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Metro MQ04LH MetroMax Q 4 inch Label HolderMetro MQ04LH MetroMax Q 4 inch Label Holder


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$3.59 $2.88

Metro Max M9992DBX Bumper
Metro Max M9992DBX Bumper

Item #: 4619992DBX


Metro MX9996 MetroMax i Intermediate S Hook KitMetro MX9996 MetroMax i Intermediate S Hook Kit


Reg.Lots of 24
$7.59 $6.88

Metro 5MPRX 5 inch MetroMax iQ Polyurethane Rigid Stem Caster


Metro CSM6-WQ White Shelf Markers


Metro MERGH18S 18 inch Ergonomic HandleMetro MERGH18S 18 inch Ergonomic Handle


Metro MERGH24S 24 inch Ergonomic HandleMetro MERGH24S 24 inch Ergonomic Handle


Metro 5MRX 5 inch MetroMax iQ Resilient Rigid Stem Caster


Metro CSM6-BQ Blue Shelf Markers


Metro CSM6-GQ Green Shelf Markers


Metro CSM6-GRQ Gray Shelf Markers


Metro CSM6-RQ Red Shelf Markers


Metro CSM6-TQ Tan Shelf Markers


Metro CSM6-YQ Yellow Shelf Markers


Metro Q9998G3-4 Release Connector   - 4/Pack


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Customize your MetroMax iQ series units with a full line of casters and other accessories. Attachments and additions will make your units more stable, durable, and maneuverable. The MetroMax iQ series also features anti-microbial technology to keep your shelves, carts, and desks free of mold, mildew, and fungus. For more Metro products, check out their drying racks, holding cabinets, and waterproof shelving cart and truck covers. If you're wondering where to buy metromax iq casters and accessories, we have a large selection of metromax iq casters and accessories for sale at the lowest prices.