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Height 1 1/2 Inches
Bottom Diameter 2 Inches
Top Diameter 5 Inches
Color White
Material Paper
Oven Safe Yes
Shape Round
Size Standard
Type Baking Cups

Customer questions about this product

How are baking cups sized?
The first number in the product title is the bottom diameter of the cup. The second number is the overall height. Both the baking cups and the cups in the compatible pans are tapered.
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These white fluted baking cups offer a sanitary and visually appealing way to display your pastries. They are made of distinctive easy-release paper, making them perfect for automated production facilities, and come packed in a clear sleeve for more convenient and efficient inventory management. Perfect for your largest muffins or cupcakes, these jumbo muffin baking cups are sold 10,000 per case.


Top Diameter: 5"
Bottom Diameter: 2"
Height: 1 1/2"

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: White Fluted Baking Cup 2" x 1 1/2" - 10,000/Case ( 4.8 stars from 76 reviews )

    I love these liners. They are taller than standard cupcake liners, which makes filling them so much easier. I've recently used them for mini cheesecakes with fruit topping and they worked perfectly as the topping still sat inside the liner and didn't overflow down the sides. The only downside for me is that the cups aren't all the same. Some are taller than others, some are sloped and I've come across a few half liners (may just be a defect in the package I received).

    Posted on

    I love these cupcake liners, they are slightly taller than the standard cupcake liner size, so I never have to worry about putting even the tiniest bit too much of batter in them and having them bake all over the top of the pan

    Posted on

    These are the only baking cups we will use. Slightly larger than average, which is perfect for me and my business. Thank you so much!

    Posted on

    A bakery or cafe needs to have plenty of different sizes on hand and these fit the bill for my bakery, I have all different sizes of pans to be used.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    I love these cupcake liners! The perfect size to stand out from home bakers. I use them for wedding cupcakes and other fun celebration cakes. Just enough cake to satisfy!

    from Home Grown Cakes Posted on

    Double Choco

    what can i say these are unbeatable for the price anywhere else, they are great quality and you get a lot of them in a pack

    Posted on

    The greatest cupcake liners. A little larger than the normal size so it makes a good sized cupcake that is a little larger then average, a great selling point!

    Posted on

    I love these cupcake wrappers! Great price and they never stick to the cupcake which is a big deal to me when making cupcakes for a customer. Thank you!

    Posted on

    These Hoffmaster 2" x 1 1/2" Cupcakes liners are very good quality! Perfect height for Cupcakes & muffins! Taller than standard Cupcake liners. (for those wondering) I also use these for chocolates and chocolate dipped strawberries.

    Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE these cupcake liners! They hold their shape really well and bake up beautifully time after time. They're just a bit larger than a standard cupcake liner, which allows you the option of offering a "beefier" cupcake or muffin, or making your cupcakes standard size but having room for more frosting. A 500 count at this price can't be beat. Highly recommended!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    This baking cup is too big for my regular cupcake pans although I made them work. I used them for frozen cheesecakes and they look great!

    from NewLeaf Posted on

    These cups are the perfect size. We went throught a numnber of different sizes in order to find the right one, Our customers love the way the cupcakes come using the cups.

    from Heaven Sent Cupcakery Posted on

    These liners are perfect for cupcakes just a tad larger than standard size. The added height pairs well with cupcake boxes and inserts as it prevents slippage.

    from All in the Details Posted on

    These cups are very sturdy and can hold up to the heaviest cupcake toppings! I use these for ALL of my cupcakes now. They hold the perfect baking scoop.

    from She Can Bake Posted on


    I decided to try these because I like the tall muffin cups that I bought before (but these were much cheaper) and they work great! They make my cupcakes and muffins look fuller even though I am still using the same amount of batter!

    from Katy Posted on

    These liners have made a significant difference in the merchandising of our cupcakes. They improved the baking process with even and consistent product appearance. I would recommend these. Thanks.

    from Meringue Bakery Posted on

    We love making gourmet cupcakes in these Fluted Baking Cups. They fit perfectly in my cupcake sheets and this is a great value for the money!!!

