Acopa 16 oz. Rim Tempered Pint Glass / Mixing Glass - 24/CaseAcopa 16 oz. Rim Tempered Pint Glass / Mixing Glass - 24/Case


Reg.5 - 34 Lots of 35

Our variety of fully tempered glassware offers a safe and stylish option for any dining facility. Made by some of the top vendors in the industry, this sturdy glassware ensures that there will be fewer breakages in your establishment. With excellent heat-retention and shock resistance, our tempered glasses are perfect for withstanding everyday use in your restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or coffee shop. To further stock your selection of glassware, try our glass tumblers, beverage glasses, and cooler glasses. If you're wondering where to buy acopa tableware tempered glassware, we have a large selection of acopa tableware tempered glassware for sale at the lowest prices.