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240 Volts Advance Tabco SU-P-215 Infinite Control, 240V


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120 Volts Advance Tabco SU-P-205 Infinite Control, 120V


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208/240 Volts Infinite Switch - 208/240V, 13A Infinite Switch - 208/240V, 13A


120 Volts EGO Infinite Heat Switch - 120V, 13A


120 Volts Alto-Shaam TT-34982 Infinite Switch 120v


120 Volts APW Wyott 55564 Infinite Switch 120v


120 Volts APW Wyott 55564-EGO Inf Switch 120v


240 Volts APW Wyott 69103-EGO Inf Switch 240v




208 Volts Galley 4030022 Infinite Switch 208v


120 Volts Infinite Heat Switch - 120V


240 Volts Infinite Switch Kit - 240V, 15A Infinite Switch Kit - 240V, 15A



120 Volts Super System 705757 Inf Switch 120v


120 Volts Tomlinson 1912206 Infinite Switch-120v


240 Volts Tomlinson 1915433 Infinite Switch 240v


120 Volts Universal Infinite Switch Kit - 120V



220 Volts Vollrath 24789-1 Infinite Switch 220v



Our selection of infinite controls includes products that are designed for use with equipment from various vendors, so you’re sure to find parts that are compatible with your equipment. It’s also convenient that almost all of our infinite heat switches come with the necessary holes for proper installation. Additionally, you can find adapter kits that include brackets and the other hardware that’s needed to install the switches. For other great supplies to have in your commercial kitchen, check out our ladles, turners, and tongs. If you're wondering where to buy hot side infinite controls, we have a large selection of hot side infinite controls for sale at the lowest prices.