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Regular Non-Stick Fry Pans

Good: These fry pans are easy to clean and reduce the need for oil or cooking fats. However, you can't use metal utensils with these units, and they aren't suitable for high-temperature cooking.

Quantum2 Fry Pans

Good: These fry pans are coated with Quantum2, which offers outstanding adhesion and abrasion resistance. Its nonstick qualities and smooth surface appearance make it a smart addition to any kitchen.

Excalibur Fry Pans

Better: Excalibur coated fry pans feature a stainless stee reinforced coating that is micro-bonded to the pan's surface. This coating is more durable and scratch-resistant than regular pans.

PowerCoat2 Fry Pans

Better: PowerCoat2 coated fry pans have a dual-layer ceramic-reinforced coating for a smooth top layer and excellent durability. They are also environmentally-friendly and contain no PFOAs.

CeramiGuard II Fry Pans

Best: These fry pans offer superior durability and release, even in high heat applications. The coating is comprised of reinforcing agents that are larger and stronger than PowerCoat2 and SteelCoat x3 pans.

SteelCoat x3 Fry Pans

Best: SteelCoat x3 fry pans feature a triple-layer coating for more durability than PowerCoat2 pans. This is achieved through a curtain-coating system that ensures an excellent bond between coating and pan.

HardCoat Fry Pans

These pans are made using HardCoat, an electro-chemical bonding process that creates a protective, non-porous interior cooking surface. This material also maximizes heat conductivity.

Uncoated Fry Pans

These versatile fry pans are uncoated, so they're generally a more cost-effective choice for businesses on a budget. You can use them to fry, sear, brown, and saute a wide range of foods.

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Frying pans are good for cooking a variety of foods, which is why it's important to have a sturdy option available when making meals in your commercial kitchen. Our pans are made of different metals, so you can pick one for durability, heat conductivity, or a combination of both. You can also choose between riveted and welded handles. For additional products to go with your pans, check out our fry pan servers, sauce pots, and pan brushes. If you're wondering where to buy fry pans, we have a large selection of fry pans for sale at the lowest prices.