more than 1.3 million pizza orders throughout the day; a 60% increase over a typical Sunday.* Our new Pizza CAR pans from American Metalcraft provide you with a much-needed efficiency boost. Thanks to an unfinished top edge that easily cuts through dough, you can quickly roll it out over the pan for fast, consistent results!

Dunnage Rack

Take Out Food Buckets

Many of your customers will be partying at home on Sunday, and you probably won't be able to feed all of their guests out of a standard foam take out container. Indeed, this weekend is the take out food bucket's time to shine, and shine it shall! Covered in the glistening glow of sauce-covered fingers eagerly reaching for more of your delicious wings and ribs, these are an absolute must for Championship Sunday.

Frank's Hot Sauce

Those fingers can't be covered in just any sauce--nothing but Frank's original red hot hot sauce will do! A staple in the food service industry, this sauce should be stored by the bucket on the day of the big game. Frank's red hot is so perfect on ribs, wings, and yes, even fried gnocchi, that its absence in your restaurant is punishable by unfulfilled patrons and unsavory finger-foods.


Terrible Twofer

Forget the Steelers' Terrible Towel. When you send your sauce-smattered goods home with customers, a healthy supply of napkins and wet naps can go a long way toward building a loyal customer base, while the lack of these essentials amounts to a potentially catastrophic Terrible Twofer. Most of your customers will have napkins, paper towels, and everything they need for proper cleansing, but remember; those are all in the kitchen.

The game's in the living room.

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