208/240 Volts APW Wyott SHFWEZ-1D EZ-Fill 1 Well Insulated Drop In Hot Food Well - 208 / 240V

$935.50 /Each

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For shops and stores with limited space, use a drop-in heated display case to show your pre-cooked meats, vegetables, and breads. These cases fit directly in your countertop so you can display foods in a compact space. Increase product visibility and provide warm, ready-to-eat food for your customers using a heated display case. These cases can hold many configurations of food pans, so you can pair several meals or courses together in the same display. For additional ways to display warm foods, check out our heated shelf food warmers, hot food dispensers, and heated display cases. If you're wondering where to buy apw wyott drop-in hot food display warmers, we have a large selection of apw wyott drop-in hot food display warmers for sale at the lowest prices.