    Posted on

    These cupcake liners are everything i needed. Good quality for a good price. They fit perfect in my cupcake pan. I will be ordering again.

    Posted on

    These are the only cupcake liners I use. I am on my second package now. I love the larger size. I use them for muffins as well. Great product.

    Posted on

    I love the size of these liners, and I can't find this size available anywhere else! I would give them 5 stars, but I do wish they were available in grease-proof.

    Posted on

    best cupcakes liners ever. they are tall enough to decorate the cupcake without getting the frosting over flow. i live in Germany here we dont find good quality cupcake liners.so, i ordered them from webstaurantstore,they are perfect.. will order some more soon.

    Posted on

    Love these! Excellent value, they hold their shape and fit my muffin pans well and they don't stain my pans like those deceptively pretty baking cups you can get at craft stores.

    Posted on

    I use these liners for all of my cupcakes. They work great in standard size pans but make my cupcakes a little larger than standard size cupcakes.

    from The Rolling Pin Posted on

    I'm so glad i purchased these! These are just a bit bigger than your average liners you buy at stores. That little extra gives your cupcakes the professional height and look. I will never go back to those...these are a forever keeper!

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    Perfect size for carrot cake cupcakes. They puff up more then regular ones so the size really works. They do not disintegrate the way some cheap liners do. Great value.

    Posted on

    I love these 2'' x 1.5'' white liners! They fit perfectly in the pans that I purchased from Webstraunt- (the 24 cup nonstick 2.5 ounce Muffin/cupcake pan) with the tops arising just slightly above the edge of the pan, which eases the removal of the cakes after baking. The price and quality of these liners is unbeatable. The 1/4-1/2 inch difference from the standard size liners make this a much more desirable item for selling to customers.

    Posted on

    I moved from the 1 1/4 to this size, and while I plan to meet in the middle with the 1 3/8, I was very happy with these liners. Nice and tall.

    from Kiwi-Cakes Posted on

    THESE LINERS ARE THE BEST! The extra height makes these cupcakes pop, sit better in all of my bakery boxes with cupcake holders in them... You can't go wrong!

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    I love these liners! I was using the standard height liners that you get from local stores, but they just never seemed tall enough. With these I don't have to worry about my cupcakes spilling over the edge. And I can use more batter.

    Posted on

    These liners are great in size, and help with staying true to the white color, We have not had a problem with any discoloring after being baked.

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    Tree Hugger Cupcake

    Have used several sizes and variations with the cupcake liners. Love that I can buy 500, 1000 or even 10000. webstaurant makes being a small business very affordable to look professional; cheapest way to buy them.

    Posted on

    i bake a lot for PTA FUNCTIONS. these are much larger than, the supermarket brand baking cups. these are best for heavily decorated muffins. You would NOT add more batter, just these add a nice wall, for piping and decor.

    from MOMMY IS A GENIUS Posted on

    I have searched everywhere, and I really do mean everywhere, for these baking cups. This website has them for the best price and they are readily available!!!

    from ISI Too Posted on

    I have tried a lot of over the counter liners, these are absolutely the best. The size is just perfect to give a standard size cupcake a little more volume.

    from Designer cupcakes & More Posted on

    These are a great price for the amount you get! i make allot of cupcakes and i run through liners like there's no tomorrow. so when i saw the amount and price, i jumped on it.

    from Made with Love Bakery Posted on

    I watched a video review before purchasing this 2x1 1/2 baking cup and it was extremely helpful. This site has some many sizes of liners that it is difficult to know the differences. This baking cup is taller than the kind you purchase at the grocery store so it makes for a fuller cupcake!

    from A Cupcakery Inc Posted on

    Taller than the store bought liner.

