• For MX1000XT, MX1000XTP, and MX1000XTS blenders
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Ensure the internal components of your Waring MX1000XT, MX1000XTP, or MX1000XTS blender last longer with the 002943 washer! This washer is a direct replacement for the one that came with your blender so that the other parts can continue operating without grinding against one another.

Two washers required per blender

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing and transit times will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please note this in the comment section while checking out! Please feel free to log on to our Live Chat should you have any questions before placing your order. After your order is placed, we will update you via email to let you know how this will be shipping to you.

Compatible Models

This item is compatible with the listed models, according to the manufacturer. We do our best to keep this listing as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Specialist before placing your order.
Waring 700G
Waring 700S
Waring 7011HG
Waring 7011HS
Waring 7015N
Waring BB150
Waring BB150S
Waring BB160
Waring BB160S
Waring BB180
Waring BB180S
Waring BB185
Waring BB185S
Waring BB190
Waring BB190S
Waring BB900G
Waring BB900P
Waring BB900S
Waring BC900G
Waring BC900P
Waring BC900S
Waring BJ120C
Waring CB15
Waring CB15V
Waring DMC180
Waring DMC20
Waring DMC90
Waring FP2200
Waring FPC15
Waring HGB140
Waring HGB146
Waring HGB150
Waring HGBSS
Waring JC4000
Waring MX1000XTX
Waring MX1000XTS
Waring MX1050XTX
Waring MX1050XTS
Waring MX1100XTX
Waring MX1100XTS
Waring MX1200XTX
Waring MX1200XTS
Waring MX1300XTX
Waring MX1300XTS
Waring MX1500XTS
Waring FPC14
Waring 700BU
Waring 7010G
Waring 7010HG
Waring 7010HS
Waring 7010IHB
Waring 7010S
Waring WCB48
Waring NDG185
Waring SGM18
Waring SMB15
Waring SMB15C
Waring SMB15S
Waring SMC15
Waring MX1500S
Waring MX1500XT
Waring MX1500XTP
Waring NDG1000XT
Waring NDG1100XT
Waring NDG180
Waring MX1300XT
Waring MX1300XTP
Waring MX1300XTWT
Waring MX1500
Waring MX1500BT
Waring MX1500P
Waring MX1100XTWT
Waring MX1200XT
Waring MX1200XTP
Waring MX1300
Waring MX1300P
Waring MX1300S
Waring MX1100S
Waring MX1100SB
Waring MX1100XT
Waring MX1100XTC
Waring MX1100XTP
Waring MX1100XTSEC
Waring MX1050S
Waring MX1050SB
Waring MX1050XT
Waring MX1050XTP
Waring MX1100
Waring MX1100B
Waring MX1000
Waring MX1000S
Waring MX1000XT
Waring MX1000XTP
Waring MX1050
Waring MX1050B
Waring HGD150
Waring HGQ200
Waring HPB270
Waring HPB305
Waring JC3000
Waring LBC15
Waring HGBSP
Waring HGC140
Waring HGC14S
Waring HGC150
Waring HGCSS
Waring HGD140
Waring FPX15
Waring HGB13R
Waring HGB147
Waring HGB14D
Waring HGB14R
Waring HGB14S
Waring FPC10
Waring FPC12
Waring FPC15D
Waring FPC70
Waring FPC99
Waring FPX10
Waring DMX201DC
Waring DMX25
Waring FMB148
Waring FP2000
Waring FP2100
Waring FP2200U
Waring DMC280CFA
Waring DMC280GM
Waring DMC60
Waring DMC90M
Waring DMX200
Waring DMX201
Waring DMC200
Waring DMC201
Waring DMC201CAR
Waring DMC201DC
Waring DMC201SS
Waring DMC207
Waring DMC10
Waring DMC100
Waring DMC105
Waring DMC10X
Waring DMC180G
Waring DMC180GM
Waring CB6SB2
Waring CBC15
Waring CBR48
Waring CBRC48
Waring CCB144
Waring CCB14C
Waring CAC100
Waring CAC101
Waring CAC98
Waring CB15DB
Waring CB15S
Waring CB6SB
Waring BC140P
Waring BC140S
Waring BC150P
Waring BC150S
Waring BJ120
Waring BJX120
Waring BB15DW
Waring BB15PC
Waring BB15RP
Waring BB15RS
Waring BB15SC
Waring BB900M
Waring BB140P
Waring BB140S
Waring BB150PT
Waring BB150ST
Waring BB15DP
Waring BB15DS
Waring 7011GC
Waring 7011HB
Waring 7011SC
Waring 7015
Waring 7015C
Waring 9520FB

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