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Easily Estimate Restaurant Equipment Energy Efficiency - How To Comparison Shop for the Biggest Savings

By Ryan Loose

Whether you’re replacing restaurant equipment in your kitchen or thinking about upgrading, conserving energy is one of the biggest ways to cut down on costs. Getting an estimate of a piece of restaurant equipment’s yearly energy consumption is a great way to comparison shop between brands and models, to find the most energy efficient commercial reach in refrigerator, or other electric restaurant equipment.

Calculating energy consumption is easy. You probably won’t even need a calculator. I did unfortunately, but then again, I’m a word nerd. Not a math... person, is it? (Well, apparently not a very good word nerd).

Here’s How You Do It

Take the piece of restaurant equipment’s (Wattage) multiplied by (Hours Used Per Day) divided by 1000, which will give you the Daily Kilowatt Hours (kWh). Multiply this by the number of days you use the appliance per year and there you have your annual kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption. Next, multiply this number by your local utility rate (per kWh consumed) to find the annual cost to run the piece of restaurant equipment.

Example: I own a really popular sandwich shop, Arm’s Pit Beef Sandwich Shack, and I’m thinking about buying an Avantco Double 8" x 8" grooved top & bottom panini sandwich grill .Here’s how I would figure out my yearly kWh consumption if I went with this panini grill.

(I’m open 12 hours a day. Again, very popular. Everyone wants Arm’s pit beef). 1750 x 12 = 21000. Divide by 1000 = 21 kWh. I’m open 285 days a year. 285 x 21 = 5985 kWh per year.

Keep in mind, when trying to calculate a refrigeration unit’s annual consumption, although the unit is "on" all the time, it is actually cycling on and off as needed, to maintain internal temperatures. Just divide the total Hours Used Per Day by 3 to get a more accurate estimate.

Having Trouble Finding the Wattage?

All you need is our handy Amp, Volt, and Watt converter to calculate any piece of restaurant equipment’s wattage, voltage, or amps in a flash!

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