    These baking cups are of high quality and turn out a very professional finished product. They are much more economical then purchasing in a grocery or craft store.

    Posted on

    These liners are a little bigger then a normal size, but if you are looking to give a customer a darn good cup cake use these. They still fit in a normal cup cake pan just stick out a little. They are perfect for websturant boxes. Easier to grab the cup cake without getting icing all over you.

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    Cup cakes

    As always Webstaurant prices are excellent and this product's pricing is no different. The white fluted baking cups are a pretty translucent white where you can see the cake through the paper, especially cake that is dark colored.

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    These cupcake liners are great! They fit in standard cupcake tins but come up a 1/4" higher, which is enough to make the cupcakes look much nicer (in my opinion) without taking much extra batter. The liners aren\\\\\\\\'t quite as sturdy as others I have used, so some fold in while being filled, but I only had that problem with a few.

    Posted on

    White Fluted Baking Cup

    This is a great deal for high quality cupcake liners at a reasonable prices. They are packed in such a way that you can easily take out units of 25 at a time for your convenience. The neutral color goes well with any type of desert or muffins.

    Posted on

    These liners are taller than my standard cupcake liners that I buy, and I have to say these are great! I love that they are taller because they hold a little more batter and they hold up great!

    from Sweet Tooth Cupcakes Posted on

    I bake my share of muffins and cupcakes so i need to have good baking cup liners these were not only strong but they were a little taller than your regular cupcake liners that i was use to which was fine with me they were easy to peel away from the cupcake and there are lots of size to choose from.

    from Melecious dessert Posted on

    I was searching for a cupcake liner that was slightly higher than the ones sold in the grocery and craft stores (which are 2" x 1 1/4"). I found these while searching the web, and thought I'd give them a try. I baked a batch of cupcakes as a test run, and was completely delighted with the outcome. I was able to get more batter in the liner which produced a bigger/taller cupcake. I have already ordered more of the liners.

    Posted on

    These standard size fluted baking cups are perfect used in the 24 cup muffin/cupcake pan sold by Webstaurant. They stand up above the rims of the cups of the pan so that after they have cooled for about 5 minutes, you can lift them out and place on racks to cool completely - rather than having to invert the pan and risk smooshing your cupcakes.

    Posted on

    I love these liners. They give you a little bit more than the standard size that you buy in the grocery store, but they still fit my cupcake pans.

    from My Little SWeeTs Posted on

    Key Lime

    Very Professional Look! next time i am going larger. this is a good standard size for a business. i would not go any smaller if you plan to sell

    from Sweet Thangs Posted on

    This size cup is perfect for standard size cupcakes. Watch out for some torn wrappers that leak batter. Otherwise, good price for a reasonable product.

    from Fix it with Frosting Posted on

    When i bought these they looked bigger and the way the dimensions were given i thought that they were standard, they werent, but the good news is that they did work out fairly well with standard cupcake tins if you let them sit out of the package they do loose their shape and become a pain to work with because they crimp up. but they are pretty good and cupcakes cook well in them

    Posted on

    The baking cup liners from Webstaurant are the best I have used so far and the 2x1 and a half are perfect for a slightly larger cupcake

    Posted on

    Great baking cups. Just a bit taller than the standard size (2 1 1/4) that you usually see at the store. You can tell the difference, but they still fit perfectly in a standard sized cupcake holder. Price is AWESOME as well!

    Posted on

    My favorite kind of pliant liners. They are clear so they are extremely versatile for all colors of muffins and cupcakes, sturdy, and make de panning a breeze

    Posted on

    Loved using this product because it holds more batter,does not collapse on you and helps my cupcakes bake more evenly. I love using this product.

    from sugar fix Posted on

    These are our preferred baking cup for the regular sized cupcakes. The height of the cupcake makes for a taller cupcake as seen in the photograph. My only wish...the same dimensions but in brown.

    from Heavenly Created Desserts, LLC Posted on

    These are PERFECT!! They are about 1/4" taller than a standard baking cup, which makes them easier to handle. They can be removed from the pan easier, and they stay put when I place them in my cupcake insert, in my boxes for delivery! Great item! Highly recommend!!

