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Cornelius 2522305 Control BoardCornelius 2522305 Control Board
Cornelius 2522305 Control Board

Item #: 150630900789


4 inch x 3 1/4 inch Ice Thickness Control Probe4 inch x 3 1/4 inch Ice Thickness Control Probe


All Points 44-1452 Thermistor with Sealant


All Points 44-1492 Water Level Probe


All Points 44-1494 Water Level Probe


All Points 44-1498 Bin Level Control


All Points 44-1579 Ice Thickness Sensor


All Points 46-1411 Bin Thermostat


Cornelius 161473204 Switch 3 Pin 36 In


Cornelius 161862005 Temp Sensor


Cornelius 165637017 Coil
Cornelius 165637017 Coil

Item #: HP165637017


Cornelius 183267000 Gauge
Cornelius 183267000 Gauge

Item #: HP183267000


Cornelius 21924 Float
Cornelius 21924 Float

Item #: HP21924


Cornelius 2556377 Valve Purge 115v Ccu


Cornelius 316809000 Thermostat
Cornelius 316809000 Thermostat

Item #: HP316809000


Cornelius 41011 Water Pump


Cornelius 629087410 Timer Brd Update Kit


Cornelius 629087448 Retrofit Kit Agt Brd


Cornelius 630000408 T-Stat
Cornelius 630000408 T-Stat

Item #: HP630000408


Cornelius 630000456 Condens Fan Motor


Cornelius 630900547 Water Level Control


Cornelius 630900548 Water Level Float Va


Cornelius 630900789 Control Board


Cornelius 630900868 Pressure Sensor Asy


Cornelius 630900946 Electronic Control


Cornelius 638030047 Relay
Cornelius 638030047 Relay

Item #: HP638030047


Cornelius 638031498 Timer Delay, Auger


Cornelius 638031796 Control Timer Delay


Cornelius 638036373-001 Evaporator Assy


Cornelius 638090050 Gear Motor Assy


Duke 120037 Rh Sensor
Duke 120037 Rh Sensor

Item #: HP120037


Follett Corporation 00122978 Sensor Kit


Follett Corporation 00130849 Optical Switch


Follett Corporation 00132910 Control Board


Follett Corporation 00171363 Sensor Assy Drain


Follett Corporation 00175174 Ultrasonic Sensor


Follett Corporation P1502242 Sensor Safe Board


Follett Corporation PD502242 Control Board


Follett Corporation PD502690 Lens, Sensor


Follett Corporation PI502331 Circuit Board


Follett Corporation PI502832 Motor/Gear Box Asy


Hoshizaki 208795G01 Actuator
Hoshizaki 208795G01 Actuator

Item #: HP208795G01


Hoshizaki 2A0883-01 Board-Display


Hoshizaki 2A1410-02 Controller Board


Hoshizaki 2A1592-01 Timer Board-Dcm


Hoshizaki 2A2649-01 Timer Board


Hoshizaki 2A2862-24 Board -Control


Hoshizaki 2A3792-01 Control Board--Water Saver


Hoshizaki 406132-03 Relay - Water Control


Hoshizaki 431788-02 Reed Switch


Hoshizaki 437626-01 Thermostat (A30-3761-00)


Hoshizaki 438247-01 Holder Thermistor /Cop


Hoshizaki 440664-01 Thermostat Cs-12a 130c


Our selection of ice machine sensors, controls, and electronic components includes items that are compatible with models from various brands, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also convenient that most of these components are easy to install, allowing you to get your machine up and operating more quickly. As an added bonus, purchasing these replacement parts is more economical than buying a new unit to save you money. While you’re shopping for supplies for your restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria be sure to also check out our ice scoops, wet area floor mats, and ice bags. If you're wondering where to buy ice machine sensors, controls and electronic components, we have a large selection of ice machine sensors, controls and electronic components for sale at the lowest prices.