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Offering Valentine's Day Cooking Classes in Your Restaurant

Valentine’s Day is coming up and, as I’m sure you know, it’s a huge day in the restaurant industry. While many people choose to go out for dinner, many romantics stay at home and cook their own meals. One way to offer something a little extra to your customers and draw in some more business for the holiday is by offering cooking classes. Here are some things to think about when planning your Valentine’s Day cooking classes.

Throughout the Month

If your customers want to cook a delicious meal at home, they may want some pointers on how to cook your signature dishes. To help them out, you can offer cooking classes in the weeks leading up to the 14th. For this, you would need to consider the same things you would with regular cooking classes. Just make sure your guests know it’s only for a limited time!


  • Gives more customers the opportunity to take your classes
  • Less competition
  • Extra business
  • Chance to sell your signature sauces, so customers can make your dishes at home


  • More supplies and ingredients used
  • Harder to plan for
  • Have to set regular schedule of classes
  • Will deter some people from coming to your restaurant on Valentine’s Day

One Night Only

Another option is hosting a cooking class the night of Valentine’s Day. This would be a big event for couples or groups of people to attend. You could teach your guests how to make a delectable meal in your signature style and give them a memorable way to spend their Valentine’s Day. Then, they can enjoy the meals they helped create in your decorated dining room. This could be set up as a reservation-only or first-come-first-served event, so you can plan your night as precisely as you want.


  • Only one night of planning
  • Can plan exactly how many supplies and ingredients you need
  • Offers an experience that you customers will remember
  • Can draw in new customers


  • Can turn away other business
  • Extra decorations needed to get the right atmosphere
  • Need to advertise more to get the word out
  • More money up front

Hosting cooking classes for Valentine’s Day is sure to make your customers’ special days even better. Hosting classes ahead of time or offering a one-night-only event both have their pros and cons, so it’s all about what’s right for your business. Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure that your customers will love having the opportunity to get a peek behind the scenes of their favorite restaurant.

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