Wall-mount faucets with double-jointed nozzles make it simple to fill up large pots or mop buckets. Designed to be easily moved, these faucets also have a wide range of motion that can reach all areas in your multi-compartment sink. Some of these products are even ADA Compliant, which creates an accessible environment for employees with physical disabilities. With a variety of nozzle lengths and faucet centers, it’s easy to find the wall-mount faucet that can handle the demands of your restaurant, cafeteria, or diner. For more plumbing products, check out our drain accessories, wall-mount faucet parts and accessories, and whole house water filtration systems. If you're wondering where to buy eagle group wall-mount faucets with double-jointed nozzles, we have a large selection of eagle group wall-mount faucets with double-jointed nozzles for sale at the lowest prices.