    Posted on

    Cupcakes make everyday better...especially mudslide cupcakes!

    I love these liners. They are larger than the standard liner, which means your cupcakes bake higher (which I love). A perfect fit for the 24 cup 2 1/2 3.8 oz cupcake pan I bought here! Plus, the cupcakes don't stick! Far better than my old liners. I highly recommend.

    Posted on

    I like the fact that these liners are large enough to hold a regular-size cupcake without tilting over. The price is much better than buying a pack of 25 or 50 at a discount store ever time you turn around.

    from Susie Qusie Chocolate Fountain Posted on

    These cupcake papers are a little higher than most, which is great! YOu can make a larger cupcake, but the base isn't bigger so it fits most containers, etc.

    from Simply Cakes Posted on

    I Loved the cupcake liners. The price is just right. Very sturdy liners. I highly recommend these liners to home base or business. I will continue to purchase these liners for my business. Thanks!

    from DAISY CAKES Posted on

    These liners work great for cupcakes. I use them in my shop every day and have no problems with peeling. The cakes come out of the liners great and never stick. I recommend these 1 1/2" liners.

    from Cupcakes Like It Sweet Posted on

    Recently did Father's Day cupcake sampler and loved these generous size liners! I'm able to offer a little more cake because of the depth of them.

    from Cake Studio J Posted on

    These baking cups are wonderful and hold their shape nicely, when baking. The color is very uniform. A really great value for those who bake alot!!

    from The Susquehanna Sweets Shoppe Posted on

    Love these cupcake liners. They are a nice size and they hold there shape. I am proud to present my cakes in these to my customer.

    from Lil Miss Muffins, LLC Posted on

    Love these cupcake papers! They're slightly taller than a standard liner and they make a beautiful display! They're also fabulous at keeping our cupcakes from overflowing, rising instead...

    from Sweet Mercy Posted on

    A variety of our cupcakes... chocolate strawberry, lemon, strawberry lemonade...

    Our apple pie cupcake in this baking cup.

    I love all the baking cups on here. However, some are too big to fit in a regular cupcake pan. I purchased this cupcake liner by accident and had to return because it was a little bigger than a regular size cupcake liner and did not fit in my regular size cupcake pan. Returning items was easy and I was able to get the right size.

    from Cupcake Jubilee Posted on

    This is a perfect size cupcakes paper. Makes just a little larger than average cupcake. Gives our cupcakes a nice edge on our competitors. We charge the same price, but are offering our customers a little more cake for their money.

    from Candies N Cupcakes Posted on

    I bought these for cupcake pans but realized that they are just a tad larger than I would like. But I found they are wonderful as a wrapper for cake slices and small chocolate peices my students make and sell at bake sales!

    Posted on

    These came in handy and it was a good purchase for the price. Great size for normal size cupcakes and they come in 500 packs.

    Posted on

    Great value to be able to make lots of cupcakes. They don't seem to be too thin, I was worried they would be really cheap looking.

    from Drea's Cakes Posted on

    Thank you for my recent purchase of white fluted baking cups.I find my deliveries are very prompt and service is excellent. The liners are a nice thickness and hold up well.

    Posted on

    My all time favorite baking cups!! I highly recommend these for more professional looking cupcakes. They can fit 1 oz. more batter than a standard sized baking cup.

    Posted on

    These make the perfect size cupcake! Not too big and not too small. My customers are very pleased! They also show what the cake looks like through the paper so that is very appetizing.

    from the cupcake queen Posted on



    The size is perfect and the price is very reasonable. Everybody love the sharp when I bake the cup-cakes out. I will highly recommand my friends to order it.

    from Highsprings Orchard and Bakery Posted on

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